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  ALERT- Mar 2015: Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer declares the USA to be in "grave danger"

      The Experimental Industrial Complex Attempting to Control Your Consciousness in the Age of Disclosure

         70 year old prophecy: The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of cosmic electricity

                 Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind: Contact Has Begun - Dr. Steven Greer, Documentary

                  Interview with former Senator Mike Gravel regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure  

                       Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure in April/May 2013 at the National Press Club

                                The Deep State Institutions That Make Up The “Secret Government”

                                                Everything from JFK to 911 is a Rich Man's Trick      

                                                   Outer Space Security and Development Treaty   


U.S. News

Robert F Kennedy Jr attacks Biden's 'disaster' border policy, calls it unsustainable

Army General Makes Chilling Prediction About Trump

Third IRS Official Comes Forward On Hunter Investigation

'Burn the whole place down': McCarthy rails against House Republicans as GOP conference explodes in chaos

Two more IRS officials say David Weiss stymied on Hunter Biden tax crimes

James Comer given unrestricted access to Biden VP emails: Report

After preventing more than 300 military promotions, Sen. Tommy Tuberville has picked one select officer he wants to promote

Kevin McCarthy Motion to Vacate Paper Found in Bathroom

Adam Schiff whacks Jim Jordan for turning Judiciary Committee into Trump's 'criminal defense firm'

Legal Experts Say Donald Trump Just Threw His Own Legal Defense ‘Under The Bus'

Chicago mayor considers creating city-owned grocery store after Walmart, Whole Foods close stores in the city

Ex-Trump Attorney Chesebro Defends Fake Electors In Georgia, Claims They Were ‘Duly Elected’

Late Stage Dementia’: Biden Slammed For Bizarre Story

Out of Touch Trump Believes You Need Voter ID to Purchase Bread

Hunter Biden indicted on gun charges

8 House Democrats join Republicans in voting to strike down California's electric vehicle mandate

Republicans bash Trump, McConnell ghosts Romney: 5 takeaways from upcoming biography

KJP cuts off Biden, ends presser after POTUS insults Vietnamese, creates new song, says it's time for bed

'Psychopath' Trump sets off red flags for psychiatrist after latest threats against opponents

Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance rips 'inane' Trump apart after 'unconscionable' attack

Federal prosecutors intend to seek indictment of Hunter Biden by Sept. 29

Donald Trump challenges Joe Biden and Rupert Murdoch to mental acuity tests: 'Nobody will even come close to me'

Senators introduce new bipartisan law to ban members of Congress and executive officials, including the president, from trading stocks

TV star accuses Church of Scientology of covering up actor's crimes after he was sentenced to 30 years in prison

Trump wrote this letter 10 days before leaving office (It’s a bombshell)

Judge rejects Mark Meadows’ bid to move Georgia election interference case to federal court

Hundreds of military promotions are on hold as Republican senator demands end to abortion policy

Female prisoner ‘sexually assaulted by trans inmate’ in US prison – media

A one-time $6 billion donation from Musk, Bezos, and other billionaires could save 42 million people from starvation

A GOP lawmaker who voted for Biden in 2020, was against overturning Roe v. Wade, could soon be headed to Congress

Ex-FBI agent Peter Strzok can now depose Trump after appeals court rules against Biden DOJ after went to bat for former president

He Might Not Be On the Ballot’: Donald Trump Just Got Some Bad News

The White House is attacking me’: Marjorie Taylor Greene hits back at Biden over potential gov't shutdown due to impeachment inquiry

Biden didn't meet with DeSantis in Florida as he toured Hurricane Idalia damage

Judge rules Trump trial in Georgia to be livestreamed

Proud Boys member Joseph Biggs gets 17 years for Jan. 6 attack, second-longest sentence yet

A look inside Donald Trump's deposition: Defiance, deflection and the 'hottest brand in the world'

We’re all living in Trump’s world, and there’s no escape

Shocking Video: Mitch McConnell freezes and struggles to speak in second incident this summer as calls grow for him to step down

New York says Trump should be found liable for fraud, even before a trial

Trump's 'Bomb Thrower' Lawyer Faces A 'Dagger To The Heart' Moment, Says Former Prosecutor

Republicans are 'increasingly optimistic' about a lawsuit that could 'blow up campaign finance laws': report

NEWSNATION: Rep. Tim Burchett doesn’t expect answers from intelligence community IG on UAPs

Conservative groups draw up plan to dismantle the US government and replace it with Trump’s vision

Biden is widely seen as too old for office, an AP-NORC poll finds. Trump has problems of his own

Donald Trump faces steep drop in support after GOP debate, Ron DeSantis and Chris Christie gaining on Ex-President: New poll

'Impeach the Bum': Donald Trump Warns GOP to Impeach President Joe Biden or 'Fade Into Oblivion'

Georgia's election board leader who debunked unfounded 2020 election fraud claims is stepping down

Jen Psaki Points Out Why Trump's Mug Shot Is No 'Political Winner' For Hi

Maui officials release list of hundreds missing since deadly wildfire

Conservative Judge smashes “spineless” GOP over the Trump mania, adds they “convinced him of his political immortality”

'Yikes': Law professor says Mark Meadows gaffe torpedoed his latest filing

Trump called for ‘termination’ of parts of Constitution in December

A surprise candidate is taking center stage at debate: onlookers

GOPers Rip Biden's Maui Wildfire Response. They All Opposed Funding To Fight Wildfires

Prosecutors: Trump Mar-a-Lago security aide flipped after changing lawyers

Biden names a new White House counsel as he seeks reelection and faces congressional probes

UPS workers ratify new five-year contract, eliminating strike risk

Judge sets cash bond in Trump's Georgia RICO case

Found: Federal Prosecutors obtain copy of Mark Meadows' draft manuscript that claimed Trump had classified war plan

laying on the couch at his office in Bedminster

Trump is already blowing his lawyers' credibility with Judge Chutkan: legal experts

Biden administration to urge Americans get new COVID-19 boosters

This Could Get Judge Cannon Removed From Trump Case, Glenn Kirschner Warns

Matt Gaetz Makes Major Move To Protect Trump

Comment: Matt Gaetz’s foolish statements contradict the evidence (sample) compiled by Jack Smith and erroneously

claims its a “witch hunt” from his political perspective that ignores the evidence.

Ex-Trump Aide Predicts Who May Flip on Former President

Ex-President Donald Trump furiously attacks Fani Willis calling her a 'failed district attorney' who is 'bad for America'

Bill Barr: Trump Was Warned About Post-Election Actions’ Legal Consequences

Undermining the integrity of Congress:’ Four more GOP lawmakers just violated a federal law

US deploys fearsome Space Force squadron with terrifying grim reaper insignia

Fact Check: Was Georgia Senator's Aide 'Blown Up' To Stop 2020 Audit?

Donald Trump indicted: Georgia senator demands special session for Fani Willis impeachment inquiry

GOP Releases Bank Records Detailing Hunter Biden’s Payments from Foreign Oligarchs

Trump’s surrender, arrest, mug shot could overshadow GOP debate

White House counsel departing as House Republican investigations heat up

Judge Warns Trump and Legal Team about Witness Intimidation Concerns

'They're thrilled': NYC mobsters are jubilant after Rudy Giuliani's indictment: lawyers

Indictment alleges Mark Meadows played key role in efforts to overturn election

‘Significant legal peril’: Andrew Weissmann on Giuliani calling RICO charge ‘ridiculous’

Mark Meadows' alleged crimes are far worse than Nixon hatchet man HR Haldeman's, says expert on White House chiefs of staff

DOJ Hits Back At Hunter Biden: Denies Allegation It ‘Reneged’ On Plea Deal

Republicans Furious After DOJ Gave Them What They Wanted

'Talk is cheap': Conservative buries Trump for having 'no plan' other than 'a rerun of his failed 2020 campaign'

House Republican admits bank records 'are not' evidence of President Biden’s alleged corruption

'Immediate disqualification': Conservative law professors say Constitution bans Trump from presidency

For co-defendants in Trump classified documents case, not-guilty pleas and a delay

Trump says he won't sign the loyalty pledge required for first GOP debate

JUST IN: Judge Rejects Trump Delay Tactic — Orders Hearing Friday On Protective Order In Jan. 6 Case

Experts: Leaked secret memo shows the “real architect” of Trump’s Jan. 6 “criminal scheme”

Exclusive: A veteran FBI agent told Congress that investigations into Giuliani and other Trump allies were 'suppressed'

Harvard law professor says Trump coconspirator misrepresented his work in 2020 scheme

District attorney threatens to charge officials in California's capital over homelessness response

Post-GOP walkout, Oregon elections chief says lawmakers with 10 or more absences can't run next term

Bill Barr Challenges Trump's First Amendment Defense: 'The Stuff You Were Spouting, You Knew Was Wrong'

Seven Republicans Qualify for First GOP Presidential Debate

Donald Trump Slams #1 U.S. Company Selling "Crap" For Huge Profit

‘Look where we are now’: Congresswoman rips Senate Republicans who acquitted Trump

Trump in first speech since arraignment: Most Republicans ‘look like a bunch of weak jerks’

BREAKING: Judge orders Trump response to Jack Smith amid crossfire over Trump social media threat

Calls for Trump's election interference trial to be televised part of long debate

It’s chilling’: Ex-Trump official reacts to Trump’s angry social media post

House Judiciary Chair Jim Jordan: ‘Hillbillies’ Tired of ‘Attack’ on Donald Trump, Indictment ‘Expands’ Support

Donald Trump accuses President Joe Biden of 'stealing millions' and taking bribes after leaving to be arraigned for third indictment

Dark and sinister rhetoric drenches right-wing media amid Trump indictments

Republicans don't dare criticize Trump over Jan. 6. Their silence fuels his bid for the White House

Documents in failed Hunter Biden plea agreement made public

Federal funds will pay to send Iowa troops to the US-Mexico border, governor says

Rep. Jamie Raskin Dismantles Trump's 'Comical' New Jan. 6 Claim

BREAKING - We Are Not Alone: Live roundtable on historic UFO hearing | NewsNation Prime 8-1-23

Trump hit with sweeping indictment in alleged effort to overturn 2020 election

The judge assigned to Trump's Jan. 6 case is a tough punisher of Capitol rioters

A rerun of a soap opera’: top Republican urges party to reject Trump 2024 bid

Donald Trump Just Lost a Major Lawsuit

'Right out of 'Mein Kampf'': Michael Cohen unloads on Trump’s 'asinine' grievance politics

Jack Smith probes claims that Trump privately 'sneered at the ridiculousness' of Sidney Powell's theories

'Just crazy': Ex-FBI agent says Trump's new docs filing is true test of Judge Cannon

House Oversight chair accused of concealing evidence in Hunter Biden probe

The Deadly Corruption Of The Clintons In Mena, Arkansas

Donald Trump faces new charges in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case. Here's what to know

Georgia election official hammers Trump’s election lies after Giuliani admission: ‘These people are admitting they lied to you’

JUST IN: NBC News Reports Mitch McConnell ‘Face-Planted’ Getting Off Plane 12 Days Ago

Donald Trump’s Legal Nightmare Is Just Beginning

Jan. 6 investigator: New Jack Smith evidence signals that "Trump was acting in bad faith"

Hunter Biden's guilty plea is on the horizon, and so are a fresh set of challenges

Censure resolution says Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene 'fanned the flames' of hate

The evidence is going to be significant’: Trumps own words are Georgia prosecutors best weapon

DOJ fires back at Jim Jordan over GOP’s “misrepresentations” about Hunter Biden probe

Biden wrestles with Israel’s defiant turn to the right

This Is a Pile Of Useless Garbage’: CNN Legal Analyst Flames Potential Trump Legal Defense

'Unprecedented crisis of inhumanity': Biden's DOJ sues Texas over floating border barrier

Even the New York Times’ will soon have to admit ‘we may have a criminal family sitting in the White House’ says Gingrich

Column: Jack Smith narrows possible charges against Trump to the essentials. That's a good thing

Donald Trump Aide Reportedly Caught On Camera Moving Classified Documents At Mar-a-Lago, DOJ Says

RNC head issues warning to Trump about ducking debates as advisors say pressure could backfire

Trump's ex-press secretary: Next Jack Smith indictment is about more than Jan. 6

ABC News Exclusive: Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the top U.S. official investigating hundreds of unidentified aerial phenomenon

Comment: Kirkpatrick feigns ignorance of the historical evidence of military encounters with UFOs and the empirical evidence

of friendly ET contact, as well as the multitude of abductions world wide, which shows he’s under control of the “shadowy government”

'Impossible line to draw': legal analyst says McCarthy can't separate himself from Trump

Joe Biden Is The Second Most Unpopular President In Modern American History

'Trump’s criminal defense is swallowing his campaign': report

Maggie Haberman Reports ‘Bizarre’ Scene After Trump Bodyman Got Intense Grilling About Jan. 6

Former U.S. Attorney Slams Trump Trial Decision, "Disservice To Democracy"

IRS Employees Say Justice Department Hampered Hunter Biden Tax Probe

Law professor explains Jack Smith's 'surprising' potential charge against Trump

DOJ Attorneys Agreed With IRS Call To Charge Hunter Biden With Felonies, Whistleblowers To Testify

Jordan threatens FBI’s Wray with contempt of Congress

Trump's classified documents case set for first pretrial conference hearing before Judge Cannon

Chris Christie accuses Trump's son-in-law of withholding details in testimony: 'he doesn't want to be disinvited to thanksgiving'

Trump’s outbursts met with silence so far by prosecutor, judge

Chris Christie says Trump deserved to be indicted and is misleading his supporters: 'He's a liar and a coward'

2024 GOP candidates desperate to make debate stage are finding creative ways to boost donor numbers

RNC could rescind Trump's nomination if he get convicted of a felony: experts

Donald Trump brands US a ‘third-world hellhole’ run by ‘perverts’ and ‘thugs’

The Donald Trump ‘House of Cards’ is Falling Apart

Why a single senator is blocking US military promotions and what it means for the Pentagon

Biden forgives $39 billion in US student debt using program tweak

Maggie Haberman Tells CNN Trump ‘Very Upset’ Minutes After Breaking Kushner Scoop — Especially With Ivanka

Trump Loses Legal Shield in Defamation Lawsuit Filed By E. Jean Carroll, Says Justice Department: Reuters

Arizona man who joined Jan. 6 ‘Stop the Steal’ rally sues Fox News for defamation

Biden's approval rating lingers at 40%, economy remains top worry -Reuters/Ipsos

Very telling”: Experts say Trump filing to delay trial is a test of Judge Cannon’s “favoritism”

Trump stoops to an embarrassing new low

House GOP conservatives send McCarthy an ultimatum on funding the government

Ex-federal prosecutor flags 'interesting' discovery in Trump search warrant

J6 masterminds also 'fabricated' Hunter Biden laptop lies — and ex-tea party Republican has proof

Chuck Grassley claims IRS investigators left out of briefing about Biden family's alleged criminal scheme

Investigation finds Clarence Thomas accepted more undisclosed gifts from wealthy friends through elite association

Jack Smith 'Marching Toward Charges' Amid Trump Probe: Ex-Prosecutor

Trump asked aides if he could sic the IRS on FBI officials investigating him: report

Biden's decision on Ukraine cluster munitions sparks some Democratic blowback

Age and indictment: Biden and Trump face big liabilities with voters-Poll

Trump prosecutor Jack Smith investigating December 2020 oval office meeting where President discussed declaring martial law: Report

Disciplinary panel recommends Giuliani disbarment over 'utter disregard for facts' in 2020 election

Capitol rioter linked to Proud Boys gets 5 years in prison for pepper-spraying police

Ben & Jerry's co-founder arrested at Assange vigil

Trump’s gone 'off the rails' as violent social media messages reach 'another level': analyst

Chris Christie has theory on why Trump kept classified documents at Mar-a-Lago

CNN’s Kaitlan Collins taken aback when former GOP official reveals the FBI interviewed him about Trump’s post-election scheming

Joe Biden is right: student loans need to be wiped out

Mueller sinks Trump with devastating testimony

Trump Search Warrant Underscores 'Significant Obstruction': Ex-Prosecutor

‘He Is Toast’: Former U.S. Attorney Says Trump Has Just 1 'Strange' Option Left

Republicans Demand Answers After DOD Clears Former Official of Alleged Misconduct on Amazon JEDI Bid

Major Cuts to Social Security Are Back on the Table — What’s Being Proposed Now?

Comment: Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist

'Judicial terrorists': Expert warns 'illegitimate' SCOTUS is a 'threat to democracy'

AOC urges Congress to consider 'subpoenas' if Chief Justice Roberts won't testify about SCOTUS gift scandal

MSNBC: Giuliani testified for 8 hours in DOJ probe, questioned on Sidney Powell

Former White House press secretary says she saw Trump show classified documents to people on the Mar-a-Lago dining patio

The Supreme Court’s conservatives are doing exactly what they claim to detest

Fmr. Asst. U.S. Attorney on Jan. 6 probe: ‘We’re coming very close to an indictment’

Donald Trump insists he ’made a perfectly legal phone call’ when asking to overturn 2020 election

Trump hints new indictment as 2020 election probe heats up: ’dropping all charges against me for lack of a case’

"Far beyond simple narcissism": Why Donald Trump can't simply keep quiet — even when facing prison

Half of Americans face stifling heat, poor air quality

'Off the deep end': Columnist gives a rundown of 'looney tunes behavior going on day after day' in Congress

Powerful forces among republicans want Trump out of the race: Koch Network raises over $70 million to help Americans 'move past' him

Jack Smith looks to hit Trump with up to 45 new charges and indict attorneys: report

Not a legal defense”: Trump Jan. 6 lawyers “appear to have criminal exposure” as DOJ hauls in Rudy

US broadcaster defends ‘we’re coming for your children’ Pride chant

Hunter Biden IRS whistleblower defends claims that counter DOJ statements

Ex-aide: John Kelly was disgusted as Trump wondered what it might be like to have sex with Ivanka

The Hunter Biden WhatsApp messages that make the Bidens the GOATs of corruption

"Colossal political miscalculation": Potential witness rips "spineless" Republicans defending Trump

In audio recording, Trump discusses classified document he says he held onto

Conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh rules states can't sue the government just over 'indirect' harm from a federal policy. One of the

lawsuits blocking Biden's student-debt relief involves 6 states doing exactly that

Calmes: Kevin McCarthy's clowns wasted your tax dollars and Congress' time this week

RFK Jr. posts push-up video after viral bench press: 'Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden!'

Donald Trump is Accused of Siphoning Off Campaign Donations to Pay Legal Bills, Report Claims

Nancy Pelosi pushes term limits for Supreme Court justices following ethics allegations

Justice Department proposes December trial date for Trump in classified documents case

Once You Are Impeached, You Are Impeached’: Turley Pours Cold Water On House GOP’s Effort to Expunge Trump’s Record

Giuliani hit with sanctions for failing to produce records in defamation case: report

Hunter Biden on state dinner invitation list, along with with McCarthy and Garland

Jackson slams Thomas’ SCOTUS ruling against legally innocent man, blames high court’s ‘systematic neutering’ of criminal justice procedures

MSNBC: Lawrence O’Donnell reads the filing of the evidence DOJ has against Trump.

Donald Trump Is In a World of Deep Trouble

Indicted US Representative George Santos cannot keep bail guarantors anonymous

Hunter Biden agrees guilty plea to federal charges

Bill Barr: Jack Smith will probably 'pull the trigger' and indict Trump for Jan. 6, too

Donald Trump may face protective order over evidence in classified documents case

It's insulting to compare 'selfish thief' Trump to real whistleblowers: Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter

Protests planned for Modi's US visit over India's human rights

'Childish' Trump has only himself to blame for Espionage Act charges: Former White House Chief of Staff

Peggy Noonan argues ‘breathtaking’ charges against Trump will cost him his ‘quiet’ and ‘honest’ supporters

Donald Trump Is Now In Even BIGGER Legal Trouble

Miami Mayor Francis Suarez enters crowded GOP presidential race days after Trump's indictment

Trump classified document indictment fact checks: What's true and what's false?

Report: FBI Records Reveal Ukrainian Oligarch Linked To Hunter Biden Called Joe Biden The “Big Guy”

Former GOP head trolls members for defending Trump: ‘It feeds their base’

Jack Smith speaks on charges in Trump classified documents indictment

Chris Christie: Details of Trump indictment ‘devastating’

'Rhetoric like this has consequences': experts concerned about warlike language from Trump acolytes

We Need a Peace President | Carol Rosin   and at The National Press Club - May 9th 2001

Florida Grand Jury Hears Testimony in Trump Classified Documents Case

House Republicans pull back contempt charge against FBI director Wray over Biden doc

JFK Jr: We promised the Russians that we would not move NATO an inch east

Trump's Former National Security Chief Says Ex-President Did 'Enormous Damage' To US, Republican Party

Social Security update: Direct payment worth up to $4,555 goes out to millions in 10 days

Trump's inability to find missing military document ‘may strengthen’ Jack Smith’s case: legal expert

Donald Trump’s Aides Subpoenaed In Investigation Of 'Rigged' Election Claim

Texas becomes largest state to ban transgender care for minors

Justice Department says it won't charge Pence over handling of classified documents

Prosecutors Reportedly Have A Tape Of Trump Saying He Kept Classified Paper On Iran After Leaving Office

'This is game over': Former FBI top lawyer predicts 'conviction' of Trump after classified doc tape 6-1-23

Bernie Sanders vows to vote against Biden and McCarthy's 'totally unnecessary' debt-ceiling deal

DeSantis kicks off presidential campaign in Iowa as he steps up criticism of Trump

Ex-Fox News host Kimberly Guilfoyle threatens Ron DeSantis for joining presidential race: ‘You are going to get hurt badly’

Liz Cheney explains how GOP begged her to lie about Trump

Trump Was 'Premeditating' Mar-a-Lago Documents 'Crimes': Kirschner

Key Takeaways From Deal Biden, GOP Sealed to Avert US Default

All 123 US prisons need 'maintenance': Inspector general

DeSantis doesn't rule out pardoning Trump, Jan. 6 defendants if elected president

"Increasingly solid every day": Ex-Trump White House lawyer hails Jack Smith's Case against Trump

Marianne Williamson: An Economic Bill of Rights

Debt ceiling talks stuck on classic problem: Republicans demand spending cuts and Democrats resist

Congressman Dan Crenshaw advocates military strike, calling cartels 'clear and present' threat

Shocked at the stupidity”: Prosecutors obtain lawyer notes that blow up Trump’s Mar-a-Lago defense

Tim Scott's presidential campaign kicks off with more cash than his rivals

GOP rejects White House compromise to limit spending as talks stall

McCarthy pushes US to brink of default to appease energy donors — but Biden has an ace up his sleeve

Florida's DeSantis seeks to disqualify judge in Disney case

Democrats to urge Biden to use 14th amendment powers to avert ‘global economic catastrophe’

'More likely than not' world will soon see 1.5C of warming - WMO

Hunter Biden Has An IRS Problem

Nikki Haley: A 2024 candidate pledging a federal abortion ban would not be 'honest'

Democratic senator warns of 'popular revolt if Supreme Court stands in the way of gun control

Biden, mainstream media shredded for 'dropping the ball' on border crisis: 'Pay attention'

DAVID BOSSIE: The Biden Crime Family Report Is A Game-Changer

Hunter Biden agrees to reveal ‘substantial’ amount spent on high-powered legal team as ex demands answers in child support case

Joe Biden: House Oversight Committee releases scathing memo citing Biden family's alleged ties to Foreign Nationals

Trump unleashes litany of lies at town hall before mostly Republican audience

US Congress, White House begin tough debt limit, budget negotiations

Biden announces new rules on how airlines compensate passengers for flight delays

Texas mall shooting victims included young sisters, security guard

Biden, McCarthy aim to break US debt-ceiling standoff as default crisis looms

US launches new 'ministry of truth'

Maggie Haberman Sources Say Criminal Probe Has ‘Cooperating Witness’ Who Worked At Mar-a-Lago

Hunter Biden Is Now In Even More Hot Water

'The amount is up to the jury': Trump could face a massive blow if he's found guilty in E. Jean Carroll trial

Ivanka Trump refusing to hand over documents in Trump Organization fraud case, attorney general claims

Exclusive: Special counsel probing Trump Organization’s handling of Mar-a-Lago surveillance footage

Kennedy shares opinion on key US mistake with Russia

Ex-Prez Donald Trump Slams Former Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany for Supporting Political Rival Ron DeSantis

'Hopelessly insane' Ted Cruz flattened over Biden 'terrorist' insult

Biden to end COVID-19 vaccination requirement for federal workers, international travelers 5-2-23

Donald Trump makes major international move amid court troubles

2 US Army helicopters crash in Alaska, killing 3 soldier

Tulsi Gabbard: The Democrats Worst Nightmare?

Trump lawyers say Mar-a-Lago boxes contained foreign leader briefings

SEAN HANNITY: Hunter Biden may soon be forced to move out of the White House into a federal prison

Biden’s energy secretary makes ‘important admission’ over US money flow to China after pressed by GOP

Hunter Biden May Be Staying At The White House To Avoid Being Served Legal Papers Over Laptop Scandal & Child Support

North Dakota governor signs strict abortion bill into law

Biden meets Tennessee state lawmakers to discuss gun control

Biden needs to compromise on debt ceiling. Otherwise, we're all headed toward disaster

Republicans will 'lose huge' without finding 'middle ground' on abortion: Nancy Mace

Pomerantz Will 'Verbally Tap Dance' on Jim Jordan's Head: Kirschner

Biden to sign executive order on 'environmental justice'

State Department ducks questions on charge that Blinken orchestrated Hunter Biden laptop cover story

Cover-up revealed: Attorney General Merrick Garland identified as ‘senior' Biden official who interfered with Hunter Biden criminal investigation

U.S. tracking more than 650 potential UFOs

Pentagon Director reveals new UFO footage of unidentified flying object

Washington state approves ban on semi-automatic rifles: ‘We refuse to accept gun violence as normal’

Fox News $787.5 million settlement and embarrassing disclosures: The cost of airing a lie

Biden admin hit with lawsuits for hiding communications involving Cabinet secretary’s daughter

Fox was terrified 'embarrassing testimony' would sink them without deal: analysis

U.S. charges two with setting up Chinese 'secret police station' in New York

Stacey Plaskett Exposes Jim Jordan's Glaring Hypocrisy

Donald Trump Must Face the Music

Joe Biden Has A Serious Problem He Can’t Fix

Hunter Biden Is Just a Giant Mess

What Walmart’s pullback from Chicago says about Corporate America’s limits

Suspect charged in Pentagon documents leak case

Special counsel on Mar-a-Lago papers investigating whether Trump showed off secret map, report says

I Don’t Even Know Where to Start’: Nicolle Wallace Loses It Over Trump’s Authoritarian Lovefest

Judge says Fox News has 'credibility problem' after Murdoch disclosure

South Carolina GOP Sen. Tim Scott to launch presidential exploratory committee

Chuck Schumer Uses Trump Demands to Force Republicans Into Tough Spot

Chris Christie Drops the Hammer on Trump’s 2024 Chances: ‘The Only Republican Biden Can Beat’

Tennessee Democratic lawmakers expelled over gun control protest hope to reclaim seats

Barr says US potentially has ‘very good evidence' Trump obstructed justice in classified documents case

JUST IN: After Swift Blowback, Trump Campaign Says Laura Loomer Will Not Be Hired

Trump uses footage from New York arraignment in new campaign ad

Raskin reveals Oversight Republicans have quietly sent six subpoenas in probe of Biden family finances

'Sweeping election criminality' is the centerpiece of every major Trump investigation: conservative

Probe widens into federal watchdog over missing Jan. 6 Secret Service texts

What comes next in Trump's criminal case in New York

Conservative issues startling warning about 'depraved and deranged' Trump

Former Reagan official has a harsh prediction about Trump’s legal fortunes 4-6-23

Trump defiant, after indictments, in Florida speech

What legal experts say about Donald Trump's indictment

Fox News says Carlson, Hannity, Bartiromo set to testify at defamation trial

Trump demands that New York district attorney ‘INDICT HIMSELF’ in panicked message hours before court date

Social Security: 20% cuts to your payments may come sooner than expected

Gov. Ron DeSantis quietly signs permitless carry gun bill within hours of it landing on his desk

Justice Dept has more evidence of possible Trump obstruction in documents probe -WaPo

DOJ warrant cites fresh evidence Trump may have moved his documents around to hide them after FBI searches

Watergate whistleblower says this rump move would be a “terrible idea”

Trump is so 'unmoored from reality' he can't act as a defense witness: 'Art of the Deal' ghostwriter

Social Security: Proposal for $2,400 Extra in Checks Expanded and Reintroduced in Congress

'Get off the sauce, Lindsey': Former GOP adviser urges 'parasite' Graham to dump Trump

Trump's indictment in New York: Here's what to know

Republicans know Trump indictment dooms him in the general election: CNN analyst

Something Is Seriously Wrong with Joe Biden

Elon Musk and several other technologists call for a pause on training of AI systems

We're not going to fix it': Why lawmakers see no chance of major gun law changes after Nashville

Starbucks' ex-CEO denies lawbreaking, Sen. Sanders accuses company of 'union busting'

It’s not just Stormy Daniels: The potential federal indictments against Trump, explained

Trump's attack on Florida is proof he'll 'happily burn down anything' to win: conservative

House GOP vows on 'following through' with vote on major change to Constitution: 'Great response'

Meadows and other ex-Trump aides must testify before Jan. 6 grand jury, judge rules

'We know he's insane': Former Trump pal claims he's 'shriveling away' as pressure mounts

How far-right American Jews are enabling Netanyahu’s court takeover

Reporters repeatedly asked Rand Paul about his Trump investigation tweet. See his response

Facebook video: Marianne Williamson wants to go deeper

The GOP wants to kneecap Alvin Bragg's Trump probe. He should call that bluff

'The Daily Show': Al Franken jokes global warming has baby boomers thinking they 'got the last chopper out of Saigon' (Video)

Trump loses bid to delay October 2 fraud trial where New York attorney general will try to run him out of state

Social Security: 20% Cuts to Your Payments May Come Sooner Than Expected

Comment: Ronald Reagan and The Great Social Security Heist

Biden broke a central campaign promise and progressives are not happy

Trump’s chilling warning of what will happen after his indictment

Mike Pence says voters are ready to move past Trump for a 'fresh start'

Kellyanne Conway Says Jared Kushner Reaped ‘Billions’ While Working in Trump White House with Her: ‘That’s for Sure’

Biden Bank Records Reveal $3M Wire Transfer To Hunter — And Payouts Flowed To Family Members

Lindsey Graham admits under oath that Trump’s outlandish election conspiracies were farfetched

Federal judge to Biden’s DHS: End mass parole of illegal aliens

The January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol

Massive horde of migrants storm El Paso border checkpoint in brazen attempt to enter the US

'Bring it on': Liz Cheney calls GOP bluff on demands for new Jan. 6 hearings

Tucker Carlson said he hates Trump 'passionately.' Takeaways from Dominion-Fox News lawsuit documents

Biden's $6.8 trillion budget challenges Republicans, raises taxes on rich

“Big, big blow”: Legal experts say “ominous” DOJ memo could pave the way for two Trump indictments

Emails show Dr. Fauci commissioned a February 2020 paper to disprove COVID leaked from a Wuhan lab

Comment: January 27, 2021 Fauci Virus: Shocking new evidence proves covid-19 began with Dr. Anthony Fauci and NIAID.

BREAKING: Trump Demands Federal Court BLOCK Pence Testimony In Criminal Grand Jury

Comment: The karmic reality is that everyone in government is accountable to we the people and invoking “executive privilege”

is simply a ruse to hide & escape criminal actions, and we’ll find out if there is any true justice in the Justice Department.

'Dr. Fauci paid Chinese virologists to create a bioweapon virus': Said Benny Johnson

Greg Reese report: Dr. Reinart Fuellmich

US gun owners slam tracking plan

Biden says he would sign Republican bill overturning Washington, DC, crime laws

AOC blamed a campaign staffer for failing to pay for thousands of dollars in Met Gala goodies until after ethics investigators got involved

The End of the Line for Hunter Biden

Dr. Makary debunks 5 popular COVID myths: Fauci, CDC 'were wrong on so many things'

Biden admin grilled over $23 billion in licenses for blacklisted Chinese firms

Erin Brockovich urges residents to document health effects of Ohio derailment

BREAKING: Murdoch said Hannity was ‘privately disgusted’ by Trump – but ‘scared to lose viewers’, according to new court filing

Ray McGovern addresses the UN on the Nord Stream sabotage

Georgia grand jury probe of Trump bid to overturn vote recommended charges - media

Judge Andrew Napolitano: President Biden is conducting a secret war in Ukraine

Rage against the war machine rally takes place in Washington DC

Lawsuit: Steve Bannon owes $480K for unpaid legal bills

Joe Biden’s blunders bring Sky News Australia host to tears

Household debt skyrockets to highest level since 2008 financial crisis

Social Security: Proposal for $2,400 Extra in Checks Expanded and Reintroduced in Congress

America Is A Failed State Run By Psychopaths

Anger in Ohio after toxic chemical train derailment

Senator Warns People to 'Lock Your Doors' After Classified Hearing on UFOs

Millions of seniors on Social Security are at risk of losing benefits this summer if the GOP doesn't raise the debt ceiling, Janet Yellen says

The US could run out of money to pay its bills as soon as July if the debt ceiling isn't raised by then, the CBO projects

     What Happened To The Money In Our Social Security Trust Fund?

     President George W. Bush "‘borrowed’ $1.37 trillion of Social Security surplus revenue to pay for his tax cuts for the rich

     and his war in Iraq and never paid it back."

     Social Security Trust Fund Cash Flows and Reserves

After Kevin McCarthy caves, Mitch McConnell consolidates power

Biden announces new economic team led by Lael Brainard of the Federal Reserve

Comment: The fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank, along with the demonic cabal created the inflationary scam that’s

periodically played to increase corporate profits, while the pseudo-educated, simple-minded, traitorous Congress reaps

payoff for their reelection from the corporate lobbyists.

Buttigieg hammered for remarks on White construction workers amid Ohio train derailment: 'This is a new low'

Trump has a 'huge problem' after laptop containing classified docs turned over to the DOJ: legal analyst

US tests nuclear missile

Sen. Mike Lee Skewered Over Fake Shock When Biden Accuses GOP Of Targeting Social Security

Republican lawmakers advance transgender bill in Kentucky

5 takeaways from Biden's State of the Union and Republican response

Hunter Biden laptop story enflames House lawmakers in both parties: 6 takeaways from Twitter hearing

There’s a bombshell new audio clip that shows the Trump team strategizing exactly how they’re going to push election fraud lies

Why smart meters are good for Utility Companies, bad for consumers

U.S. House Republicans to pursue impeachment of top Biden border official

Federal judge greenlights lawsuit against Kyle Rittenhouse

High-ranking Dem turns on Biden after admin gives major oil project green light

Ben Crump applauded 'swift justice' in Tyre Nichols killing. Experts say the speed was 'unusual.'

Trump says he is ‘more angry’ than ever as he tries to revive White House bid

Big money donors avoiding Trump have forced him to run a 'small scale' presidential campaign

Election-denying lawmakers hold key election oversight roles

US infiltrates big ransomware gang: 'We hacked the hackers'

Judiciary Democrat seeks ways to save the Supreme Court while 'it’s literally destroying its own credibility'

FBI Director Christopher Wray says classified document rules ‘are there for a reason’

McCarthy rejects Democrats Schiff and Swalwell from House Intelligence Committee

Classified Documents Found at Pence’s Home in Indiana

Pence Discovery Elevates Document Drama From Partisan Squabbling to Systemic Concern

What CNN reporter found ‘notable’ about FBI search of Biden’s Delaware home

Trump's 'comeback attempt' mired in campaign event 'duds,' failed lawsuits and legal woes: analyst

Arizona will keep sending migrants where 'they actually need to go,' says Democratic Gov. Katie Hobbs

Move Over, Trump: Surprising Female Governor Sets Her Sights on 2024 Presidential Run

Biden documents probe means US has 3 special counsel investigations at once. What are they?

Kushner claims he had ‘knock-down, drag-out screaming matches’ with Trump over schemes to overturn the 2020 election

DeSantis hits Biden over handling of documents: ‘You can’t have two different sets of rules’

Letters to the Editor: What Republicans should know before they cut Medicare

Elon Musk set to face trial over his Tesla tweets

Biden documents scandal may be 'dagger' ending presidency: Ex-DOJ official

The big problem with the Joe Biden documents story

Biden just played right into Trump’s hands

Donald Trump's company sentenced to pay $1.61 million penalty for tax fraud

Former GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger calls Speaker Kevin McCarthy a "piece of sh*t"

"Not sure that's how it works": Experts mock Kevin McCarthy's plan to "expunge" Trump impeachment

Biden having classified files isn’t the ‘real scandal’, Edward Snowden says

It took at least 48 days for Joe Biden to find and declare all the classified material at his residence and former office

It's not just Trump: A sobering new report chronicles the extensive GOP war on democracy

How Kevin McCarthy survived the GOP revolt to become House speaker

Anti-McCarthy GOPers 'are in for a rude awakening' now that he's speaker: conservative analyst

McCarthy speaker spectacle is no joke. It shows the Republican Party will damage America

Kevin McCarthy loses 6th vote to become House speaker in 2 days

Hannity Declares, ‘House Republicans Now Are on the Verge of Becoming a Total Clown Show’ After Doomed Speaker Votes

Gaetz sends letter to Architect of the Capitol asking why McCarthy is occupying Speaker’s office

Extraordinary moment’: Jan. 6 Committee reveals Gen. Milley agreed with Pelosi Trump is ‘crazy’ – Reassured her nuke codes were safe

Jan. 6 'disqualifies' Trump from GOP presidential nomination, Asa Hutchinson says

This is what San Francisco looked like exactly 100 years ago

'Final nail in his coffin': Trump's taxes contain 'powerful evidence of criminal tax evasion'

Trump Tax Returns Released by House Democrats

Maddow Blog | Tax returns show Trump lied about audit. But there's another problem

North Carolina won't charge Trump's ex-staff Meadows with voter fraud

Trump 'making a perpetual display of his unfitness for office' in series of 'frantic and foul-tempered' rants: columnist

Tulsi Gabbard criticizes GOP Rep.-Elect George Santos in Fox News interview: 'Do you have no shame?'

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell’s ‘state of the planet’ message revisited

Slipping over Mexico border, migrants get the jump on U.S. court ruling

Dr. Robert Malone calls for ‘decentralization’ to overcome government, medical tyranny

Jim Jordan's FBI investigations 'will backfire' on the GOP: legal expert

Buses of Migrants Arrive at Kamala Harris’s Home on Christmas Eve

Trump Declares Himself 'Clairvoyant'; Critics Wonder How He Got Election So Wrong

Trump rails against Jan. 6 committee following final report release

'Pretty devastating': Legal expert outlines 'smoking gun' phone call between Trump and Ronna McDaniel

Legal experts fear Jan. 6 report cropped out 'maybe hundreds' of Republicans who were complicit in Trump's election schemes

Senate Passes $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill, Averting Government Shutdown

House Jan. 6 committee releases final report on probe into Capitol attack

ACLU files lawsuit against New Mexico city

Republicans on Brink of Civil War as House GOP Threatens Senate Colleagues

National Archives Lawyer Pushed for Clarity on Trump Papers, Emails Show

House committee votes to make public Donald Trump’s personal and business tax records

Trump Is in 'Deep Trouble' and the 'End Is Near': Former GOP Congressman

Support for Trump has collapsed after the 'unbelievably terrible rollout' of his 2024 bid: GOP senator

Trump threatens 'a dark period in American history' in flurry of attacks over being investigated

Trump ominously evokes Jan. 6, tells backers it's time To 'deal with' FBI, DOJ 'thugs'

Trump May Face 25 Years in Prison, Be Blocked From Future Office: Kirschner

'Look at the money trails': Security expert sounds alarm over bombshell report on Mar-a-Lago document storage

U.S. Senate passes record $858 billion defense act, sending bill to Biden

More than 50 tornadoes reported in 7 states across the south as storms kill 3 people

The National Archives wants to release hundreds of pages of emails about Hunter Biden and Burisma — and the White

House won't say whether it will let it happen

House approves funding extension to avert gov't shutdown, buys time for spending deal

Feds file lawsuit against Arizona over border wall made of shipping containers

Trump Hoarded Most Of The $147 Million In Small-Donor Money He Raised For Himself

Asylum seekers, migrants cross en masse at Texas-Mexico border as Title 42 nears end

Indiana Sen. Mike Braun launches campaign for governor, creating open Senate seat in 2024

Republicans will force Jan. 6 committee to make referrals to the DOJ — otherwise Trump will declare he's exonerated

Judge’s Latest Ruling ‘Utterly Demolished’ Donald Trump, Legal Expert Says

US: DoJ to hold former President Donald Trump in contempt of court

Crime Against Science’: Roundtable Discussion Exposes Government’s ‘Mismanagement’ of COVID Pandemic

Sinema party switch highlights 2024 obstacles for Democrats

Brittney Griner is free: Latest updates on WNBA star's release in prisoner swap with Russia

DOJ asks judge to hold Trump in contempt over classified documents subpoena, reports say

Alleged Bribery Scheme Could Be the Nail in the Coffin for Trump

Mitch McConnell hits Donald Trump over call for 'termination' of the U.S. Constitution

'Not good for Trump': Legal expert says court ruling 'utterly demolished' the former president

Trump’s Call for ‘Termination’ of Constitution Draws Rebukes

MSNBC: Investigations surrounding president Trump take dramatic turns

Donald Trump Is Demanding To Be Put Back In The White House After Elon Musk's Twitter Exposé

Trump doubles down on calls to 'terminate' Constitution in furious all-caps Truth Social post

Comment: Trump is psychologically unfit* to serve in government in any capacity, let alone president, consequently, the GOP leadership

needs upgrading as well, because Trump should never have been the GOP nominee for president in 2016, likewise, Joe Biden should

not have been the DNC nominee for president in 2020, all of which reflects the negative influence of the shadow government on both

parties. Hopefully, Tulsi Gabbard will run for president in 2024 and be elected.

* Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: Donald Trump is a “sociopath” and “a very sick individual”

And ‘The most dangerous man in the world’: Trump is violent, immature and insecure, Psych Experts Say

And Renowned Psychologist: Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Wildlife Populations Have Dropped 69%, Finds World Wildlife Fund: Report

Comment: Biodiversity loss is partially the result of hunting, but mostly “geoengineering”, which is a vile scheme by the shadow

government to counter the evolutionary transformation of humanity & nature as a result of the energy of the Age of Aquarius,

which began in 1945. The name of the game is deception in blaming a failure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as a cause of

climate change and the cause of biodiversity loss, when greenhouse gas emissions has nothing to do with the present speed up

in evolution, but was caused by our solar systems encounter with an interstellar cloud and will bring about a needed cleansing

of parts of Mother Earth which, along with the energy of the Age of Aquarius, will transform all life forms on planet earth and

enable humanity to live in peace & harmony. We’ll build new spaceports and travel among the stars with our space brothers &

sisters. I plan on being there in my soul's next incarnation on earth.

'Wrong, crazy, dangerous': CNN legal analyst aghast by Trump call to 'terminate' Constitution

House Democrats reviewing Trump's tax returns split into publish-everything and there-are-rules camps with GOP takeover looming

Prosecutor: Evidence shows Trump 'explicitly' sanctioned alleged tax fraud scheme at two companies

Judge blocks Indiana abortion ban on religious freedom grounds

"Donald Trump has finally run out of places to hide" as House Dems get tax returns

Kanye West’s unhinged, antisemitic Infowars interview is 'hateful incitement,' Israeli ambassador says

Trump special master overturned by appeals court in Mar-a-Lago documents case

Hakeem Jeffries elected House Democratic leader, making history as first Black lawmaker to lead a major party in Congress

Trump defender Kevin McCarthy tells January 6th Committee that evidence 'does not belong to you'

Trump’s dinner with antisemites provides test of GOP response to extremism

A rogue Trump judge has thrown the Supreme Court in disarray

McConnell casts doubt on Trump getting elected after dinner with white nationalist

Oath Keepers founder guilty of sedition in U.S. Capitol attack plot

New York Times leads media call for Biden to drop Assange charges

Republican criticism of Trump builds after his dinner with a white supremacist

Why Trump's Dinner With a White Supremacist Is So Revealing

#DinnerGate: Trump hounded for having 'unacceptable' dinner with Kanye West and Nick Fuentes

China poses increasing threat in military space race, top U.S. general says

Tucker Carlson slams Zelensky for ‘demanding’ money

Ex-prosecutor says 7 words should disqualify Mike Pence from holding office again

Meet the House Republicans who will wield power in the new Congress

Congress should end the war in Ukraine by withdrawing from NATO

Trump reportedly dines with white nationalist at Mar-a-Lago

World Premiere November 2022: Died Suddenly

President Biden extends moratorium on student loan payments

Opinion: Bombshell report deals another blow to the Supreme Court's reputation

'Open and shut': Former DOJ official says Trump in grave danger of indictment in Mar-a-Lago docs case

Omar fires back after McCarthy vows to remove her from committees

Trump's 'comically mistaken grasp' of the law deflated after he whines about newly appointed special counsel

Rhode Island representative will invoke the 14th amendment to bar Donald Trump from running for president

Trump argues sworn declarations by FBI agents can’t be trusted because they lie ‘all the time’

Attorney General names special counsel in Trump Mar-a-Lago and Jan. 6 probes

Air Force and FBI agents raided the home of Joerg Arnu a man who runs a website dedicated to Area 51 'secrets,' Arnu claims

McConnell Wins Reelection as Senate Minority Leader

Trump suffers another stinging defection as billionaire GOP megadonor abandons him

Trump announces 3rd bid for White House

Impeachment lawyer explains how to use the Constitution to bar Trump from the presidency

Republicans Officially Take Back the House After 4 Years with Democratic Majority

Fox News interviews Tulsi Gabbard: Protect civil liberties and end abuses of power

Jan. 6 committee evaluates options after Trump sues to block subpoena

GOP on cusp of retaking House control with slim majority

Court files show evidence Trump handled records marked classified after presidency

Gen. John Kelly confirms Trump wanted IRS to audit his foes or have the DOJ investigate them

Jan. 6 Firebrand Turns On Trump: ‘Dishonest, Disloyal, Incompetent, Crude’

Democrats retain control of Senate after crucial victory in Nevada

Trump Candidacy Won't Protect Him From Federal Indictments, Warns Former U.S. Attorney

Former WH Press Sec. Jen Psaki said Donald Trump is a 'loser' who cost seats for Republicans in the midterms

With an eye on White House again, Trump lashes out at fellow Republicans

Trump sues Jan. 6 panel in bid to block subpoena

The GOP Has A Problem And It's Not Just Donald Trump

Here are the congressional seats that have flipped in the midterm elections

The Republican Elite Makes Its Move Against Trump

Former Trump adviser says ‘midterms’ are «the best indicator» that he should not be a candidate in the U.S.

'Silver lining' awaits Democrats after Trump jumps into the 2024 race: columnist

Maura Healey makes history as first openly lesbian U.S. governor

"Self-incriminating": Legal experts warn Trump’s admission at rally may be “admissible evidence”

Brutal fact check shows Trump told nearly 100 lies in two rally speeches

CNN: ‘Gives me chills': Grisham reacts to Graham's rhetoric

'I'm giving you the facts': CNN's Bash cuts off Ronna McDaniel during rant about Biden

Top GOP senators reject Trump's declassification comments and call for proper storage of secret records

A Judge Just Ruled That There Is ‘Ample Evidence’ Of ‘Conspiracy’ Between Rudy Giuliani And The Trump Campaign In Georgia

Judge grants independent monitor to oversee Trump Org, in major victory for NY AG

Biden vows to 'free Iran' in West Coast campaign speech

DOJ grants Kash Patel immunity to force his testimony about Mar-a-Lago docs

Trump Joins Right-Wing Pile-On Of Paul Pelosi Conspiracy Theories

Police Cameras at Pelosi’s House Were Unmonitored as They Caught Break-In

Conservative Supreme Court justices are dragging the court deeper into a 'crisis of legitimacy': editorial

‘Clear sign’ Trump will be indicted: Weissmann on DOJ’s latest move

'I expect another congressperson to be shot': Lawmaker sounds alarm as Trump continues to incite his fans

January 6 committee obtains eight emails showing possible planning of post-election crime

CNN: Drone video shows the condition of the Mississippi River

Donald Trump Showed Republicans 'Just How Far They Can Go'—Mary Trump

Fox News' Jesse Watters criticized the police response to Pelosi's husband being attacked

'It's sick': Democratic lawmaker denounces Marjorie Taylor Greene for making the violent attack on

Nancy Pelosi's husband about herself and promoting political violence in the past

Trump Used Twitter to Lie and Bully. That's Unlikely to Change If He Returns

'Vicious, biased': Trump assails judge in NY fraud lawsuit

US gathered intel on Oregon protesters, report shows

Hawaii's Big Island gets warning as huge volcano rumbles

Negative feelings about Trump 'problematic for both sides' as jurors selected in NYC tax fraud trial

GOP's Cheney endorses Michigan Democrat Slotkin in a first

Alito says leaked abortion opinion made conservative justices 'targets for assassination'

Former US Attorney says she firmly believes the DOJ will bring a Jan. 6 case against Trump

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene suffers large financial loss one year after buying stock in a company that's trying to merge with

Trump's 'Truth Social' platform

Trump’s Jan. 6th nightmare: New historic subpoena on fraud and coup is legally binding

Cheney: 1/6 panel won't let Trump turn testimony into circus

Biden to get updated COVID vaccine, urge Americans to follow suit

Trump Organization to face criminal tax fraud charges in New York court on Monday

Trump Says 2024 GOP Presidential Primary Run By Mike Pence Would Be 'Very Disloyal'

Likelihood of Trump prosecution has gone up after new Mar-a-Lago revelation: former White House lawyer

Federal court rules Georgia prosecutors can force Lindsey Graham to testify

Justice Barrett rejects group’s effort to block Biden’s student debt relief program from taking effect

Some DOJ prosecutors believe they have enough evidence to charge Trump with obstruction in the Mar-a-Lago records case: report

Lab-made Covid strain gets attention from US government

Bezos issues dire warning for US economy

Democrat candidate pitches abortion as cure to high inflation

Kinzinger says Secret Service Jan. 6 inconsistencies ‘pure incompetence’ or ‘potentially very criminal’

Trump charged Secret Service ‘exorbitant’ rates at his hotels, records show

Donald Trump finally gets served $250 million NY fraud lawsuit after 3 weeks — and a court order

The FLUVID-19 PLANDEMIC documentary

Biden offers dating advice to underage girl (VIDEO)

Could Trump testify? Subpoena sets up prospect of dramatic political spectacl

Trump's subpoena and what's next for the Jan. 6 panel

Ron DeSantis flying migrants to Martha's Vineyard may have unintentionally opened the door for them to remain in the US permanently

Jan. 6 takeaways: Subpoena for Trump, warnings for democracy

Trump signed order for immediate 'large-scale troop withdrawals' from Afghanistan after election loss

Tulsi Gabbard quits ‘warmongering’ Democrats

Legal experts: Russia link to Trump documents means it's a matter of "when, not if" he is indicted

US justice department urges supreme court to reject Trump appeal on Mar-a-Lago documents

California governor's wife among accusers at Weinstein trial

US doesn’t owe Zelensky ‘a damn thing’ – congressman

'Very rarely does America get to see the raw smarm of Kevin Mccarthy': former Republican colleague

US Col. Richard Black asks: Did U.S/NATO blow up the Nord Stream pipelines?

Likelihood of DOJ proving Trump's guilt is 'very high' now that he's been 'caught red-handed': legal expert

'She’s not bright and she’s a bully': Voters and GOP officials in Marjorie Taylor Greene's hometown have grown 'embarrassed' by her

Everybody Asks: Who Is Really Controlling Joe Biden?

Ted Cruz admitted to colleagues that all 'one hundred senators' knew Trump committed an impeachable defense: report

Here's why Trump probably hasn't returned all the classified documents he took from the White House: analysis

Judge won't block Jan. 6 panel subpoena to Arizona GOP chair

Biden pardons thousands for 'simple possession' of marijuana

Justice Dept. Is Said to Believe Trump Has More Documents

Hunter Biden: reports say FBI has enough evidence for prosecution

Joe Biden and Ron DeSantis Set Aside the Political Storm to Talk Hurricane Relief

MSNBC: Why Rep. Cheney will go down as a titan of ‘leadership and integrity’

Trump's racist comment on Elaine Chao, McConnell's wife, draws criticism from the right

The Squad hit on a special rule shakes the Democratic leadership

National Archives still missing some Trump administration records

Alyssa Farah Griffin denounces Trump after Elaine Chao attack: ‘He’s not even trying to hide the racism’

Former GOP congressman has 'legitimate concerns' Clarence Thomas was involved in 'push to overturn the election'

The January 6 hearings revealed stunning details of Trump’s attempted ‘coup’. Can the committee close out with a bang?

Trump's demand for a special master looks like a 'giant backfire': legal scholar

Trump objects to verifying list of property seized from Florida estate - court filing

Trump creeped out his staff by obsessing over their sex lives, especially the 'gay' ones

'He’s even more dangerous than we may have thought': Adam Schiff questions Trump's intelligence

GOP strategy elevates clashes over crime, race in midterm battlegrounds

Michael Cohen says New York investigation will 'ultimately terminate' the Trump Organization

Trump baselessly claimed he could have declassified documents just by thinking about declassifying them

People under felony indictment can't be barred from purchasing guns, judge rules

GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham says abortion 'is not a states' rights issue,' weeks after expressing that 'states should decide the issue of abortion'

Trump's new threat of a civil war makes him an 'imminent danger to our nation': lawmaker

Trump slammed for paying 'fancy' lawyer $3 million while his arrested Jan 6 followers face financial ruin

Trump's document scandal has 'jolted' him so much he's shelling out $3 million for lawyer

Donald Trump’s response to a potential indictment will surprise no one

Republicans and Independents feel deceived by Trump: Congresswoman says after congressional recess

Why the J6 committee isn't sharing evidence with the DOJ

Ex Trump chief of staff complies with subpoena over Jan. 6 events- CNN

Democrats attack 'shameless' Republicans for running a 'lawless cult' that refuses to hold Trump accountable

Man who crushed officer in door frame during Jan. 6 riot convicted of 7 felonies

FBI affidavit: Trump counsel says he 'wasn't advised there were records in any private office'

U.S. lawmakers ask National Archives for accounting of Trump records

Trump asks judge to pass cost of “special master” to the American taxpayer

Border patrol to probe ‘totally unacceptable’ retweets of Stephen Miller posts

Mar-A-Lago nuclear revelations make it 'almost impossible' for Trump to escape charges: legal expert

Unfit for the bench”: Experts accuse Trump judge of “obstruction of justice” over Mar-a-Lago ruling

Document seized from Trump home described foreign govt's nuclear capabilities -Washington Post

Why ex-Trump officials think Trump had classified documents in his home

Why Trump’s excuses for taking classified documents won’t hold up in court

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America

Trump certain to be indicted soon — for a crime he said should be punishable by death: ex-Fox News legal analyst

Lindsey Graham: Trump a 'race-baiting, xenophobic religious bigot

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the Coup D'Etat & the Plot to Steal America

David Icke: Psychopaths (Anthony Fauci & others) must face the consequence of their mass murder

Democrat Mary Peltola wins Alaska Congress seat, defeating former GOP Gov. Sarah Palin

MSNBC on facebook: Majority Of Trump Voters Say Civil War ‘Likely’ In Next Decade

Brennan: ‘Clearly’ Trump had ‘nefarious intentions,’ ‘nothing short of our national security at stake’

Kinzinger: Republicans ‘hypocritical’ for defending Trump over taking classified material

Spies May Have Targeted Documents 'Mishandled' by Trump: Ex-CIA Official

Gov. Glenn Youngkin vows to stop 'ridiculous' state ban on gas vehicles

Megyn Kelly SLAMS Dr. Fauci and Reveals the Truth About His Lies: "GOOD RIDDANCE!"

Mar-a-Lago affidavit suggests someone very close to Trump leaked info to FBI

Meta’s Facebook Agrees to Settle Cambridge Analytica Suit

There's 'great irony' to Trump being probed for stashing top-secret docs: Former DOJ counterintel chief

The psychiatrist who warned us that Donald Trump would unleash violence was absolutely right

Michael Cohen Predicts 'So Much Flipping' To Come From Trump's Embattled Allies

Americans see threat to democracy as No. 1 issue, support Trump probe, poll finds

Another Trump mystery: why did he resist returning the government’s documents?

Judge Says He Will Unseal Parts of Affidavit That Led to Mar-a-Lago Search

Florida's election integrity police force charges 20 for voting illegally

MSNBC: In 10 minutes Mehdi Hasan destroys all the Republican lies about the FBI search

Republicans want answers on Wray flight ahead of Mar-a-Lago raid

Top secret’ docs seized from Trump home

Former US AG Eric Holder says Trump "likely WILL be indicted by the DOJ."

Attorney General explains FBI seized 11 sets of classified documents in Trump Mar-a-Lago raid

Search of Trump's Home Roils 2022 Midterms, 2024 Presidential Race

US inflation will likely stay high even as gas prices fall

Tulsi Gabbard calls out Kamala’s cannabis record amid Griner sentence

Pentagon denies Bowser request for National Guard to assist in 'humanitarian crisis,' as migrants arrive in DC

Amid protests, Senate passes health care for vets exposed to toxic burn pits

Kinzinger says he doesn’t trust a thing McCarthy says after his response to Trump question

Exclusive: A Biden vs. Trump rematch in 2024? Two-thirds of Americans say no thanks

House passes assault weapons ban that’s doomed in the Senate

DOJ, Georgia, New York: A guide to Trump's legal threats

Secret Service expert explains why two key witnesses could sink Trump

Merrick Garland does not rule out prosecuting Trump over Jan. 6

‘Particularly shameless’: Anderson Cooper discusses Trump’s National Guard comments

Donald Trump rip ‘Fox and friends’, claims they’ve gone to ‘Dark Side’ when discussing DeSantis’ polling

'Seditious pursuit of power': Robert Reich warns 'dangerous charlatan' Trump’s 'attempted coup continues'

US Government Is Collecting Your Cell Phone Data!

Right-Wing monsters CAUGHT trying to discredit story of 10 year-old rape victim

Five takeaways from Thursday’s Jan. 6 hearing

Biden celebration of new gun law clouded by latest shooting

Gov. Glenn Youngkin said January 6 Capitol riot is a 'blight on our democracy'

John Mearsheimer: History will judge the U.S. with abundant harshness for its remarkably foolish policy on Ukraine.

Trump bracing for indictment? WH lawyer testifying as Giuliani says 45 should have pardoned himself

Graham's relationship with Trump comes back to bite him

Jan 6 panel: More people turn up with evidence against Trump

Trump cracking down on Republicans using his name to 'bully' voters for donations: report

New documents expose secret US wars – The Intercept

Trump mulls early 2024 announcement with July on the table: Report

Democrats are warning of a nationwide abortion ban. Here’s how it could happen

Comment: The sanctity or right to life ideology is used to justify the outlawing of abortion to save the life of an unborn

child, however, unbeknownst to the faithful, it’s based on the false philosophy of “one life to live”, which is based on the

exoteric* interpretation of the Bible. The esoteric side irrefutably reveals that the human soul/godº is immortal(“as above,

so below”) and incarnates (voluntarily plunges¹) periodically into a fetus out of evolutionary & karmic necessity at the

“appointed time”². The human soul isn’t affected by death of the physical body/fetus, and will soon incarnate into another

appropriate fetus of it’s own karmic choosing and, unfortunately, the psychological reality is that it all depends on the level

of mental acuity as to whether or not anyone is able to get past the bogus religious indoctrination regarding the “only

begotten son” which is, in reality, a metaphysical non-sequitur, i.e., doesn’t follow the mythological premise that Mary was

a virgin and miraculously impregnated by God. The religious reality is that Jesus Christ is mythological, which is thoroughly

and very adequately explained in The Historical Jesus and Mythical Christ” by Gerald Massey. The Godly/religious/

metaphysical reality is that the human soul is created in the image of God and is, esoterically, the only begotten son.

* The division of Christian teachings into exoteric--public--and esoteric--secret--was understood by genuine Christian

teachers to be the same as in other religious and philosophic systems. This is made particularly clear in Origen's book

Contra Celsus:“That there should be certain doctrines, not made known to the multitude, which are [revealed] after the

exoteric ones have been taught, is not a peculiarity of Christianity alone, but also of philosophic systems, in which certain

truths are exoteric and others esoteric. Some of the hearers of Pythagoras were content with his ipse dixit; while others

were taught in secret those doctrines which were not deemed fit to be communicated to profane and insufficiently prepared

ears. Moreover, all the Mysteries that are celebrated everywhere throughout Greece and barbarous countries, although held

in secret, have no discredit thrown upon them, so that it is in vain he [Celsus] endeavours to calumniate the secret doctrines

of Christianity, seeing that he does not correctly understand its nature” (extract from Chapter VII).

º “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, Is it not

written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

† “The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and incorporeal, therefore, it

could not have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death. Furthermore, being indivisible, being essentially

incorporeal, and having nothing in common with the body, it cannot be affected by anything, nor has it any concern with

change or condition.”

¹ Plotinus: Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the loftier realms, has entered body: it is a godº, a later

phase of the divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring order to its next lower, it penetrates to this

sphere in a voluntary plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt by acquiring the knowledge of evil

and coming to understand what sin is, by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those activities and productions

which, remaining merely potential in the unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined never to come

into actuality. . .” (Extract from Section 5 of The Fourth Ennead: Eighth Tractate in The Enneads of Plotinus)

² Job 14:14 “If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.” [“change”

is the acquisition of new astral & mental sheaths of the 4th ether§, along with the skandhas, which predispose the new

personality – “lower self” that forms around, due to the law of attraction, the physical etheric mold created by the “four

Devarajas” (see below) at the life review.] The “appointed time” is established at the conclusion of the life review wherein

the “Lipika Lord” “Atropos” (“Myth of Er”) inserts the soul’s “irreversible” karmic “choice” into the metaphysical “whorl

of necessity”. The soul then bows, saluting the “throne of necessity”, and departs to await the time allocated before its

“voluntary plunge”¹ into the fetus – the physical “whorl of necessity”. The Lipika Lords will justly ensure that the “choice”

will be to incarnate into an appropriate female fetus if it was abusive to women in order to reap what it has sown.

Job 14:15 “Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee; thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands.” [to continue from

where you had left off in the previous life, and reap the good, as well as the bad, of what you had sown].

A right understanding of karma

§ See diagram of human energy field within God’s energy field on page 16 of a paper I wrote. re: “Nature’s Mind: The

Quantum Hologram” in response to a paper written by the late Capt. Edgar Mitchell (6th man to walk on the moon).

The four Devarajas rule over the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire, with their indwelling nature-spirits and essences...”

“...it is the Devarajas who, having command of the elements of which the etheric double must be composed, arrange their

proportion [percentage of substance of each sub-plane] so as to fulfill accurately the intention of the Lipika [Lords of Karma].”

The Lipika “weigh the deeds of each personality [during the life review] when the final separation of its principles [lower mental

& astral bodies/personality] takes place at the end of its astral life, and give as it were the mold of an etheric double exactly

suitable to its karma for the man’s next birth” (The Astral Plane: 23, 122 & 123).


An impeccable scholar of spirituality studies”


GOP. Rep Adam Kinzinger says Cassidy Hutchinson is a 'hero' and has 'more courage than most' Republicans after January 6 testimony

Bush Attorney General Lists Crimes Trump Could Be Prosecuted For Over Jan. 6

Rep. Peter Welch (D-VT) on the DOJ’s expanding investigation into the Capital attack

US farmers hit by chemical shortages – Reuters

American Airlines triples pay for regional pilots to pick up extra flights in July

President Joe Biden signs bipartisan gun bill into law

Twitter isn’t holding back on Donald Trump’s comments about the Roe V. Wade decision

Pentagon explores using SpaceX for rocket-deployed quick reaction force

Arizona House Speaker reveals Trump’s plan to overturn election

Jan. 6 Panel Is Examining How Trump Tried to Manipulate the Justice Dept. to Help Him Overturn the Election

Avalanche’ of evidence proves Trump was engaged in a ‘multi-faceted criminal conspiracy’: legal expert

Donald Trump plotted fake electors scheme, January 6 panel set to show

Abby Martin’s Speech on US Sanctions & Economic Gangsterism

The next Jan. 6 hearing ‘is going to trigger Trump like nothing else’: Rick Wilson

Trump lashes out at Jan. 6 committee as he teases 2024 run

4 Takeaways From Day 2 of the Jan. 6 Hearing

Trump faces 'real danger' after Jan 6. committee revealed evidence of ‘false solicitation of money’: legal expert

Navy fires five officers in less than a week

Gun control deal: Group of senators – including 10 Republicans – announce breakthrough

Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson says Trump is 'politically' and 'morally responsible' for January 6

Dr. Oz says he'll fight to end illegal immigration

Takeaways: 'Carnage' at the Capitol and a case against Trump

Dr Peter McCullough and John Leake Show Why the Pandemic Was Clearly Planned

Jan. 6 panel has evidence on Trump showing ‘a lot more than incitement’, member says

Pentagon’s Vaccine Mandate Challenged in Class-Action Lawsuit

Louisiana bans trans athletes from female sports teams

Dana Milbank: Last week saw the unmasking of Bill Barr

Americans deserve to know’: Senators demand NIH reveal how much money employees received in royalty payments

Former Trump adviser Peter Navarro indicted on contempt of Congress charges

U.S. finds no evidence Dominion voting machines were ever exploited

Naval jet pilot killed in Mojave Desert crash, officials say

Former AG Bill Barr believes John Durham has uncovered 'seditious' actions against Trump

Groundbreaking ceremony set for space shuttle Endeavour's new home

Kamala Harris calls for 'assault weapons ban' in wake of Uvalde, Buffalo mass shootings

The husband of slain Uvalde teacher has died of 'a broken heart,' his family said. Doctors say death from grief is rare but real.

Trump loses appeal, must testify in New York civil probe

Facebook parent Meta and Mark Zuckerberg are under siege

Bill Gates paid millions to derail Elon Musk’s plans – media

Jan. 6 committee was told that Trump spoke approvingly of calls to 'Hang Mike Pence': report

TV War “Experts” Revealed As Paid Shills For Weapons Manufacturers

Madison Cawthorn under investigation by House Ethics subcommittee

New Justice Dept. policy says agents must intervene if they see abuse

Union blasts Musk after misconduct allegation: 'Flight attendants are not just another accessory'

Trump pays $110,000 for failing to comply with subpoena in civil probe -New York AG

Sailors are deserting the Navy at a ‘staggering’ rate

I’m wondering when we voted to go to war?’ – US Congressman

Jan. 6 committee has photo evidence from inside the White House: report

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby moving to White House

Envoy says Russian diplomats in U.S. are threatened, enticed by FBI

Republicans' decision to ignore Jan 6th subpoenas will come back to haunt them: legal expert

Gearing Up for G.O.P. Gains, White House Braces for Barrage of Inquiries

Senate Democrats set vote on debating nationwide abortion access

Republicans’ calculated quiet on nationwide abortion ban will vanish if they control Congress

For President Biden’s approval rating to go up, it’s obvious what needs to go down

'How dare you?’: Pence goes after Harris for Roe comments

Karine Jean-Pierre Named First Black White House Press Secretary

Shameful’: US protests potential Roe v Wade abortion rollback

Harris, one day after draft abortion opinion, says "women's rights are under attack"

Trump-Picked FBI Director 'Will Be Prosecuted and Imprisoned': Steve Bannon

Biden order to boost mining may not have quick payoff

MAGA-rioting Oath Keeper 'could be heard weeping several times' during seditious conspiracy guilty plea: report

The night after Musk takeover, a congressional Twitter shake-up: Republicans gain followers, Democrats lose them

Matt Gaetz called House GOP leaders ‘weak men’ after audio shows they privately warned he could incite more violence after Jan. 6

Christians Aid Migrants Because Church Is Run By Satan, Marjorie Taylor Greene Says

Trump challenges $10,000-a-day fine and NY judge's contempt ruling

N.Y. attorney general says contempt order needed due to “Trump's intransigence”

Republican 'scumbag' politicians listen more to donors than their own voters: J.D. Vance

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Revokes Disney's Special Tax Privileges and Self-Governing Status

GOP shadow primary gains steam ahead of 2024

GOP Surges Amid Exodus of Women Democrats From Congress

Kentucky state legislature overrides governor’s veto of 15-week abortion ban

So long Iowa! Democrats just threw their entire 2024 presidential nominating system up for grabs

Abbott signs agreement with neighboring Mexican state to scale back border inspections of trucks

Sharing ‘Misleading Narratives’ Labeled As Domestic Terrorism by Homeland Security

GOP Strategist Spots Ominous Warning Sign For Trump That Even He Can See

Alabama Enacts Law Making It a Felony to Provide Gender-Affirming Care for Trans Teens

CNN: Trump Jr. text shows ideas to overturn 2020 election

The Most Expensive Warship Ever Built Is (Finally) Ready for Action

Chris Hedges: The entire archive of six years of my show On Contact has been disappeared from YouTube

GOP lawmakers blast Hunter Biden Secret Service detail's $30k monthly rent for mansion

CBS news: Federal prosecutors widening scope of investigating Jan. 6 attack on Capital

Jan. 6 panel sharpens its knives amid growing revelations

Top Republican says Ketanji Brown Jackson will be confirmed, but he won't support her

Judge Jeanine slams President Biden for endorsing youth sex-change operations

POTUS participated: Trump busted by evidence tying him to coup plot

Man who brought 'small armory' ahead of U.S. Capitol riot gets almost four-year sentence

8-hour gap in Trump's Jan. 6 White House phone records

"A stunning portrait of political corruption": Exactly how Joe Manchin made millions from coal

President Joe Biden to propose new 20% minimum billionaire tax

White House launches damage control over Biden's Putin in power remarks

Nursing grievances over 2020, Trump returns to Georgia seeking allies

U.S. Representative Fortenberry, found guilty of lying, to resign

Alan Dershowitz said Ted Cruz's line of questioning during Ketanji Brown Jackson's SCOTUS hearings was 'absurd'

Marsha Blackburn Delivered a Truly Disgusting Speech at Today's Supreme Court Hearings

Navy to Retrofit 3 New San Diego-Based Warships to Launch Hypersonic Missiles

Liz Cheney says Donald Trump may face 'enhanced criminal penalties' for his role in Capitol insurrection

The NYT Now Admits the Biden Laptop -- Falsely Called "Russian Disinformation" -- is Authentic

Corporate Media Accused of 'Cheerleading' for US Escalation in Ukraine

Barcoding Nature: The Largest Global Land Grab in Human History

Marjorie Taylor Greene urges Ukraine to surrender

'He's ignorant or he's gaslighting': experts shatter Joe Manchin's 'incoherent' opposition to electric cars

GOP congressman calls Trump 'a would-be tyrant'

Police arrest Idaho gubernatorial candidate for allegedly trespassing

Tucker Carlson says US wanted Russia to invade Ukraine as covid ended

Iowa governor signs bill banning trans girls from female sports teams

U.S. judge dismisses lead federal charge against Jan. 6 Capitol riot defendant

The Back Booth: Biden finds unity on Ukraine, but little at home

The Trump investigations: What happened to them?

The January 6 committee subpoenaed Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host and Donald Trump Jr.'s fiancée

Media Lies About Ukraine/Russia

US Embassy Quietly Deletes All Ukraine Bioweapons Lab Documents Online – Media Blackout

That time Jackson shredded Trump in a federal court ruling

GOP Sen. Marsha Blackburn says the timing was 'extremely inappropriate' for Biden to announce SCOTUS pick now

NY Attorney General Letitia James says her Trump investigation won't be slowed by his efforts to delay a deposition

Biden interviews trio of candidates for Supreme Court

Tucker Carlson Blasts Lindsey Graham for Ukraine Remarks

What the hate crime verdicts in Ahmaud Arbery's death say about justice and race in America

Trump’s odd toilet flushing fixation reconsidered after reports of document dumping.

4 dead in helicopter crash at US Navy facility

US re-erecting Capitol fence for Biden speech – media

MSNBC: Surrounded on all sides: Trump now faces several criminal and civil suits

Trump's 'Days Are Numbered'—Kirschner Predicts Ex-President to Be Indicted

Trump’s still raging about his accountants quitting, blames ‘radical left racist prosecutors’ and brags ‘we’re loaded with cash’

Trump can be sued for role in Jan. 6 attack on Capitol, judge rules

Republicans pitch return to 'normalcy' in efforts to roll back COVID precautions

Does the US really need to spend $800bn on its military?

How rich is Donald Trump really?

Trump, children are ordered to testify in N.Y. attorney general probe

Democrats to Biden: Time to make changes at the White House

Harris to travel to Munich amid threat of Russian invasion of Ukraine

You’re Fired’: Lawyers React to Donald Trump Being Dropped by Accounting Firm

2022 is shaping up to be a legal nightmare for Trumpworld. Here’s a timeline of upcoming court cases and legal obstacles

Jon Stewart warns Joe Rogan’s critics

Democrats eye key governors' races as backstop against GOP

Lawmakers ask National Archives to probe whether Donald Trump took White House documents to Mar-a-Lago

Cuomo to file professional misconduct complaint against New York attorney general

Billionaire tapped for Pentagon job

McConnell calls Jan. 6 a 'violent insurrection,' hits RNC for censure of Cheney, Kinzinger

Sorry, Mitch McConnell. Frankenstein’s Monster Runs the GOP Now

How many times has the US said ‘just trust us’ and then lied?

The Epstein Files: US Bureau of Prisons bent facts to support suicide narrative

'We'll lose our country': Pence hits back at Trump's Jan. 6 claims

Disgraced lawyer Michael Avenatti found guilty

GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger said the RNC's vote to censure him and fellow GOP Rep. Liz Cheney shows how 'frigging crazy the Republican Party has become'

Mitch McConnell says he 'would not be in favor of shortening any of the sentences' of January 6 rioters after Trump suggested pardons

Zuckerberg’s Plan to Overcome Washington’s Aversion to Metaverse

Democrats rejoice, Republicans cast any new Supreme Court nominee as radical as election-year fight begins

Biden’s Very Short SCOTUS List Has a Very Obvious Frontrunner

US prosecutors investigate Republicans who sent fake Trump electors to Congress

Liz Cheney Issues Warning After Newt Gingrich Says 1/6 Committee Members May Face Jail

Barr has spoken to January 6 committee, chairman says

USS Constitution has its first female commanding officer in its 224-year history

The January 6 committee obtained a draft of post-insurrection White House remarks that said 'the election fight is over.'

Draft Trump order told defense chief to seize swing-state voting machines

One-Time Utah Police ‘Officer of the Year’ Pleads Guilty in Jan. 6 Capitol Siege

Collateral Damage: Connecting the deaths of Marilyn Monroe, JFK and Dorothy Kilgallen

Capitol rioter ordered back to jail after DWI arrest, discovery of AR-15 rifle in car

N.Y. attorney general Letitia James alleges ‘significant evidence’ of Trump Org fraud

NY Attorney General takes legal action to force Trump, Donald Trump Jr., and Ivanka Trump to answer subpoenas in an

investigation into their company's financial dealings

Russia ‘fabricating a pretext for invasion’ of Ukraine – White House

Texas synagogue suspect linked to ‘Lady Al-Qaeda’

Fauci agency blasted for trans monkey study

The GOP is suddenly running scared from Trump's Big Lie

Biden administration forms new unit to target domestic terrorists

Voting rights: Pressure grows on Biden to deliver meaningful voter protections

Trump tears into Republican senator who rejected 2020 election conspiracies

Trump turns on Hannity over Capitol-riot texts advising him to stop claiming the election was stolen

Have we reached the point where Big Tech censorship is simply accepted?

Sex, lies and trade deals: how a businessman bribed half the US navy

Schumer threatens to change Senate filibuster rules by Jan 17 if Republicans keep blocking voting-rights legislation

Boeing and Pfizer are among the companies and trade groups to have donated $8 million to Republicans who voted against

certifying Biden's election victory, a report says

Bernard Kerik provides batch of documents to Jan. 6 select committee

Chicago sees deadliest year in quarter century in 2021

Biden Reasserts Warning as Putin Signals Satisfaction With Call

Comment: Russia is deemed to be an enemy while there are almost 3,000 US companies operating in Russia. The deceptive

reality is that Russia’s an enemy, because of economics and global hegemony, which psychologically shows that the United

States government operates from the Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power, anti-Christ consciousness mindset due to its

previous use of atomic bombs and continued contemplation and threat of using nuclear missiles

A Texas sheriff's lieutenant who called the Capitol riot one of the best days of her life has been fired

Ghislaine Maxwell trial: jurors resume deliberations

Fareed Zakaria interviews Hillary Clinton on Russia’s military buildup, Olympic boycotts, and her new novel

Comment: How Clinton feels about Putin is dependent on the past or current events, as can also be seen in the photo below,

and Fareed Zakaria ignores how & why the US government perpetrated the 2014 Coup in Ukraine and spent $5 billion to

“subvert Ukraine”, which places all the responsibility for the subsequent deaths in the Ukraine squarely on the shoulders of the

US government, because it led to fascism in Ukraine: the conspiracy of silence. The Biden regime and Congress approved a

steady flow of weapons to fascist Kiev for US orchestrated war on Donbass in Ukraine’s southeast. The reality is also that,

since the Ukraine used to be part of the Soviet Union, there are Russians living in the Ukraine who, naturally, don’t like the

fascist regime in power and it’s also only natural that Putin would feel obligated to protect them, but Putin is deceptively said

to be the bad guy here when, in reality, it’s the US & fascist Kiev that are the bad guys.


Michael Flynn sues January 6 committee over subpoenas

This is how you get an actual civil war, America

Dems trip over their own sky-high expectation

Top security official: US exit from Iran nuclear deal ‘disastrous’

Brandy Vaughan the Merck whistleblower was found dead after she spoke the truth about vaccines and pharmaceutical companies

Comment: A Big Pharma hit man most like did her in, as her home had been broken into, but her death will deceptively be seen as

the result of natural causes, i.e., a secretive & disappearing similar injection into the blood stream.

1,300 Attorneys Demand Calif. Bar Investigate Trump Lawyer Over Effort to Overturn Election

Jan. 6 committee subpoenas James 'Phil' Waldron, who worked on PowerPoint about overturning 2020 election results

Congressman Jim Jordan sent plans for Capitol attack to Mark Meadows

All-time high’ number of guns seized in US airports

Jordan texted Meadows to argue Pence could block election certification

Judge rules against Trump, releases his taxes to Congress

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Sunday said that the January 6 Capitol riot was "driven from the top"

Meadows Jan. 5 email indicated National Guard on standby to ‘protect pro Trump people,’ investigators say

GM's first ultium battery gigafactory appears almost completed

A single sentence that perfectly captures the utter madness of the Trump era

Congress' latest subpoenas in the Capitol riot probe indicate a direct line between Trump and Jan. 6 rally organizers

California man charged in Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot flees to Belarus

Trump gets wish in Georgia, sparks 'a political civil war'

Pence’s former top aide, once banned from the White House, cooperating with Han. 6 Committee

Parents of Michigan school shooting suspect charged

Here’s how many times Jeffrey Epstein visited the White House

US billionaire predicts civil war in the country

Pro-Trump lawyers ordered to pay $175,000 for 'frivolous' election lawsuit

Child sex abusers at CIA avoiding prosecution: What we know

15-year-old school shooting suspect charged with terrorism

Dem senator warns Supreme Court of 'revolution' if Roe v. Wade is overturned

Epstein’s ‘Lolita Express’ pilot testifies in Maxwell trial as flight data leaks

Marcia Angell, MD: Coronavirus reinforces moral basis for Medicare for All

Defense secretary warns Oklahoma’s GOP governor that troops careers are in jeopardy who don’t get COVID-19 vaccine

Ghislaine Maxwell defense invokes Adam & Eve story as her trial opens

CNN insists ‘a car’ killed six people at Wisconsin Christmas parade

Donald Trump's ex-lawyer Michael Cohen said prosecutors could successfully indict the former president

Fauci & Masks. Trust the science.

Trump Attacks 'Craggy Smug Face' Bob Woodward, 'Lapdog' Robert Costa Over China Claims

Bannon pushes for documents in court case to be released

Pentagon launches a preemptive strike on Senate UFO law

Lawyers Who Pushed Election Fraud Ordered to Pay $180K Legal Costs for Dominion, Facebook

Dr. David Martin names the people using Covid to kill humanity with a “bio-weapon.”  

Has the situation at the US border improved under Biden? If anything, it’s worse

Kyle Rittenhouse, who fatally shot two men, was found not guilty of homicide and other charges

House passes $2 trillion spending package that would expand social benefits

John Kelly: Trump's former chief of staff is no longer holding back

Over 160 House Republicans move to block Biden vaccine mandate

Trump is calling on Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to resign if President Joe Biden's Build Back Better legislation passes

China's hypersonic missile test from over the summer went “around the world,” a top U.S. general said

Rep. Liz Cheney ousted from Wyoming GOP

Pentagon alarmed at Russian satellite explosion

Trump ally Bannon appears in court for defying Jan. 6 panel

McConnell told Cheney to stop criticizing Trump, warning that her stance could hurt the GOP in 2022

The tragic death of Lisa Shaw shows why smearing those with concerns over Covid vaccines as ‘anti-vaxxers’ is wrong

Mike Pence Will 'Put Up a Formidable Fight' Against Trump in 2024, Former Adviser Predicts

Rep. Anthony Gonzalez of Ohio: “The cold hard truth is Donald Trump led us into a ditch on January 6”

Chris Christie notes he won two terms while taunting Trump: 'When he ran for reelection, he lost to Joe Biden'

IRS releases new standard deductions and tax brackets as inflation soars

Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell's Relationship Is Rapidly Deteriorating

Biden approval: A majority disapproves of way he's handling job as President, CNN Poll finds

Trump reportedly wanted out of the GOP, until he was threatened with this

Republicans are going after their own after 13 voted with House Democrats in favor of the bipartisan infrastructure bill

Biden uses trip abroad to confront China on climate, more

Federal court FREEZES Biden’s vaccine mandate for businesses

Vaccine refusals in intelligence agencies raise GOP concerns

Dr. Vernon Coleman provides urgent information on the Covid-19 vaccines

Pentagon says world will have three ‘great powers’ – and US will be ‘challenged’

Comment: The Alexander the Great Jerk super power, karmically ignorant, anti-Christ mindset exemplified by the US has

brought the world to the brink of destruction.

An Orchestrated Fake “Covid Pandemic” Was Used to Destroy Health, Civil Liberty and the Doctor/Patient Relationship

Jessica Rosenworcel nominated to become 1st woman to lead FCC

Italian leaders to host Biden on first day of European summit trip

Steve Bannon is held in criminal contempt of Congress, pushing key question over presidential power to the courts

DHS releases rules for opening land borders to foreign nationals next month

What happened in the Oval Office on January 5th

Donald Trump just savaged an(other) American hero

Paul Gosar assured Jan. 6 protest organizers they would get a 'blanket pardon' while they were planning rallies: report

We're Living Through the Greatest Transfer of Wealth From the Middle Class to the Elites in History | Opinion

Florida Governor DeSantis promises legal action to BAN private sector Covid-19 vaccine mandates

Hunter Biden sought to sell ‘analysis’ of Russian businessman Deripaska for $55,000, emails show

Tanya Chutkan: Judge who's criticized Capitol insurrection to hear Trump's challenge to House subpoena of presidential records

US admits Pentagon doesn’t know how to defend against China’s hypersonic missiles

Texas Governor Greg Abbott bans vaccine mandates by “any entity”

Senator Sinema rakes in Pharma and finance cash amid reconciliation negotiations

US supply chain chaos continues as press reveals Biden’s Transportation Secretary Buttigieg has been on paternity leave for months

Trump praised Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, ranted about windmills, and pushed his baseless election fraud claims at a GOP retreat

Raymond Arroyo: New Hunter Biden emails ‘a huge problem’ for White House

Mike Pence's chief of staff trashed a memo calling for him to overturn the election as 'boneheaded analysis'

How Joe Biden Is Winning the Culture War Over Vaccines

Comment: This “slate.com/news” article, like the rest of mainstrean news, is controlled by the “cabal/money mafia”,

while the truth about the Covid-19 pandemic is very adequately explained here for the awake ones. Due to the vaccine

propaganda of the CDC and health “experts”, the naive duped citizens can’t accept the reality that Dr. Anthony Fauci

intended to create a ‘new coronavirus’ at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which was key to the planned depopulation

for a new world order, and the vile President Joe Biden is, obviously, in on it, consequently, is why he was selected as

the democratic nominee in the 2020 presidential election, instead of Tulsi Gabbard.

Senate report exposes 'a mini attempted coup d'état' within the DOJ under Trump

Why the Senate blinked and moved back from the brink of a federal default crisis

Hackers are waging a guerrilla war on tech companies, revealing secrets and raising fears of collateral damage

Pandora Papers: Huge Trove of Leaked Documents Reveal How Uber Rich Dodge Taxes

Facebook is too powerful, morally bankrupt and in need of government oversight, ‘whistleblower’ Haugen tells Senate

What Mitch McConnell is betting on

Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Donald Trump's Plan to Use $3.6 Billion for Border Wall

Stephanie Grisham describes the Trump White House as 'a clown car on fire running at full speed into a warehouse full of fireworks'

Blue Origin fired a senior executive, citing inappropriate behavior. Current and former employees say it’s part of the company’s toxic culture

Congress approves $28.6 billion in disaster aid for Louisiana, other states

Lawmakers ask Air Force to 'pause all actions' on Space Command move

In new guidelines, DHS says people shouldn't be deported solely for being undocumented

Maddow Blog | In court case, Giuliani shed new light on the Big Lie's origins

Trump plans to sue to keep White House records on Capitol attack secret

Gen. Milley warned Biden of looming disaster in Afghanistan. The president didn't listen

Trump initially gave the order to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan by Jan. 15, Joint Chiefs Chair Milley confirms

Joe Biden, welcome to the thunderdome

Trump Second Term Would Be 'Existential Threat to Democracy,' Says Former Admin Member

A record number of cargo ships are stuck outside LA. What’s happening?

Worse than SLAVERY’: Democrat Maxine Waters slams Border Patrol ‘whipping’ Haitian migrants

Constitution allows Biden to mandate COVID vaccine. Federal government can do even more

Comment: This is tyrannical and ungodly. The evidence for Covid vaccines developed intentionally for dehumanizing &

depopulation is abundant, but unseen or not acknowledged by unperceptive or corrupt politicians and health officials.

To make these vaccines mandatory is ungodly & criminal.

Godfrey Bloom explains to citizens and politicians that the Covid-19 vaccine mandate violates the Nuremberg Code,

which established that the voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential, consequently, mandatory

vaccines are a crime against humanity and pseudo-educated politicians, doctors & health officials are criminally culpable,

as well as ignorant of karma.

Washington, D.C., on Edge Over Protest of Jan. 6 Arrests

Haitians on Texas border undeterred by US plan to expel them

Demilitarization of Military Flares as an Uncontrolled Source of PFAS

Army Lt. Col. Reportedly Steps Down in Protest of Vaccine Mandate, ‘Marxist Takeover’ of US Military

Donald Trump's mental health becomes an issue again

A House hearing devolved into chaos when a GOP congressman shouted and falsely accused Biden of manipulating Afghanistan intelligence

Trump takes aim at George W. Bush, saying he shouldn’t ‘lecture’ about threat of domestic terrorism

Man who authorities say brought Molotov cocktails, firearms to Capitol on Jan. 6 to plead guilty

Justice Department sues Texas to block six-week abortion ban

Idaho man accused of attacking police in U.S. Capitol riot pleads guilty

White House toils amid multiple crises on Labor Day

Colorado proposing a new electoral map that could oust Lauren Boebert

Amy Klobuchar, Minnesota senator, calls for eliminating Senate filibuster to protect abortion rights

Supreme Court sanctions GOP's vigilante strategy to stay in power

Lawsuits begin as Texas GOP voting bill fight moves to court

High Ranking NSA Whistleblower Claims Their Goal Is “Total Population Control”

Paul Ryan Says It’s ‘Really Clear’ Joe Biden Won The Election: ‘It Was Not Rigged’

Feds open civil rights probe into states barring school mask mandates

Jan. 6 probe takes first step to obtaining phone records — possibly those of lawmakers

'Day of reckoning': GOP unified in blaming Biden for Afghanistan bombing, divided on refugees and next steps

Texts show William Barr congratulated Trump's impeachment lawyer as his first Senate trial wrapped up: 'You are a STAR'

Former Officer Arrested in Capitol Riot Asks Followers to 'Rise Up' Against Republicans

Portland protests see clashes between far-right, far-left groups

Trump Rally-Goers Lose Their Minds When Rep. Mo Brooks Tells Them to Move Past 2020 Election

U.S. working with Taliban to evacuate Americans and allies out of Afghanistan, Pentagon says

'I stand squarely behind my decision': Biden defends handling of Afghanistan as Taliban forces seize Kabul

Female Afghan reporter to Pentagon press secretary: 'Everybody is upset, especially women'

Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell, and the MyPillow Guy Are in Huge Trouble

Colorado Republican official implicated after voting system passwords leaked to right-wing site

Senate Dems unveil $3.5T budget for social, climate efforts

Religious persecution comes to America as Antifa thugs attack a Christian gathering in Portland... and the police just stand-by

They can't arrest all of us’: Rand Paul critics melt down as he encourages people to defy CDC & ‘drunk on power’ Pelosi (VIDEO)

Trump’s ‘attempted coup’: Bombshell new evidence reveals how close Trump came to overthrowing democracy

Capitol Police officials calls 4 GOP lawmakers ‘pathetic’ in Jan. 6 inquiry

Trump 'soft coup' busted by 2021 leak of secret DOJ notes

Justice Department reverses course, saying IRS must turn over Trump tax documents to House committee

Here's what's in the $550 billion bipartisan infrastructure deal

Watergate Reporter Carl Bernstein Calls Donald Trump a 'War Criminal'

The 'QAnon Shaman' is in plea negotiations after being diagnosed with mental illnesses, including schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

Arizona secretary of state tells Trump before election lie rally: get over it

Dems are 'not particularly pleased' with the Senate infrastructure deal. They'll back it anyway

America's newest aircraft carrier is a fiasco. The Navy just admitted why

Texas Democrats see walkout as the way out of party slump

Wildfires 2021: 80 large fires have consumed more than 1 million acres across western parts of the US

Mullen calls reports of post-election chaos in White House “disturbing”

Biden restores protections for U.S.' largest national forest

Tucker Carlson’s cameras in the classroom proposal will harm both students and teachers

'Anarchy and chaos': Michael Bender book describes turmoil in Trump White House

This Video of Trump's January 6 Lies Over Footage of What Actually Happened Is the Whole Ballgame

Trump has found his January 6 martyr

The NSA Has Proven Itself To Be The Resurrection Of The Nazi Gestapo, Only Worse

Censorship Is Being Used to Institutionalize Disinformation and to Discredit Reliable Information: The Case of Naomi Wolf

Biden Speaks on Afghanistan Pullout as Taliban Gain Ground

Michael Avenatti, one-time Trump foe, sentenced to 30 months in prison

Mike Pence reportedly once 'lost it' after Trump threw a crumpled newspaper article at him

Poor People's Campaign Announces 'Season of Nonviolent Direct Action' Targeting US Senate

Biden reaffirms US support for Venezuela failed coup leader, calls Guaido 'president'

Biden says ‘getting vaccinated is the most patriotic thing you can do’ in speech marking July 4

'Black people still aren't free': Congressional 'Squad' member Cori Bush says July 4 is about freedom 'for white people'

Scott Ritter: I saw up close how Rumsfeld deliberately caused the deaths of US troops for personal gain

Meetings at Joe’s, emails from Air Force 2 and favors for Miguel: Hunter Biden’s laptop reveals more about First Son’s shady deals

Presidents ranked from best to worst in Historians Survey 2021

Manhattan prosecutors charged the Trump Organization and its CFO in tax investigation, according to NYT report

Iraq War architect Donald Rumsfeld dead at 88

Legendary actor and author William Shatner to launch new show on RT America

Opinion: Pence seizes his chance

Opinion: AOC’s master class in crushing Trumpian lies

The switched-on, censorious billionaires of Silicon Valley are now the greatest threat to free speech and the pursuit of truth

John McAfee’s lawyer says anti-virus tycoon showed no indication he would take his own life

Derek Chauvin sentenced to 22.5 YEARS in prison over murder of George Floyd

The Meaning of Light and Power: An interview with former Congressmember Dennis Kucinich

Anti-fed rancher Ammon Bundy running for governor of Idaho to fight ‘Joe Biden and the Deep State’

I commend the TikTok hecklers who bullied Bezos – Sadly, it’s the only way to hold the super-rich accountable for their actions

Report Claims UFO Tracking Station is Being Built on Florida’s Gulf Coast by the Air Force

Democrats Float $6 Trillion Plan Amid Talks on Narrower Infrastructure Deal

US House votes to repeal 2002 Iraq war authorization, bill moves on to Senate

US Covid-19 death toll surpasses 600,000, Johns Hopkins University data shows

American workers experience more daily stress than rest of the world – poll

A message to President Putin from Carol Rosin of Peace in Space

A ‘Climate Lockdown’ Is On The Horizon – A Threat Used To Bully The Public Into Accepting The ‘Great Reset

In first federal ruling on vaccine mandates, judge sides with Houston hospital, dismissing claims from staff resisters

Austin Shooting: 14 People Are Injured, Police Say

With G7 summit the first stop, Biden embarks on 8-day trip to Europe

Former president Trump returns as a diminished TV draw

US says it seized $2.3 million in bitcoin from ransom Colonial Pipeline paid to ‘Russia-based’ hackers

Marco Rubio Calls for Fauci's Ouster Over COVID-19 Origins: 'A History of Moving Goal-Posts'

Trump Criticizes Biden Policies, Calls for Covid-19 Reparations From China

Trump’s chief of staff pushed Justice Dept. to investigate baseless election fraud claims

No love lost between Biden and Bibi, but what will new Israeli PM Bennett mean for the US?

Donald Trump’s Blog Was Shut Down For One Simple Reason

Biden to meet Tulsa race massacre survivors, pledge to 'root out systemic racism' in US

Cheney fires back at Flynn over coup remark

MSNBC: Gen. McCaffrey: Flynn's talk about a coup is very dangerous

No going back to 'Open Skies' spy plane agreement, US tells Russia ahead of eagerly awaited first Biden-Putin presidential summit

Pressure for Senate rules change after GOP blocks 1/6 probe

'Pretty damn scary': Failure of Jan. 6 commission exposes Senate wounds

House reintroduces bill to decriminalize cannabis, create social equity programs

Opinion: The Republican Party is building a political bomb

Pentagon chief unable to talk to Chinese military leaders despite repeated attempts

Big Hospital Chains Get Covid Aid, and Buy Up Competitors

Psaki raises white flag, admits US had no way of stopping Nord Stream 2 that was ‘95% complete’ already

Mississippi's last abortion clinic at center of US debate

A Republican congressman who denied there was an insurrection and likened Capitol rioters to tourists was photographed

barricading the chamber doors against them.

Georgia's Lt. Governor won't run again after taking on Trump

Biden administration drops new sanctions on men behind Islamic State's financial network

The Army Reveals the Range of Its New Hypersonic Weapon: 1,725 Miles

Comment: The U.S. Government develops ever-better weapons to kill its enemy with in response to the weapons developed

by the enemy, and exhibits the anti-Christ consciousness in doing so, i.e., “thou shalt not kill”, but is deemed to be justifiable

with its Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset, which is prevalent in the world’s major powers, including the Zionist

leadership in Israel, as well as the ISIS Muslim leadership, and each of them foolishly operate from the perspective that they

are the good guys and everyone else are the bad guys. China’s leadership is atheist and has no conscience with regards killing

others, while the US & Russian leadership are religiously brainwashed with the bogus one life to live philosophy and don’t

realize that the human soul/god*, having been created in the image of God, is immortalº (“as above, so below”) and  incarnates

(voluntarily plunges¹) periodically into a fetus out of evolutionary & karmic necessity at the “appointed time” (Job 14:14). Like

China’s leadership, they all don’t realize that their souls will all reap what they’ve sown in subsequent lives on earth: Kill and you

shall be killed, which will be never-ending until all of humanity wakes up in the Age of Aquarius. Currently, the US government is

the biggest terrorist in the world and, like China, which invaded Tibet and killed Tibetans, and is also “cutting out the hearts and

other organs from living, blameless, harmless, peaceable people,” they both must inevitably undergo some karmic cleansing as

they enter the new age.

* “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in

our law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

º The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and incorporeal, therefore, it could not

have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death. Furthermore, being indivisible, being essentially incorporeal, and having

nothing in common with the body, it cannot be affected by anything, nor has it any concern with change or condition.”

¹ Plotinus: “Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the loftier realms, has entered body: it is a god, a later phase of the

 divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring order to its next lower, it penetrates to this sphere in a voluntary

plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt by acquiring the knowledge of evil and coming to understand what

sin is, by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those activities and productions which, remaining merely potential in the

unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined never to come into actuality. . .” (Extract from Section 5 of The

Fourth Ennead: Eighth Tractate in The Enneads of Plotinus)

Republicans Rewrite History of the Capitol Riot, Hampering an Inquiry

Ethics violation sanction may be on the cards for Marjorie Taylor Greene as AOC expresses security concern after in-person spat

Air Force Bomber Completes Hypersonic Missile Test Amid China, Russia Arms Race

Fauci claims there’s ‘no doubt’ US has ‘UNDERCOUNTED’ its Covid-19 deaths

Comment” Actually, the COVID-19 deaths have been intentionally inflated, and the ungodly reality is that Dr. fauci and President

Joe Biden are in on the “great reset.”  Dr Reiner Fuellmich, international lawyer, has all the evidence that the pandemic is a crime

GOP Senator Joni Ernst Sides With Liz Cheney, Calls Effort to Oust Her 'Cancel Culture'

Biden Administration Will Begin Disbursing $350 Billion in State and Local Aid

Susan Sarandon and Roger Waters to lead protest at ‘corporate criminal’ trial of anti-Chevron lawyer

440 arrested since Capitol riot but key suspects remain

Grand jury indicts four officers involved in George Floyd’s arrest, accuses them of violating civil rights

Caitlyn Jenner slammed as ‘out of touch’ after saying rich friends leaving California in private jets because of the homeless

Biden Defends Plans to Tax the Rich

Dumped in L.A. & Stumped in Illinois

It's May Day, baby! Let's kill some cops!’: Trump supporter reportedly leaks audio recordings after infiltrating Antifa group

GOP's Blue-Collar Agenda Still a Work in Progress

Mark Kelly bucks Biden on the border

Joe Rogan is being attacked by Fauci & the White House for daring to have an honest discussion about Covid-19 vaccines

US judge refuses public release of Andrew Brown Jr. shooting death videos, but allows disclosure to family

Ex-Clinton strategist says ‘wokeness is a problem’ for Democrats, who are too afraid to criticize because they’ll be ‘canceled’

Shocking US census results: New York was 89 people short of keeping Congress seat, California down for first time EVER

Oscars plunge to lowest ratings in HISTORY despite panoply of stunts & pandering as audiences flee suffocating wokeness

Abby Martin: Arctic War, Aid to Israel Challenge, Army VR Money Pit

The Memo: Biden tries to flip the script on taxes

Washington state passes new capital gains tax

Chauvin verdict injects a fresh jolt of momentum into police overhaul efforts

States are attempting to ban or curtail the use of 'vaccine passports'

The Postal Service is reportedly monitoring Americans' social media for 'inflammatory' content, per report

Biden under pressure from progressives to end ‘rubber stamp’ on bank deals

US Retreats From Afghanistan: Truth Behind The Empire’s Defeat

Biden Breaks Campaign Promise, Approves Arms Sale to Saudi Arabia

Tara Reade (former staffer of Biden): Joe Biden didn’t need Russia to ruin his reputation before the election. He did that all by himself (yet still won)

House Republicans Who Voted to Impeach Trump See Fundraising Boost

Indianapolis Police Chief Says Gunman Bought Weapons Legally

Biden declares Russia threat 'national emergency,' lobs sanctions; 10 diplomats booted over election meddling

Comment: This is why the democratic establishment nominated Joe Biden for president and shows that he definitely

works for the CFR and the demonic capitalist cabal.

Inspector general says police order to hold back riot-control weapons compromised Capitol on Jan. 6

Democratic Lawmakers Air Differences on Overhauling Supreme Court

Biden set to deliver his first address before joint session of Congress

Gaetz associate said to be cooperating with prosecutors in investigation of the congressman

U.S. Capitol Police were told not to use most aggressive tactics during Jan. 6 riot: NY Times

Facing GOP opposition, Biden seeks to redefine bipartisanship

Exclusive: John Boehner says Donald Trump 'abused' his loyalists by lying to them

Alert Reporters Facing the Void! By Ralph Nader

Fed's Powell: US nears full reopening to 'different economy'

Comment: The fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank is in on the COVID-19 scam and the great reset to bring in the new

world order and UN Agenda 21.

Biden Lays Out Aggressive Agenda on Gun-Control

Republicans leverage attention on anti-Asian hate incidents in bid to overturn affirmative action

Michael Flynn endorses pro-Trump Virginia GOP candidate

How Republicans are trying to prevent people from voting after stop the steal

We’re so stupid following our politicians: NBA legend Charles Barkley says Dems & GOP allied in dividing and conquering America

Biden Infrastructure Plan Draws Attacks From Right, Left

Border Apprehensions Reach Highest Level in at Least 15 Years

The US has its own supply-chain crisis brewing as dozens of cargo ships remain stuck off the coast of LA as they wait to dock

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R., Fla.) says he won't resign as pressure mounts

Airlines want vaccine passports but don't want to pay for them

Trump calls for Republicans to boycott companies amid voting law controversy

Biden Trimming Forces Sent to Mideast to Help Saudi Arabia

Justice Dept. Inquiry Into Matt Gaetz Said to Be Focused on Cash Paid to Women

Army probes missing rifle from National Guard unit deployed to the Capitol

Biden to Pay for Infrastructure Plan With Corporate Taxes

Big Pharma is playing God in a high stakes game

Court voids Trump campaign's non-disclosure agreement

Biden under pressure to spell out Cuba policy

Biden's trade chief says US won't be lifting tariffs on China

New York lawmakers reach agreement to legalize recreational marijuana

The art of the possible’: Biden lays out pragmatic vision for his presidency

Boulder shooting suspect's gun looked like a rifle. But it's a pistol. Experts worry it's helping people skirt gun laws

The US military is poisoning communities across the US with toxic chemicals

Monsanto’s Big Lie About Roundup and the System That Enabled It

Biden announces second extension to Obamacare enrollment window

Biden Dismisses First North Korea Missile Test He Faces: 'Business as Usual'

Pentagon faces new pressure from U.S. lawmakers over F-35 fighter jet

Biden administration prepares to expand phased entry of migrants forced to stay in Mexico under Trump-era policy

5 White House Staffers Lose Jobs Over Drugs, Marijuana Use

Chevron Trying to ‘Criminalize Human Rights Lawyer’ Who Beat Oil Giant in Court

IRS Failed to Collect $2.4 Billion in Taxes From Millionaires

DHS: Border crossings to hit 20-year high as children overwhelm immigration system

Biden’s sweeping ambitions delight liberals — but pose political risks for his party

Police detain "about 100" in Portland march

US surpasses 100M COVID-19 vaccine doses

A realistic take on new EPA Chief, Michael Regan

Border Patrol Grappling with Immigrant Surge Love Trump's Wall

Trump Reportedly Hit on Mourners and Showed Photos of Naked Women While Visiting a Shiva

New Stimulus Package Brings Big Benefits to the Middle Class

Border apprehensions spike as U.S. struggles to house migrant children

White House: Covid relief checks could reach millions by end of month

Biden orders review of Trump-era rule on campus sexual misconduct

Iowa governor signs bill to shorten early voting, close polls earlier

Democrats Agree to Trim Unemployment Aid to Keep Stimulus Bill on Track

Trump appointee arrested in connection with Capitol riot

California OKs reopening of ball parks, Disneyland

Cuomo Faces Move by Fellow Democrats to Revoke His Pandemic Powers

With New York clearing the way, the House reissued a subpoena for Trump's tax records

Biden promises enough coronavirus vaccine for ‘every adult in America’ by the end of May

Bordering on insanity: Biden greenlighting illegal migration at the peak of the pandemic & unemployment is sheer madness

Biden 'Revenge' Bombing of Syria 'Violates International Law': Legal Scholar

CDC caught massively inflating coronavirus cases, deaths in violation of federal law

Virginia joins 15 other states in legalizing marijuana

Naomi Wolf joins Tucker Carlson to warn we’ve become a Covid-19 police state. Guess which one liberals think is the bigger crime?

John Bolton Says Trump Invited Kim Jong Un on Air Force One As He Thought It'd Be 'Really Cool'

South Dakota AG under pressure to resign as new evidence reveals investigators found victim's broken glasses inside his car

Congressional Republicans risk backlash as they unite against Biden's Covid relief plan

Crist calls on DOJ to investigate DeSantis over coronavirus vaccine distribution

Oath Keeper Jessica Watkins claims she was VIP security at Trump rally before riot and says she met with Secret Service agents

Cindy McCain on Future of Republican Party After Trump's Presidency: 'We Have Got to Overcome This'

Sen. Ted Cruz faces storm of controversy for flying to Cancun as Texas grapples with power outages caused by severe weather

Biden faces 1st test with Egypt over human rights, weapon sales

Investor who donated nearly $1M to Trump inauguration sentenced to 12 years in prison

Nursing-Home Death Data Was Sought From Cuomo by U.S. Prosecutor

Why is America getting a new $100 billion nuclear weapon?

Trump directed an RNC member to tell GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger a 'vulgar message about what he should do with himself' in 2016, report says

McConnell defends acquittal in WSJ op-ed but blasts Trump's 'unhinged falsehoods'

Takeaways from impeachment trial as defense rests, senators question prosecutors and Trump lawyers

Nikki Haley breaks with Trump in scathing interview and predicts he won't run again: 'He let us down'

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. responds to being kicked off Instagram

Biden Administration Moves to Rejoin U.N. Human Rights Council

Breaking With G.O.P., Top Conservative Lawyer Says Trump Can Stand Trial

What do Joe Biden's executive orders do?

House gives final approval to budget plan including Biden’s $1.9 trillion stimulus, over unified Republican opposition.

Blinken to revoke Pompeo’s terror label on Yemen’s Houthis

Fox News has dropped ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight,’ promoter of Trump’s false election fraud claims

Not a single Senate Republican voted to advance the stimulus package that would give most Americans a $1,400 one-time check

Oregon law to decriminalize all drugs goes into effect, offering addicts rehab instead of prison

Senate Republicans move against ‘nutty’ House member in widening GOP rift

Impeachment Case Argues Trump Was ‘Singularly Responsible’ for Capitol Riot

Biden faces pressure to oust federal student loan chief appointed by DeVos

Lindsey Graham Warns Not to Allow 'QAnon Shaman' Impeachment Testimony, Says Trial Could 'Go For Months'

2 women charged in Capitol riot said they were 'looking' for Pelosi 'to shoot her in the friggin' brain'

Republicans Rally Against Impeachment Trial, Signaling Likely Acquittal for Trump

U.S. prosecutors eye 400 potential suspects, expect sedition charges ‘very soon’ in Jan. 6 Capitol breach

U.S. 'actively looking' at mandating COVID-19 testing for domestic air travel

Prospects of convicting Trump erode as GOP grows vocal against Senate impeachment proceedings

GOP Senator Backs Legislation to Ratify ERA Now After McConnell Blocked Senate Vote

Biden’s executive order that prioritises transgender people is a DISASTER for ordinary women and girls across America

Biden seeks to bring normalcy back to White House after tumultuous 4 years

DHS to pause some deportations during Biden's first 100 days to review policies

3 ways President Biden’s proposed stimulus checks will be different from Trump’s payments

Trump Farewell Planned for Wednesday Morning Ahead of Biden Oath

With no ‘armed march’ by extremists, D.C. residents navigate a fortress and fear

Despair, depression, and the inevitable rise of Trump 2.0: Glenn Greenwald tells RT his Biden administration predictions

Vaccines to stimulus checks: Here's what's in Biden plan

Biden pay push could lift over 1 million workers out of poverty

Former Trump official Fiona Hill: ‘President’s actions have put us on the brink of civil war’

Inauguration planners reassessing security after Capitol siege

Trump Concedes Biden Will Take Office, Condemns Capitol Attack

Trump’s flirtation with politics is over. His legacy is an America beset by divisions, rancour and a huge degree of instability

No longer ‘JUST AN IDEA’? With Trump on way out and Biden on way in, Portland mayor finally vows to ‘push back’ against Antifa

Covid camps? Put disease ‘carriers’ in DETENTION CENTERS, proposed New York law suggests

Lindsey Graham Criticizes McConnell Over $2,000 Stimulus Checks, Says It's 'Not Socialism

I’m an extremist: Boxing great Tyson scoffs magic mushrooms, puffs marijuana, pets pigeon while warning Logan Paul on Mayweather

Trump slams ‘weak and tired’ GOP leaders for having a ‘death wish’ in blocking $2000 stimulus

Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell denied $28.5mn bail bond

19-yo girl booted from college for saying ‘n*****s’ when she was 15. We need to stand up to cancel culture or we’re done for

Nashville bomber officially identified as Anthony Warner, DNA samples match human tissue found at blast site

Buried in Pandemic Aid Bill: Billions to soothe the richest

Lindsey Graham tweets that Trump wants $2,000 checks in relief bill as COVID-19 relief bill lingers in limbo

Pelosi sets up showdown on Trump’s $2,000 checks after GOP balks

Flights grounded, 911 services down amid widespread communications outages after blast damages AT&T building in Nashville

Senate approves huge spending package, sends economic relief measure to Trump for enactment

Los Angeles' new Soros-funded prosecutor pushes for easier punishment over brutal double murder of Russian snowboarder, policeman

Second round of $600 stimulus checks to come as part of COVID-19 relief deal

US under cyber attack believed to be tied to Russia: Private sector, infrastructure, all levels of government at risk

Comment: The “hackers” most likely work for the CIA and this is just one example of many that is part of the on-going

demonization of Russia, because the US government needs an enemy to justify its increasonly huge DoD budget.

No more boys or girls? America’s oldest medical journal says birth cert sex designations ‘harmful for trans’ and must be abolished

Comment: The dark forces influence is behind this gradual cultural degradation, which will eventually change the US into the likes of

Sodom & Gomorrah and, along with being the biggest terrorist in the world, will result in its downfall.

In a first, leading Republicans call Biden president-elect

Electoral College makes it official: Biden won, Trump lost

Trump’s worst crime must not be forgotten

War$, war$ everywhere and not enough money to go around

Student Loan Cancellation Sets Up Clash Between Biden and the Left

US to sanction Turkey over Russian defense system: report

Stimulus bill hits controversy again: Stimulus check, unemployment money, funding for your state

Pentagon plans to cut most of its support to CIA's counterterrorism missions

Justice Department’s interest in Hunter Biden covered more than taxes

America Closes Down -- People Get Shafted As Monopolies Take Over


California sheriff slams Gov. Newsom's 'dictatorial' lockdowns, won't be 'blackmailed, bullied or used as muscle' to enforce

Mercola, children’s health defense among top 5 sites targeted as national security risk

How Operation Warp Speed Generates Big Payouts for Pharma

Trump raises $495 million since mid-October, including a massive haul fueled by misleading appeals about election fraud

Biden warns Americans against traveling for Christmas

Comment: President elect Joe Biden, along with Anthony Fauci & Bill Gates, are front men for the cabal/money mafia and

will bring in the great reset new normal loss of freedoms with the bogus pandemic & forced vaccinations.

Pompeo invites hundreds to indoor holiday parties after subordinates are warned against hosting ‘non-mission critical events’

Biden meets with struggling workers, small-business owners about economic crisis

Biden Expected to Name Top Economic Officials This Week

Trump Calls Justice, FBI 'Missing in Action' on Election Allegations

Trump says Biden can only move into White House if he ‘PROVES’ his votes weren’t ‘illegally obtained’

Chris Hedges: The ruling elite’s war on truth

Biden says Americans WON’T STAND for election results not being ‘honored,’ while Trump says it ‘must be turned around’

Secret Reports Expose Amazon’s Surveillance of Labor and Environmental Groups + More

For the US, ‘arms control’ is just another bludgeon and pulling out of the Open Skies Treaty proves it

Janet Yellen Set to Lead Treasury Department Under Biden

Biden signals US return to full-on globalism and foreign meddling by picking interventionist Anthony Blinken as secretary of state

COVID-19: A Precursor To A ‘New World Order?’ aka “The Great Reset”

USAF Plans To Expand Nuclear Bomber Bases

Comment: The ungodly, religiously brainwashed, Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset necessitates producing a

nuclear arsenal so you can murder millions of innocent people in the deceptively-created enemy country.

How Joe Biden Plans To Make The American Empire Great Again

US Covid-19 vaccinations may begin as soon as December 11, reach enough people for return to normalcy in May – program chief

GET OUT!’: New York gym owner fights back against Сovid restrictions, boots sheriff off property (VIDEO)

Republican House minority leader calls on Democrats to ignore Pelosi and force vote on Covid-19 relief, as they promised

Gates Foundation initiative claims to ‘empower’ small farmers, but will actually enrich corporations

Trump pushes new environmental rollbacks on way out the door

Biden Must Keep His Word and Allow Investigations of Trump to Proceed

Christopher Krebs defended election integrity. Trump fired him

Biden’s rhetoric shows support for elites’ ‘Great Reset’ to usher in New World Order

Biden EPA transition team member helped Dupont dodge responsibility for PFOA

Trump Orders Hasty Afghanistan, Iraq Drawdowns to Beat Biden Inauguration

'All wars MUST END': Trump's new acting defense secretary signals withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan

'Forever war' returns: Biden’s Pentagon team puts the military-industrial complex back in command - reports

Trump’s anti-ISIS envoy admits he MISLED president about US troop numbers in Syria to keep them there

Law firm representing Trump in Pennsylvania suit quits amid pressure and reports of ‘growing discomfort’

'Something extremely bogus is going on': Musk says he’s positive & negative for Covid-19 after taking 4 tests in 1 day

Georgia’s secretary of state announces recount ‘by hand’ amid highly contested US presidential election

Big happy family: Kamala Harris’ husband, MSNBC analysts leave jobs to join Biden administration

DOJ Election Crimes chief RESIGNS after AG Barr approves probe into 2020 presidential vote

The count goes on — with Biden on the cusp of presidency

Biden takes lead in battleground Pennsylvania, Trump campaign says ‘election is not over’

Stimulus Fight Reboots After Election Day

Biden ‘no antidote’ to Trump, military-industrial complex and Wall Street win either way – Jimmy Dore to RT

Lockdowns KILL’: Trump Covid adviser Atlas forced to APOLOGIZE for RT interview as media uproar deflects to ‘Russian propaganda’

Caitlin Johnstone: If Biden wins, Russiagate will magically morph into Chinagate

So much for ‘privilege’! Asian women achieve higher median income than WHITE MEN, blowing identity politics out of water

Faceless parents, fearsome world: Covid-19 restrictions enact sinister form of child abuse that may destroy entire generation

Republicans shift from challenging rules to preparing to challenge individual ballots

Pseudo-expert’: College dropout billionaire Bill Gates attacks Trump adviser Dr. Scott Atlas over Covid-19 stance

While we focus on COVID-19, Trump’s EPA is quietly killing us

Philadelphia imposes citywide curfew after 2 nights of riots over police shooting of knife-wielding black man

Pennsylvania National Guard deployed to Philadelphia after night of riots, looting & ATM explosions

Deplorables’ sequel? Biden slammed for calling Trump supporters ‘chumps’ at campaign stop

Trump critics lose it as ‘permanent manned presence on the Moon’ and trip to Mars listed as Republican priorities

Woke Tech goes full Biden as Expensify warns 10 MILLION customers that a vote for Trump may mean ‘CIVIL WAR’

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. sues Facebook and so-called “fact-checkers” for government-sponsored censorship, false disparagement and wire-fraud

US Justice Department & 11 states file antitrust lawsuit against Google, say giant pays ‘billions each year’ to sideline rivals

Hunter Biden email story successfully strangled by Facebook, but Twitter’s ham-handed censorship BACKFIRED – research

A Regulatory Rush by Federal Agencies to Secure Trump’s Legacy

Nancy Pelosi’s TV meltdown shows the pressure the Democrats are now under on Covid-19 relief

YouTube bans ‘conspiracy theories used to justify real-world violence,’ including QAnon content, amid Big Tech crackdown

An ‘accidentally-cut cable’ brings down entire voter registration system in Virginia right before deadline to register

The Trump administration got caught siphoning millions from the 9/11 Fund, but won’t give it back

Maui Has Begun the Process of Managed Retreat. It Wants Big Oil to Pay the Cost of Sea Level Rise

Trump’s doctor says he is ‘no longer a transmission risk,’ 10 days after contracting Covid-19

Portland police crack down on BLM protest, arresting dozens over fear they could attack precinct (VIDEOS)

Pelosi & husband invest up to $1 million in CrowdStrike, tech firm that launched Russiagate – report

There’s a ‘reasonably good chance’ experimental Regeneron antibody therapy worked for Trump, Fauci says

Deep State’ much? Pelosi and Raskin’s 25th Amendment body would let unelected bureaucrats override the will of American people

Ex-acting DNI chief Grenell locked out of Twitter after posting mail-in ballots sent to friend’s DEAD parents

You will never live in peace’: DoJ announces terrorism indictments of 2 Islamic State ‘Beatles’ over US hostage killings

Facebook & Instagram to purge ALL accounts ‘representing QAnon,’ even those that don’t share ‘violent content’

Trump leaves hospital after being treated for Covid-19, as Democrats slam him for setting ‘dangerous' example with quick return

US government takes some Covid-19 relief benefits BACK from workers after OWN mistake, while corporations hoard relief money\

My 12yo daughter’s friends and teachers pushed her into wanting to be a boy... thank God lockdown allowed her to escape’

Trump was given oxygen 'for about one hour', but could be discharged from hospital as early as Monday, president's physician says

A new low’: SNL gloats about Trump’s Covid-19 diagnosis, gets not so warm welcome on Twitter

What Happened to the $2.6 Trillion Social Security Trust Fund?

Pay Back the Money Borrowed From Social Security

US court demands Edward Snowden cough up $5.2mn in royalties from memoir, claiming violations of NSA non-disclosure deal

Noam Chomsky: How the mass media manufactures consent

Hillary Clinton cooked up Russiagate to smear Trump & distract from her own scandals, declassified docs suggest

Less than 50% of Americans would take Covid-19 vaccine, even if they were paid $100 – poll

Trump attacks ‘Hanoi Dick’ Blumenthal for lying about Vietnam, as Dem senators refuse to meet SCOTUS pick Amy Coney Barrett

Vote him out’, ‘Honor her wish’: Protesters chant as Donald Trump pays respect to Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Arming the Planet: the USA as the World’s Leading Weapons Dealer

Comment: As a result of the deliberate dumbing down in public education and religious brainwashing, the US government

developed the mindset of Alexander the Great Jerk who killed everyone who could have a possible claim to the kingship”

Burn Louisville’ and ‘Amerikka’ trend on Twitter as calls for Black Lives Matter riots spread across the US

WATCH: BLM protesters prepare riot shields & ‘ABOLISH POLICE’ signs following Breonna Taylor charges announcement

CDC publishes, then DELETES, new guidelines warning of aerosol Covid-19 transmission, contradicting WHO

Virgin Islands AG demands ENTIRETY of Epstein flight logs, ‘sparking panic’ among wealthy passengers

Riots return to Portland as protesters attack businesses, burn flags and force motorists to pledge loyalty to BLM (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Best case’ for end of pandemic is 2022, thanks to vaccines & funding, says ‘optimistic’ Bill Gates

Impeachment round two? Pelosi says Dems will use ‘every arrow in our quiver’ to stop Trump replacing RBG if he loses in November

Trump tells Republicans ‘we’re in position of power’ to replace RBG

Package containing deadly RICIN poison sent to President Trump, intercepted by law enforcement – report

Noam Chomsky: The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history

Bill Gates doubts FDA & CDC can be trusted on Covid & vaccines. Sure, let’s trust a non-doctor billionaire who pays media instead

Swing states side with Democrats, will accept late ballots AFTER election day

Trump threatens Iran with attack ‘1,000 times greater’ after Tehran denounces anonymously-sourced report as ‘propaganda’

Are they being serious? US propaganda demands equal access to Russian airwaves...as America censors foreign media at every turn

Scott Ritter: Why Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ is a lie built on a lie, and what Trump vs ‘Military Messiah Syndrome’ really is about

Feds worried drones might AIRLIFT prisoners over walls, says new DOJ report seeking permission to SHOOT THEM DOWN

Nearly two decades after 9/11, the parallels between the post-terrorist attack ‘New Normal’ & that of Covid-19 can’t be ignored

Protests over the shooting of a crazed knifeman who charged at cops prove BLM and Antifa just want to watch America burn

Trump wants ‘DEATH PENALTY’ for attacker who shot LA cops, as protesters chant ‘WE HOPE THEY DIE’

The Left’s extreme behavior is solidifying support for Trump; it’s as if BLM has been invented by the Republicans

Trump acknowledges he intentionally downplayed deadly coronavirus, says effort was to reduce panic (video)

Unmasking the truth about a second COVID Wave | Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree

Nothing nefarious at all’: Backlash as ex-NSA chief, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins Amazon board

Unmasking the Truth About a Second COVID Wave | Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree

Yale prof: ‘Evidence overwhelming’ for fighting COVID with hydroxychloroquine

Lawsuit filed against Merck for lying to doctors & moms about the HPV Gardasil vaccine

Edward Snowden’s Tweet that exposed what our TV’s are doing to us

Threat of using NUKES grows bigger under Trump & renewing milestone START treaty may be ‘too late’ – Noam Chomsky tells RT

Portland Antifa shooter appeared to TARGET and follow conservative demonstrator before killing him, police say

Here come the Covid Detention Centers

White House directs federal agencies to cancel race-related training sessions it calls ‘Un-American propaganda’

Chasing The Deepest State: Who’s Behind Bill Gates?

Trump administration proposes easing oil and gas permitting in national forest

Snowden did nothing wrong? Court rules NSA spying on Americans’ phones was illegal all along

NYPD’s release of an attempted rape video to hype up New York’s return to the bad old days of crime will backfire in the long run

NEW VIDEO shows immediate aftermath of Portland shooting, as group confirms victim was a Trump supporter

Trump to visit Kenosha in wake of police protests

Activists: Militias tolerated, Kenosha protesters arrested

And now the fallout… More lawsuits and killings will be the inevitable consequences of the mob’s attempt to take over the US

Millennials can’t afford property so don’t care about protecting it. Why are we surprised they’re setting fires and smashing cars?

Jacob Blake’s family ‘disgusted’ by Kenosha rioting & violence, his mother issues apology to Trump

Pompeo finds himself under investigation after speaking at Republican convention from Israel

Are you a christian!?’ BLM activists harass restaurant patrons who refuse to raise fists and shout slogans (VIDEOS)

125 National Guard troops deploying to Kenosha following rioting & looting over police shooting

Splitting sides: Multi-millionaire comedian Seinfeld tries to play down New York’s crisis, gets blasted for being out of touch

Trump praises operation ‘Warp Speed’ as FDA issues emergency authorization for ‘convalescent plasma’ treatment for Covid-19

Where’s Tulsi? Outsider candidate Gabbard smeared by Clinton not even invited to Democratic convention

RAY McGOVERN: Catapulting Russian-Meddling Propaganda

Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Profiteers

US ready ‘to block Russia & China’ if they disregard Iran sanctions, Pompeo warns, as Washington pushes for UN ‘snapback’

DESPOTIC DOZEN: Top 12 US oligarchs now own $1 TRILLION in total wealth – more than GDP of Belgium & Austria combined

Caitlin Johnstone: QAnon is a fake, decoy imitation of a healthy revolutionary impulse

Democrats’ election platform demands end to ‘forever wars’ — most of which were launched last time Biden held office

Plandemic II: Indoctornation

US Postal Service reforms SUSPENDED until after the election to avoid ‘appearance’ of impact, Postmaster General says

Zuckerberg, Facebook & Three “Fact-Checkers” Sued For Government Sponsored Censorship

The unraveling of America

Gov. Noem explains how South Dakota kept COVID cases low without locking down

Florida sheriff orders deputies not to wear masks, bans civilians in masks from office

Levin's Warning: A State That Can Mandate Masks Has Unlimited Power

Not treated fairly’? Trump appears to soften on ‘Snowden a traitor’ stance, as supporters renew calls for pardon

Americans must have their freedoms’: Trump rejects Biden’s call for MASK MANDATE, says states should decide

Comment: Learn the History Behind the Build-Up to the C0VID Lockdown Takeover.

Lee Camp: The death penalty is a barbaric, pointless waste of human life. But the US government is executing Americans again

Kamala Harris’s race and gender are a beautiful wrapping. Underneath, same old establishment – but what America needs is change

Facebook’s latest ‘hate speech’ update proves no censorship will ever be enough for social media thought police

Wanna bet? US statisticians give Trump ‘exact same odds’ against Biden as the ones he beat in 2016

Trump pledged to permanently scrap the payroll taxes used to fund Social Security and Medicare if he wins re-election

Trump gives 1.16 Billion to Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & inks deal with Pfizer for a COVID vaccine

US doctor in Canada: Medicare for All would have made America's COVID response much better

We are coming for you’: Chicago mayor promises CRACKDOWN after night of ‘straight-up felony’

Trump’s assault on postal service attacks much more than voting | Editorial

Number of Americans Who Plan to Get Vaccinated Falls to 42% — a New Low

Fact check: Was censored Trump right to say that children are ‘almost immune’ from Covid-19?

Gaffe-smothered Biden laughs off the idea he should take a cognitive test

Americans should start wearing face masks AT HOME, Dr. Deborah Birx says

Comment: Dr. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

First masks, and now a face shield and goggles? It’s time to resist this madness

Bring on the ‘eviction tidal wave’: 40 percent of US renters face homelessness as landlords & tenants are encouraged to go to war

Trump RUINED our Venezuela coup and botched ‘winning play,’ cries Democrat Senator & gets ROASTED online

Why the US really accuses Russia & China of weaponizing space

EPA grants leniency for dumping toxic coal ash

Unsealed docs say Bill Clinton was on ‘pedophile island’ w/ ‘young girls’ & cite Epstein saying former president ‘owed him favor’

Michigan Supreme Court rules former Gov. Snyder, emergency managers must face Flint water crisis lawsuit

'This Is How It's Done': Must-Watch TV as Jayapal Tears Into William Barr at Judiciary Hearing

Trump says US won’t protect Germany as it ‘pays Russia billions for energy’ in 1st tweet after Pentagon announces troop withdrawal

Zuckerberg admits Facebook suppresses ‘hate speech’ BEFORE it’s seen by anyone

Trump Gives 1.16 Billion To Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & Inks Deal With Pfizer For A COVID Vaccine

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Russiagate Hoax Is Worse Than You Thought – Bill Binney

We are witnessing the fall of a great power

Ex CBS Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses

Riots are driving Portland’s small businesses under, but mainstream media wants to sell you a different story

Seattle radio host who mocked Trump's reaction to protests now says he needs a gun after Starbucks below his apartment is trashed

Wake up woke folk’: Fox's Geraldo doubles down on Ghislaine Maxwell defense, says she ‘should have got bail’

Mitch McConnell drags his feet as 30 million are set to lose unemployment benefits in days

US judge authorizes release of previously-sealed documents in case of Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell

NY Times has found the REAL culprit in the racial achievement gap: ‘NICE WHITE PARENTS’

A Photographer Says He's Traumatized By What He's Captured In Portland

End Pharmaceutical Company Immunity from Lawsuits

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting the Pentagon to Support Our Real Needs

State-level marijuana decriminalization is not enough

Democrats cry ‘foreign meddling’ in 2020 election in letter to FBI, reportedly over probe of Biden dealings in Ukraine

Trump says he'll send federal forces to more leftist-run cities as Dems decry feds' role in Portland riots

Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC ‘believes in violence’ & wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America

Portland police ‘retreat’ after standoff with NAKED female protester (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

‘Jesus matters!’ WATCH Christian activist dump paint on de Blasio’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural in New York

CNN’s latest massive White House scoop? Portraits of Bill Clinton & George W. Bush ‘moved to a less prominent room’

Real Russiagate bombshell: FBI knew Steele dossier was fiction, Strzok notes show NYTimes reporting ‘misleading and inaccurate’

Google will cut advertising revenue from sites that go against the coronavirus ‘consensus’

Twitter piles on ‘Gestapo’ tactics as DHS chief vows to never surrender Portland to ‘violent extremists’

Setting Pompeo loose on the concept of ‘human rights’ is a warning the US is about to violate a lot more of them

The murder of a female soldier has shown just how bad sexual violence is in the US military. As a soldier who was raped, I know

Time, work & Christianity are ‘white people’ things? US Government-funded museum now promoting crackpot ‘anti-racism’ theories

Precedent set: North Carolina city approves reparations for black Americans, Rhode Island mayor looking into doing the same

Liberal elite? Left-wing establishment? People in power are ALWAYS conservative, gaslighting the world to keep the status quo

Scandal: COVID+ Numbers Proven Fake In Florida…100% Positive Test Rate

Masks don’t work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

Anti-Trump camp in meltdown over VIDEO of dancing Roger Stone after his prison term’s commuted

Caitlin Johnstone: Liberals are CRAZY IDIOTS - they pretend to be for truth & morals, then worship John McCain & push Russia hoax

'KKK number behind white power gesture' spotted by Portland protester was actually poster celebrating basketball star

Jake Tapper says Trump would have ‘saved lives’ if he’d worn mask earlier, is shown ‘no need for masks’ clip from his own show

Anti-science saga’? NBC contributor who documented harrowing battle with Covid-19 NEVER had the virus

Trump threatens to defund universities for ‘Radical Left Indoctrination’

Liberal media alarmed US propaganda arm Voice of America may ‘become propaganda’ (the wrong kind) under Trump nominee CEO

Liberal media alarmed US propaganda arm Voice of America may ‘become propaganda’ (the wrong kind) under Trump nominee CEO

Trump hails Obama! How the US president has turned to his predecessor’s ugly methods of repressing dissent to tackle BLM

New York Times lays out conditions for Biden to debate Trump... or loophole to get Joe out of live sparring

5 crazy revelations from Mary Trump’s explosive tell-all: Trump cheated on his SAT’s, left his brother’s death bed to catch a movie

Assassination of Gen. Soleimani was 'violation of US law': Analyst

Whistleblower Senator Scott Jensen Is Threatened To Have His Medical License Taken

Doctors can place COVID-19 on death certificates without confirmed test results, Senator Scott Jensen, a practicing physician, says.

Court orders Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down for environmental review, handing victory to Sioux tribe & other protesters

Seattle’s “Summer of Love” Spoiled by Murder, Robberies, Assaults

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

The Ghislaine Maxwell Deception

Now get Clinton and Prince Andrew,’ says Rose McGowan, after tweeting pic of Weinstein, Epstein & Maxwell

Bone-chilling video shows speeding car hit 2 BLM protesters on freeway in Seattle

From ‘majestic’ to ‘monument for 2 slave owners’: CNN makes about-face on Mt. Rushmore in its coverage of Obama & Trump

Our Luck May Have Run Out’: California’s Case Count Explodes

Twitch suspends Donald Trump's account as Reddit bans his supporters' biggest community

US drug maker says its coronavirus medication will cost up to $5,700 per treatment

You’re always crazy until you’re right’: BLM leader compares Defund the Police to innovators like Steve Jobs & Einstein on RT

More corporate virtue signaling’: Twitter left baffled by Simpsons ban on white actors voicing non-white characters

Zuckerberg loses $7.2 BILLION after corporate ad boycott pressing Facebook to police ‘hate speech’

Trump threatens ‘serious force’ if protesters attempt to create CHAZ-style ‘autonomous zone’ in Washington, DC

As blacks in America, we must prioritize the family. Everything else comes after

Heaven knows we’re miserable now: Americans are the unhappiest we’ve been for 50 years. Here’s some reasons to be cheerful

Bloodthirsty John Bolton’s book on Trump is fueled by frustration that the president hasn’t led the US into a major war

SEC Chair Clayton's Wall Street ties cloud U.S. Attorney bid

Trump's Tulsa rally draws low turnout amid tense political backdrop, anti-racism protests and the coronavirus

Abolishing the police because they’ve failed rape victims is declaring open season on women

Guilt by association? Stepmom of Atlanta cop who shot Rayshard Brooks fired from mortgage firm in dubious circumstances

Chris Hedges: The capitalist class wants to keep the working class in a state of constant distress (video)

Atlanta cop charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shooting may face DEATH PENALTY, after partner turns witness

Time to ‘reinvest in people’ and ‘cut weapons of war’: Barbara Lee unveils plan to cut up to $350 billion from pentagon

Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class

Good vibes by day, wild west by night: CHAZ is an anarchist camp with a split personality (VIDEO)

Contract tracing is here, and it’s even more frightening than imagined

Senator Paid $400,000 By Pharma Pushes Mandatory Vaccine Law

People ‘are just enjoying themselves’: Get insight into life in Seattle's ‘autonomous zone’ (VIDEO)

America to end ‘era of endless wars’ & stop being policeman, Trump gives same old election promises he broke

MSM still predicting a Covid APOCALYPSE, but their web of lies is collapsing around them

If you don’t do it, I will!’ Trump threatens Seattle & WA govt with INTERVENTION if they don’t clear protester-occupied ‘Zone’

Washington sanctions International Criminal Court officials investigating US war crimes

Nukes in space: The extinction rebellion yet to be

Capitol Hill Dems unveil sweeping proposal for police reforms

Call Russia ‘sponsor of TERROR’! Imperial-minded House Republicans urge return to Cold War footing & drastic sanctions policy

Trump orders polar ICEBREAKER FLEET build-up for ‘strong Arctic security presence’

Scrap the anthem? Allow kneeling? US sports are heading for one ALMIGHTY row in the wake of George Floyd's death

Top democrats demand answers on Trump administration’s ‘unfathomable’ consideration of nuclear testing

CNN & Sesame Street’s clumsy ‘Stand up to Racism’ show pushed adult agenda & exploited baffled kids, some hilariously off-message

Fox News accused of ‘MONETIZING RACISM’ after posting graphic of market gains after black killings

National Guard troops couching curfew in the Macarena are the ‘dancing nurses’ of the George Floyd crackdown

Who are you?’ Unmarked riot police patrolling Washington DC streets but won’t identify themselves [could be blackwater mercinaries]

Comment: Could be employed by Academi, which is an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL

officer Erik Prince as Blackwater, renamed as Xe Services in 2009 and known as Academi since 2011

Trump says coronavirus vaccine will be voluntary: ‘Not everyone is going to want to get it’

Bill Gates is an Authoritarian Sociopath Masquerading as a Heroic Nerd

Don’t get race-baited about the US riots: It’s about the economy, stupid!

Space Force is a dangerous shift toward weaponizing space

Trump deploys US military to restore order in Washington DC & says he'll do the same EVERYWHERE if local govts fail

Let’s not excuse violence’: Barack Obama forgets his ENTIRE presidency and argues riots should lead to voting Democrat

Piles of BRICKS mysteriously sprouting up near riot hotspots all over US have journalists demanding answers

Russia’s to blame? MSM allegations that Moscow had a hand in US anti-police-brutality riots ‘entirely to be expected’

Constitutional scholar says Trump is carrying out the globalist agenda

Rioters lining dumpster fires along residential streets in uptown Portland Oregon

Masks are a joke – corona phobia

Evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is genetically engineered

Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state”. The Rockefeller Foundations documented plan for martial law

Pompeo is trying to do another arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Congress must stop him

Bill Gates and the depopulation agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior calls for an investigation

Constitutional Scholar: “Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda”

As Americans lose their jobs, Senate gears up to give Israel A MINIMUM of $38 billion over 10 years

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

Tucker: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines

Dangerous narcissism: REAL reason Trump ditched Open Skies is dislike for any treaties that don’t bear HIS signature

Our Governments Should Face Charges of Terrorism Over The COVID Lie

Orange County Dr. Jeff Barke Breaks His Silence on COVID 19

Have a good day & be safe’: New Jersey cops are latest police force to REFUSE enforcing Covid-19 restrictions

This will kill you’: Media goes into anti-HCQ panic mode after Trump says he’s taking the drug to fend off Covid-19

Fox News: Tucker Carlson’s astute observation on the coronavirus lockdown

The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression

The coming nuclear menace: Hypersonic missiles

Meet Barbara Ferrer, The social justice warrior with no medical background leading LA's COVID response

Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

An open license to pollute”: Trump administration indefinitely suspends some environmental protection laws during coronavirus pandemic

Cuomo puts brakes on reopening NY, claiming ‘nobody’s been here before’ – Wait, what about Georgia?

We could open up again and forget the whole thing’ (coronavirus)

Covid-19 is massacring US elderly in nursing homes, neglected for years by a power-hungry industry

US muscle-flexing threatens to open Arctic front in new Cold War with Russia

Flynn ‘unmasking’ documents show involvement of senior Obama administration officials, including Joe Biden

The US’ Covid-19 death toll is soaring, but it keeps wasting billions on overseas military ops. Is that what taxpayers want?

CNN lies about 68% of Americans waiting for Covid-19 vaccine

Facebook paying $52 million settlement to moderators who claim they developed PTSD through work

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Anthony Fauci is a fraud, and has “poisoned an entire generation of Americans”

Old white male plutocrat: Dems & media have no shame backing Joe Biden, who personifies exactly what they bash Trump for

Plans to be at WH tomorrow’: Pence’s office DENIES he's self-isolating over Covid-19 fears

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Part 3 | Stopping forced vaccines is the most important issue of our day!

Next in coronavirus tyranny: Forced vaccinations and ‘digital certificates’

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world

COVID 19: Most People Don't Realize What's Happening (2020)

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

RFK Jr. - “We are in the last battle...”

Police are complicit in Politicians' disregard for the Rule of Law

Government by billionaires? Cuomo names former Google CEO to join Gates & Bloomberg in drafting post-pandemic ‘reforms’

End of Russiagate? DOJ drops case against Trump adviser Flynn that started ‘witch hunt’

Green new deal reveals the naked truth of Agenda 21

From Congress to K Street, a small cohort of men exert immense influence on American political life.

Gestapo Tactics Make Appearances Worldwide Signaling NWO “Order From Chaos” Desire

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Pennsylvania forced to remove hundreds of deaths from coronavirus death count after coroners raise red flags

Claire Edwards - “the 5G space weapon, mind control agenda & kill grid”[Age of Truth TV]

Microsoft not only funds ID2020, but they also filed a patent for a device connected to the human body for buying & selling cryptocurrency

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Quoting from the article: Dr. Scott Jensen says the American Medical Association is now “encouraging” doctors to

over count coronavirus deaths across the country.

Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: These “are the good times — compared to what's coming next”

Rev. Danny Jones: The Micro-chipped New World Order

'Shocked and disappointed' US women's soccer stars' equal pay lawsuit THROWN OUT after judge said they were paid MORE than men

Desperate New Yorkers mark May Day with CANCEL RENT protests at governor’s office & city landmarks (VIDEOS

US should have spent half its military budget on healthcare system instead of missiles, 'ex-economic hitman' Perkins tells RT

Joe Biden is Joe Biden’: Democratic establishment clashes with progressives over lockstep defense on Tara Reade allegations

Denver Health Executives Get Bonuses 1 Week After Workers Asked To Take Cuts

ER Physician Drops Multiple COVID-19 Bombshells

The hardest working president in history’: Trump goes on Twitter rant against ‘fake media’ with Nobel Prizes for Russia stories

'No Warming, No War': report details how US militarism and climate crisis are deeply interwoven

Over 1,000 protesters storm Wisconsin Capitol to demand end to lockdown as every 8th resident out of work (photos & video)

US media schtum on Assange’s plight despite 3 years of ‘flamboyant devotion’ to protecting press freedom – Greenwald

The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovitz

US coronavirus death toll rises to 40,000, almost double Italy's figures

American clinics report up to 400% rise in abortion requests. If there's a Covid-19 economic collapse, this will get much worse

These US citizens won't get coronavirus stimulus checks — because their spouses are immigrants

Cuomo’s longed-for ’constitutional crisis’ is less about opposition to ‘King Trump’ than a power-grab for ‘King Cuomo’

Trump unveils 3-phase plan for reopening US from Covid-19 lockdowns

No Surprise: Obama endorses fellow corporate Democrat Joe Biden

Trump halts WHO funding, accuses health body of conspiring with China to ‘cover up’ Covid-19 outbreak

Trump Labor Secretary condemned for ‘despicable’ efforts to roll back unemployment benefits, paid leave in coronavirus stimulus

Papers, please! Covid-19 ‘immunity cards’ may be required of Americans, Fauci says

Covid-19 ‘mass graves’ on New York’s Hart Island spark frenzy of fake news amid grim reality

Sanders sinks again: The populist Democrat departs the race just when his message was most relevant

Forget church-state separation: U.S. government to pay pastor’s salaries with relief funding

US pension funds are ‘toxic waste dump of risk’ – RT’s Keiser Report

Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates call for mass vaccination & global governance - Spiro Skouras ActivistPost.com

Trump threatens to defund and investigate ‘China centric’ World Health Organization

'One of the most brazen acts of voter suppression in modern times' as US Supreme Court blocks absentee ballot extension in Wisconsin

U.S. Stops Issuing Passports Except For ‘Life-Or-Death’ Emergencies.

Abby Martin: US Empire exploits COVID-19 for more war

US Empire Exploits COVID-19 For More War

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who defied him on Ukraine

#MeToo, but not this time? Hashtag champion actress Alyssa Milano slammed for hypocrisy on Biden assault claims

Kellyanne humiliated BY FOX NEWS as her defense of Trump backfires ON AIR

Russian plane with coronavirus medical gear lands in U.S. after Trump-Putin call

Despite Calls for Global Ceasefire, Trump Threatens War With Iran Amid COVID-19

Chemical brothers: Monsanto & BASF knew for years their products destroy US farms, documents reveal

White House projects 100K to 240K coronavirus deaths as Trump tells US to prepare for ‘very painful two weeks’

Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

Rothschilds tell Trump to “shut the f* up” about reforming their Federal Reserve Bank

$6 Trillion ‘rescue package,’ unaffordable bailouts and buybacks: Bend over, here it comes again!

The U.S. Just Signed A $450 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Contract With Johnson & Johnson

Who CARES about debt? Covid-19, corporate plunder, & the US plan of unlimited bank bailouts

Run for the hills! Pentagon sends teams into MOUNTAIN BUNKERS as pandemic preparations go into full swing

Trump invokes Defense Production Act, accusing General Motors of ‘wasting time’ on producing ventilators

US coronavirus: Wednesday has been deadliest day in reported deaths

US is at a critical juncture, facing TWO EPIDEMICS: Covid-19 & soaring joblessness

How Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, became the politician of the moment

Trump Irresponsible, Dangerous w/Lies & Happy Talk On Fed. Coronavirus Help

Trump signs $738 billion defense bill. Here’s what the Pentagon is poised to get

Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Class war in the making? Coronavirus quarantines pit well-off hermits against serfs who supply them

Democrats block SECOND attempt to pass coronavirus stimulus in US Senate

Rand Paul becomes first US senator to test POSITIVE for coronavirus

Stop the largest Naval war practice in the world that with COVID19 endangers Hawaii and the world

Comment: The Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power Mindset necessitates practicing war games to let your enemies

know that you’re ready to murder at any time and have developed low-yield nukes, as though murdering a lesser amount

of innocent citizens is fine with Jesus & God. The psychological horror is possible with psychologically ignorant fools in

all branches & departments in the US government.

Senator Paid $400,000 By Pharma Pushes Mandatory Vaccine Law

I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

Robert Reich: Coronavirus is revealing a secret – American has no real public health system

Comment: The demonic capitalist cabal will not allow it. It’s due to the millionaire, corrupt politicians in Congress who

are on the dole from corporate lobbyists - oil, Big Pharma and insurance companies, as well as due to the presstitute

news media – such as MSNBC, CNN & Fox, which misinforms “we the people” about socialism. Most people are,

apparently, historically economically uneducated. With regards the proposed “single-payer healthcare” or “Medicare

for all”: The US government has used a combination of socialism* & capitalism from the beginning¹. The problem is

that we have vulture (usury) capitalism that’s ruled by demonic capitalists, and it’s just a matter of revising the latter to

a godly form of capitalism that doesn’t put college students & citizens in debt their whole lives and/or confiscate their

property in hard economic times.

* Institutions provided via income tax: Public education through High School, fire departments, police departments,

the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), Highway Departments, Water & Electrical departments, Libraries, NASA,

the CIA, the NSA, the DoD, etc., along with the US Postal Service are a combination of socialism & capitalism, and

a US Health Care Service could & should be operated similarly by government federal employees, just as it is in Europe,

but the unthinking, economically uneducated citizens are told by the presstitute news media and corrupt politicians that

it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s very foolish to think that in order to have health care you must provide the CEO of a health

insurance company with a million dollar annual income in order to have health insurance, which is why the premiums are

outrageously high, when he is nothing more than an intermediary between doctor’s & their patients, whereas a government

operated health care system would do the same at less cost to citizens, and also use doctors/surgeons of your own choice.

Citizens buy postage stamps, etc., and Postal Service employees & others noted above, pay income tax too, along with

buying everyday things to live - homes, cars, food, etc., ergo capitalism. A “single-payer” health care system paid for by

a tax, like social security, would be much less costly than having to pay insurance premiums, which are large because of

outrageous executive salaries and overhead. U.S. sanctions destroyed Venezuela’s economy, not socialism.  The Real

Reason the U.S. Wants to Overthrow Venezuela – oil  It’s all a matter of realizing that the US government, as well as the

presstitute news media (CNN & Fox, etc.) is controlled by the “cabal/money/mafia”, and the duped, unthinking citizens

don’t realize that using our tax money to benefit ourselves is the right way to go, but it takes profiteering away from

corporations, consequently, the billionaires & millionaires in government don’t like that at all, because they’re on the dole.

The ungodly US sanctions and never-ending wars are for the elite and the military/industrial complex.

US military given ‘continuity of government’ standby orders for COVID-19 pandemic

Secret recording exposes Intelligence Chairman warning donors about coronavirus 3 weeks ago

20 leading economists just signed a letter arguing Medicare for All would generate massive savings for American families

US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-Change Bill with Zero Opposition

Comment: The US government is an oligarchy, not a democracy and its corrupt, self-serving (on the dole), religiously

brainwashed, karmically ignorant politicians have destroyed Venezuela’s economy with sanctions for the purpose of

stealing it’s oil.

Trump signs ‘families first’ coronavirus act, with additional $1 trillion stimulus in the works

Rigged US primaries aren’t the problem – the rigged election system is

I’ll do what I want’: AOC Covid-19 spat shows Americans face same key problem in a virus crisis – obsession with binary positions

SHOCKING: BiII Gates and UN held simulated C0R0NAVIRUS pandemic conference in October of 2019

Nationalize factories & industries!’ De Blasio kicks panic up to 11, calling coronavirus ‘war-like situation’

Martial Law in the United States: How Likely is it, and What will happen under Martial law?

Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar