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  ALERT- Mar 2015: Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer declares the USA to be “in grave danger”

      Press release: It is now 3 minutes to midnight [and it's time to occupy the National Mall in Washington, DC]

         70 year old prophecy: The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of cosmic electricity

                   Interview with former Senator Mike Gravel regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure   

                                The Deep State Institutions That Make Up The “Secret Government”

                                              From JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick                               

                                                 Outer Space Security and Development Treaty                                                                                                            


U.S. News

Trump hits Iranian bank with ‘highest’ sanctions ever imposed on a country

Giuliani admits to asking Ukraine about Joe Biden after denying it 30 seconds earlier

Student loan crisis, not Mideast wars, helped Army leaders exceed recruiting goals this year

Hearing on Nuclear War and the Cost of Militarism

Two Amish men escape police after being pulled over for drinking and driving their horse and buggy (CNN news video)

Comment: It shows that they’re human just like everyone else and getting drunk is simply a means to block out the insanity

engaged in by the US government & military. At least they’re not killing other US citizens with AR-15s.

Donald Trump's ‘promise’ to a foreign leader is more than just troubling

Trump to ‘substantially increase’ sanctions on Iran, amid calls for war

Comment: Trump is a hypocritical fool, because the US supplies Saudi Arabia with weapons to kill innocent people in

Yemen, but it’s not right for Iran to supply Houthi rebels in Yemen with weapons to hit the oil industry in Saudi Arabia,

which really isn’t proven. All you have to do is accuse if you suffer from the Alexander the Great Jerk super power syndrome.

Sanctions are an act of war, but that’s the right thing to do too if you’re religiously brainwashed and ignorant of karma, i.e.

you reap what you sow (good & bad).

Keeps out migrants and... cooks breakfast? Trump says border wall is so hot you can ‘fry an egg’ on it

School shooting fear porn? Gruesome imagery used to get people's attention (and sell clothes) inspires backlash

John Bolton's Jewish replacement fine with gambling away 20 million Americans in nuclear war

Ralph Nader : Forget Mueller. Forget impeachment. A million people should surround the White House and demand Trump's resignation

Yes, the market will eventually crash. Here’s how to be ready for the next one

Comment: The Federal Reserve Fraud and the Invisible Government: “In 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was

fraudulently pushed through Congress, Congressman Charles Lindbergh stated: “This Act establishes the most gigantic

trust on earth....When the President signs this Act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by

he Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized....The new law will create inflation whenever the trust wants inflation.

From now on, depression will be scientifically created.”

Behind The Illusion; George Clooney - Shocking, hard to believe, but evidence that can’t be refuted.

Like Trump & Republicans, the Democrats strictly support corporate welfare, not citizens welfare

Comment: Another example, which illustrates that both parties are simply two wings of the same vulture capitalist cabal

When Trump calls people “Filth,” He’s laying groundwork for genocide

Farmers union vice president says farmers have ‘pretty much lost all our markets since Trump took over’

'Democracy for some, but not for all': Report reveals nearly 1,700 polling places closed since supreme court weakened voting rights act

Bolton resurrects pair of PACs to prop up Congress’ top warmongers

Obama hypocrisy on privacy inspires Snowden to reveal scope of US gov’t spying- Memoir

Companies deny responsibility for toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contamination

Trump administration opens huge reserve in Alaska to drilling

Comment: Trump is fully establishing the oligarchic rule of America and the demonic capitalist cabal, along with the CFR

& Big Pharma is in control

Bill Gates donates $15 million to campaign pushing GMOs on small farmers around the world

Legislation that would surreptitiously steal social security’s $2.9 trillion surplus has been defeated – but 97% of republicans voted for it

U.S. nuclear warhead costs still rising

GOP senator: Bankrupt farmers should be happy to ‘sacrifice’ for Trump

Charles Koch Is Funding a Campaign to Kill Food Stamps and Medicaid

PARADISE DESTROYED: California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapon

Leaked audio shows oil lobbyist bragging about success in criminalizing pipeline protests

CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma

Former Merck scientist explains why he doesn’t vaccinate his children due to lack of vaccine safety studies

5G Tower Next To School Is Removed After 4 Young Elementery Students Develop Cancer

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation

Lawsuit Set to End Water Fluoridation in the US

Who stabbed Sirhan Sirhan, and by the way who killed Bobby Kennedy?

America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Why are Koch-funded activists trying to derail a US city’s public transit?

Two Iraqi immigrant men approached our weekly peace vigil (takes a few seconds for article to download)

More political corruption: The DNC determines who will be the democratic nominee for president in 2020, not the people

Just as they did in 2016: Court concedes DNC had the right to rig primaries against Sanders, and then blame Russian

meddling for losing the election

Arsenal of hypocrisy: The Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex (video)

In conjunction with the above, there is also the “corporatization and politicization of science” with respect to climate change,

as well as the control of the US Congress by the pharmaceutical industry.Peer Reviewed”: Science losing credibility as large

amounts of research shown to be false

FOX news legal analyst says Trump violated constitution’s separation of powers’ three times in past week

Documentary: Who Rules America

Comment: Americans are deceptively being screwed by the unscrupulous military/industrial complex and the deliberate

     dumbing down in public education has successfully prevented many of them from perceiving the reality that America

     is an oligarchy, not a democracy of, by & for the people..

     Joe Biden, who is, obviously, “losing it”, is the military/industrial complex choice for president

     Who is the real Joe Biden: Middle-road "moderate" or corporate tool with a dubious record?

     Joe Biden Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

     Joe Biden Misrepresents Record on Campaign Trail… AGAIN

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation

Kendall Jenner slammed for wearing cornrow braids again: ‘She never learns’

Comment: Selena Gomez can be seen wearing a cornrow hairstyle, which shows cultural respect, not “cultural appropriation”

and only a racist and/or spiritually inept person would think it’s inappropriate and that Caucasians, Hispanics & others can’t

wear a black hairstyle. Teen Vogue digital fashion editor Jessica Andrews said: “When you don't value black lives, but rush to

copy black hairstyles, it's a problem.” Okay, provide an example of someone who doesn’t value black lives, but wears black


Mass rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like

Noam Chomsky: Democrats Are Failing the Test of Our Time

U.S. test of previously banned missile raises fears of new nuclear arms race

All Fish from Pacific tested positive for Fukushima

The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse

Robo-car wars: Ex-Google engineer charged for passing self-driving tech secrets to Uber

Mass rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like

In BP's Final $20 Billion Gulf Settlement, U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize $15.3 Billion

Steve King Is Broke And Has Been Abandoned by His Colleagues as He Runs for Re-Election

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of ‘Mossad agent’ Robert Maxwell, at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding

Trump Ordered US Companies To Leave China And Come Back “Home.” They Aren't

Comment: There are almost 3,000 US companies operating in Russia and, since Russia is an “enemy”, like China, and

the US Congress hates Russia so much too, why hasn’t it called for the companies to get out of Russia? It’s because

demonic vulture (usury) capitalism and Zionists are running the hell on earth show and the ungodly Big Pharma with its

deadly, unaffortable medicine & hospital healthcare in the US wherein the ungodly US Congress criminalised nature’s

health care remedy, cannabis, which the corrupt, religiously brainwashed, karmically ignorant, corporate serving members

of Congress stupidly think was a wonderful idea.

Border Patrol Chief: 5,800 'Fake Families' Discovered at the Border

Quoting the Border Patrol Chief: “With respect to family units, since March of this year, United States Border Patrol has

been releasing family units directly so in some cases they're being released in under 48 hours into the interior of the United

States,” however, the question is: why aren’t they being taken back where they came from instead of being released into

the US, and it’s very obvious that neither the Customs and Border Protection Agency or Congress has any brains.

Detroit rally protests U.S. role in Yemen civil war

GM’s Plant Closures Confirm the President is a Liar and a Fool

U.S. marshals are arresting people in Texas who have outstanding student loans

Trump signs bill revoking Obama-era gun checks for people with mental illness

Twitter wars over Susan Sarandon’s refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton still raging…in 2019

Cameras installed in airline seats now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests

Comment: This is fascism and illustrates that we live in a tyrannical oligarchy, not a democracy and it’s violating the

freedom of assembly in the Bill of Rights. “The right to protest is a human right arising out of a number of recognized

human rights. While no human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to protest, such a right

to protest may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right

 to freedom of speech. Additionally, protest and restrictions on protest have lasted as long as governments have.”

CNN Poll: Joe Biden regains double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic field

Comment: The CIA controlled CNN is pushing the corrupt* pedophile Joe Biden to be the democratic nominee for

president in 2020, just as they promoted Hillary Clinton in 2016.

* The truthful reality is that Obama/Biden/Clinton deceptively planned and watched the bogus capture of Osama bin

Laden, while also continuing with the cover up of the false flag event on 9/11, and also continuing with the cover up

of the ET presence, along with their advanced technology.

Omar: US must reconsider billions of dollars of aid to Israel

How the US media demonizes Iran

US plans to send nuclear reactors to space

Trump Advisors Plan to Privatize Native Lands to Tap Into Oil Rich Reservations

Message to Congress: Big Pharma’s Trail of Greed, Power, and Cruelty Must Be Stopped

Top CDC Health and Climate Scientist Files Whistleblower Complaint

Pentagon tests first land-based cruise missile after pulling out of INF Treaty

How the world learned to stop worrying and ignore Trump

America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Tulsi Gabbard lists political correctness among threats to American values

Tennessee makes community college free for all adults

Welcome to Porchville! American workers laboring under ‘no vacation nation’

VIDEOS show Antifa attacking bus, cornering right-wing protesters as Portland rally turns violent

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s “Economic Boom” Is a Sham

Massachusetts To Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback Of Endangered Species Act

Trump pushed for mining project that could destroy Alaska Salmon ecosystems, despite EPA opposition

Bayer gets help from Donald Trump as US regulators veto warnings its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer

Key Congressional Chairman Sends Marijuana Email To NORML Activists

Trump dangles trade deal for Britain’s tougher line on Iran & China

Comment: PM Boris Johnson will happily go along with this due to being under control of the

Rothschild Zionists & the Queen.

Shocker: US perfectly capable of insanity without any Russian influence!

Comment: Leo Strauss’ philosophy of deception was the reality in the accusation of Russian meddling in the 2016

presidential election and the deception of election meddling is continuing. The deception began on 9/11 wherein

Muslims were utilised as patsy’s to create the bogus war on terror, the unconstitutional NDAA, the unpatriotic

Patriot Act, the surveillance police state, the deception for invading Iraq, as well as the deception of capturing

Osama Bin Laden. The deliberate dumbing down of citizens in public education has resulted in very unperceptive,

propagandised, gullible & naive citizens who believe the deceptive news of the CIA controlled news media, i.e.,

The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSN, CNN for those on the left & FOX news for those on the right,

etc., which utilizes the heinous “divide & conquer” philosophy that keeps citizens foolishing fighting each other

while the shadow government laughs at the duped citizens from behind the scenes.

Massachusetts To Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback Of Endangered Species Act

MSM ignores massive anti-sanctions ‘No More Trump’ protest rallies in Venezuela (VIDEOS)

Deficit hawks are enabling the next US war

Trump's grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK

Up, up and away: Air Force One costs soar despite Trump, who boasted of deal

Trump administration says it won’t approve Round-up cancer warning labels

Trump administration approves use of ‘cyanide bombs’ to kill wild animals

Republican Governor thinks $40,000 Is too much to pay teachers, vetoes minimum salary

Montana boy body-slammed for not removing hat during National Anthem, authorities say

Comment: And the ungodly reality is that “war is a racket” for corporations, and to quote the CFR spokesperson

Henry Kissinger: Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

EPA dropped salmon protection after Trump met with Alaska governor

5G is the ultimate directed energy weapon system, says particle physicist

Top intellligence official interrupted meeting to urge his deputy to resign

How US regulators embrace toxic pesticides & the corporations that make them

Revealed: How Monsanto’s ‘intelligence center’ targeted journalists and activists

'The devil we know': How DuPont poisoned the world with teflon

The health risks of 5G & confronting US hegemony (news video)

Trump gives pen to Dow Chemical CEO after signing executive order to eliminate regulations

Trump sold nuclear tech to Saudis in secret after Khashoggi killing

Comment: this is an anti-Christ consciousness deal between two religiously miseducated, karmically ignorant rulers

of the worst kind.

Military eyes 16-year-olds as ranks and candidates dwindle

Comment: That’s an idea only considered by the Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset, and due to the fact

 that the US is the biggest terrorist in the world. What the US government needs to do is get rid of it’s global hegemony,

regime change plans and bring it’s troops home as well as its military planes & ships from its 800 bases around the world.

The US government is religiously brainwashed, spiritually bereft, ignorant of karma and will reap what it has sown, which

was prophesied by Indigenous Native American Indians, ergo, “we’ll see America come & go”, whatever the latter entails.

We don’t want him here’: Trump to face protests and skepticism as he visits El Paso and Dayton after mass shootings

While you weren’t looking: DHS disbands domestic terror intelligence unit

Comment: This administration is full of incompetents beginning with the president who picks them

Bureau of Land Management illegally sold horses for slaughter – investigation

NYT changes front-page mass shootings headline after backlash from Dem 2020 hopefuls

American farmer: Trump ‘took away all of our markets’

United States” to Imperial America: Our Hidden Empire

Comment: Thank you Abby Martin for providing this video with professor Daniel Immerwahr and his book about

Imperial America and for helping to enlighten Americans but, sadly & unfortunately, not many Americans will see

this video or read his very informative & enlightening book or comprehend what the implications are, which correlate

to the heinous plans for the new world order.

'Unprecedented, Wasteful, and Obscene': House Approves $1.48 Trillion Pentagon Budget

US farmers are slamming Trump – saying ‘trade policy is not a game’ and China tariffs will plague ranchers for decades

Trump's new UN ambassador: No relevant experience, but “Gold” status at Trump hotels

Comment: The Republican controlled Senate confirmed someone with no experience even though she “displayed a lack

of depth on basic foreign policy issues” during her confirmation hearing before the Senate, which is just another example

of corrupt politicians and corporate money influence on them.

500,000 kids could lose free school lunch under Trump administration proposal

You don’t have any rights’: CBP agents interrogate US citizen and seize hs phone after Venezuela solidarity trip

Watch Bernie Sanders deliver speech on why democratic socialism ‘only way to defeat oligarchy and authoritarianism’

Comment: The establishment politicians on the right & the left deceptively argue against Single-Payer Health Care

(socialized medicine) when socialism is prevalent throughout America with the federally operated US Postal Service

and other operations in states, such as, Seattle City Light, police departments, and fire departments, etc., while private

health care requires you to provide insurance company executives with million dollar annual incomes, which is what the

high cost monthly premiums are for, however, they don’t do anything but provide a link to the health service provided

by doctors to patients and is nothing but a capitalist scam fostered by corrupt, corporate paid politicians, which is why

Joe Biden is the establishment’s choice for the democratic nominee for president. Vote for anyone but Biden, because:

Obama/Biden/Clinton deceptively watch the capture of Osama bin Laden, however,Osama Bin Laden's Second Death

and Bin Ladin’s obituary notice

Mitch McConnell is destroying the Senate, and American government – Robert Reich

Russian assets in America: A field guide

US to develop new missiles as INF treaty expires – Pentagon

Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For Extreme Censorship

Dark cloud has been lifted’: RT America investigates Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ (VIDEO)

US Navy’s most expensive ship ever can’t get ammo to deck, can’t launch new F-35 fighters

'I Wrote the Damn Bill': Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Tim Ryan on Debate Stage

Top CBP Officer Testifies He’s Unsure if 3-Year-Old Is “a Criminal or a National Security Threat”

Moscow Mitch’ sells out to the Kremlin: Same old voter access debate with Russian dressing

Jared Kushner is ‘complicit’ in Baltimore’s rat infestation problem

2020 Democrat Marianne Williamson: U.S. backing "genocidal war" in Yemen

Trump will order boost to flu vaccine production: report

Under Trump arms deal, high-tech U.S. bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

Former DEA “chief propagandist” says agency knows cannabis is safe, keeps it illegal for profit

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Cocaine Trafficking, Would Be 63 Today, But He ‘Shot Himself’ TWICE

Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

Supreme Court rules against exposing Israel's role in Bosnian genocide

US Congresswoman proposes cutting Israel aid

Comment: It’s definitely the right thing to do, because Israel’s economic freedom enables it to survive without any

further financial assistance and, among other needs, many America’s citizens are in dire need of financial assistance.

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills

Epstein Stories You Won't Find in the News (video)

WATCH: Devin Nunes Says Russia "Hoax" Has Gone On Too Long - Mueller Hearing

Intelligence act will protect CIA agents who ‘commit war crimes,’ whistleblower Kiriakou tells RT

USA ranked 27th in the world in education and healthcare – down from 6th in 1990

U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

Facebook agrees to pay record $5bn fine over privacy violations, critics call it a ‘parking ticket'

Glyphosate woes prompt calls to split up Bayer

Trump Administration Circumvents Congress For Food Benefit Cuts (Again)


What happened in Hillary Clinton's 1975 rape case?

183 Republicans vote against making prescription drugs cheaper

15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It to Obama

America's Secret Government: Unaffected by Elections, Beyond the Reach of the Law

Video interview with William Binney: Western media 100% infiltrated by CIA

Top Congressman: Media Are 'POSSESSED, Poisoning Americans With Russia hoax' (FOX News interviews Rep. Nunes)

RT interviews Jesse Ventura: “The US and Russia are competing to sell weapons to Turkey” and “War is a racket.”

Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war — Lawrence Wilkerson

No such request made’: India DENIES Trump was asked to mediate Kashmir crisis

Missed you guys’: John McAfee reemerges after ‘going dark’ following ‘CIA encounter’

The Disturbing truth about Clinton, Trump & Epstein

The Blob fought the Squad, and the Squad won

The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously

New Defense Secretary Poised For Confirmation Despite Vast Conflicts Of Interest

Comment: This illustrates very well that Trump is enforcing the oligarchy & deep state control of the defense department

and military operations.

AOC to DHS chief: Border agents shared 'Photoshopped images of my violent rape' in secret Facebook group

The Depopulation Agenda - Bill Gates Plan to Kill You

NSA FOIA Response reveals Seth Rich & Assange/Wikileaks communications are Classified

Quoting from the article: “The NSA’s decision of neither confirming nor denying the existence of direct communications

between Rich and Assange/Wikileaks affirms that the NSA is unwilling to directly admit such correspondence exists and

makes it difficult for researchers to reach a definitive answer. Nevertheless, what the NSA’s response does reveal is that

the alleged communications between Rich and Assange/Wikileaks are a matter of national security.”

Private prison bosses beg taxpayers to pay human-trafficking bills

Merger Mania: The military-industrial complex on steroids

Filmmaker was documenting abuses in CPS and children murdered under state custody before he died

Tlaib blasts Foreign Affairs Committee's anti-BDS bill as 'unconstitutional'

The Pentagon’s new nuclear doctrine is scary as hell

Fake passport, ‘piles of cash’ & diamonds: Should we know you better, Mr. Epstein?

Trump admin. invokes privilege again, blocks intel committees from Mueller docs

Comment: Secrecy is necessary, of course, if you’ve engaged in any shady deals or criminal activity.

Anderson Cooper interviews Marianne Williamson about Trump telling congresswomen to leave America.

Indigenous leader: ‘Authentic resistance’ needed to close concentration camps

Senator Who Passed $1 Trillion Tax Cut Says 9/11 Responders’ Healthcare Is Too Expensive

Over and over again, the military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans

NYPD cop who used chokehold on Eric Garner ‘won’t be charged’ as case times out

JP Morgan cargo ship released, minus the $1.3 billion worth of cocaine found onboard

How Assange & RT meddled in 2016, according to CNN’s ‘possibilities,’ innuendo & lies

DNC Chair Tom Perez: Ocasio-Cortez Is ‘The Future of Our Party’

George Bush pedophile sex ring and blackmail of Congress

Some Bottled Water Brands Have Concerning PFAS Levels, Massachusetts Regulator Warns

Lee Camp: ‘How dare Iran break the nuclear deal we tore up a year ago?’

Russian trolls are coming! Obama staffer issues warning amid dispute within Democratic party

Go back to your crime infested countries and Pelosi will pay for it – Trump to progressive Dems

Amal Clooney issues stark warning about Donald Trump's attacks on the press

Psychiatrists use Mueller Report to track Donald Trump’s mental health, warn: ‘There is very little time now’

Measles Madness: Dr. Brian Hooker’s statement to Washington State Legislators

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Roger Waters brands Twitter ‘thought police’ for suspending Assange support account (VIDEO)

Navaho water supply is more horrific than Flint, but no one cares because they’re Native American

There is no GOP Obamacare replacement and there never has been

5G will use the same frequencies as pain-inflicting military weapon

NBC: Migrant kids report disturbing conditions, misconduct by agents at Arizona border station

Hiring the swamp: Meet new RFE/RL boss, a Russiagate-pushing neocon

Pfizer vice president blows the whistle & tells the truth about the pharmaceutical industry

Senator Tina Smith: Mitch McConnell's leadership has been a big, fat waste

Amy McGrath has officially announced her Senate race against Mitch McConnell

Marianne Williamson’s vibe in New Castle: gracious, kind, intelligent, kind

Harvard Business School: The U.S. political system has been ‘hijacked’

Rage against the war machine to protest at the White House Monday

Dr. Theresa Deisher’s Open Letter on Dangers of MMR Vaccine

Trump accuses Iran of doing ‘a lot of bad things’

Comment: His misperception of Iran is due to his religious brainwashing & psychological imbalance

Convert War $$ to Green New Deal

Justin Amash on what his GOP colleagues say behind closed doors

Donald Trump stopping US government scientists from speaking out publicly is ‘chilling’

Why the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Nicolle Wallace: Possibility that Trump, Trump organization being investigated as criminal enterprise (MSNBC video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Free speech rally with Proud Boys and Milo in Washington DC draws antifa protesters (VIDEO)

White House promoting loose regulation of genetically engineered food

How Trump’s big Fourth was a fizzle

It’s now a felony, on par with murder, to protest oil pipelines in Texas

Comment: It’s a government of, by & for corporations that is making America worse.

Pete Buttigieg shuts down racist suggestion to reduce racial tensions in South Bend

A day of sorrow for American democracy

House passes election security measure requiring cybersecurity safeguards, paper ballots

Do Americans know how close they are to dictatorship?

Donald Trump Jr. blasts Nike with 'Communist' sneaker after 'offensive' Fourth of July shoe scrapped

How house democrats have made the most of their majority

From 'freedom gas' to violating deals 'before they exist': Five baffling statements from Washington

Border patrol agents posted sexist AOC memes & joked about migrant deaths

The ‘greatest country in the world’ can’t afford soap for kids – and it’s not Sarah Fabian’s fault

Today’s Refugee Crisis Is Blowback From US Dirty Wars in Central America

I’m not willing to do that”: Trump says he won't take climate action because it would threaten corporate profits

Tulsi Gabbard: US needs to 'stop pretending' Saudi Arabia is an ally

George Will: GOP has become a 'cult' of Trump

Trump dismisses need for climate change action: ‘We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air’

Comment: One of many examples of Trump lying for corporate welfare at the expense of the environment & citizens health.

Monsanto’s toxic herbicide, Roundup, has been found in these feminine hygiene products

US sanctions against Iran are illegal: Analyst

A top-secret US government research program allegedly investigated the health effects of close encounters with UFOs

Police: Missing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is dead; man charged with murder

Joe Biden throws own campaign into turmoil after Harris attacks his record on race

Mass arrests, power grabs and the politics of fear

Countdown to “full spectrum dominance”

Nuclear weapons: experts alarmed by new Pentagon 'war-fighting' doctrine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. nails the vaccine argument

Comment: The politicians responsible for forced vaccinations & corporate executives responsible for what’s in

vaccines, including the CDC, should justifiably be publicly vaccinated with fifty vaccines each at the National Mall

before locking them up.

Over 40 Prosecutors Refuse To Enforce New Anti-Abortion Laws

Trump Administration Proposes Easing Rules on Genetically Engineered Crops

Comment: Trump is making America heinous in numerous ways.

Trump administration is responsible for the largest reduction in protected land in US history, study finds

Comment: Trump proves that the good old USA isn't a democracy of, by and for the people, but an oligarchy of,

by and for corporate profiteering as the leading purveyor of arms sales, while paying $91 billion less in taxes under

Trump's new tax law.

US energy department rebrands fossil fuels as ‘molecules of freedom’

Manufacturing war with Russia

American cops now steal more property than all US burglars combined

DOW Chemical donates $1 million to Trump, asks administration to ignore pesticide study

Americans are war-weary, while Iran was never a threat to us’ – Virginia State senator to RT

Trump pushes up to 20 years in prison for pipeline protesters

Comment: Trump is making America more tyrannical and is deep in the swamp himself.

Trump declares trade war on India, imposes new tariffs

Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

Toxic weed killer found in almost all beer and wine brands...including organic

Comment: Congress is disgustingly corrupt and in the pocket of (under the direct contriol of) Monsanto/Bayer/Big Pharma

U.S. sees largest reduction of protected land in history under Trump

The Pentagon’s spoiling for another war, But with China, not Iran

Comment: The US government’s plans for global hegemony and regime change are due to its Alexander the Great Jerk

Super Power mindset, which results from the deliberate dumbing down in public education, religious brainwashing and

ignorance of karma. It’s mindset is easily influenced by the dark force. China is atheistic and ignorant of karma as well.

It needs to get out of Tibet and, like the US, needs to stop interfering in citizen’s individual sovereignty and the right to

live their own lives as they choose to live them. The world turmoil is also the result of the control by the Cabal/Money

Mafia and the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank in the USA which, along with the oligarchy/corporate control, including

Big Pharma, of politicians, has resulted in economic inequality, sickness & death, and the bogus war on terror that bleeds

trillions of dollars from the treasury while millions live in poverty & disease.

Government says no to self-reliant citizens: Rainwater collection criminalized

Comment: It is extremely asinine and tyrannical for the government to criminalize the collection of rainwater.

2019 DOJ report on vaccine court reveals vaccines continue to injure and kill people: $110 million in damages paid out first quarter

The UN torture report on Assange is an indictment of our entire society

Comment: It reflects a lack of genuine spirituality, as well as an ignorance of karma that is very evident in government and the

 religiously miseducated.

'It Feels Like We Are Prisoners': Migrant Children Describe Trauma At Florida Detention Center

Conspiracy theory now conspiracy fact, as Congress holds Hearings on weather manipulation

Russiagate, like Count Dracula, will never end

Unlimited reach, no safeguards’: Snowden warns of greatest social control scheme in human history

Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexican imports will cripple U.S. automakers and cost people their jobs

Trump fires and arrests his twitter administrator

Don’t prosecute Julian Assange, thank him

Comment: Quoting from the article: “The values underlying the First Amendment,” explains Napolitano, “are that

the press should be free to expose all the government does, and whatever the press has in its hands - no matter how

it acquired it - it is free to publish those materials as long as they are newsworthy, and no one can harm a hair on the

head of anyone who does so.”

Washington’s Huawei hypocrisy… US government is instrument of American corporations

Highly likely’ is the new evidence: Five times Western officials had no proof but media fell for it

Mike Pence declares war on the world at West Point

California medical doctor sues medical board over intimidating doctors who write vaccine medical exemptions

Trump’s sneak attack on social security

N.Y. Law professor addresses U.N. on government vaccine policies violating the Nuremberg Code

US Army tweet inadvertently triggers responses revealing ‘real, painful, and horrifying human costs of war’

My Pentagon regret: As the U.S. rattles its sabers at Tehran, echoes of Sabers past

Another GOP Representative blocks Disaster Aid Bill, delaying emergency relief

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People

Arms manufacturers tell investors that Iran tension fuels business

Impeachment Should Be on the Table If Trump Bombs Iran

Scientists Said Air Pollution Would Kill Thousands, So Trump’s EPA Just Changed The Math

No, China is not paying for Trump's bailout for US farmers

Weapons worth $8B headed to Middle East over Congress' objections

Senator Tammy Baldwin rips Trump for $62 million in farm aid to ‘corrupt’ Brazilian company

US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 “victim nations” since World War II

John Bolton: The man driving the US towards war...any war

Trump administration authorized nuclear energy companies to share technological information with Saudi Arabia

Very, very, very strange.’ How Nancy Pelosi's Meeting with Trump went down

Quoting from the article: “Trump’s all-out fight against congressional oversight and other actions seemed to her to

amount to a cover-up.”

Trump’s ‘pro-life’ administration just killed a program on children’s health

The Tweeter-in-Chief Risks Nuclear Catastrophe

Comment: Trump is psychotic and “has twice now threatened nuclear war against unstable and despotic regimes that lack a solid

understanding of U.S. intentions. So far, cooler heads have prevailed. But the fact that Trump has done it twice makes

it more likely that he will do it again—perhaps with worse results. We need to begin impeachment hearings before it’s

too late.”

Trump – from China to Iran to Venezuela – threats and sanctions everywhere – A chronicle of disorganized chaos foretold

Genocidal’: Trump threatens ‘official end of Iran’ - despite claiming he doesn’t want war

Comment: Dangerously psychologically imbalanced Trump & the brainwashed Christian Zionists support for Israel will

bring about the end of the US as well as prophesied.

For corporate media, space belongs to Washington

Unprecedented lawsuit could end water fluoridation in US based on neurotoxicity studies

Trump takes on Biden, vows not to let Iran get nuclear weapons during Fox News interview

Comment: Trump says: “I will not let Iran have nuclear weapons,” and is ignorant of the fact that he doesn’t have any

 moral or divine right to determine whether or not any country can have nuclear weapons, but does so because of his

religious brainwashing, ignorance of karma, and psychologically imbalanced mindset. The moral religious reality is that

Ayatollah Khomeini issued a “fatwa” against the development of nuclear weapons.

Are the U.S. and Russia “Making Preparations for World War III”? The Role of Israel

Comment: It was a very big mistake for Trump to make John Bolton his National Security Adviser, however, it indisputably

reflects “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

Deutsche Bank staff saw suspicious activity in Trump and Kushner accounts

An Academic Arrested for Protecting the Venezuela Embassy

Two Years and 10 Million Pounds Since Trump EPA Blocked Ban of Brain-Damaging Pesticide

Fox news legal analyst slams Trump’s actions as ‘dangerous’ - and says he has exceeded his powers 3 times in the last week

After Standing Rock, protesting pipelines can get you a decade in prison and $100K in fines

Comment: The ungodly disgusting reality of oligarchy takeover of government for corporate profiteering at the evidentiary

past expense of destroying the environment - land, rivers, oceans & wildlife with oil & atomic waste. This is just one of

many examples that illustrates how phony political rhetoric to "make America great again" is used, just like "core values"

was used while torturing prisoners at Guantamamo military base in Cuba where the US government is illegally on the

island to begin with and now continues with sanctions again, because of Cuba's support of Venezuela's Maduro.

Trump’s pick for ICE director: I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes

Comment: Trump’s selection of individuals for his administration reflect his own psychologically imbalanced perspective.

Trump orders aides to avoid open conflict with Iran: Report

Ocasio-Cortez confronts CEO for nearly $2K price tag on HIV drug that cost $8 dollars in Australia

Tulsi Gabbard says she would drop Julian Assange charges and pardon Edward Snowden

Comment: Thank you very much Tulsi Gabbard.

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on possible deployment of troops to the Middle East (news video)

Trump’s NASA sees Space Force as a means to bring free market capitalism to the final frontier

Congress Receives 10,000,000+ Signatures for Impeachment!

NXIVM Whistleblower tells all: Hillary, Gillibrand involved in sex slavery, trafficking, and satanism

Monsanto and Bayer are maneuvering to take over the cannabis industry

Jury returns $2 billion verdict against Monsanto for couple with cancer - the biggest so far

Benefits of cannabis legalisation to patients and oncology professionals

U.S. finally admits Agent Orange residue poisoned its own soldiers

Three veterans shot themselves to death at Veterans Affairs facilities within five days

National lawyers guild condemns secret service complicity in violence against US peace activists

Oregon Senate passes Student Success Act -- a tax on some businesses to fund education

The US Is Spending $1.25 Trillion Annually on War

Trump said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare. His 2020 budget cuts all 3

Comment: The Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power syndrome is prevalent and Trump has no problem in making

citizens tighten their belts and suffer a little more.

Trump’s tariff war with China will hit TVs, dishwashers, toys, lithium batteries, iPhones — even Silly Putty

Sitrep : If you want to wage a trade war, don’t march on Beijing

Psychopath Capitalism”: US economic terrorism and genocide against the people of Venezuela

Trump’s plan for a 4th of July celebration starring himself is reportedly in the works

There are many reasons not to impeach Trump. The House should do it anyway

Trump administration plans to end protections for endangered species after UN report warns of ‘mass extinction event’

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

How GMO seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s “Roundup” are driving US policy in Venezuela

The StingRay is exactly why the 4th Amendment was written

White House has “Monsanto’s back on pesticides,” newly revealed document says

John Bolton has wanted war with Iran for 20 years. Now could be his best chance

Comment: US military commits war crimes in Iraq Atrocities and criminal homicides in Iraq And the US government

is the world’s greatest terrorist organization

Trump: 2 years of my term were ‘stollen’

Comment: Trump believes he should have 2 years added to his term of office, which shows he’s a wannabe dictator,

as well as a moron, and a lier. Nancy Pelosi said she was concerned that Trump would refuse to give up power in

2020 if he lost reelection by a narrow margin, which disregards the fact that the secret service, or FBI, would take

Trump out of the White House if he refused to leave after losing the election in 2020.

Itching for a war,’ Bolton threatens Iran with ‘unrelenting force’ as US bombers deployed to Middle East

Comment: Bolton & Pompeo, like a few others in government, including Trump, are metaphysically illiterate, ignorant

of karma, and exhibit the Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power syndrome.

Kamala Harris says getting Trump out of office ‘is critical to our security’

Mnuchin rejects democrats’ demand to hand over Trumps tax returns, all but ensuring legal battle

Comment: Mnuchin, Trump’s former campaign finance chairman said it would create a dangerous precedent if the

returns are released, which contradicts the fact that the “power of congress to seek the returns is written explicitly

in a 1924 law.” “Dangerous” alright to President Trump, because there’s something, apparently, that’s detrimental

to him, which he has to hide, and it’s evidence of right-wing dictatorship collusion with the treasury department &

the department of justice, that’s not accountable to congress or the citizens, but that’s just fine & dandy to the

deliberately dumbed down, thoughtless right-wing voters. It ‘was sport’ to dodge taxes, admits Trump, after NYT

details epic business failures

Colonel Wilkerson press conference in Portland Maine

US says sending ‘strike group’ to Middle East as ‘clear message’ to Iran

Joe Biden is the Hillary Clinton of 2020 – and it won't end well this time either

Any US action in Venezuela would be lawful’: Pompeo drums up invasion option after failed coup

This US-backed rightwing coup attempt in Venezuela must be condemned

Two Charts Show Trump's Job Gains Are Just A Continuation From Obama's Presidency

Trump attorneys request preliminary injunction over subpoenas for financial records

Comment: An undemocratic or dictatorial president isn’t accountable or answerable to congress or citizens and

deserves impeachment.

Adam Schiff: Donald Trump ‘betrays our National Security’ after Putin call

Comment: No evidence has ever been provided of Russia being “behind the most serious cyber attack on our

democracy ever”, however, it appears that murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich shared 44,053 democrat emails

with WikiLeaks, and Schiff, along with others of like mind, need to “get a life”, as the saying goes, because

Russia isn’t the problem in the world, it’s CENTCOM’s master plan & U.S. global hegemony, along with

regime change, and America’s global war on terrorism, as well as loads of other nefarious activity.

Killing migratory birds, even unintentionally, has been a crime for decades. Not anymore

Former National Security Director warns the New Yorker - ‘The terrifying potential of the 5G network’

How the pentagon took ownership of Donald Trump

US government accidentally releases electromagnetic mind control documents in FOIA request

You lied to Congress’: Mazie Hirono attacks William Barr

Murdered DNC staffer Seth Rich shared 44,053 democrat emails with WikiLeaks: Report

Eugenics, Fluoride & Vaccines - Neurosurgeon Dr, Russell Blayock

Comment: Dr. Blayock provides very important scientific information & research data that has been nefariously withheld

from the public, and politicians are misinformed & irresponsible.

The Mueller report was my tipping point

The invention of capitalism: How a self-sufficient peasantry was whipped into industrial wage slaves

Medical doctor of 50 years: Current measles hysteria not based on science but “scientism,” a quasi-religious faith in vaccines

Dr. Suzanne Humphries reveals the stunning fraud of the CDC and vaccine propagandists

US Vax court sees 400% spike in vaccine injuries, flu shot wins top honors biggest payout

Glyphosate worse than we could imagine. “It’s everywhere”

Trump withdraws from UN arms treaty as NRA crowd cheers in delight

Comment: Religiously miseducated, & karmically ignorant Oligarch Trump promotes weapons proliferation for

corporate profiteering and for the purpose of being the biggest killer on the block, as well as plans for a space

force, which would have to include weapons in space, instead of seeking peace in the world as any truly spiritual

person would do by adhering to the Biblical commandment to love one another.

Trump says he appreciated statements made by Russia's Putin about North Korea

Lindsey Graham in 1988: Ignoring Subpoenas Impeachable

Fox News legal analyst unloads on Trump: ‘unlawful, defenseless and condemnable’

Anatomy of a Trump Supporter

Illinois Senate to Trump: Show your tax returns or be barred from the 2020 ballot

Dr. Suzanne Humphries - are vaccines safe?

FOX analyst says mandatory vaccines are tyranny: ‘Who owns your body?’

Americans see politics as the biggest economic threat: survey

Mask off? US ambassador to Russia says US practices diplomacy with aircraft carriers

Chomsky: Arrest of Assange is “scandalous” and highlights shocking extraterritorial reach of U.S.

GM CEO Mary Barra's compensation was $21.87 million in 2018, 281 times median GM worker

Comment: Million dollar executive salaries are the reason cars & pharmaceutical drugs are outrageously expensive.

Extinction Rebellion” die-in held in New York

Nigerian Wendy Okolo, first black woman to obtain PhD in Aerospace engineering who works at NASA, wins big award in US

Trump declares economic war on Cuba

Comment: The US has ungodly sanctioned Venezuela and now does the same to Cuba, which exemplifies the US

government’s Alexander the Great Jerk, karmically ignorant leadership.

A former oil lobbyist is now officially in charge of America’s public lands

The race towards extinction” Climate change versus the 5G microwave technology roll out

'That's not how an innocent person reacts': Late-night hosts rip Trump, Barr over Mueller report

International peace delegation to tour Russia on ‘bridge-building mission’

Comment: The delegation will no doubt have a happy time in Russia & Crimea, but their opinions will have no effect

on changing Congressional leadership’s unjustified hostility towards Putin & Russia, because of preventing the US

government from completing its regime change plans in Syria, and the US State Department’s meddling in the Ukraine

in an attempt to control a country on Russia’s border, as well as steal Russia’s Navy Base in Sevastopal. All the while

there are almost 3,000 US companies operating in capitalist Russia, but it wasn’t OK for Trump to be interested in

building a Trump tower there if you’re a dumbed down, politically biased democrat.

WikiLeaks calls for unredacted Mueller report

Comment: Due to being religiously miseducated & “deliberately dumbed down” in public education, citizens don’t

realize that they’re living in a treasonous, politically manipulated, oligarchy dictatorship that withholds information,

because of crimes it has committed, and the presstitute news media is treasonous as well.

3 stooges of socialism’: Bolton attacks Venezuela, Cuba & Nicaragua in impotent verbal intervention

How a Trump proposal could reduce ‘happy’ disabled people

Senators press acting ICE director over ‘deficiencies’ at prison facilities

Julian Assange is guilty of only one thing: Revealing the evil soul of US imperialism

Portland officials attempt to block 5G network installation over health risks

Trump's Plan to Reduce Trade Deficit Falters as it Hits an All-Time High Instead

Comment: The mob-boss presidency

The Trump administration’s attack on Indian country

Tucker Carlson defends Assange. Huh? (video)

The Vaccine Cartel: Largest Criminal Organization in the World – Why Your Flu Shot is Probably Illegal

Not just Amazon: 60 big companies paid $0 in taxes under Trump law

US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns

John Pilger: The Assange arrest is a warning from history

Chomsky: Trump Radically Interfered with Israel’s Election to Help Re-elect Netanyahu

Trump signs orders to speed up oil and gas pipeline construction

Comment: A government of by and for corporations that’s currently led by an oligarchic fool that’s religiously

brainwashed, as well as ignorant of karma, whose main interest is corporate profiteering and doesn’t care about

wild life & the environment.

Trump’s cognitive deficits seem worse. We need to know if he has dementia: Psychologist

Here’s why we must impeach Donald Trump” In fact, it’s more urgent than ever

Portland Officials Attempt To Block 5G Network Installation Over Health Risks

You do not have our permission to go to war in Iran’, Paul warns Pompeo

Breaking: NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Orders Forced Vaccinations in Brooklyn

Comment: Dictator with ignorance of karma in the no longer “land of the free.”

Trump pumps new poison into US confrontation with Iran (by George Galloway)

Tennessee becomes the fourth state to restrict the use of Monsanto herbicide

Pelosi accused of deploying ‘most dishonest argument’ against Medicare for all

Poisonous chemtrail rain is killing our trees

Financial whistleblower explains what’s about to happen to the economy

Trump’s ‘pattern of cognitive decline’ alarms psychiatrists

5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event

Comment: Ample damaging scientific evidence has been presented to Congress in hearings, which our corrupt

leadership, including Trump, is ignoring, because they stupidly & greedily represent corporations, not the citizens

who naively trusted them and voted them into office. It’s very evident here that the US is an oligarchy, not a

democracy and, as has been illustrated in many ways, both parties are simply two wings of the same corrupt

vulture (usury) capitalist economic system that produces poverty, unemployment, as well as electronic & vaccine

produced sickness and death, while Congress, POTUS & SCOTUS live the happy life.

Brussels becomes first major city to halt 5G due to health effects

Mass manufacturers of slander and lies

Trump’s new health care guy was involved in massive medicare fraud

NSA whistleblower: Government collecting everything you do

Radioactive leaks found at 75% of US nuke sites

CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma

I was an army grunt at the pointy end of the American spear. But no longer

US blocking humanitarian aid to flood-hit Iranians: Qassemi

Trump’s NAFTA 2.0 puts Big Pharma first, American citizens second

8 cases that prove the FBI & CIA were out of control long before Russiagate

Pentagon: US has supported the Ukrainian army with $1-3 billion since the 2014 coup

Comment: While Trump & Bolton have the hypocritical gall to tell Russia to get out of Venezuela. The duped

US government needs to get its aggressive warmongering, karmically ignorant keister out of Islamic countries

and Europe.

Forget Mueller. Forget impeachment. A million people should surround the White House and demand Trump’s resignation

Puerto Rico governor tells Trump, “If the bully gets close, I’ll punch the bully in the mouth

Trump wants to give 62 cents of every dollar to the military. That's immoral

Jussie Smollett Allowed To Walk Free But Not Manning or Assange

Papadopoulos: Russia collusion ‘hoax’ was ‘basically fabricated’ by Western intelligence

Jamie Dimon Laments the Plight of the Poor While His Bank Pays 0.02% on CDs

Social democratic nations rank happiest on global index (again). US ranking falls (again)

Comment: The economically brainwashed citizens think they need to provide insurance company owners with

million dollar annual incomes from health insurance monthly premiums in order for citizens to have health insurance.

Operating the Single-Payer Health Care system like the US Post Office is beyond their brainwashed little minds to

comprehend. Paying for health care up front with a small tax, like Social Security, would be less costly then as we

do now with monthly premiums, because we wouldn’t have to provide million dollar incomes to insurance company

owners who don’t do a damn thing but are simply an intermediary between doctors who provide a service to citizens,

as well as deadly & too costly prescription drugs for vulture capitalist Big Pharma, which a government operated

socialist health care system would lower the cost of, but the problem is due to corrupt politicians who enjoy the money

provided by Big Pharma and don’t give a damn if their constituents can’t afford the overly-priced medicine.

The high cost of drugs is inhumane & psychologically sick, and is only possible in a spiritually bereft and economically

corrupt government.

World’s elite try to wipe out all knowledge and use of natural cures, while they privately use them for their own longevity

Tulsi Gabbard becomes first presidential candidate to call for ban on Monsanto’s Roundup

The Coming Collapse

16 years later, how the press that sold the Iraq war got away with it

Why stopping wars is essential for stopping climate change

The Trump administration is opening millions of new acres to drilling – and that’s just the start

U.S. Special Operations: The new face of America’s war machine

EPA administrator dismisses climate change as ‘50 to 75 years out’

Countdown to “full spectrum dominance”

U.S. blames Russia and China for space ‘arms race’, but refuses their weapons ban

Comment: The U.S. government & military suffers from the Alexander the Great Jerk super power syndrome, which

is fueled by the dark forces influence, and causes it to seek world dominance through weapons proliferation, endless

wars & killing that will result in its demise as foretold in the Indigenous Native American prophecy, because it doesn’t

appear that enlightened citizens are going to occupy the National Mall in protest to the military madness of “full spectrum

dominance”, global hegemony & regime change that has caused an influx of Muslims seeking refuge, which is creating

more turmoil & terrorism by the deliberately dumbed down, religiously brainwashed, propaganda duped citizens. Just

like Christians and their Bible, Muslims adhere to religious dogma in the Koran, and there's going to be problems with

religious fanatics on both sides until they're re-educated to the fact that the Biblical story in Genesis of the Garden of

Eden is an allegory, consequently, Adam & Eve weren't physically created by God, as a literal interpretation of the Bible

indicates, and the metaphor of Adam's rib, along with modern day DNA, ordains that Adam/gender homo sapiens and

Eve/gender are the same & equal, consequently, the subordination of women (raping & pedophilla) is ungodly and Muslim

men will reap what they've sown (karmic retribution) in a subsequent life on earth by incarnating into a female fetus at the

"appointed time* and subjected to the same abusive treatment. The theological reality is also that the Biblical story of

Jesus of Nazareth is mythological, consequently, the only begotten son” is a metaphysical non-sequiter, i.e., doesn't follow

the mythological premise that Mary was a virgin and miraculously impreganted by God. The only begotton son esoterically

refers to the immortal human soul/god¹ that's made in the image of God, consequently, is a god too, and has everlasting life.

* Job 14:14 If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

Job 14:15 "Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee; thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands [to continue from

where you had left off in the previous life and reap the good, as well as the bad, of what you had sown].

¹ “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, is it not

written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

Blatant effort to intimidate & retaliate’: Pompeo imposes Visa ban on ICC staff probing US war crimes

Comment: Exposing US war crimes exposes the US government & military’s unconscionable acts of killing innocent people

and torturing unlawful enemy combatants (civilians defending their country against illegal occupation by US military), which

was based on the CIA & Mossad orchestrated event on 9/11 that used Muslims as patsys to bring down the twin towers,

and initiate their bogus war on terror and create a surveillance police state.

Court upholds ruling, blocking construction of Keystone XL pipeline

US jury finds Monsanto’s Roundup was a ‘substantial factor’ in causing man’s cancer

What’s the world’s most widely used herbicide doing to tiny critters?

FDA lifts import ban on genetically engineered salmon

Comment: America - land of naive duped citizens and corrupt government that is currently being misled by a mentally unstable” moron.

US Navy wants a ‘ghost fleet’ of drone warships – report

Comment: Planning for future wars and spending billions of dollars on developing new weapons is one of the results from the successful

“deliberate dumbing down” of citizens by the “Money Mafia”

The true number of whales, dolphins, porpoises and birds which have died in the Atlantic in the first quarter of 2019 is unprecedented

2019 DOJ report on Vaccine Court reveals vaccines continue to injure and kill people

Trump budget gives Pentagon more than it asked for and cuts Medicare by $845 billion.

Comment: It’s the amoral moron's idea to Make America as Dominantely Warlike & Discompassionate as Deceptively Possible.

NYT’s expose on the lies about burning aid trucks in Venezuela shows how U.S. government and media spread pro-war propaganda

Greenwald: How can democrats support Trump’s push for regime change to seize Venezuela’s oil?

Was that disruptive?’: congressman blasts Trump official with air-horn in committee hearing

Comment: This is one of many outrageous examples of Trump and his appointee's disregard for animal life, which

is due to his religious miseducation, along with his deliberate dumbing down in education, as well as his imbalanced

perception of life that sees men & women from the perception of Adam and then, subsequently Eve, sinning. The

Biblical story in Genesis of Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden is an allegory, consequently, Adam & Eve weren't

physically created by God at that time, and many people today have become aware of the physical evidence of the

Atlantean giants or "Nephilim", "men of renown", as they're referred to in the Bible. Remnants of the oldest civilization,

as well as the oldest statues in the world can be found on Easter Island. It’s been known for a long time (1888) who

built the statues, but “true history”* isn’t taught in public education, and everyone is deliberately dumbed down as

shown above. Mainstream archaeologists and paleontologists, not being educated to the existence of Atlantis, as well

as Lemuria (Mu), foolishly think that the statues (“moai”) on Easter Island were carved by 5 or 6 ft. tall Polynesian

people in images totally unlike themselves, and “represent the spirits of ancestors, chiefs, or other high-ranking males”,

which is nonsensical & very illogical, but is due to not being educated to the reality of the existence of Atlantis (see

further below*). The Rapa Nui people who settled on the island between 300 and 1200 CE, of course, aren’t related

to the statue builders who died more than a million years ago, which greatly contradicts geological findings. The statues

were carved in the same size and expressionist likeness as the Atlanteans (Nephilim/giants), who had migrated over to

Easter Island after the majority of Mu had sank. It’s said that the island covered a larger area at the time and the mountain

was higher above sea level. The island subsequently sank, and the Atlanteans all drowned, which is why there are

unfinished statues still in the quarry, but a smaller portion of the island re-emerged, which is all we see today, and

remnants of the Atlantean civilization can be found further out in the surrounding ocean.

Based on their height, the statues are representative of the 4th & 5th sub-races, and were levitated/floated around & put

into place “using the power that overcomes Earth force (gravity)”, just like the building of the Great Pyramid at Giza¹

that was built by the Atlantean priest Thoth a great deal earlier than mainstream archaeologists are capable of comprehending

the reality of. The foregoing quote can be found in Tablet I of the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. The following extract is from

page 224 of The Secret Doctrine - Volume 2, Anthropogenesis: “In its proper place we will show modern Science fully

corroborating the above and the traditions of the Secret Doctrine with regard to the two lost continents. The Easter Island

relics are, for instance, the most astounding and eloquent memorials of the primeval giants. They are as grand as they are

mysterious; and one has but to examine the heads of the colossal statues that have remained unbroken on that island, to

recognize in them at a glance the features of the type and character attributed to the Fourth Race giants. They seem of one

cast though different in features – that of a distinctly sensual type, such as the Atlanteans (the Daityas and “Atalantians”)

are represented to have in the esoteric Hindu books. Compare these with the faces of some other colossal statues in

Central Asia – those near Bamian for instance – the portrait statues, tradition tells us, of Buddhas belonging to previous

Manvantaras; of the Buddhas and heroes who are mentioned in the Buddhist and Hindu works, as men of fabulous size,

the good and holy brothers of their wicked co-uterine brothers generally, as Ravana, the giant King of Lanka was the

brother of Kumbhakarna; all descendants of the gods through the Rishis, and thus, like “Titan and his enormous brood,”

all “heaven’s first born.” These “Buddhas,” though often spoilt by the symbolical representation of the great pendent ears,

show a suggestive difference, perceived at a glance, between the expression of their faces and that of the Easter Isle

statues. They may be of one race, but the former are “Sons of Gods”; the latter the brood of mighty sorcerers.”

¹ When the Great Pyramid at Giza was built - Piazzi Smyth asks: “Was the Great Pyramid, then, erected before the invention

of hieroglyphics, and previous to the birth of the Egyptian religion?” Time may yet prove that the upper chambers of the

Pyramid were a sealed mystery before the establishment of the Egyptian empire. In the subterranean chamber, however, are

markings, which indicate that the Romans gained admission there. In the light of the secret philosophy of the Egyptian initiates,

W. W. Harmon, by a series of extremely complicated yet exact mathematical calculations; determines that the first ceremonial

of the Pyramid was performed 68,890 years ago on the occasion when the star Vega for the first time sent its ray down the

descending passage into the pit. The actual building of the Pyramid was accomplished in the period of from ten to fifteen years

immediately preceding this date.”

* In the Timaeus by Plato Critias says: “Listen then Socrates. The story is a strange one, but Solon, the wisest of the seven

wise men, once vouched its truth.”

After Critias provides a brief history of Atlantis (as told by the Egyptian priest) and its war with Athenians, who “overcame

the invaders and celebrated a victory…At a later time there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence, and in

a single dreadful day and nightfall your fighting men were swallowed up by the earth, and the island of Atlantis was similarly

swallowed up by the sea and vanished…So tell us Socretes, do you think this story will suit our purpose, or must we look

for another instead.”

Socrates: What better choice could there be, Critias? Your story is particularly suited to the present festival of the Goddess,

with whom it is connected, and it is a great point in its favour that it is not a fiction but true history.”

The problem is that some people confuse the mythology in religion & philosophy with the underlying “true history” presented,

which is understandable, but this misunderstanding doesn’t negate the truth, except to the unenlightened.

The evidence for Atlantis is also paranormal (Edgar Cayce), as well as historical (Egyptian and, subsequently,Greek), and

only those who are religiously miseducated/brainwashed or agnostic in philosophy can’t accept the paranormal reality.


Q. Dean Sloan - “An impeccable scholar of spirituality studies”

P.S. With regards the statues still in the quarry at Easter Island and who their builder's were, the reason that the largest stone

blocks in the world are still in the quarry at Baalbek, Lebanon is due to the fact that the builders of the Temple’s platform

were in the process of building the latter when Atlantis was destroyed. Atlantean Temples were very large compared to today

as in this alleged akashic viewed, illustrated example.


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5G is “stupidest idea in the history of the world” - Washington State biochemistry/medical science prof

Trump EPA OKs ‘emergency’ to dump Bee-killing pesticide on 16 million acres

Comment: This is just one among several outrageous examples of how phony Trump is in stating he wants to “make

America great again.” First, there was the announcement on January 30, 2017, to reorganize government agencies,

including the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior. Two weeks later, Trump repealed a rule that

stopped mining companies from dumping waste into rivers. Then Ryan Zinke was confirmed as secretary of the

interior, and from there the deregulation pace quickened. Zinke oversaw reviewing national monuments, streamlining

oil and gas industry permits, opening Arctic waters to drilling, and, finally, shrinking two monuments in Utah. And

then Trump’s offshore drilling plan puts 68 National Parks at risk.

Regime change for profit: Chevron, Halliburton cheer on US Venezuela coup

US Congress won’t let Trump invade Venezuela: Democratic rep.

Millions of Americans flood into Mexico for health care – the human caravan you haven’t heard about

Trump will sign spending bill, declare a national emergency and 'other executive action' to build wall

Glyphosate exposure increases cancer risk up to 41%, study finds

Tulsi Gabbard Wants to Legalize Marijuana, Punish Big Pharma and End Private Prisons

Increasingly urgent:” Bill Gates ups the ante, donates millions to push GMOs on small farmers around the world

Comment: Bill Gates (Bilderberg Group member) also pushed vaccines in India that cause injury & deaths, and

ended up being sued. Health risks of genetically modified food

There is a taboo against criticizing AIPAC and IIhan Omar just destroyed it

History made: US national debt tops $22 trillion

Glenn Greenwald defends Rep. Ilhan Omar: Criticizing Israeli Lobby & AIPAC is not Anti-Semitic

Feds sue Lockheed Martin for kickbacks & fraud in Hanford nuclear site clean-up contracts

March on the Pentagon Condemns U.S. Coup-Attempt in Venezuela

Why Don’t We Treat Health Care as a Human Right?

Veterans call to resist U.S. coup in Venezuela

Beto O'Rourke to march, speak against border wall during Trump rally in El Paso

U.S. moves forward with oil leases near sacred Native American sites

Trump accused of breaking the law after refusing to report to Congress on Khashoggi’s brutal killing

Ocasio-Cortez, Sanders, Trump and the state of imperial decline

Researchers Have Identified How Naval Sonar Is Killing And Beaching Whales

Kansas City Is Building Tiny Homes For Homeless Veterans

Former Jesuit lawyer says President Jimmy Carter was denied UFO file by George Bush Sr.

Comment: Bush Sr. told White House news journalist Sarah McLendon that “if the American people ever find out

what we have done, they would chase us done the street and lynch us.”  Upon his father’s death, his 9/11 complicit,

traitorous son said: “George H.W. Bush was a man of the highest character and the best dad a son or daughter could

ask for. The entire Bush family is deeply grateful for 41’s life and love, for the compassion of those who have cared

and prayed for Dad, and for the condolences of our friends and fellow citizens.”

Green dream or whatever’: AOC leads Democrat push for US economic revolution

US lawmakers revive push for sanctions against Saudi over Yemen war, Khashoggi

Sam Donaldson refutes Trump’s SOTU address: ‘We’re a Socialist country already’

Free Speech For People Joins National Impeachment Summit

Bernie Sanders Uses Rebuttal To Fact-Check Trump's State Of The Union Speech

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains how Big Pharma completely owns congres

Soulless Trump: Trump administration quietly decides – again – to allow Elephant trophy imports

Trump quietly put a Koch official in charge of America’s drinking water

U.S hates treaties – What can we do?

National march on Washington on Saturday, March 16: Hands of Venezuela!

Militarism in the media, world beyond war

US-led economic war, not socialism, is tearing Venezuela apart

Darth Trump: From Space Force to Star Wars

Comment: Enlightened souls incarnated on earth are aware of the dark forces influence on many human beings,

and it’s evident with President Trump & others in his administration, as well as many citizen supporters who’ve

been deliberately dumbed down in public education & religiously brainwashed, which is why Trump & others

exhibit the Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset. The ETs have demonstrated their ability to shut down 

nuclear missiles in underground silos and have also demonstrated their telepathic ability, consequently, will shut

down weapons placed in earth orbit if a president decides to use them, which means the US government will

waste trillions of dollars of taxpayer money, while cutting social security & medicare, but it will build up Darth

Trump’s psychologically imbalanced ego tremendously and help his approval ratings, which is most important to


Washington resurrected the arms race

Is the US planning to wage war on Russia and China?

Opportunistic, xenophobic’: Wikileaks mocks Rachel Maddow’s latest Russia scare story

Has the arms industry captured Trump’s pentagon?

U.S. moves ahead with oil leases near sacred park

Hill.TV: Erin Brockovich slams Trump administration over plan to stop regulating toxix chemicals

Trump administration’s rollback of worker protection rules is under investigation

John Bolton admits US-backed coup in Venezuela is about oil, not democracy

The making of Juan Guaido: US regime-change laboratory created Venezuela’s coup leader

Mike Pompeo-s deranged foreign policy

Trump’s new nuclear weapon has entered production

All of the extremist killings in the US in 2018 had links to right-wing extremism, according to new report

US nuclear weapons: first low-yield warheads roll off the production line

Wrong track’: Public sours on nation's direction after shutdown

US economy lost $6bn during shutdown over Trump's wall: Report.

US to spend $500bn on nuclear weapons upgrade over next 10 years

WikiLeaks: Seth Rich leaked Clinton emails, not Russia

So-called ‘Trump resistance’ mostly silent as US President openly foments coup d’Etat in Venezuela

Turning space into a war zone: Space Force Missile Defense review

Crocodile tears: Colorado senator slams Ted Cruz on chambers floor

More Americans killed by guns since 1968 than in all U.S. wars-combined

Wilbur Ross doesn't ‘quite understand’ why furloughed workers are going to homeless shelters to get food

It’s time to impeach Donald Trump

Celebrity sparks controversy after saying she’s going to raise a vegan child without vaccinations

The MAGA boys are racist brats

Medical doctor who escaped Vietnam as a child in the 1970s explains why he no longer vaccinates

San Francisco mayor London Breed responds to Trump calling San Francisco streets ‘disgusting’

A Call to Reinvestigate American Assassinations

MLK’s vehement condemnations of US militarism are more relevant than ever

Republican Congressman: Trump’s border crisis is a ‘myth’

Exposed: Vaccine deep state plot to seize NaturalNews.com domain and criminalize all speech that questions vaccine propaganda

The President’s Hostage Attempt Is Going Miserably Wrong

The US government has “essentially legalized secret national security spending”

 Sacrificial virgins” - A must see film about young girls being severely damaged by HPV Gardasil vaccines

The case for a national general strike protesting Trump's heartless shutdown

Weaponizing space & dreams of new tech: US missile defense review in a nutshell

Photographs of indigenous peoples march in Washington, D.C.

Pentagon: Climate change threatens military installations

Democrats Praise War Criminal Mattis

Trump tried to illegally withhold disaster relief money from Puerto Rico

376 migrants, including 179 kids, used 7 tunnels to get under the US border fence in Arizona

Teach kids about climate change? Connecticut might require it

Scientist jailed after discovering deadly viruses are delivered through vaccines

House floor erupts after lawmaker shouts ‘Go back to Puerto Rico’

BuzzFeed: Trump Directed Cohen To Lie To Congress About A Trump Tower In Moscow

The war on terror’s total cost: $5.9 trillion

5G Wireless: A Dangerous ‘Experiment on Humanity’

War criminals at large

President Trump's Assaults on Climate

Press TV anchor Marzieh Hashemi jailed in US on unspecified charges

Sioux tribes in U.S. call out Trump after racist, and disrespectful Wounded Knee, Pocahontas tweet

Abby Martin: Trump is Expanding the US Empire Thank you very much Abby for helping to enlighten your fellow Americans.

As democratic elites reunite with neocons, the party’s voters are becoming far more militaristic and pro-war than republicans

California fireman find signatures of directed energy weapons in recent Paradise fires

Federal worker forced to ration insulin because of government shutdown

'Freaking out': Inside the White House during the longest shutdown ever

Pharmaceutical companies worry as medical marijuana use increases

Trump Has Entered The Lying Stratosphere, Says Pulitzer Prize-Winning Columnist

Border wall funds could be diverted from a pool meant for Puerto Rico, Texas and other areas hit by disasters

183 House Republicans just voted against resuming food safety inspection

George Will, having left republican party, urges conservatives to vote against Donald Trump

U.S. Water Fluoridation: A Forced Experiment that Needs to End

William Arkin on Homeland Security’s creeping fascism and why the CIA & FBI won’t save us from Trump

Federal Workers March On The White House As Trump Flees To Texas

Congressmen Threatened for Investigating Autism-Vaccine Link

AP FACT CHECK: Trump oversells wall as a solution to drugs

The Cruelty Is the Point

Trump struggles with humanitarian crisis of his own making (MSNBC)

DHS presents a PowerPoint on the ‘crisis’ on the border full of false, fear-mongering claims

Veteran MD drops bombshell about 5G technology dangers at 5G Hearing

Gender parity in torture’: Twitter unimpressed as Maddow celebrates CIA’s all-female leadership

Lobbyist Documents Reveal Health Care Industry Battle Plan Against “Medicare for All”

Rashida Tlaib: The Senate’s Anti-BDS Bill Is an Unconstitutional Attack on Free Speech

Boycott Israel, we’ll boycott you’: How US Senators & state lawmakers put foreign power first

The United States remains an imperial military presence unlike any other

'Larry Silverstein, Lewis Eisenberg made billions of dollars from destruction of Twin Towers'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is floating a 70 percent top tax rate — here’s the research that backs her up

FBI-CIA Collaboration Reveals Blatant Illegitimacy of Guantánamo Trials

President Donald Trump says he 'can relate' to federal workers going without pay

The 36 wackiest lines from Donald Trump's totally bizarre Cabinet meeting

Thousands of Scientists Endorse Study Proclaiming Trump's Border Wall a Disaster for Wildlife

#UNFIT: Malignant Narcissism comes to Washington D.C.

The Centrist Case for Impeaching Donald Trump

Let's Make Ending Militarism Our New Year's Resolution

'War on transparency': US agency plans crackdown on information requests

Trump Administration Now Has 4 Corporate Lobbyists Serving as Cabinet Secretaries

NBC journalist quits then blows the whistle on how mainstream media deceives the public

Johns Hopkins, Bristol-Myers must face $1 billion syphilis infections suit

CDC: Corruption, Deceit and Cover-Up

Presidential Contradictions: Three Takeaways From Trump‘s Friday Fracas

Scientology Facilities Closed After Police Find People Held Captive Inside

Opinions | Pelosi said she’d do it, and she did

While federal workers go without pay, senior Trump administration officials are poised to get $10,000 raises

The New Acting Interior Secretary Is An Agency Insider And Ex-Oil Lobbyist

Ronald Reagan stuck it to millennials: A college debt history lesson no one tells

Trump’s Freewheeling and Fact-Free Cabinet Meeting

Harry Reid: Donald Trump 'the worst president we've ever had'

Acting US defense secretary says it’s all ‘China, China, China’

Connecticut state law requires mandatory flu vaccines for all kids ages 2 to 4: Comply or don’t go to school

Comment: Politicians & doctors, being deliberately dumbed down in education, are easily influenced (corrupted) by

Big Pharma & Monsanto. US Vax Court sees 400% spike in vaccine injuries, Flu shot wins top honors for biggest payout

'Cruel and Inhumane': Trump Border Patrol Hits Women, Children, and Journalists in Mexico With Tear Gas

Veterans for peace statement on withdrawal of U.S. troops from Syria

'Pouring Salt Into the Wound' Amid Shutdown, Trump Signs Executive Order Freezing Pay of Nearly 2 Million Federal Workers

US Navy seeks to develop hypersonic Weapons to catch-up with Russia, China

US and Israel partner in each other’s wars

Chris Hedges and Seymour Hersh on the Whorehouse Called the US Media

Nancy Pelosi fights ‘Trump Shutdown’ with #Resistance luxury vacation in Hawaii

Burdensome’ transparency? US agency wants to ignore FOIA requests, in Americans’ best interests

Federal Workers Express Outrage As Trump Shutdown Continues

Senate report on Russian interference was written by disinformation warriors behind Alabama “false flag operation”

AP FACT CHECK: Trump confuses, misleads on border wall

Trump’s border wall could impact an astonishing 10,000 species

The 32 Democrats who may run for President in 2020

The ‘all-I-want-for-Christmas-is-$5-billion-for-the-wall’ shutdown

Rand Paul owns warmongers in epic ‘Festivus Twitterstorm’

Bernie Sanders accuses Boeing of harassing, firing North Charleston workers

If Truth Cannot Prevail Over Material Agendas We Are Doomed

Trump warns shutdown could last 'very long time,' urges McConnell to go 'nuclear' and end filibuster

Government headed for partial shutdown at midnight, as lawmakers leave Capitol without deal

Ron Paul: Warmongers Upset With Trump's Syria Decision

Report: Everybody in the White House considers Trump an idiot

Trump turns on Lindsey Graham over Syria pullout criticism

Republicans squash bill to pay for Vietnam vets’ health care. Say they’re worried about deficit

US State Department clears $3.5 billion sale of Patriot missiles to Turkey

Comment: Weapons proliferation and the killing of innocent Muslims based on deception (9/11) will result in

the US government reaping what it has sown for decades. It’s karmically inevitable.

How the American Oligarchy gets society to accept endless war

Trump to shut down charity after lawsuit said he used it for personal and political benefit

An empire of bases poisons water, threatening its own collapse

Trump Foundation agrees to dissolve with judge to oversee dispersal

Trump Ordering His Cabinet To Search For Spare Change To Fund His Wall

Fox News Analyst Hits Trump's Latest Tweet With A Blistering Fact-Check

America should work with Iran rather than Saudi Arabia: American academic

Donald Trump Tours Chemtrail Plane, Promises To Terminate Program

Trump lawyer’s main argument why you shouldn’t believe Michael Cohen: He is a liar.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The Government Is Covering Up Vaccine Deaths

Trump appoints budget director and self-proclaimed ‘right-wing nutjob’ Mulvaney as chief of staff

A Grinch-worthy shutdown threat

Erin Brockovich: We Are Being ‘Slowly Poisoned To Death’ By Monsanto

A Country Without An Honest Media Is Lost

US Senate passes resolution blaming Saudi Prince MBS for Jamal Khashoggi murder

Trump makes repetitious false claims regarding Iran

A devastating report details a 'monumental' assault on science at the Department of the Interior

Trump wants to reclassify radioactive waste from nuclear weapons to ‘low level’ so disposal is cheaper

Why Green New Deal Advocates Must Address Militarism

A Record-High 12,800 Immigrant Children Are Currently Being Detained by the U.S. Government, Report Says

Trump administration proposes major rollback of water rules

Senate Republicans are responsible for the most unethical and incompetent administration ever

Trump plan to reclassify nuke waste alarms environmentalists

The corporate donors behind a republican power grab

Trump Administration Paid Firm Nearly $14 Million For Just 2 New Recruits

John Kelly Was a Bully, Bigot, and Liar for Trump. Goodbye and Good Riddance

Reviving the Nuclear Disarmament Movement: A Practical Proposal

The largest U.S. oil spill you’ve probably never heard of is still leaking after 14 years

We're Fighting For Our Lives’: Patients Protest Sky-High Insulin Prices

Donald Trump Reportedly Shrugged Off Looming Debt Crisis Because 'I Won't Be Here'

Mueller has Trump ‘cornered,’ Carl Bernstein says

Incoming Dem governor calls Wisconsin GOP moves ‘a hot mess’

Poverty Rate Falls in U.S.

Trump Says Tillerson Is ‘Dumb as a Rock’ After Former Secretary of State Criticizes Him

Federal prosecutors in New York have accused the President of criminal violation of the federal campaign laws (news video)

Jewish senator introduces law to to imprison Americans for criticizing Israel

Robert Kennedy Jr: CDC is a privately owned vaccine company

Prosecutors Say Trump Directed Illegal Payments During Campaign

5 big takeaways from the new Michael Cohen and Paul Manafort filings

American entrepreneurs who flocked to China are heading home disillusioned

Tucker Carlson says Trump is ‘not capable’ and hasn’t kept his promises

Making President Trump’s Bed: A Housekeeper Without Papers

Trump to pick ex-TV host with little foreign policy experience as next UN envoy

The ignored legacy of George H.W. Bush: War crimes, racism, and obstruction of justice

Trump Administration to Auction Off 900,000 Acres for Fracking in Nevada

Monumental Disaster at the Department of the Interior

5G is coming, and with it potentially calamitous health risks

Washington Post lies about safety of giving multiple vaccinations at once

Western presstitutes spread lies for military/security complex

Good people don’t defend a bad man

Just in, FBI raids home of Clinton Foundation, Uranium One whistleblower

Trump has very long personal history of racism: Analyst

Bad publicity? Cohen? Russiagate? Many reasons Trump canceled Putin meeting, but Ukraine isn’t one

Trump's Latest Talking Points On Climate Change Will Make Your Brain Hurt So Bad

US, Saudi Arabia closer to signing $15b deal for THAAD missile system

Wealth inequality in America

Meet America’s top 20 “Zionaires”: Billionaires who support Israel

Harvard Study: Big Pharma, US Gov. Behind Opioid Epidemic

US Vax Court sees 400% spike in vaccine injuries, Flu shot wins top honors for biggest payout

Trump publicly bashes May AGAIN, says Brexit is only ‘great’ for EU, will hurt UK-US trade deal

G.M. to Idle Plants and Cut Thousands of Jobs as Sales Slow

Lauren Underwood makes history, will be sworn in as youngest black woman elected to Congress Death Of HHS Official Ruled Suicide; Found With "Multiple Blunt Force Injuries"

Trump names hand-picked panel to supervise, investigate intelligence community

Rhetorical bedlam erupts as Trump speaks to the world from Mar-a-Lago

Scientist Jailed After Discovering Deadly Viruses Are Delivered Through Vaccines

Ex-USMC Speaks to High School Students about “Service”

The Homeless Crisis Is Getting Worse in America’s Richest Cities

Trump supports Saudi Arabia, most regressive regime in the world: Analyst

Noam Chomsky: Moral depravity defines US politics

Trump has told more than 6,420 lies as president, and his total abandonment of truth is eroding American democracy as we know it

White House Bans Follow-Up Questions From Reporters

The world’s largest ocean cleanup has officially begun

Trump quietly orders elimination of Assange

Comment: Committing Assange to sickness, torture & death, for publishing state secrets that exposed some of the US

government’s war crimes, secrets that were sent to Assange by PFC Bradley Manning, essentially qualifies Trump’s

mentally imbalanced, Alexander the Great Jerk mindset that’s ignorant of karma (“whatsoever a man soweth, that shall

he also reap”) and demonstrably irreligious, i.e., “Judge not”, “love one another”,”thou shalt not kill”, “thou shalt not

commit adultery”. It also equally qualifies those in Congress who support Trump’s actions in this on both sides of the aisle.

Quoting from the article by Eric Zuesse, The Duran: “Trump had promised to “clean the swamp,” but as soon as he was

elected, he abandoned that pretense; and, as President, he has been bipartisan on that matter, to hide the crimes of the

bipartisan U.S. Government, and he is remarkably similar in policy to his immediate predecessors, whom he had severely

criticized while he was running for the Presidency.”

As the Obama DOJ concluded, prosecution of Julian Assange for publishing documents poses great threat to press freedom

Judge: White House must return CNN's Jim Acosta's credentials

Trump Campaign Paid Millions to Trump Businesses During Midterms

Pompeo accuses US Magazine of ‘helping’ Iran in ‘spreading lies’

Comment: Actually, it’s the US that’s spreading lies, and needs to get it’s karmically ignorant self out of Syria.

All Iran is doing is helping Syria fight the terrorists, which the US supports.

RFK Jr. wins case against government for vaccine safety violations

US genuinely wants to ‘starve’ Iranians: Ron Paul

Brennan and Clapper should not escape prosecution

This complete psychological analysis reveals 14 key traits that explain Trump supporters

Private Prison Companies Poured Record Cash Into the 2018 Elections

Trump plans to stop disaster relief funds to Puerto Rico

California Firefighters Union president to Trump: ‘You’re an idiot’

Dr. Mark Geier Wins Lawsuit Against Maryland Board of Physicians

Does President Trump Have Financial Interests in Saudi Arabia?

Putin and Trump to meet briefly in Paris: Kremlin

Trump's acting attorney general involved in firm that scammed veterans out of life savings

Why doesn't the US observe Armistice Day? We're more comfortable with war than peace

Iran leaders will have to fall in line if 'they want their people to eat,' Pompeo says

Federal Judge Throws Out Trump’s ‘Presidential Permit’ for Keystone XL Pipeline

Why democrats must impeach the president

Trump's acting attorney general was part of firm US accused of vast scam

Federal prosecutors have evidence that Trump was directly involved in illegal hush money payments

Ahead of reimposed Iran sanctions, warnings Trump taking ‘latest step in a calculated campaign... to provoke war’

The false doctrine of humanitarian intervention comes to Nicaragua

How American elites ruined their society in a way the world hasn’t seen since Weimar Germany

American Capitalism

Energy Department ready to approve nuclear waste dumping

Trump picks former Monsanto executive to lead U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Army assessment of migrant caravans undermines Trump’s rhetoric

Cult expert says Trump is like Rev. Jim Jones — but far more dangerous

New Research Exposes "Stealth Politics" of America's 100 Richest Billionaires

It’s not Russia that’s damaging American democracy – it’s money

Pompeo vows to confront Iran aggressively

Trump wrong to resume sanctions against Iran: Analyst

Reminder: republicans want to take your health care

Elizabeth Warren just laid out an indictment of our political system in all its corruption and sleaze

Uncomfortable truth’? CNN’s Lemon defends claim that white men are the ‘biggest terror threat’

Army assessment of migrant caravans undermines Trump’s rhetoric

Trump said 'black people are too stupid' to vote for him, according to his lawyer

Trump to reinstate all US sanctions on Iran, targeting over 700 entities & individuals

Comment: It’s Trump’s religious brainwashing and ignorance of karma that causes him to make irrational & immoral decisions.

Trump floats a new absurdity to support his latest hate narrative

Don’t be fooled by Trump’s caravan rhetoric – it’s much more profitable to incarcerate migrants than to stop them at the border

CMS administrator Seema Verma mocks “Medicare-for-all” T-Shirt

The United States of America: Liberal Democracy or Liberal Oligarchy?

Pence leaves open the possibility of nuclear weapons in space

Comment: Pence, being religiously brainwashed* & ignorant of the benevolent ET presence¹, who have shown their

capability to disable nuclear missiles in their silos, would do the same to missiles placed in orbit (duh), said that the

issue should be decided on “the principle that peace comes through strength”, which is the Alexander the Great Jerk

super power mindset, not Christian, which knows that peace will come through loving one another, not “strength” of


¹ ET says hello NASA. The friendly inter-dimensional ET presence is scientifically evident in the large number of them

that were seen with an ultra-violet camera aboard Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-75 in Feb/Mar 1996. They

demonstrated many of their very large spacecraft (“2 to 3 nautical miles in diameter”), which isn’t intelligently moving

debris in space. Some of them de-materialize & materialize and show their inter-dimensional capability which, along

with advanced propulsion systems, is the technological key to faster-than-light interstellar travel, as contactees have

been told, by entering stargates, and traveling in the 5th dimension wherein time doesn’t exist. A great distance can

be traveled while only a short time has gone by in the physical world.

Senator Lindsey Graham to introduce legislation to end birthright citizenship (news video)

Speaker Ryan: ‘You cannot end birthright citizenship with an executive order’

Facebook Censorship of Alternative Media “Just the Beginning,” Says Top Neocon Insider

Driven by Trump policy changes, fracking booms on public lands

Trump’s caravan hysteria led to this

Trump’s NLRB just quietly ruled to make union pickets illegal

Despite Trump's boasting of strong economy, 62% of Americans report no financial improvement since 2016

Trump invites Putin to White House meeting

Vaccination at its core is neither a safe nor an effective method of disease prevention.” Tetyana Obukhanych, Ph.D Immunologist

Fingerprint, DNA lead to Florida man's arrest in bombs sent to Trump critics

'This is a colossal mistake': Experts sound alarms after Trump confirms plans to ditch nuclear arms control treaty with Russia

Disaster waiting to happen’ as Trump quietly approves massive oil drilling project in Arctic waters off Alaska coast

US could be at war with China in just 15 yrs, warns ex-US army chief in Europe

CIA director listens to audio of journalist’s alleged murder

Court orders ban of top-selling pesticide, says EPA violated law, ignored scientific studies

Fox News' Shepard Smith: Trump campaigns on public 'fear of an invasion of migrants'

Debate over migrant ‘caravan’ ignores the real problem: Decades of destabilizing US foreign policy

You've been identified! NYT gushes over mystery US op to stop Russian meddling

The U.S. helped destabilize Honduras. now Honduran migrants are fleeing political & economic crisis

This hidden oil spill has been going for 14 years, and is about to overtake the BP disaster

Trump threatens to build up US nuclear arsenal until Russia, China 'come to their senses'

Teen Climate Activist to Crowd of Thousands: 'We Can't Save the World by Playing by the Rules Because the Rules Have to Change

Exxon Mobil CEO: No fracking near my backyard

McConnell Blames Entitlements, Not GOP, for Rising Deficits

Comment: Highlights the corruption & economic stupidity in leadership. The rising deficit is due to Congresses focus on

global hegemony, control of space, the ever-rising, psychologically perverse DoD budget, vulture capitalist economics

in conjunction with the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank, and has nothing to do with entitlements.

This is a colossal mistake”: Experts sound alarms after Trump confirms plans to ditch nuclear arms control treaty with Russia

Putin’s puppet” advances nuclear missile escalation against Putin

In Post interview, Trump calls Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed a ‘strong person’ who truly loves his country

Sanders calls Trump ‘pathological liar’ and 'terrible example'

Trump vows to pull US out of ‘unacceptable’ nuclear arms deal with Russia

Comment: The current POTUS, being ignorant of karma, like others before him, makes false accusations to create a new

arms race and waste another trillion dollars on weapons that only a religiously brainwashed fool would contemplate using,

and the Trump administration is following the Bush administrations plan to use the U.S. military to control space and be

an enforcement arm for the global economy, which follows CENTCOM’s Master Plan and U.S. Global Hegemony.

Rot in hell!’: Henry Kissinger heckled at New York University speech (VIDEO)

Congress gives sacred Apache land to foreign mining company

Action plan for Americans to take back control of America

US needs a space force because Russia is ahead on it, Trump says

Influenza-like Illnesses (ILI) and Influenza: The Implications for Seasonal Vaccinations

Erasing History, Diplomacy, Truth, and Life on Earth

US stocks suffer worst loss in 8 months amid rising interest rates, tech hit hardest

Nikki Haley won't be remembered as defender of human rights: HRW official

Trump savages Medicare for All, as more Americans embrace socialism

With us, or against us’: Nikki Haley’s top threats & accusations at UN

Fracking is destroying U.S. water supply, warns shocking new study

There was no debate when we needed one

Trump Addresses UN – The World Laughs

Hot the American media was destroyed

The world just laughed at Donald Trump  And  And

GOP, Kavanaugh accuser in standoff over her Senate testimony

Hurricane Florence Delivers a Stark Antiwar Message

The Fracking Industry’s water nightmare

Making tariffs corrupt again

Space: The next battlefield?

Comment: The mentally imbalanced proud Commander in Chief has an Alexander the Great Jerk mindset and a

multitude of American citizens suffer because of the psychologically misguided focus in Washington DC on military

spending and world domination. Polticians & others in government – their philosophy & actions - set the example

for American citizens, and life in America reflects that karmically ignorant thinking. Naive citizens, mostly on the

“right”, expect Trump to get rid of the “deep state”, and “drain the swamp”, but the “cabal” continues on with its

plans for a “new world order” that entails, among other heinous things, “geoengineering”, which is sold as combating

global warming, but is, in scientific & metaphysical reality, used to COUNTER the increase in energy vibration that

resulted from our solar system entering an “interstellar cloud”, or photon belt, some time ago, which is synchronous

with our solar systems transition to the Age of Aquarius and causing evolutionary change on all the planets, moons

and the Sun, as was established in DR. ALEXEY N. DMITRIEV published paper: “The Planetophysical State of

the Earth and Life”, which determined that the “interstellar cloud” was the cause of evolution occurring on all the

planets & the Sun.

Empire Files: Abby Martin exposes John Podesta (video)

The world’s largest ocean cleanup has officially begun

Forget Putin: 4 reasons why Trump is Netanyahu’s Manchurian candidate

The costs of 9/11 continue to mount

Washington’s matrix is closing down truth throughout the Western world.

Demonization of Russia in a new cold war era

Russophobia Digest Part 9: Spy sex, no evidence, and the Manafort trial charade goes on

USA interference in foreign countries

Congress wants a space-based missile defense system. That’s a colossally bad idea

Comment: The “colossally bad idea” for obvious reasons stated, and others unmentioned*, reflects the deliberately

dumbed down, religiously brainwashed mindset of the majority of members of Congress, which materialistically &

selfishly focuses on killing one another instead of adhering to God’s admonishment to “love one another.

* Such as the ET presence, which has been treasonously withheld, because of the repercussions that would result in the

exposure & demise of the “cabal”, and also bring about a revolution in world politics/relations, including economics,

education, religion, and justice.

Tulsi Gabbard calls out Trump’s troubling double standard on Al-Qaeda

No Russian trace in Manafort case, but Moscow portrayed as villain – Lavrov

US aims to ‘artificially prolong’ bloodshed in Syria by saving terrorists – Russian Foreign Min

Brett Kavanaugh should be impeached

Chilling precedent? InfoWars block exposes Big Tech as no friend of free speech

Who’s in charge here? Trump bucks Pentagon, from Space Force to transgender troops

The President is mentally unwell — and everyone around him knows it

Monsanto Trial: Toxicologist Explains to Jury How Monsanto Colluded With EPA

Debunking the Putin Panic with Stephen F. Cohen

Noam Chomsky on mass media obsession with Russia & the stories not being covered in the Trump era

Sen. Patty Murray on Roe v. Wade’s future: ‘I have never felt this profoundly fearful’

The CIA and the Media

High standards: US Army waives pot use in bid to fill ranks

1st 5G Rollout in CA Causing Brain Damage to Firefighters

Mercatus Study Finds Medicare for All Saves $2 Trillion

Israeli intervention in US elections ‘vastly overwhelms' anything Russia has done, claims Noam Chomsky

139 House Democrats Join GOP to Approve $717 Billion in Military Spending

Ralph Nader on How to Dismantle the Corporate State

Americans are brainwashed to be hostile toward Russia

Fear and Anxiety Drive Conservatives' Political Attitudes

Washington will never trust Moscow or Putin: Ambassador Haley

Comment: Foolish presidents nominate foolish ambassadors and cabinet members

9/11 orchestrators pushing Trump to attack Iran: Scholar

Monsanto's 'cancer-causing' weedkiller destroyed my life, dying man tells court

Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat Emails with WikiLeaks: Report

The Russia "National Security Crisis" is a U.S. Creation

Putin Confronts the American Dystopia

It's now clearer than ever: It's Trump vs the war party

'MSM wants us to cast Russia as an enemy & it's wrong' – Ron Paul to RT

Bernie Sanders: Bold Politics Is Good Politics

How Trump is reshaping US foreign policy

The View of Russia in the West — Paul Craig Roberts

Controversial gun that looks like a smartphone enters full production in US

Health Insurers Warn of Market Turmoil as Trump Suspends Billions in Payments

Gloria Allred to Trump after 'Me Too' comments: ‘Keep your hands off Elizabeth Warren’

As Trump targets trade, a Chinese factory says it's been hired to make flags for Trump's 2020 campaign

EPA's new chief is former coal lobbyist, Senate staffer

July 4 Is Matrix Reinforcement Day

ICE Officials Are Pressuring Separated Parents to Sign Deportation Forms

Conservative Columnist Max Boot: 'I Want Democrats to Take Over'

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Driving New Energy and Money to Progressive Candidates

As Eagle prepares to meet Bear, the only predictables are mixed messages from the US

America shows many signs of impending, catastrophic collapse: Pulitzer Prize winner Chris Hedges

Trump Vows to Open Minnesota's Superior National Forest to Mines

Comment: Destroying the environment & wildlife habitats for the purpose of creating jobs, which is really for the

purpose of enlarging the company executives bank accounts and reflects a vulture capitalist mindset that’s spiritually

bereft, but prevalent in America today with its oligarchy ruled government presently conjoined with the “Right” that’s

showing his stuff and is going to “drain the swamp” while the rich get richer and the poor stay there.

The story of Q - Who is this anonymous online poster?

Qanon: The Path to Dictatorship

Susan Sarandon arrested at protest against Trump’s immigration policy: 'keep fighting'

‘Abolish ICE!’ 575 arrested after protesters occupy US Senate building (photos, videos)

Three Cheers for Trump’s Peace Trifecta

Mattis prevented WW3 with Russia in April. Now he's on the chopping block for crossing Israel-firsters; Adelson, Bolton & Kushner

A vision of the future? 28-year-old socialist stirs up New York politics

Little House on the Orwellian Prairie: PC brigade throws Laura Ingalls Wilder under the bus

Trump scraps Obama policy on protecting Great Lakes, oceans

Toxic Secrets: Professor ‘bragged about burying bad science’ on 3M chemicals

White House Proposes a Massive Reorganization of Federal Agencies

Comment: It’s a metaphysical truism that the “eyes are the windows of the soul” and in Trump’s case reveal that his

personality is psychologically imbalanced & disconnected from his soul’s influence.

For our rulers, smearing a dissident journalist is as good as killing him

President Trump Hired Undocumented Immigrants for $4 An Hour for Demolition Project: Court Docs

House Republicans pass a farm bill that guts food assistance for working families

Betraying Progressives, DNC Platform Backs Fracking, TPP, and Israel Occupation

Trump scraps Obama policy on protecting Great Lakes, oceans

Trump says GOP should 'stop wasting their time on immigration' until after midterms

'Morally Bankrupt': After Tax Cuts for Richest, House GOP Unveils $5.4 Trillion Attack on Nation's Safety Net

NY times blames Obama for Trump’s immigration horribleness w/Abby Martin (video)

Trump: ‘We are going to have the Space Force’

Quoting from the article: “At the White House on Monday, Trump talked about the Space Force in the context of his

 broader concerns about the United States’ dominance in space being challenged by China and Russia.”

Comment: We’ve entered the age of enlightenment or Age of Aquarius wherein there will eventually be peace &

harmony on earth, but current US politicians cannot conceive of such a loving state of existence or being friendly with

Russia & China, and exploring space together, because of being deliberately dumbed down, religiously brainwashed

with an Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset that’s materialistically focused on global hegemony and the

war on terror. The qualifications/requirements for public office wiil be revised in the near future.

Senator Ted Cruz announces bill to end separation of immigrant families

Trump and his allies are lying through their teeth about family separations

Pruitt Just Gutted Water Protections for 117 Million People

This is America: Outrage at Trump is phony. US leaders have praised dictators for decades

Trump cancels whale and sea turtle protections

New York files suit against Trump, alleging his charity engaged in ‘illegal conduct’

The 'real' America: 21.5% unemployment, 10% inflation, and negative economic growth

America is 'committing suicide' by allowing transgenders in the military (Russian TV news)

Google-Facebook and the war on 1st amendment

Whitewash: The Story of a Weed Killer, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science

Victims of domestic and gang-related violence no longer eligible for asylum, Sessions announces

Rotten to the heart: Authoritarian Chickens roosting at home

Hiding the real number of unemployed

Muhammad Alie’s ex-wife slaps down Trump’s pardon offer: ‘Pardon someone who kneels’

2 key environmental policies Scott Pruitt was dismantling this week amid his scandals  (Senate hearing)

Trump won't endorse G7 joint statement, attacks 'weak & dishonest' Trudeau

Comment: The fact that Trump is psychologically imbalanced, among other negative traits, is readily apparent to

psychologists and, the fact that he hasn’t been impeached for his actions since being elected, illustrates just how

psychologically imbalanced and corrupt the Republican controlled US Congress is.

Operation Mockingbird & John Barbour (video)

Comment: President Trump accuses the mainstream news media of fake news, and the truthful reality can be found in this

video. In addition to fake news, there’s programming and brainwashing. If you have a problem with Jesse Ventura, you’re

a victim of fake news.

The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

All those who challenge the ruling ideology, are called Facists – Herland Report

Trump fires back at France, Canada as Macron speaks of 'G6' confronting US

No preparation necessary: Trump says fate of North Korea summit rests on his ‘attitude’

Trump's trade war is likely going to kill hundreds of thousands of jobs

EPA will not evaluate asbestos in homes and buildings

Comment: Causing the deaths of citizens who voted for them is something the political "right" can be proud of.

Pro-GMO researcher Kevin Folta resigns amid calls to investigate Monsanto money, allegations of spousal abuse

Did Disneyland try to sink a bill protecting workers from lead poisoning?

This Ohio factory thought it could bring U.S. jobs back from China. Then Trump got involved

Why isn’t anyone talking about the Israeli military coming to Alaska?

The Trump administration is destroying America’s image abroad

How the Clintons erased $16 million in debt and ended up worth $45 million

Bernie Sanders rallies with Black Lives Matter leaders in California to put a spotlight on mass incarceration

Algae plaguing Ohio lakes could force Kasich to take executive action

Always look on the bright side of life, says CEO who raised EpiPen price by more than 400%

Hidden horrors of “zero tolerance” – mass trials and children taken from their parents

Is there method to Donald Trump’s supposed madness on trade?

Donald Trump, 9/11, CASE CLOSED


House Majority Leader backs Trump tariffs, says good for free trade

‘It’s incredibly expensive to be poor in America’ – Redacted Tonight

Trump’s immigration crackdown is a boom time for private prisons

Google to scrap controversial AI project with Pentagon after employees revolt – reports

‘The best interests of the people’: Ex-US top spy Clapper justifies election interference

How for-profit prisons have become the biggest lobby no one is talking about

‘Trump shot US economy in foot with steel & aluminum tariffs’ – Wall Street analyst

Republicans are sowing the seeds of the next financial crisis

National parks to rethink plan to hike entrance fees after widespread anger

Here’s how Trump is building an authoritarian government — by using an ancient playbook

Despite 200 Israeli nukes aimed at Iran, US to fund Israel defense to tune of $700M

Comment: President Trump and the US Congress suffer from the Alexander the Great Jerk super power syndrome,

are religiously brainwashed, metaphysically illiterate & ignorant of karma.

US will 'unquestionably veto' UN resolution on protecting Palestinians: Haley

Comment: Ambassador Haley and the US State Department are ‘unquestionably’ unconscionable.

Trump failed the Americans of Puerto Rico

Veterans group rips Trump tweet: Self-promotion on Memorial Day is 'appalling'

'Clinton & Obama conspired to weaponize US intelligence agencies for years' – RT's Crosstalk debates

US decides to defer sanctions against DPRK as Trump-Kim summit back on – Reports

Trump confirms N. Korea’s ex-top spy heading to US for summit talks

America’s Incredible Shrinking Influence

Secret Pentagon report reveals US "Created" ISIS as a "Tool" to overthrow Syria's President Assad

US approves merger of Bayer & Monsanto, paving way for world’s biggest agrochemical corporation

Who killed Bobby Kennedy? His son RFK Jr. doesn’t believe it was Sirhan Sirhan

Trump on Memorial Day: Those who died for US 'would be very happy' with how country is doing

Comment: Actually, “those who died for US” know that the spokesperson for the CFR and the Cabal, Henry Kissinger,

expressed the reality of their phony patriotic, ungodly philosophy: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as

pawns for foreign policy.” There’s also the ungodly fact of “used and betrayed – 100 years of US troops as lab rats”

Assange and Wikileaks Offers PROOF of DNC Hacking

Trump eases firing of federal workers, cracks down on unions

Trump declares US will ‘dominate the oceans,’ triggering critics

Trump Praises His War on Reproductive Rights at Anti-Choice Gala

Comment: Trump is simply showing his religious brainwashing and, like the majority of Catholics/Christians, doesn’t realise

that the human soul/godº is immortal¹ and incarnates (voluntarily plunges²) periodically into a fetus out of evolutionary and

karmic necessity at the “appointed time”³, consequently, isn't affected by an abortion.

º “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, is it not

written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

¹ The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and incorporeal, therefore, it

could not have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death. Furthermore, being indivisible, being essentially

incorporeal, and having nothing in common with the body, it cannot be affected by anything, nor has it any concern with

change or condition.”

² Plotinus: Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the loftier realms, has entered body: it is a godº, a later

phase of the divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring order to its next lower, it penetrates to this

sphere in a voluntary plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt by acquiring the knowledge of evil

and coming to understand what sin is, by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those activities and productions

which, remaining merely potential in the unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined never to come

into actuality. . .” (see Section 5).

³ Job 14:14 If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come. [“change”

is the acquisition of new astral & mental sheaths of the 4th ether†, along with the skandhas, which predispose the new

personality – “lower self” that forms around, due to the law of attraction, the physical etheric mold created by the “four

Devarajas” at the life review.] The “appointed time” is established at the conclusion of the life review wherein the “Lipika

Lord” “Atropos” (“Myth of Er”) inserts the soul’s “irreversible” karmic “choice” into the metaphysical “whorl of necessity”.

The soul then bows, saluting the “throne of necessity”, and departs to await the time allocated before its “voluntary plunge”

into the fetus – the physical “whorl of necessity”.

† See diagram on page 16 of a paper I wrote. re: “Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram” in response to a paper

written by the late Dr. Edgar Mitchell.

The “four Devarajas rule over the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire, with their indwelling nature-spirits and

essences...” “...it is the Devarajas who, having command of the elements of which the etheric double must be composed,

arrange their proportion [percentage of substance of each sub-plane] so as to fulfill accurately the intention of the Lipika

[Lords of Karma].” The Lipika “weigh the deeds of each personality [during the life review] when the final separation of

its principles [lower mental & astral bodies/personality] takes place at the end of its astral life, and give as it were the mold

of an etheric double exactly suitable to its karma for the man’s next birth” (The Astral Plane: 23, 122 & 123).

US House bans Trump from declaring war on Iran without Congress’s approval

The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump

US tries to bully the world into attacking Iran

Fragile: Pentagon report raises alarm that US industry can’t support war for much longer

House approves bill rolling back Dodd-Frank banking rules

U.S. airlines imperil passengers by conducting repairs overseas, union says

The Latest: EPA bars AP, CNN from summit on contaminants

US has regressed to developing nation status, MIT economist warns

Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms

Trump may be the most fiscally reckless President in American history

Comment: It’s to be expected from a businessman who’s been called an “idiot”, a “dope” & a “moron” by intelligent

republicans with personal experience of him – Trump, obviously, lacks mental acuity, and is thoughtlessly inhumane,

because of saying to a foreign policy advisor about nuclear weapons: if we have them, why can’t we use them?”

Trump team moves to lift ban on ‘extreme’ hunting tactics in Alaska

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

Bill aimed at saving community banks is already killing them

‘We no longer live in a democracy’: Historian warns US has already curdled into ‘oligarchy’

ART OF DECEPTION - President of the United States

Trump is pushing US into scripted and pre-planned World War III

As US demands denuclearisation, it expands its own arsenal

Worried about a ‘public relations nightmare,’ White House and EPA aides worked to block contaminated water study

Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections for Women Workers

Trump orders help for Chinese phone-maker after China approves money for Trump project

Psychopath Dick Cheney says US should restart torture programs

John Bolton threatens allies with sanctions over Iran, as U.S. ties with Europe erode

Comment: The oligarchy Trump regime continues the ungodly/immoral, religiously brainwashed, Alexander the Great

Jerk super power, bully mindset with its core values of sanctions and/or bombs to kill others in order to achieve its

barbaric global hegemony policy via regime change, all based on the insidious philosophy of deception that resulted

in the false flag event on 9/11, and is ignorant of the metaphysical reality that the US government will reap what it has

sown for causing the maiming & unjustifiable killing of others instead of loving one another.

Today is the anniversary of the one terrorist attack in America that you are supposed to forget

The House just voted to expand warrantless surveillance of US citizens

She hails from Tribal Chiefs. Now she's ready to be Idaho's Governor

Latest Sign of 'Broken' Democracy as Billionaire Sheldon Adelson drops $30 Million on GOP Super PAC

Oliver North worked with cocaine traffickers to arm terrorists. Now he’ll be president of the NRA

The Koch brothers & Trump

Trump officially backed out of his own plan to make drugs cheaper

Follow the money: Three billionaires paved the way for Trump’s Iran deal withdrawal

After massive gift to rich, Trump demands $7 billion cut to child health insurance

FBI veteran blasts the agency's "shocking disrespect for Congress"

America Planned to Break "Iran Nuclear Deal" Years Before Signing It

'Mistake of historic proportions': Trump takes heat from Dems & Republicans for quitting Iran deal

Trump: U.S. 'will withdraw' from Iran nuclear deal

Comment: Trump just proves once again that he is one very religiously brainwashed, karmically ignorant fool.

Trump's latest shot at the press corps: 'Take away credentials?'

Proving eager to 'get the war started,' Pompeo ramps up anti-Iran rhetoric in Israel and Saudi Arabia

'Fox & Friends' host Brian Kilmeade says Gina Haspel should be 'proud' of torture record

Trump "committed to regime change" in Iran: Giuliani

Revealed: Trump team hired spy firm for ‘dirty ops’ on Iran arms deal

Trump is a grifter, same as ever

Trump suggests “closing up the country” if he doesn’t get border wall funding

Comment: Trump is mentally imbalanced and more.

Trump committed to 'regime change' in Iran, his lawyer Giuliani says

Comment: You can see what life is like in Iran in this Anthony Bourdain documentary, and it’s very Westernized.

Unlike Saudi Arabia, women are treated as equals.

Fact check: President Trump has made 3,001 false or misleading claims so far

While you weren’t looking: 5 resignations from the Trump administration you maybe missed

Apple took the GOP tax cut and turned it into a $100 billion stock buyback

EPA Chief Scott Pruitt: delete decades of science in the name of 'transparency'

Nobody ‘stealing’ your jobs, you spend too much on wars, Alibaba founder tells US

White House claims 'clerical error' led to drastic change in Iran statement

Quoting from the article: “To be clear, the United States has long known that Iran had a robust, clandestine nuclear

weapons program.” Comment: The ungodly reality is that this is simply another lie from the karmically ignorant US

government in support of Israel’s barbaric, karmically ignorant Zionist leader, Netanyahu, who's the epitome of the

anti-Christ consciousness and wants to kill Iranians, because they support Palestinians and, like the US government,

insanely thinks it has a godly right to determine who can have nuclear weapons besides their spiritually bereft selves.

The reality is that, unlike Israel and the US gov't, Iran has no intentions of developing nuclear weapons, because of

its religious morals, but even if Iran decided to develop nuclear weapons, it's ungodly for anyone to murder them in

order to prevent them from doing so, which is what Netanyahu & Trump indicate they would like to do. It's why

they want Iran to stop developing missiles with conventional warheads to defend itself, because these hypocrites

plan on eventually bombing Iran with their own missiles and Iran knows it.

Robert Redford: The biggest Scott Pruitt scandal is the one right in front of us

In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared

EPA drops rule requiring mining companies to have money to clean up pollution

Comment: Trump is making corporations great again.

Nation’s richest, including Trump, are about to enjoy a $17 billion windfall due to a tax loophole

Michelle Wolf hits back at criticism that she attacked Sarah Huckabee Sanders' looks

CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot

Cooking the books: DOD, HUD defrauded taxpayers of $21 trillion from 1998 to 2015

Trump asks if there are Hispanics in the room before demanding his wall

Is the Trump presidency a religious cult? (video)

Trump White House: Mulvaney tells bankers he only talked to lobbyists who paid up

North Texas cities fail to test safety of drinking water

USSR-born and raised oligarch buys most expensive New York townhouse

US violating intl law by breaking into Russian consulate in Seattle – embassy

Comment: The US government is exceptionally good at making accusations that are unsubstantiated, as was proven

recently when they accused Assad in Syria of using chemical weapons on his own citizens. Its standard operating

procedure of accusing others of that which you are guilty.

Military spending is already bankrupting America
15 years. more than 1 million dead. no one held responsible.

The Republican plan for family leave would destroy your Social Security benefits

Ten Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts

Congress sends criminal referral to Sessions, Wray and prosecutor Huber…

Retired US Colonel: Israel is dragging the United States into World War III

Former CIA officer exposes Clinton charity fraud as biggest scandal in US history

Defense contractors saw $10 billion stock boost following Syria airstrikes

Pruitt promised polluters EPA will value their profits over American lives

Quoting from the article: “The bottom line is that when considering all effects, the benefits of EPA pollutant regulations

often far outweigh their costs. However, the American public sees the benefits in the form of cleaner air and water,

better health, and avoided premature deaths, while industries bear the costs of complying with the regulations by reducing

their pollution. Hence industry groups and their allies in the Pruitt EPA are trying to cook the books to favor profits over

public health. It’s worth reflecting on the disparity between the president’s claims that EPA’s goal is to achieve “record

clean Air & Water” and its apparent actual goal of maximizing polluter industry profits.”

President Trump: “While Security spending was somewhat more than his predecessor, Scott Pruitt has received death

threats because of his bold actions at EPA. Record clean Air & Water while saving USA Billions of Dollars. Rent was

about market rate, travel expenses OK. Scott is doing a great job!”

Declassified CIA documents show agency’s control over mainstream media & academia

Trump challenges Native Americans’ historical standing

The Trump administration is waging war on the poor

Trump Pulls Back Obama-Era Protections For Women Workers

Giuliani adds toughness, star power to legal team for Trump

Comment: This illustrates the reality of Trump’s lack of perception & intelligence for hiring one of the

collaborators on 9/11.

Polls: US is ‘the greatest threat to peace in the world today’

What happens to a one-industry town when the one industry is the military?

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. explains the real reason the West is trying to destabilize Syria

Could student loans lead to debt prison? The handwriting on the wall

It’s Done: Trump Signs HJR 69 into Law Allowing Slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups

Seymour Hersh: US lied about Syrian chemical attack then bombed them anyway

Once Upon A Time Long Ago Truth Was Important

Protests against US militarism and attack on Syria

US-led Syria strikes: West trashes international law in favor of ‘might is right’

US sends message to the world and to Assad

Comment: The message is: We can get away with lying and bomb the innocent.

Donald Trump ordered Syria strike based on a secret legal justification even congress can’t see

More sanctions against Russia to be announced on Monday – Haley

Trump Lied to the American People Last Night, 23 Times in 7 Minutes, Destroying his Presidency

Kucinich on Syria strikes: Trump’s actions violate Constitution, embolden ISIS, erode our Democracy

Comment: President Trump & his war-mongering, lying hounds cabinet have illegally waged war on Syria for several

years, when the truth is that it’s all about economic gain & religious ignorance.

American citizens, who realize that the US government is corrupt and ruled by the “shadow government” & the

“Cabal” that is hell bent on global hegemony through regime change, which involves murdering a multitude of

innocent human beings, need to immediately occupy the National Mall in protest to the never-ending, illegal wars

it has engaged in, if they want to mitigate the karmic retribution that will surely come. Neither the president or

congress has the honesty, ethics, integrity and humane political savvy as shown in the Gettysburg Address:

Lincoln invoked the United States' founding principles as set forth in the constitution, then reminded his listeners

of the peril to those principles posed by the Civil War then in progress. He extolled the sacrifices of those who

died at Gettysburg in defense of those principles, and exhorted his listeners to continue the struggle for survival

of the nation's representative democracy as a beacon to the world‍—‌urging resolve “that these dead shall not have

died in vain—that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people,

by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

The US govt is no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy controlled by the corporate, military/industrial complex,

and citizens have no say in “national security”. The “people” need to protest and demand that the US government

stop waging war and bring its soldiers home, otherwise, submit their resignations, because of their obvious failure

to uphold their oaths of office to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies,

foreign and domestic” (the shadow government & the Cabal). 

The Oath of Office for the Senate and the House of Representatives is the same:

I, John Doe, do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States,

against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I take this

obligation freely, without any MENTAL RESERVATION or PURPOSE OF EVASION; and that I will well

and FAITHFULLY DISCHARGE THE DUTIES of the office on which I am about to enter: So help me God.

Conservative pundits hammer Trump for US-led strikes in Syria

‘Cynical and illegal’: Journalists, activists slam US-led missile strike against Syria

Trigger-happy Trump and Syria: “The worst case scenario is now our reality.”

Liars Lying About Nearly Everything

Declassified CIA report exposes over 25 years of U.S. plans to destabilize Syria

US behavior over alleged Douma attack is ‘unworthy’ of permanent UNSC status – Russian envoy

US empire heading into post primacy

Interview with Virginia State Senator Richard Black who discusses the latest chemical attack in syria

Accusing your enemy of that which you are guilty

'Russian mafia again'. American lobbyist manages Mark Bronovsky's assets in Russia 

Nikki Haley ravings reflect US imperial madness

US Congress unveils a list of new sanctions against Russia

We are in the Last Days before all Hell breaks loose

Trump threatens Putin, ‘animal Assad’ over Syrian ‘chemical attack’: Russia warns of ‘grave’ response if US launches strike

Trump's Syria "Withdrawal" Was Textbook US Deception

15 years. More than 1 million dead. No one held responsible.

Monsanto sues every single board member responsible for banning its highly destructive herbicide

Keystone Pipeline spill worse than initially reported

Lies Are Washington’s Chosen Path To Dominance

Dan Cromer: OPERATION HOGGWASH: No Death Records for the 17 Parkland Victims

Comment: The above article is an example of fake news regarding the Parkland shooting. I searched Google for

funerals of several of the victims listed: Funeral of Alyssa Alhadeff; Funeral of Scott Beigel This article about the

funeral of Martin Duque says that “Duque was the last of the 17 victims to be laid to rest.” I checked Google for

the next one on the list, Nicholas Dworet, after reading the above and found his funeral too. And lastly, I found

funerals for Chris Hixon and Aaron Feis announced in this article I’ve checked all I’m going to, but feel free to

check Google for the funerals of others if anyone wants to take the time.

US congressman proposes gold-backed dollar, but does America have enough bullion?

Trump rails against illegal immigration, says 'women are raped at levels nobody has ever seen before'

Meet the new lunatic loose in West Wing

The next huge GMO crime is here

Pentagon plans for three-front “long war” against China and Russia

Comment: The above article highlights the dire situation American citizens and the rest of the world are in, because of

the Alexander the Great Jerk, religiously brainwashed mindset prevalent in US politics, the State Dept., and military

leadership that is hell bent on its global hegemony plans and actually feels it’s right & justified in contemplating first use

of nuclear weapons, which shows that this very psychologically imbalanced leadership doesn’t have enough brains to:

1) see that it would initiate nuclear Armageddon, and the end of all life on earth; 2) see that the “twin towers” came

down in a high-tech “controlled demolition” on 9/11 that created the false justification for the bogus war on terror &

regime change plans, and 3) see the reality of the ET presence as presented at the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in

April/May 2013. Machiavellian deception, along with the “deliberate dumbing down” in education, is how evil secret

societies are bringing about their “new world order” through geoengineering, GMOs, glyphosate, fluoride, pesticides,

vaccinations, RFID chips and endless war, all of which can only be stopped by occupying the National Mall and

insisting on the resignations of all of the traitorous ideologues & lamebrains currently in government.

Trump is leading the most corrupt administration in U.S. history, one of first-class kleptocrats.

EPA reportedly approved pipeline project linked to lobbyist renting room to Pruitt

Nikola Tesla wasn’t the only one: U.S. places ‘secrecy orders’ on thousands of inventions

The ignorant and the arrogant: How Pompeo and Bolton bring us closer to war in the middle East

U.S. Establishment: Nixing Arms Control

This Trump legal defeat may force Trump to decide: His presidency or his businesses?

Sinclair Broadcasting Orders Local Anchors To Record Bizarre 'Hostage' Video

Never mind Facebook, Google is the all-seeing ‘big brother’ you should know about

Is Russia hunting defectors in America?

Comment: The truth about Russian defectors living in the USA. The accusation about Russia going after defectors in

the US is a set up for either the FBI or the CIA to take one or more of them out, just like MI-5 most likely did to the

2 Russians in London. You can be sure that there will be some fake Russian meddling by the CIA in the upcoming

US elections too, and many US citizens, of course, will vote for the wrong person, for sure, especially if a democrat

or two is elected to replace a republican.

Commentary: Trump is gearing America up for war

Escalation in West-Russia tension is frightening & dangerous – former diplomats

Trump should withdraw Haspel nomination, former intelligence officers say

Trump Administration Eliminates Animal Welfare Rules

Michigan State University sent nine “undercover” cops to Richard Spencer protest-but it says that’s not surveillance

What happened to the West I was born in?

More lies from the presstitutes

Welcome to the Dick Cheney administration

John Bolton U.S. Natl. Security Chief on Terrorist Cult’s Paroll

On the verge of nuclear war

Brzezinski: ‘It’s Easier to Kill than Control a Million People’

US targets Syria, Iran and Russia using same debunked “chemical weapons” narrative

You Might Be a Russian Tool If... You Oppose Nuclear Weapons

Comment: Congressman Marc Thornberry who is chairman of the House Armed Services Committee is a good

example of the miseducated fools in Congress that can’t envision a world without nuclear weapons and, no doubt,

won’t have any problem in placing them in orbit with America’s new Space Force. The US government is spiritually

bereft and ignorant of karma, otherwise, it would be calling for a meeting between all nuclear powers for the purpose

of getting rid of all WMD, including chemical, and the US is historically immoral & irresponsible for not doing so.

Thornberry isn’t aware that the old Marxist-Leninist communist Soviet Union’s foreign policy of deception doesn’t

exist in today’s Russia, which is no longer communist, and Putin is genuinely religious, consequently, is serious about

defending other countries against America’s global hegemony plans, which includes regime change, and Trump, as

well as Congress, is simply a tool of the elite’s policy of deception and demonization of Russia.

Jimmy Carter says Bolton pick is “worst mistake” Trump has made

Comment: Carter is right, but the brainwashed republican Fox News commentators love it even if war monger

Bolton thinks that preemptively bombing Iran & N. Korea is the right thing to do. Brainwashed Christians, like

fanatical Muslims, are deceptively fooled into thinking it’s justifiable to kill one another rather than to love one

another and believe that nuclear weapons are part of God’s plans for America to rule the world. Actually, it’s

part of the dark force’s plan for there to be failure on earth again as there was in Atlantean times. As Graham

Hancock and other researchers have discovered, humanity is a species with amnesia, however, as Hancock

realized, there are leaders who can guide us out of the mess we’re in, such as the “founders of the Mystery

Religions”, otherwise know as the “Order of Melchizedek” and Melchizedek, esoterically, is another name for

the “Ancient of days” (Daniel 7: 9-10). One way you can help humanity is by getting in touch with the Seven

Ray Institute which is one of the outreaches of the Order of Melchizedek and is conducting its 32nd International

Conference beginning on May 1st.

Entangling alliances or scoring at home? Why US went out of its way with Russian diplomat expulsions

How Iraq War destabilized the world and why the neocons aren't finished yet

Harvard Business School: The U.S. Political System Has Been 'Hijacked'

Israeli ex-defense minister says Trump’s new NSC adviser Bolton was pushing him to strike Iran

Comment: To consider unjustifiably bombing (murdering) Iranian & N. Korean citizens, Bolton would have to be

either an atheist or religiously brainwashed and, in either case, is psychotic, which doesn’t say much for the state

of mind, or the core values, of the “leader’ who selected him, as well as Trump's miseducated followers.

PRESS RELEASE: Women’s March on the Pentagon

Trump is ‘the most dangerous man in the world’ according to top psych experts

The untold story of John Bolton’s campaign for war with Iran (scroll down)

Trump’s advisors plan to privatize oil-rich Indian reservations

Thousands of teens to descend on Washington for historic march against gun violence

Comment: The mental disorder in the US is due to the deliberate dumbing down in education wherein also exists the

intentional elimination of metaphysics, yoga & meditation, because the latter disciplines would result in enlightened,

psychologically & physically healthy citizens who wouldn't need prescription drugs or vaccinations and, because of

the awareness of karma, wouldn't be killing their fellow man/woman with fireams & bombs. They would also revolt

against the corruption in all 3 branches of government, including the intelligence agencies, and insist on the resignations

of all government officials, especially those involved in the cover up of the ET presence and/or knowingly allowing

geoengineering. The latter is being utilised to counter the natural evoutionary changes occuring on earth as a result of

the solar system entering an interstellar cloud many years ago, which is synchronous with our transition into the Age

of Aquarious.

Reminder: Halliburton made a profit of $39.5 billion from the Iraq war

This old Donald Trump tweet about Bush-era officials has not aged well

Comment: This is just one among many examples of Trump’s conflicting, wishy washy mindset. Bolton is a pseudo-

intelligent, war mongering barbarian and another example of a very psychologically sick, miscalled public-servant

in Washington, DC., like former VP Dick Cheney in the article above.

Donald Trump's national security adviser pick John Bolton on North Korea, Russia and Iran

Comment: Trump, being psychologically imbalanced due to public miseducation & religiously brainwashed, picked

someone of like mind as his NS advisor.

Jeff Sessions wants to grow the prison population. Nashville's sheriff says that's 'unfortunate.'

Zuckerberg roasted online for unapologetic update on Facebook’s ‘breach of trust’

Monsanto concealed effects of toxic chemical for decades, Ohio AG alleges

Trump says he will meet Putin to discuss ‘arms race that is getting out of control’

Facebook suspends Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Chris Wylie

Reminder: Liberal hero Robert Mueller lied about Iraq’s non-existent WMDs (includes C-SPAN Mueller testimony)

Comment: Mueller also quotes the fraudulent 9/11 Commission report, which covered up the 9/11 false flag event,

which shows that he's a traitor, just like Bush, Cheney & Rumsfeld, and the evidence is difficult for some to accept.

Big money as private immigrant jails boom

Sunoco spills drilling fluid into Lebanon County creek for third time

Hemp could free us from oil, prevent deforestation, cure cancer and it’s environmentally friendly – So why is it illegal?

End the Wars at Home and Abroad!

In torture we trust: Trump nominees Mike Pompeo & Gina Haspel signal return to medieval Bush days

Comment: It very much looks like America has taken a step backward by electing Donald Trump President.

Lies can lead to war

Trump floats the idea of creating a 'Space Force' to fight wars in space

Quoting Trump: “Space is a war-fighting domain, just like the land, air, and sea," Trump told an audience of service

members at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. “We may even have a Space Force, develop another one, Space

Force. We have the Air Force, we'll have the Space Force.”

Comment: It illustrates the sad reality that the US government today, along with the UK, is ruled by the Alexander the

Great Jerk mindset under the direction of the dark forces and contemplates nothing but never-ending wars. Trump’s

election campaign rhetoric to put America first and stay out of foreign wars changed quickly after becoming president

and populated his administration with military officers. Trump and his military advisors aren’t aware that the earth is

under quarantine by benevolent ETs, because of its war history & maintenance of nuclear weapons, consequently,

Trump’s foolish anticipation of future wars in space with enemies (Russia or China) won’t happen but will only waste

trillions of dollars that could be better spent elsewhere. His plan does help the Cabal with their dual plans of a new

world order, while keeping open contact with the benevolent ETs from ever happening, and the earth, instead of being

healed, will continue on deteriorating, because of the intentional pollution of the air, land and sea, that’s accomplished

by geoengineering, deregulation, toxic chemicals, oil & nuclear radiation spills for the benefit of corporate profiteering.

Trump is a psychologically imbalanced businessman not fit for the highest office in the land and should be impeached,

but the majority in Congress aren’t fit for their office either because of corruption, consequently, the future looks pretty

grim. It appears that the situation can only be resolved by a very large protest at the National Mall.

Wildlife protection board packed with trophy hunters, report says

In the Western world insanity reigns

The Neocon full court press for war is here

Russia blamed for attacks on US power grid starting in 2016

Russophobic media maliciousness

Rand Paul: It's time for a new American foreign policy

‘Godmother of Torture’ Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA – John Kiriakou

Krieger: "It's impossible to overstate how terrible Mike Pompeo is

The Trade War Escalates: Trump Demands Broader Tariffs Against China

‘Godmother of Torture’ Haspel should be in dock at The Hague, not head of CIA – John Kiriakou

Head of US Central Command signals support for Iran nuclear deal

Comment: “Trump signed an executive order on Monday, continuing a national emergency with respect to Iran first

announced by former US President Bill Clinton in 1995. He extended sanctions against Iran for another year, claiming

that the Islamic Republic continues to pose “an unusual and extraordinary” threat to America.”

Trump, like many politicians on both side of the aisle, are religiously brainwashed, and do what the barbarian Zionists

in Israel bid them to do, which is to keep Palestinians living in an outdoor prison while systematically taking away their

land and & homes. Trump and US politicians are narrow-minded hypocrites who think that supporting ones’ allies is

right if the US does it, and simply-mindedly think that Iran, Syria & the Palestinians don’t have that right, so Iran is an

“extraordinary threat” only if you’re brainwashed & don’t have sufficient mental acuity to know it, which is why Trump

and others contemplate bombing (murdering) Iranians. General Votel suggested that Tehran has a “nuclear weapons

program”, which is a false accusation, just like the Russian “meddling” in the US election, but even if Iran wanted to have

nuclear weapons, they have just as much a right to have them as Israel or anyone else, except to the US government who,

being ignorant of karma, self-creates enemies, like Iran & N. Korea, because of its global hegemony plans, and mistakenly

thinks it has a right to tell everyone what they can or cannot do. The US government is the only reason there are still nuclear

weapons in the world, because it refuses to discuss nuclear disarmement with Russia & China, due to its never-ending war

mindset, which is all the US government can think about, and has plans for war in space, because it suffers from the

Alexander the Great Jerk syndrome, which is led by the dark forces. The only way to bring peace in the world is to clean

house in Washington, DC., and elect wise politicians that are spiritually oriented, not religiously oriented or money oriented.

Trump advisors aim to privatise oil-rich Indian reservations

Trump Moves to Open Nearly All Offshore Waters to Drilling

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson says Israel is dragging the United States into World War III (includes video)

How the FDA, USDA, and EPA Protect Chemical Industries, Not the Public

Pentagon to Congress: You can’t stop us from fueling Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen

Betsy DeVos' embarrassing 60 Minutes interview is what happens when you're not qualified for the job

7 signs that Trump is stumbling into a Mideast War

US destabilization plan for Iran and the Middle East, and the need to strengthen the resistance

Keystone Pipeline leaks 210,000 gallons of oil in South Dakota

The tide is turning: Big Pharma billionaire arrested, charged with conspiracy and bribery of doctors

Mississippi passes law banning abortion after 15 weeks

California leads U.S. economy, away from Trump

Memphis dumping its wastewater into the Mississippi River

$30 Million for "Trump's Vanity Military Parade" Nothing Compared to $5.6 Trillion Spent on Endless War Since 2001

Plan to Kill Colorado Mountain Lions, Black Bears Prompts Lawsuit Against U.S. Fish & Wildlife

Comment: The US government is metaphysically illiterate and psychologically sick in many ways.

Nepotism and corruption: the handmaidens of Trump's presidency

Iraq war costs U.S. more than $2 trillion: study

Monsanto concealed effects of toxic chemical for decades, Ohio AG alleges

How Washington provoked, and perhaps lost, a new nuclear-arms race - Stephen Cohen

Trump agrees to meet Kim but says ‘sanctions will remain’ until denuclearization deal is reached

‘Unscripted remarks & bombastic rhetoric’ could derail planned Trump-Kim meeting

Trump directs EPA to begin dismantling clean water rule

Radiation Confirmed in Ground Water Around Lake Norman

Government set to borrow nearly $1 trillion this year, an 84 percent jump from last year

Comment: The Federal Reserve Bank is a fraud and unconstitutional: “Only the “Congress shall have power . . . to coin

money, regulate the value thereof” (Article 1, Section 8, U.S. Constitution). The Legislative Branch of the US government

is traitorous for allowing it to continue to exist

Is President Trump about to make this warmongering lunatic his national security adviser?

Billy Graham was a pernicious influence on the White House

StandAgainstCensorship by taking action: 10 powerful things you can do NOW to take back your freedom from the “techno tyrants”

Democrats to Gut Banking Regulations, for Bipartisanship’s Sake

Trump rolled back pipeline safety regulations, benefiting equity firm that loaned money to Kushner

In Flint, Mich., there’s so much lead in children’s blood that a state of emergency is declared

10 years after financial crisis, Senate prepares to roll back banking rules

How the VA Fueled the National Opioid Crisis and Is Killing Thousands of Veterans

Pentagon's new problem after years of crying poverty: Spending all the cash

Comment: War mongering madness in Congress & the military by individuals that suffer from the Alexander the Great

Jerk syndrome. “Defense Secretary James N. Mattis pushed for a sharp increase in the account this year, arguing that

years of budget wrangling had degraded the military's readiness to wage war.”

Lindsey Graham’s (the Left’s) insane belief that war with North Korea would be “worth it.”

Comment: You’ve got to be very mentally imbalanced, religiously brainwashed and ignorant of karma to think that North

Korea is a sufficient threat to our “national security” that it justifies killing (actually murdering) or maiming a million or so

of the enemy soldiers, as well as the fact that thousands of American soldiers would be killed or maimed in the process.

Of course, it would be the last thing he would suggest if he was a soldier. The Left’s viewpoints are like the Right's view-

points in some ways, such as Madeleine Albright (the Right), former US Ambassador to the UN, who said that the deaths

of 500,000 Iraqi children that were the result of US sanctions was “worth it.” Of course, if she was an Iraqi, she would

think differently.

Wealthy donors cheer Trump presidency ‘for life’ at Mar-a-Lago

Senator Gillibrand Calls Out Big Pharma for Opposing Legal Marijuana

California fruit will ‘die on the vine’ after ICE raids, labor warns

Trump’s steel and aluminum tariffs have angered nearly every US industry

Sessions greenlights police to seize cash, property from people suspected of crimes but not charged [smiling idiot]

U.S. Aircraft Carrier Heads to Vietnam, With a Message for China

Comment: In the meantime, we love trade with China, because we’re an bully oligarchy.

Scott Pruitt just gutted rules to fight the nation’s ‘second biggest toxic pollution threat’

Comment: It illustrates a more oligarchy oriented administration that’s oriented to corporate profiteering at the

expense of citizens health.

Sanders Introduces Bill to End Catastrophic US War in Yemen

The US empire is acting like a desperate, cornered animal, because that’s what it is

Trump ‘unstable, inept, inexperienced and unethical’: Former CIA Chief John Brennan

Coca-Cola, Nestle seek to privatize world’s second largest aquifer

‘A big FU to MSM’: US activists say media use ‘Russian bots’ as disinformation (VIDEO)

Big Pharma Will Lose $4 Billion Per Year Due to Medical Marijuana

Amazon paid no US income taxes for 2017

Comment: Congress should establish a flat rate tax for billion dollar corporations with no deductions allowed, but that

won'thappen, because the US government isn't a democracy, but an oligarchy with corrupt, self-serving politicians.

Childhood Cancers, Autism and Environmental Toxins

Pentagon Predicts 10,000 US Military Casualties in Early Days of N. Korean War

Comment: We need an anti-war movement to initiate a soldiers rebellion to stop being used as "pawns for foreign policy."

Experts weigh in on the U.S. Government’s plans to loosen nuclear weapon constraints

Comment: The US government’s nuclear policy makers are psychologically imbalanced due to the “deliberate dumbing

down”¹ in education, as well as being religiously brainwashed and ignorant of karma.

¹ Charlotte Iserbyt interview  The honorable Norman Dodd explains in this 1982 interview with Edward Griffin that

public education was taken over by the Rockefeller & Guggenhiem foundations in the first half of the 20th century.

Former CIA Director Admits to US Foreign Meddling, Laughs About It

Public hearing on proposed offshore drilling will be held on Long Island

Not-so-magic kingdom? Many Disneyland workers poor & homeless, union says

Republicans announce plans for drastic cuts to social security, raise retirement age

Comment: The debt creating Congressional war mongers, and self-serving traitors want cuts to social security, because

they “borrowed” (stole) our retirement money ($2.6 trillion) as noted in the following 2 articles:

     Pay back the money borrowed from Social Security

   What happened to the $2.6 trillion Social Security Trust Fund?

U.S. threatens action against Iran after Russia U.N. veto

Quoting U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. Nikki Haley: “Obviously this vote isn't going to make the decision on the nuclear

deal. What I can say is it doesn't help,” Haley said. “That just validated a lot of what we already thought which is Iran

gets a pass for its dangerous and illegal behavior.”

Comment: What really “doesn’t help” is the hypocritical fact that the U.S. “gets a pass for its dangerous and illegal

behavior" in Syria, which is criminal and represents the true “core values” of the U.S.

Illinois Republican called black female Attorney General candidate ‘lesbo’ and used N-word.

End the Wars at Home and Abroad!

     April 14: In the spirit of Dr. King -- fight the war machine!

     List of Spring Action Events to Protest the Wars at Home and Abroad

Chomsky to RT: ‘US is racing toward the precipice, while the world is trying to save itself’

     Trump wants nuclear missiles on US warships: Report

'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith (VICE on HBO: VIDEO)

White House gives North Korea ultimatum for having talks

Comment: The White house says: “...any discussions with North Korea must lead to the regime ending its nuclear

program”. Correspondingly and in order to be fair about it, the US must stop conducting war games with South

Korea, but that won’t happen, because of the prevalent Alexander the Great Jerk mindset in Washington, DC.,

that’s ignorant of