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  ALERT- Mar 2015: Former Canadian Minister of Defense Paul Hellyer declares the USA to be “in grave danger”

      Press release: It is now 3 minutes to midnight [and it's time to occupy the National Mall in Washington, DC]

         70 year old prophecy: The earth will soon be swept by extraordinary rapid waves of cosmic electricity

                   Interview with former Senator Mike Gravel regarding the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure   

                                The Deep State Institutions That Make Up The “Secret Government”

                                              From JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man's Trick                               

                                                 Outer Space Security and Development Treaty                                                                                                            


U.S. News

Arming the Planet: the USA as the World’s Leading Weapons Dealer

Comment: As a result of the deliberate dumbing down in public education and religious brainwashing, the US government

developed the mindset of Alexander the Great Jerk who killed everyone who could have a possible claim to the kingship”

Burn Louisville’ and ‘Amerikka’ trend on Twitter as calls for Black Lives Matter riots spread across the US

WATCH: BLM protesters prepare riot shields & ‘ABOLISH POLICE’ signs following Breonna Taylor charges announcement

CDC publishes, then DELETES, new guidelines warning of aerosol Covid-19 transmission, contradicting WHO

Virgin Islands AG demands ENTIRETY of Epstein flight logs, ‘sparking panic’ among wealthy passengers

Riots return to Portland as protesters attack businesses, burn flags and force motorists to pledge loyalty to BLM (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Best case’ for end of pandemic is 2022, thanks to vaccines & funding, says ‘optimistic’ Bill Gates

Impeachment round two? Pelosi says Dems will use ‘every arrow in our quiver’ to stop Trump replacing RBG if he loses in November

Trump tells Republicans ‘we’re in position of power’ to replace RBG

Package containing deadly RICIN poison sent to President Trump, intercepted by law enforcement – report

Noam Chomsky: The world is at the most dangerous moment in human history

Bill Gates doubts FDA & CDC can be trusted on Covid & vaccines. Sure, let’s trust a non-doctor billionaire who pays media instead

Swing states side with Democrats, will accept late ballots AFTER election day

Trump threatens Iran with attack ‘1,000 times greater’ after Tehran denounces anonymously-sourced report as ‘propaganda’

Are they being serious? US propaganda demands equal access to Russian airwaves...as America censors foreign media at every turn

Scott Ritter: Why Bob Woodward’s ‘Rage’ is a lie built on a lie, and what Trump vs ‘Military Messiah Syndrome’ really is about

Feds worried drones might AIRLIFT prisoners over walls, says new DOJ report seeking permission to SHOOT THEM DOWN

Nearly two decades after 9/11, the parallels between the post-terrorist attack ‘New Normal’ & that of Covid-19 can’t be ignored

Protests over the shooting of a crazed knifeman who charged at cops prove BLM and Antifa just want to watch America burn

Trump wants ‘DEATH PENALTY’ for attacker who shot LA cops, as protesters chant ‘WE HOPE THEY DIE’

The Left’s extreme behavior is solidifying support for Trump; it’s as if BLM has been invented by the Republicans

Trump acknowledges he intentionally downplayed deadly coronavirus, says effort was to reduce panic (video)

Unmasking the truth about a second COVID Wave | Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree

Nothing nefarious at all’: Backlash as ex-NSA chief, involved in mass surveillance revealed by Snowden, joins Amazon board

Unmasking the Truth About a Second COVID Wave | Dr. Rashid Buttar & Del Bigtree

Yale prof: ‘Evidence overwhelming’ for fighting COVID with hydroxychloroquine

Lawsuit filed against Merck for lying to doctors & moms about the HPV Gardasil vaccine

Edward Snowden’s Tweet that exposed what our TV’s are doing to us

Threat of using NUKES grows bigger under Trump & renewing milestone START treaty may be ‘too late’ – Noam Chomsky tells RT

Portland Antifa shooter appeared to TARGET and follow conservative demonstrator before killing him, police say

Here come the Covid Detention Centers

White House directs federal agencies to cancel race-related training sessions it calls ‘Un-American propaganda’

Chasing The Deepest State: Who’s Behind Bill Gates?

Trump administration proposes easing oil and gas permitting in national forest

Snowden did nothing wrong? Court rules NSA spying on Americans’ phones was illegal all along

NYPD’s release of an attempted rape video to hype up New York’s return to the bad old days of crime will backfire in the long run

NEW VIDEO shows immediate aftermath of Portland shooting, as group confirms victim was a Trump supporter

Trump to visit Kenosha in wake of police protests

Activists: Militias tolerated, Kenosha protesters arrested

And now the fallout… More lawsuits and killings will be the inevitable consequences of the mob’s attempt to take over the US

Millennials can’t afford property so don’t care about protecting it. Why are we surprised they’re setting fires and smashing cars?

Jacob Blake’s family ‘disgusted’ by Kenosha rioting & violence, his mother issues apology to Trump

Pompeo finds himself under investigation after speaking at Republican convention from Israel

Are you a christian!?’ BLM activists harass restaurant patrons who refuse to raise fists and shout slogans (VIDEOS)

125 National Guard troops deploying to Kenosha following rioting & looting over police shooting

Splitting sides: Multi-millionaire comedian Seinfeld tries to play down New York’s crisis, gets blasted for being out of touch

Trump praises operation ‘Warp Speed’ as FDA issues emergency authorization for ‘convalescent plasma’ treatment for Covid-19

Where’s Tulsi? Outsider candidate Gabbard smeared by Clinton not even invited to Democratic convention

RAY McGOVERN: Catapulting Russian-Meddling Propaganda

Big Pharma’s Covid-19 Profiteers

US ready ‘to block Russia & China’ if they disregard Iran sanctions, Pompeo warns, as Washington pushes for UN ‘snapback’

DESPOTIC DOZEN: Top 12 US oligarchs now own $1 TRILLION in total wealth – more than GDP of Belgium & Austria combined

Caitlin Johnstone: QAnon is a fake, decoy imitation of a healthy revolutionary impulse

Democrats’ election platform demands end to ‘forever wars’ — most of which were launched last time Biden held office

Plandemic II: Indoctornation

US Postal Service reforms SUSPENDED until after the election to avoid ‘appearance’ of impact, Postmaster General says

Zuckerberg, Facebook & Three “Fact-Checkers” Sued For Government Sponsored Censorship

The unraveling of America

Gov. Noem explains how South Dakota kept COVID cases low without locking down

Florida sheriff orders deputies not to wear masks, bans civilians in masks from office

Levin's Warning: A State That Can Mandate Masks Has Unlimited Power

Not treated fairly’? Trump appears to soften on ‘Snowden a traitor’ stance, as supporters renew calls for pardon

Americans must have their freedoms’: Trump rejects Biden’s call for MASK MANDATE, says states should decide

Comment: Learn the History Behind the Build-Up to the C0VID Lockdown Takeover.

Lee Camp: The death penalty is a barbaric, pointless waste of human life. But the US government is executing Americans again

Kamala Harris’s race and gender are a beautiful wrapping. Underneath, same old establishment – but what America needs is change

Facebook’s latest ‘hate speech’ update proves no censorship will ever be enough for social media thought police

Wanna bet? US statisticians give Trump ‘exact same odds’ against Biden as the ones he beat in 2016

Trump pledged to permanently scrap the payroll taxes used to fund Social Security and Medicare if he wins re-election

Trump gives 1.16 Billion to Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & inks deal with Pfizer for a COVID vaccine

US doctor in Canada: Medicare for All would have made America's COVID response much better

We are coming for you’: Chicago mayor promises CRACKDOWN after night of ‘straight-up felony’

Trump’s assault on postal service attacks much more than voting | Editorial

Number of Americans Who Plan to Get Vaccinated Falls to 42% — a New Low

Fact check: Was censored Trump right to say that children are ‘almost immune’ from Covid-19?

Gaffe-smothered Biden laughs off the idea he should take a cognitive test

Americans should start wearing face masks AT HOME, Dr. Deborah Birx says

Comment: Dr. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

First masks, and now a face shield and goggles? It’s time to resist this madness

Bring on the ‘eviction tidal wave’: 40 percent of US renters face homelessness as landlords & tenants are encouraged to go to war

Trump RUINED our Venezuela coup and botched ‘winning play,’ cries Democrat Senator & gets ROASTED online

Why the US really accuses Russia & China of weaponizing space

EPA grants leniency for dumping toxic coal ash

Unsealed docs say Bill Clinton was on ‘pedophile island’ w/ ‘young girls’ & cite Epstein saying former president ‘owed him favor’

Michigan Supreme Court rules former Gov. Snyder, emergency managers must face Flint water crisis lawsuit

'This Is How It's Done': Must-Watch TV as Jayapal Tears Into William Barr at Judiciary Hearing

Trump says US won’t protect Germany as it ‘pays Russia billions for energy’ in 1st tweet after Pentagon announces troop withdrawal

Zuckerberg admits Facebook suppresses ‘hate speech’ BEFORE it’s seen by anyone

Trump Gives 1.16 Billion To Bill Gates’ Vaccine Alliance & Inks Deal With Pfizer For A COVID Vaccine

Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy

Russiagate Hoax Is Worse Than You Thought – Bill Binney

We are witnessing the fall of a great power

Ex CBS Investigative Journalist Explains How Mainstream Media Brainwashes The Masses

Riots are driving Portland’s small businesses under, but mainstream media wants to sell you a different story

Seattle radio host who mocked Trump's reaction to protests now says he needs a gun after Starbucks below his apartment is trashed

Wake up woke folk’: Fox's Geraldo doubles down on Ghislaine Maxwell defense, says she ‘should have got bail’

Mitch McConnell drags his feet as 30 million are set to lose unemployment benefits in days

US judge authorizes release of previously-sealed documents in case of Jeffrey Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell

NY Times has found the REAL culprit in the racial achievement gap: ‘NICE WHITE PARENTS’

A Photographer Says He's Traumatized By What He's Captured In Portland

End Pharmaceutical Company Immunity from Lawsuits

Americans Overwhelmingly Support Cutting the Pentagon to Support Our Real Needs

State-level marijuana decriminalization is not enough

Democrats cry ‘foreign meddling’ in 2020 election in letter to FBI, reportedly over probe of Biden dealings in Ukraine

Trump says he'll send federal forces to more leftist-run cities as Dems decry feds' role in Portland riots

Leader of radical black-only militia NFAC ‘believes in violence’ & wants a real-life Wakanda for every black person in America

Portland police ‘retreat’ after standoff with NAKED female protester (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

‘Jesus matters!’ WATCH Christian activist dump paint on de Blasio’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ mural in New York

CNN’s latest massive White House scoop? Portraits of Bill Clinton & George W. Bush ‘moved to a less prominent room’

Real Russiagate bombshell: FBI knew Steele dossier was fiction, Strzok notes show NYTimes reporting ‘misleading and inaccurate’

Google will cut advertising revenue from sites that go against the coronavirus ‘consensus’

Twitter piles on ‘Gestapo’ tactics as DHS chief vows to never surrender Portland to ‘violent extremists’

Setting Pompeo loose on the concept of ‘human rights’ is a warning the US is about to violate a lot more of them

The murder of a female soldier has shown just how bad sexual violence is in the US military. As a soldier who was raped, I know

Time, work & Christianity are ‘white people’ things? US Government-funded museum now promoting crackpot ‘anti-racism’ theories

Precedent set: North Carolina city approves reparations for black Americans, Rhode Island mayor looking into doing the same

Liberal elite? Left-wing establishment? People in power are ALWAYS conservative, gaslighting the world to keep the status quo

Scandal: COVID+ Numbers Proven Fake In Florida…100% Positive Test Rate

Masks don’t work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

Anti-Trump camp in meltdown over VIDEO of dancing Roger Stone after his prison term’s commuted

Caitlin Johnstone: Liberals are CRAZY IDIOTS - they pretend to be for truth & morals, then worship John McCain & push Russia hoax

'KKK number behind white power gesture' spotted by Portland protester was actually poster celebrating basketball star

Jake Tapper says Trump would have ‘saved lives’ if he’d worn mask earlier, is shown ‘no need for masks’ clip from his own show

Anti-science saga’? NBC contributor who documented harrowing battle with Covid-19 NEVER had the virus

Trump threatens to defund universities for ‘Radical Left Indoctrination’

Liberal media alarmed US propaganda arm Voice of America may ‘become propaganda’ (the wrong kind) under Trump nominee CEO

Liberal media alarmed US propaganda arm Voice of America may ‘become propaganda’ (the wrong kind) under Trump nominee CEO

Trump hails Obama! How the US president has turned to his predecessor’s ugly methods of repressing dissent to tackle BLM

New York Times lays out conditions for Biden to debate Trump... or loophole to get Joe out of live sparring

5 crazy revelations from Mary Trump’s explosive tell-all: Trump cheated on his SAT’s, left his brother’s death bed to catch a movie

Assassination of Gen. Soleimani was 'violation of US law': Analyst

Whistleblower Senator Scott Jensen Is Threatened To Have His Medical License Taken

Doctors can place COVID-19 on death certificates without confirmed test results, Senator Scott Jensen, a practicing physician, says.

Court orders Dakota Access Pipeline to be shut down for environmental review, handing victory to Sioux tribe & other protesters

Seattle’s “Summer of Love” Spoiled by Murder, Robberies, Assaults

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know

The Ghislaine Maxwell Deception

Now get Clinton and Prince Andrew,’ says Rose McGowan, after tweeting pic of Weinstein, Epstein & Maxwell

Bone-chilling video shows speeding car hit 2 BLM protesters on freeway in Seattle

From ‘majestic’ to ‘monument for 2 slave owners’: CNN makes about-face on Mt. Rushmore in its coverage of Obama & Trump

Our Luck May Have Run Out’: California’s Case Count Explodes

Twitch suspends Donald Trump's account as Reddit bans his supporters' biggest community

US drug maker says its coronavirus medication will cost up to $5,700 per treatment

You’re always crazy until you’re right’: BLM leader compares Defund the Police to innovators like Steve Jobs & Einstein on RT

More corporate virtue signaling’: Twitter left baffled by Simpsons ban on white actors voicing non-white characters

Zuckerberg loses $7.2 BILLION after corporate ad boycott pressing Facebook to police ‘hate speech’

Trump threatens ‘serious force’ if protesters attempt to create CHAZ-style ‘autonomous zone’ in Washington, DC

As blacks in America, we must prioritize the family. Everything else comes after

Heaven knows we’re miserable now: Americans are the unhappiest we’ve been for 50 years. Here’s some reasons to be cheerful

Bloodthirsty John Bolton’s book on Trump is fueled by frustration that the president hasn’t led the US into a major war

SEC Chair Clayton's Wall Street ties cloud U.S. Attorney bid

Trump's Tulsa rally draws low turnout amid tense political backdrop, anti-racism protests and the coronavirus

Abolishing the police because they’ve failed rape victims is declaring open season on women

Guilt by association? Stepmom of Atlanta cop who shot Rayshard Brooks fired from mortgage firm in dubious circumstances

Chris Hedges: The capitalist class wants to keep the working class in a state of constant distress (video)

Atlanta cop charged with murder in Rayshard Brooks shooting may face DEATH PENALTY, after partner turns witness

Time to ‘reinvest in people’ and ‘cut weapons of war’: Barbara Lee unveils plan to cut up to $350 billion from pentagon

Chris Hedges: Gaslighted by the Ruling Class

Good vibes by day, wild west by night: CHAZ is an anarchist camp with a split personality (VIDEO)

Contract tracing is here, and it’s even more frightening than imagined

Senator Paid $400,000 By Pharma Pushes Mandatory Vaccine Law

People ‘are just enjoying themselves’: Get insight into life in Seattle's ‘autonomous zone’ (VIDEO)

America to end ‘era of endless wars’ & stop being policeman, Trump gives same old election promises he broke

MSM still predicting a Covid APOCALYPSE, but their web of lies is collapsing around them

If you don’t do it, I will!’ Trump threatens Seattle & WA govt with INTERVENTION if they don’t clear protester-occupied ‘Zone’

Washington sanctions International Criminal Court officials investigating US war crimes

Nukes in space: The extinction rebellion yet to be

Capitol Hill Dems unveil sweeping proposal for police reforms

Call Russia ‘sponsor of TERROR’! Imperial-minded House Republicans urge return to Cold War footing & drastic sanctions policy

Trump orders polar ICEBREAKER FLEET build-up for ‘strong Arctic security presence’

Scrap the anthem? Allow kneeling? US sports are heading for one ALMIGHTY row in the wake of George Floyd's death

Top democrats demand answers on Trump administration’s ‘unfathomable’ consideration of nuclear testing

CNN & Sesame Street’s clumsy ‘Stand up to Racism’ show pushed adult agenda & exploited baffled kids, some hilariously off-message

Fox News accused of ‘MONETIZING RACISM’ after posting graphic of market gains after black killings

National Guard troops couching curfew in the Macarena are the ‘dancing nurses’ of the George Floyd crackdown

Who are you?’ Unmarked riot police patrolling Washington DC streets but won’t identify themselves [could be blackwater mercinaries]

Comment: Could be employed by Academi, which is an American private military company founded in 1997 by former Navy SEAL

officer Erik Prince as Blackwater, renamed as Xe Services in 2009 and known as Academi since 2011

Trump says coronavirus vaccine will be voluntary: ‘Not everyone is going to want to get it’

Bill Gates is an Authoritarian Sociopath Masquerading as a Heroic Nerd

Don’t get race-baited about the US riots: It’s about the economy, stupid!

Space Force is a dangerous shift toward weaponizing space

Trump deploys US military to restore order in Washington DC & says he'll do the same EVERYWHERE if local govts fail

Let’s not excuse violence’: Barack Obama forgets his ENTIRE presidency and argues riots should lead to voting Democrat

Piles of BRICKS mysteriously sprouting up near riot hotspots all over US have journalists demanding answers

Russia’s to blame? MSM allegations that Moscow had a hand in US anti-police-brutality riots ‘entirely to be expected’

Constitutional scholar says Trump is carrying out the globalist agenda

Rioters lining dumpster fires along residential streets in uptown Portland Oregon

Masks are a joke – corona phobia

Evidence that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is genetically engineered

Under the guise of a pandemic, we will create a prison state”. The Rockefeller Foundations documented plan for martial law

Pompeo is trying to do another arms deal with Saudi Arabia. Congress must stop him

Bill Gates and the depopulation agenda. Robert F. Kennedy Junior calls for an investigation

Constitutional Scholar: “Trump Is Carrying Out The Globalist Agenda”

As Americans lose their jobs, Senate gears up to give Israel A MINIMUM of $38 billion over 10 years

LA doctor seeing success with hydroxychloroquine to treat COVID-19

Deadlier than Covid? Medics sound alarm as lockdown suicides SOAR in US – and health officials knew it would happen

Tucker: Our leaders are making a mockery of their own quarantines

Dangerous narcissism: REAL reason Trump ditched Open Skies is dislike for any treaties that don’t bear HIS signature

Our Governments Should Face Charges of Terrorism Over The COVID Lie

Orange County Dr. Jeff Barke Breaks His Silence on COVID 19

Have a good day & be safe’: New Jersey cops are latest police force to REFUSE enforcing Covid-19 restrictions

This will kill you’: Media goes into anti-HCQ panic mode after Trump says he’s taking the drug to fend off Covid-19

Fox News: Tucker Carlson’s astute observation on the coronavirus lockdown

The Face Mask: A Powerful Symbol of COVID Oppression

The coming nuclear menace: Hypersonic missiles

Meet Barbara Ferrer, The social justice warrior with no medical background leading LA's COVID response

Exposing the Global Population Control Agenda

An open license to pollute”: Trump administration indefinitely suspends some environmental protection laws during coronavirus pandemic

Cuomo puts brakes on reopening NY, claiming ‘nobody’s been here before’ – Wait, what about Georgia?

We could open up again and forget the whole thing’ (coronavirus)

Covid-19 is massacring US elderly in nursing homes, neglected for years by a power-hungry industry

US muscle-flexing threatens to open Arctic front in new Cold War with Russia

Flynn ‘unmasking’ documents show involvement of senior Obama administration officials, including Joe Biden

The US’ Covid-19 death toll is soaring, but it keeps wasting billions on overseas military ops. Is that what taxpayers want?

CNN lies about 68% of Americans waiting for Covid-19 vaccine

Facebook paying $52 million settlement to moderators who claim they developed PTSD through work

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. warns that Anthony Fauci is a fraud, and has “poisoned an entire generation of Americans”

Old white male plutocrat: Dems & media have no shame backing Joe Biden, who personifies exactly what they bash Trump for

Plans to be at WH tomorrow’: Pence’s office DENIES he's self-isolating over Covid-19 fears

Dr. Andrew Wakefield - Part 3 | Stopping forced vaccines is the most important issue of our day!

Next in coronavirus tyranny: Forced vaccinations and ‘digital certificates’

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

Bill Gates plan to vaccinate the world

COVID 19: Most People Don't Realize What's Happening (2020)

Woodstock Occurred in the Middle of a Pandemic

RFK Jr. - “We are in the last battle...”

Police are complicit in Politicians' disregard for the Rule of Law

Government by billionaires? Cuomo names former Google CEO to join Gates & Bloomberg in drafting post-pandemic ‘reforms’

End of Russiagate? DOJ drops case against Trump adviser Flynn that started ‘witch hunt’

Green new deal reveals the naked truth of Agenda 21

From Congress to K Street, a small cohort of men exert immense influence on American political life.

Gestapo Tactics Make Appearances Worldwide Signaling NWO “Order From Chaos” Desire

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Pennsylvania forced to remove hundreds of deaths from coronavirus death count after coroners raise red flags

Claire Edwards - “the 5G space weapon, mind control agenda & kill grid”[Age of Truth TV]

Microsoft not only funds ID2020, but they also filed a patent for a device connected to the human body for buying & selling cryptocurrency

US Hospitals Getting Paid More to Label Cause of Death as ‘Coronavirus’

Quoting from the article: Dr. Scott Jensen says the American Medical Association is now “encouraging” doctors to

over count coronavirus deaths across the country.

Pulitzer winner Chris Hedges: These “are the good times — compared to what's coming next”

Rev. Danny Jones: The Micro-chipped New World Order

'Shocked and disappointed' US women's soccer stars' equal pay lawsuit THROWN OUT after judge said they were paid MORE than men

Desperate New Yorkers mark May Day with CANCEL RENT protests at governor’s office & city landmarks (VIDEOS

US should have spent half its military budget on healthcare system instead of missiles, 'ex-economic hitman' Perkins tells RT

Joe Biden is Joe Biden’: Democratic establishment clashes with progressives over lockstep defense on Tara Reade allegations

Denver Health Executives Get Bonuses 1 Week After Workers Asked To Take Cuts

ER Physician Drops Multiple COVID-19 Bombshells

The hardest working president in history’: Trump goes on Twitter rant against ‘fake media’ with Nobel Prizes for Russia stories

'No Warming, No War': report details how US militarism and climate crisis are deeply interwoven

Over 1,000 protesters storm Wisconsin Capitol to demand end to lockdown as every 8th resident out of work (photos & video)

US media schtum on Assange’s plight despite 3 years of ‘flamboyant devotion’ to protecting press freedom – Greenwald

The Truth About Fauci Featuring Dr. Judy Mikovitz

US coronavirus death toll rises to 40,000, almost double Italy's figures

American clinics report up to 400% rise in abortion requests. If there's a Covid-19 economic collapse, this will get much worse

These US citizens won't get coronavirus stimulus checks — because their spouses are immigrants

Cuomo’s longed-for ’constitutional crisis’ is less about opposition to ‘King Trump’ than a power-grab for ‘King Cuomo’

Trump unveils 3-phase plan for reopening US from Covid-19 lockdowns

No Surprise: Obama endorses fellow corporate Democrat Joe Biden

Trump halts WHO funding, accuses health body of conspiring with China to ‘cover up’ Covid-19 outbreak

Trump Labor Secretary condemned for ‘despicable’ efforts to roll back unemployment benefits, paid leave in coronavirus stimulus

Papers, please! Covid-19 ‘immunity cards’ may be required of Americans, Fauci says

Covid-19 ‘mass graves’ on New York’s Hart Island spark frenzy of fake news amid grim reality

Sanders sinks again: The populist Democrat departs the race just when his message was most relevant

Forget church-state separation: U.S. government to pay pastor’s salaries with relief funding

US pension funds are ‘toxic waste dump of risk’ – RT’s Keiser Report

Henry Kissinger & Bill Gates call for mass vaccination & global governance - Spiro Skouras ActivistPost.com

Trump threatens to defund and investigate ‘China centric’ World Health Organization

'One of the most brazen acts of voter suppression in modern times' as US Supreme Court blocks absentee ballot extension in Wisconsin

U.S. Stops Issuing Passports Except For ‘Life-Or-Death’ Emergencies.

Abby Martin: US Empire exploits COVID-19 for more war

US Empire Exploits COVID-19 For More War

Trump fires intelligence community inspector general who defied him on Ukraine

#MeToo, but not this time? Hashtag champion actress Alyssa Milano slammed for hypocrisy on Biden assault claims

Kellyanne humiliated BY FOX NEWS as her defense of Trump backfires ON AIR

Russian plane with coronavirus medical gear lands in U.S. after Trump-Putin call

Despite Calls for Global Ceasefire, Trump Threatens War With Iran Amid COVID-19

Chemical brothers: Monsanto & BASF knew for years their products destroy US farms, documents reveal

White House projects 100K to 240K coronavirus deaths as Trump tells US to prepare for ‘very painful two weeks’

Exclusive: Captain of aircraft carrier with growing coronavirus outbreak pleads for help from Navy

Rothschilds tell Trump to “shut the f* up” about reforming their Federal Reserve Bank

$6 Trillion ‘rescue package,’ unaffordable bailouts and buybacks: Bend over, here it comes again!

The U.S. Just Signed A $450 Million Coronavirus Vaccine Contract With Johnson & Johnson

Who CARES about debt? Covid-19, corporate plunder, & the US plan of unlimited bank bailouts

Run for the hills! Pentagon sends teams into MOUNTAIN BUNKERS as pandemic preparations go into full swing

Trump invokes Defense Production Act, accusing General Motors of ‘wasting time’ on producing ventilators

US coronavirus: Wednesday has been deadliest day in reported deaths

US is at a critical juncture, facing TWO EPIDEMICS: Covid-19 & soaring joblessness

How Andrew Cuomo, New York Governor, became the politician of the moment

Trump Irresponsible, Dangerous w/Lies & Happy Talk On Fed. Coronavirus Help

Trump signs $738 billion defense bill. Here’s what the Pentagon is poised to get

Coronavirus Capitalism”: Naomi Klein’s Case for Transformative Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Class war in the making? Coronavirus quarantines pit well-off hermits against serfs who supply them

Democrats block SECOND attempt to pass coronavirus stimulus in US Senate

Rand Paul becomes first US senator to test POSITIVE for coronavirus

Stop the largest Naval war practice in the world that with COVID19 endangers Hawaii and the world

Comment: The Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power Mindset necessitates practicing war games to let your enemies

know that you’re ready to murder at any time and have developed low-yield nukes, as though murdering a lesser amount

of innocent citizens is fine with Jesus & God. The psychological horror is possible with psychologically ignorant fools in

all branches & departments in the US government.

Senator Paid $400,000 By Pharma Pushes Mandatory Vaccine Law

I am an American constitutional lawyer – and I see our government using Covid-19 to take away our fundamental rights

Robert Reich: Coronavirus is revealing a secret – American has no real public health system

Comment: The demonic capitalist cabal will not allow it. It’s due to the millionaire, corrupt politicians in Congress who

are on the dole from corporate lobbyists - oil, Big Pharma and insurance companies, as well as due to the presstitute

news media – such as MSNBC, CNN & Fox, which misinforms “we the people” about socialism. Most people are,

apparently, historically economically uneducated. With regards the proposed “single-payer healthcare” or “Medicare

for all”: The US government has used a combination of socialism* & capitalism from the beginning. The problem is

that we have vulture (usury) capitalism that’s ruled by demonic capitalists, and it’s just a matter of revising the latter to

a godly form of capitalism that doesn’t put college students & citizens in debt their whole lives and/or confiscate their

property in hard economic times.

* Institutions provided via income tax: Public education through High School, fire departments, police departments,

the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles), Highway Departments, Water & Electrical departments, Libraries, NASA,

the CIA, the NSA, the DoD, etc., along with the US Postal Service are a combination of socialism & capitalism, and

a US Health Care Service could & should be operated similarly by government federal employees, just as it is in Europe,

but the unthinking, economically uneducated citizens are told by the presstitute news media and corrupt politicians that

it’s the wrong thing to do. It’s very foolish to think that in order to have health care you must provide the CEO of a health

insurance company with a million dollar annual income in order to have health insurance, which is why the premiums are

outrageously high, when he is nothing more than an intermediary between doctor’s & their patients, whereas a government

operated health care system would do the same at less cost to citizens, and also use doctors/surgeons of your own choice.

Citizens buy postage stamps, etc., and Postal Service employees & others noted above, pay income tax too, along with

buying everyday things to live - homes, cars, food, etc., ergo capitalism. A “single-payer” health care system paid for by

a tax, like social security, would be much less costly than having to pay insurance premiums, which are large because of

outrageous executive salaries and overhead. U.S. sanctions destroyed Venezuela’s economy, not socialism.  The Real

Reason the U.S. Wants to Overthrow Venezuela – oil  It’s all a matter of realizing that the US government, as well as the

presstitute news media (CNN & Fox, etc.) is controlled by the “cabal/money/mafia”, and the duped, unthinking citizens

don’t realize that using our tax money to benefit ourselves is the right way to go, but it takes profiteering away from

corporations, consequently, the billionaires & millionaires in government don’t like that at all, because they’re on the dole.

The ungodly US sanctions and never-ending wars are for the elite and the military/industrial complex.

US military given ‘continuity of government’ standby orders for COVID-19 pandemic

Secret recording exposes Intelligence Chairman warning donors about coronavirus 3 weeks ago

20 leading economists just signed a letter arguing Medicare for All would generate massive savings for American families

US House Rams Through Nicaragua Regime-Change Bill with Zero Opposition

Comment: The US government is an oligarchy, not a democracy and its corrupt, self-serving (on the dole), religiously

brainwashed, karmically ignorant politicians have destroyed Venezuela’s economy with sanctions for the purpose of

stealing it’s oil.

Trump signs ‘families first’ coronavirus act, with additional $1 trillion stimulus in the works

Rigged US primaries aren’t the problem – the rigged election system is

I’ll do what I want’: AOC Covid-19 spat shows Americans face same key problem in a virus crisis – obsession with binary positions

SHOCKING: BiII Gates and UN held simulated C0R0NAVIRUS pandemic conference in October of 2019

Nationalize factories & industries!’ De Blasio kicks panic up to 11, calling coronavirus ‘war-like situation’

Martial Law in the United States: How Likely is it, and What will happen under Martial law?

Former Judge Resigns From the Supreme Court Bar

Oil price crash: 50% of US shale could go bankrupt

George Galloway: US govt’s persecution of Chelsea Manning is medieval punishment, the cutting out of tongues, the murder of truth

More than a third of U.S. healthcare costs go to bureaucracy

Trump Promised No Coronavirus Treatment Copays. Insurers Say That’s Not True

Trump's coronavirus travel ban excludes the countries where he has golf courses struggling for business

Health insurance rates to increase at nearly double the rate of inflation in 2020

The real global threat to 21st century freedom is authoritarian capitalism, not democratic socialism

5G Is The “Stupidest Idea In The History of The World”- Washington State Biochemistry/Medical Science Prof

Cuomo unveils New York-made hand sanitizer...made by prison ‘slave labor’ not allowed to use it themselves

Daily Beast’s Russian TV watcher says RT spreads ‘conspiracy theories’ about Biden, fails to mention any

Robert Reich: Bernie’s plans are ambitious, but their costs are peanuts compared to the price of inaction | Opinion

Gov. Inslee tells Trump “Your hate is not welcome in our state”

The TSA Stole Over $2 Billion From Travelers According to A New Lawsuit

Comment: This is disgusting. The TSA is as corrupt as politicians & judges, who are all religiously brainwashed

and ignorant of karma.

SEEDS OF DESPAIR: Isolated, and with limited access to mental-health care, hundreds are dying by suicide.

The complete history of Monsanto - “The world’s most evil corporation”

Six former Ohio state wrestlers say Jim Jordan knew of sexual abuse and did nothing to stop it

Air Force veteran confronts Joe Biden “blood is on your hands!”, Biden turn his back on him

Coronavirus was produced in a laboratory’, says CIA agent

Trump says Rep. Mark Meadows will take over as White House Chief of Staff

White, male & 70+ years old’? DNC scorched for shifting debate rules AGAIN, after Tulsi Gabbard meets previous threshold

Arizona’s trans athlete ban is the only sane way to deal with the issue

Coronavirus is closing schools, forcing working families to choose between their children and their income

The culture wars give the oligarchs, both Democrats and Republicans, the cover to continue the pillage.

Renowned Psychologist: Like Hitler, Trump suffers from Sadism, Malignant Narcissism & Paranoia

Fake JoeMentum: US media & Democrats are forcing a new pro-Biden narrative. Will it hold until November?

Trump administration argues it could be ‘traumatic’ to reunite thousands of migrant children with their parents

Operation Bernie block is in full effect

Bernie's no radical: his agenda harks back to the framing of the U.S. constitution

Julian Assange says “1,700 emails in Hillary Clinton’s collection” proves she sold weapons to ISIS in Syria [Video]

Coronavirus has claimed six U.S. lives; patients being treated in at least 15 states

US to cut number of Chinese state media journalists allowed to work in country & limit duration of stay

It’s older than you think: ‘Russian collusion’ has been a political weapon since the Cold War

Judge Voids Oil And Gas Leases On 1 Million Acres Of Public Land

White House GAGS government health experts from speaking about coronavirus saying they must have Mike Pence's

approval for EVERYTHING they say about mounting crisis - despite VP having zero medical qualifications.

In Praise of the World Health Organization -- Fake Pandemic is OVER -- Final Analysis by Ex-Spy

Comment: This was a fake pandemic and an act of war against China says ex-CIA agent. Media also at fault for fear

mongering and fake news. Bill Gates involved to fear monger to advance vaccine agenda. Rogue agents from several

countries involved. Radiation sickness mixed with a biological agent. Cruise ships are due to radiation sickness, which

are similar symptoms to the flu. Please watch the short video above from ex-CIA agent

Sanders Supporters Denounce Open Threats by Superdelegates to Steal Nomination

U.S. workers without protective gear assisted coronavirus evacuees, HHS whistleblower says

How does Bernie pay for his major plans

Trump tweets suggest break with Barr over FISA reauthorization

America's bad paid sick leave policy could make the coronavirus outbreak worse

What Has Mike Pence Done in Health?

Sanders Campaign Releases Details on How He Will Pay for His Major Plans

The Important Word in ‘Democratic Socialism’ Is ‘Democratic’

Congress warns Pentagon not to move money to fund Trump wall

Convenient hysteria: US is no longer sugar-coating the fact its nuclear drills are aimed at Russia

McConnell gets $50,000 from pharma after blocking bill to lower drug prices

Comment: It’s an oligarchy government of, by and for corporations, and the Trump administration has fostered

a culture of corruption

Nation "Too Broke" for Universal Healthcare to Spend $406 Billion More on F-35

John F Kennedy argues for universal healthcare

Neoliberalism - the Ideology at the Root of All Our Problems

Trump administration cuts to Social Security disability benefits among the cruelest

UN Peacekeeper Discovers Sex Trafficking Inside The UN With Ties To The U.S. State Department

As a Corporate Tool, Buttigieg Is Now a Hammer to Bash Sanders

Indiana Teacher fired for posting article about indoctrination taking place in the schools!

Comment: The “deliberate dumbing down” in public education

Chomsky: Sanders not a Socialist, but a Decent & Honest New Dealer

The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump

So the West is winning, is it? Only if you’re a delusional Trump toady, Mr. Pompeo

2016 all over again for Bernie’: Trump blames Adam Schiff for ‘Russiagate’ Sanders leaks

Comment: Actually, the CIA did the hacking in the 2016 election, not Russia, and continues to meddle & hack under

the guise of Russia in 2020, and naive citizens are easily fooled. The Vault 7 leaks that revealed the CIA is able to

disguise its own cyber-intrusions as "foreign hacks"

Harry Reid calls for end to all caucuses

Dangerous games: US NUKES Russia in ‘mini exercise’ attended by Pentagon chief

Russia isn’t only behind election hacking! They’re also trying to smear US over coronavirus … according to State Department

Democrats resurrect ‘Russiagate’ to go after both Trump and Bernie Sanders, hide their own election trickery

Mitch McConnell calls for social security, medicare, medicaid cuts after passing tax cuts, massive defense spending

Bernie or bust? Bloomberg took a beating from ALL the Democrats at the Nevada debate, but it’s Sanders’ race to lose

Yale study says Medicare for All would save U.S. $450 billion, prevent nearly 70,000 deaths a year

Trump is unleashing militarized goon squads against immigrants in sanctuary cities

Oligarchy dies in darkness? WaPo wants a bigger role for 'elites' in picking the president, & doesn't even try to hide why

Trump’s latest pardons show how quickly he’s normalizing corruption

Kushner under fire for receiving $30M from Israeli firm while shaping Middle East policy

Harvard, Yale under investigation for $375 million secret funding from China, Saudi Arabia

2,000+ former DOJ officials call for Barr to resign; Bush ‘41 deputy AG says Barr is ‘in-American’

Chemtrails exposed by pilots, doctors, & scientists. Soil & water tested high in aluminum & barium

He was my big, strong brother’: Inside one Iowa family’s anguish amid a rise in farmer suicides

Wrong kind of ‘energy’? Bloomberg takes on the ‘Bernie Bros’… using Hillary Clinton-style tactics

Federal judges' association calls emergency meeting after DOJ intervenes in case of Trump ally Roger Stone

These prosecutors want radical criminal justice change. Barr is fighting to stop them

Lawmakers push back at Trump's Pentagon funding grab for wall

Back off Bernie, Jewish group tells Israel lobby

This is how democracy dies – in full view of a public that couldn’t care less

9/11 – The footage they didn’t let you see twice (9/11 2001 documentary)

'Serious economic conditions' demand cut to planned federal worker raise, Trump says

Rashida Tlaib detained by police during protest against low wages at Detroit airport

Trump’s new policy gives Sec. of Defense the go-ahead to stop collective bargaining with unions

What about stopping endless wars? Trump urges GOP to vote down Iran war resolution because it’s a partisan ploy by Democrats

US media tries another ‘Bernie blackout’ after New Hampshire win, but their game is not working

US enters brutal ideological civil war as four-party system begins to take form

Terrorists, Iran and…WikiLeaks? US counter-intel agency puts ‘public disclosure groups’ on same threat list as Al-Qaeda & ISIS

Trump Calls For End To Student Loan Forgiveness Program

Catholic social justice group calls McConnell-run Senate's 2019 record a ‘shocking’ and ‘immoral’ failure

Trump Space Force: Turning the Heavens Into a War Zone

To Understand Trump, You Must Understand His Cult

No Other President Would Have Survived Defrauding Veterans’ Charities

Harvard Law Professor: Jared Kushner Is The ‘Benedict Arnold’ Of Our Era

Legal Experts Say Trump’s Firing of Vindman is a Federal Crime

Farmers union vice president says farmers have ‘pretty much lost all our markets since Trump took over’

America's fatal flaw: The founders assumed our leaders would have some basic decency

GOP leader apologizes for tweeting: 'Time for another Kent State'

Trump didn’t “lift people off welfare.” He cut them off

Trump administration finalizes ‘atrocious’ plans to allow drilling and mining on gutted national monuments

Trump has figured out how to corrupt the entire government

The Pentagon’s $35 trillion accounting black hole

Report: Six Texas oil refineries spewing cancer-causing pollutant above federal threshold

Trump becomes first President to use ‘Bullshit’ in live White House presidential address: MSNBC

Republicans will cut social security and medicare after tax plan passes, says Marco Rubio

Here are the billionaires backing Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign

Former marine walks out of Trump’s state of the union address, calls president a ‘draft dodger’

Pelosi the paper (ripping) tiger: Pro-wrestling theatrics at SOTU fail to pull the wool in latest divide & conquer move

Senate Republicans were on trial. They chose to betray America

Tlaib forced to apologize for booing Hillary Clinton mention as Dems pressure Bernie to disown the ‘squad’

U.S. officials warn of ‘real security consequences’ if Trump’s acquitted

Legendary Watergate reporter Carl Bernstein accused the GOP of a cover-up over Trump's impeachment

Why aren’t Americans rising up like we are seeing across the planet?

Trump gives US military back internationally-banned landmines in full-frontal assault on Obama-era regulations

Edging world closer to nuclear war, Trump deploys ‘low yield’—more ‘usable’—atomic warhead on US submarine

Comment: Contemplating the use of nukes whether “low yield” or otherwise is an example of an ungodly or anti-Christ

consciousness mindset that has become psychologically acceptable to the unthinking, corrupt politicians in the US gov't,

which refuses to engage in discussions with Russia & China for the purpose of getting rid of nuclear weapons, and is the

result of religious brainwashing, as well as ignorance of karma or whatsoever a man/woman, or gov’t soweth, that shall

he/she also reap (good & bad). In being the “biggest terrorist in the world”, the US government, under the influence of the

dark forces, has provided the reasons for the Indigenous Native American prophecy, which foretold that “we’ll see

America come and go”, whatever that entails, but catastrophe is undoubtedly coming in the near future. The presstitute

news media is responsible for not informing US citizens about the CFR’s “war is a racket” foreign policy, consequently,

citizens haven’t protested and forced the US gov’t to stop its ungodly, never-ending war on terror and control by the

military/industrial complex. The spokesperson for the CFR , Henry Kissinger, expressed the reality of their phony patriotic,

ungodly philosophy: “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy. The presstitute news

media will also do its best to prevent peace candidates, like Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard from becoming the democratic

presidential nominee in 2020. The bombs will never stop if Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton is nominated, or if the psychologically

unstable President Trump, who asked an adviser about nuclear weapons, which he repeated 3 times: “if we had them, why

can’t we use them”, is reelected President. All of which irrefutably shows that Donald Trump is truly unfit for office, and the

Republican leadership, who support him are also traitorously unfit for office.

Bush-era Iraq war authorization voted out by US House

Petition: 26,000 scientists oppose 5G roll out

Bill Gates demands: 95% population reduction, control of Big Pharma, forced vaccinations

Pompeo names ‘the central threat of our times’ and guess what it is… It’s the Chinese Communist Party

GOP doesn’t now have votes to block witnesses

Poll: 75% of voters want witnesses for Senate impeachment trial

DNC chair names John Podesta & other Clinton loyalists to Convention Committee, triggering revolt from voters fearing 2016 2.0

Sanders storms ahead as Democrats confront their worst nightmare - and it’s not Donald Trump

Why is POT “illegal” yet Patented as a Cure for All Cancer? US Patent 6630507

Former top U.S. general Dunford joining Lockheed Martin's board

FBI requested interview with Prince Andrew on Jeffrey Epstein case, but received ‘zero cooperation’

Who, exactly? Cindy McCain says ‘WE’ all knew about Epstein’s sex crimes

Boeing's fired CEO got his $62 million payout confirmed the same day 2,800 people in the 737 Max supply chain were laid off

Jealous? Bernie snags coveted Joe Rogan endorsement, Democratic establishment cries ‘problematic’

An Impeachment Trial Without Witnesses Would Be Unconstitutional

GOP Senator Susan Collins on why she can’t support Trump

Trump’s new overtime proposal would deny overtime to 8.2M Americans

US health system costs four times more to run than Canada's single-payer system

Rick Scott’s company committed historic Medicare fraud. He will now lead Trump’s health-care push

How poor people survive in the USA | DW Documentary

Trump administration announces its scheme to make American’s waters burn again

NYC Officials Plan 5G Antenna Installations on Bus Shelters, Kiosks, and More...

MSNBC-Omarosa: Pres. Trump ‘doesn’t grasp’ that ‘his ignorance is destroying our country’

Obvious malicious intent’: Tulsi Gabbard hits Clinton with defamation suit over ‘Russian asset’ smear

The members of Congress who profit from war

Bush White House ethics lawyer calls Trumps ‘an organized crime family’: ‘Go after all of them’

Trump’s legal team releases impeachment trial memo, calls process a ‘charade’

Op-Ed: What The Mueller Report Reveals About Trump's Mental State

Trump is a criminal, but the democrats belong to the same mafia

Trump’s newest Russia adviser ‘escorted from White House’ amid security investigation

GM manages to find $22 million to pay CEO as it closes 5 plants and lays off 15,000 workers

Donald Trump ranked worst president in US history by nearly 200 political scientists

Chris Collins, First U.S. Lawmaker To Endorse Trump, Gets 26-Month Prison Sentence

An Impeachment Trial That Could Unfold Out of Public View

New York Times report says Trump engaged in ‘outright fraud’ to avoid taxes as he inherited father's wealth

The Trump administration wants to reverse Round-Up verdict, protecting Bayer and Monsanto

Trump brags about serving up American troops to Saudi Arabia for nothing more than cash

Trump outlines a significant social security cut in his 2020 budget

Trump: Make Space Great Again

#CNNisTrash unites political rivals after network hammers Sanders in Democratic debate

Comment: The presstitute news media & the oligarchy government are disgustingly determined to not let Bernie Sanders

become the democratic presidential nominee.

US killing of Soleimani & claims it has right to attack Iran is not ‘restoration of deterrence,’ it's return to the Wild West

Comment: Thank you Finian Cunningham for your astute analysis.

Toxic chemicals stole 160 million IQ points from American kids and it’s costing the US trillions of dollars - study

CDC admits 98 million Americans were given cancer virus via the polio shot

UFOs and nukes witness, Robert Salas, running for Congress

Women protest against accused rapists Harvey Weinstein & President Trump

Citing betrayal of oath, watchdog group files formal ethics complaint against McConnell over Trump impeachment

Bloomberg dismisses Texas hero, insists it wasn’t his “job” to have a gun or decide to shoot

Space Force Bible Blessing At National Cathedral Sparks Outrage

Trump to Veto Bill Intended to Keep Forever Chemicals out of Groundwater

The great dismantling of America's national parks is under way

U.S. Senators back bill to provide $3.3 billion for Israel

Comment: Israeli intel helped the US assassinate Soleimani – report Of course it did, after all the US & Israeli leadership

have an established anti-Christ consciousness mindset, and would gladly help the US military to murder Soleimani, who

wasn’t a “terrorist” as falsely claimed, but helped get rid of ISIS/Daesh/al-Qaeda militants in Syria & Iraq, which the US

& Israeli leadership supported. There’s more to the ungodly planning & events behind it here.

Trump proposes sweeping rollback of environmental oversight

Fact check: Trump says he ‘obviously’ never said Mexico would pay directly for the wall. But he did.

Comment: The fact of Trump being moronic, as well as a liar, is abundantly evident.

Corruption in plain sight’: Jared Kushner firm took in $90 million from unnamed foreign entities since 2017

Our country, the United States, is a rogue nation and our leaders are criminals

CNN: You cannot make this up ... but Trump did. - Erin Burnett

Trump brags about serving up American troops to Saudi Arabia for nothing more than cash

Space Force Unit Coming to Hawaii Air National Guard

Trump goes on Twitter tear as Pelosi readies articles of impeachment

US establishment preemptively blames Russia for Biden’s election flop, setting the stage for a crackdown on dissent

Donald Trump slurs and snorts through speech about Iranian missile strike

Comment: Trump lies several times in this speech to justify his military actions in Iraq and the ungodly reality is that

the US government is the biggest terrorist in the world.

Keep It, It's Yours.” Postal Workers’ Message to Public Denounces Trump Privatization Plan

Comment: One more very good reason to not vote for Trump in 2020.

Insulting & demeaning’: Lawmakers rip Trump administration after Iran briefing

The people of the United States say no war on Iran

The worst national security team that I’ve ever seen’

AP FACT CHECK: Trump revisits old fictions about Iran money

Tucker Carlson and Others Break Ranks With Trump

We’re becoming the terror’: Virginia senator hated by ISIS calls Soleimani killing ‘tragedy,’ warns against war with Iran

You're not a dictator”: Lawmakers and experts inform Trump he can't declare war via tweet

Senate Hearing: “No studies show 5G is safe”

The USA is now at war, de-facto and de-jure, with both Iraq and Iran

America is guilty of everything we accuse Iran of doing

Trump and His Team Are Lying Their Way to War With Iran

Trump’s own ‘Wag the Dog’: Is Iran hit job a distraction for impeachment lynch mob back home?

Trump’s New Year killing of Soleimani finally blows up the fake Russiagate narrative

Did John Podesta Just Tweet Out An Admission To Justice Scalia’s Murder?

Christianity Today Editor Laments ‘Ethical Na´vetÚ’ of Trump Backers

Tulsi Gabbard Introduces No More Presidential Wars Act

A National Disgrace’: Trump proposes social security change that could end disability benefits for hundreds of thousands

The amount of U.S. farmland held by foreign investors nearly doubled in a decade

New Year's Eve sees gun violence across nation, concluding record-high year of mass killings

Ivanka and Jared included in presidential delegation to Davos

Voter Suppression Exposes the Paradox of Black Citizenship in a Racist Society

In 2020, It’s Time to Make Universal Health Care a Human Right

The Looming US Water Crisis

Trump's pardons in war crimes cases

Beware of deep fake videos

California bans private prisons and immigration detention centers

United States Spend Ten Times More On Fossil Fuel Subsidies Than Education

A government shutdown and the biggest raise in a decade: How Trump gave federal workers whiplash in 2019

US plans to conduct cyberwar against Russia in retaliation for unproven election meddling

Senate GOP wants speedy Trump acquittal

Monsanto CEO gets well-deserved $600 million bonus for last year

Comment: This illustrates the unscrupulous & ungodly truth regarding the true reasons for the outrageously high cost of legal drugs.

It’s Done: Trump signs HJR 69 into law allowing slaughter of Alaskan Bear Cubs, Wolf Pups

Comment: This illustrates the reality of an ungodly, spiritually bereft Congress and President.

In 2020, It’s Time to Make Universal Health Care a Human Right

Rep. Katie Porter asked billionaire bank CEO Jamie Dimon to explain why he can’t find the money to pay his employees a livable wage.

Trump is turning America into another bankrupt casino

Cleveland church could lose religious designation after sheltering the homeless

I'm a forensic psychiatrist at Yale. I took a look at Trump's letter to Nancy Pelosi — and it left me very worried

Ex CBS investigative journalist explains how mainstream media brainwashes the masses

Bill Barr could be a bigger threat to America than the man who appointed him

U.S. Healthcare Ranked Worst In The Developed World

Bruce Gagnon: American internal collapse continues

Fox News Shames Trump For Rally Comments

Ex-GOP congressman says Trump 'unfit for office'

Trump was chosen by Freemasons, Illuminati & Jew Zionists as their third option to deceive people! (video)

Fox News legal analyst: There's 'undisputed evidence' Trump abused his power of his office in his dealings with Ukraine

Impasse over Senate impeachment trial likely to last weeks as both sides dig in

Republicans are leaving the House at a record pace. Why?

US government sides with Bayer in Roundup cancer lawsuit

Comment: What’s wrong with America is what’s wrong with Big Pharma. And what’s wrong with Big Pharma is what’s

wrong with America.

Boeing's ousted CEO could get $26.5 million golden parachute

CNN interviews Editor in Chief of Christianity Today, Mark Galli, who calls for Trump’s removal from office

Harvard Medical School Professors Uncover A Hard To Swallow Truth About Vaccines

Trump Officially Establishes US Space Force with 2020 Defense Bill Signing

NSA has been ‘lying to the courts all along,’ says whistleblower, as judges give warrantless surveillance the thumbs-up

Total Control is Coming: How the 5G network will affect everyone

These people are profitable’: Under Trump, private prisons are cashing in on ICE detainees

Trump Has Now Shifted $1.7 Million From Campaign Donors To His Private Business

Tucker Carlson interviews Tom Rogan about Military UFO incidents

Trump Is Freaked Out by Christianity Today’s Support for Impeachment

NBC2 explores The Venus Project: ‘What the future could be like’

Bernie Sanders Outlines Three-Step Marijuana Plan To Block Big Corporations From Controlling Market

Evangelical magazine — founded by Billy Graham — calls for Trump’s removal from office

Video surfaces of Trump Praising Pelosi and saying President Bush should have been impeached for lying about Iraq

House passes bill to lower prescription drug costs

Trump Is Leading a Revolution That Is Destroying America

Toxic Chemicals Found in Rainwater and Drinking Water Throughout the U.S

Trump slashed Puerto Rico’s Medicaid money as part of budget deal

The very bad space force deal

Open war on American democracy’: In harsh letter to Democrats, Trump denounces ‘Impeachment Hoax’

What cruelty looks like’: Trump finalizes plan to strip food aid from 750,000 low-income people by 2020

Surrendering to the ‘woke army’? Hallmark apologizes after pulling ad featuring same-sex wedding

Massive public pushback sinks New Jersey’s attack upon religious exemptions for vaccines, says ICAN’s Del Bigtree

Obama says women are 'indisputably better' leaders than men. Including Tulsi Gabbard or just Hillary Clinton & Liz Warren?

The FBI: Another worry in the National Security State

Schumer, pushing McConnell to negotiate, lays out plan for impeachment trial

Ag-Gag” laws expose whistleblowers to prosecution for reporting animal abuse

The President just admitted in court he ran a crooked charity and we're all just gonna shrug it off?

Alaskans say ‘no’ to cruel hunting methods for killing hibernating bears, wolf pups in dens

Donald Trump Jr. used government resources to hunt a protected endangered Sheep in Mongolia
Another 1,000 truck drivers lost their jobs in November, and it's a chilling sign for the economy

The Pentagon's Secret Weapon - Missile Defense

The elite machine behind Greta Thunberg

Trump's new trade deal to replace NAFTA is ‘mostly political theater’ – Prof. Wolff tells Boom Bust

Federal judge blocks use of billions of dollars in Pentagon funds to build border wall

Neurotoxic: drinking fluoridation chemicals now linked to brain harm and cognitive deficits; document filed to EPA

Tell the FDA that we will not tolerate the abolition of homeopathic medicine in America!

Congress to vote on $22 billion defense increase one week after Trump slashed food stamps

Scientific American Warns: 5G Is Unsafe

Something not right with California wildfires

Pipeline giant Energy Transfer and its private security contractors face bribery charges in Pennsylvania

Investigator finds 43 Catholic priests in Colorado sexually abused at least 166 children

US mining sites dump millions of gallons of toxic waste into drinking water sources

America’s troops love Russia, and Kremlin mind control is to blame – Pentagon officials

Where’s the ‘Russia room’? Moscow’s UN envoy jokes with Trump during White House visit

Oracle in court over allegedly underpaying women and minorities by $400 million

Revealed: How U.S. Senators Invest in the Firms They’re Supposed to Regulate

8 Felony Indictments UNSEALED: Clinton Donors Charged in Massive Campaign Finance Scheme

Trump abruptly cancels NATO news conference after tense exchanges with world leaders

What's Really Behind Mandatory Vaccines

EPA hid truth about glyphosate and cancer for decades to protect Monsanto’s corporate profits

Trump and other gaslighters/narcissists create crises and then act like they solved them

The wolf that ate Wall Street: US economy roars amid rising income inequality

Troubling and wrong’: Trump blacklists Bloomberg News from covering campaign over bias for billionaire Democrat boss

Trump denied knowing Prince Andrew

Stephanie Seneff, PhD on Glyphosate RoundUp Poisoning

Criminalizing speech and press freedoms in the US and UK

Walmart dodged US tax on $2 billion by routing cash through multiple countries, whistleblower says

Illinois Town to Fund Reparations Program with Marijuana Sales Tax

Poll finds that 42% of young Americans would elect a socialist president

Comment: Change that to socialist/capitalist, which is what the US has been from the beginning when the Post Office

Department was created in 1792. The US became vulture (usury) capitalist with the establishment of the fraudulent

Federal Reserve Bank in 1913... Along with the Postal Service, we have schools (except higher education), electrical

power & water departments, libraries, police & fire departments, the DoD/military, NASA, the CIA. NSA, etc., all

of which are tax payer funded, and all are technically, socialist employees who pay income & social security tax just

like everyone else who works for private companies, and everyone purchases cars, houses, clothes and food produced

by private companies and farmers. Health insurance should be tax payer funded too, just like social security, which tax

would be a whole lot less than the cost of insurance premiums, which are high only because it provides insurance company

owners with million dollar annual incomes. We could also bring down the cost of medicine, but corrupt, self-serving

politicians on the take from Big Pharma lobbyists dupe citizens into believing the high cost of medicine is justified when

all it really does is provide company owners, Merck, Bayer, etc., with million dollar annual incomes too. Citizens have

been “deliberately dumbed down” in the public education system and patriotically programmed (“God bless America”)

from the beginning, consequently, naively believe the politicians are doing the right thing.

Family to Receive $1.5M+ in First-Ever Vaccine-Autism Court Award

Richard Spencer: I was fired as Navy secretary. Here’s what I’ve learned because of it

Trump administration to roll back Obama-era chemical safety standards

Roger Waters: Detention of lawyer taking on big oil ‘a dark day for American jurisprudence’

Like or hate the turkey, but don’t spoil the fest!

MSNBC: Two OMB officials resigned in part over concerns about Ukraine aid hold, official testifies

Fox’s Tucker Carlson questions Douma ‘chemical attack proof' and roots for Russia on air. Off with his head, cry MSM

Senators challenge Trump on military pardons

CBS News investigative journalist explains how mainstream media brainwashes the masses

Take it from a civil liberties professor – Trump and Hitler have a lot in common

Trump’s plan to take Syrian oil slammed as ‘clear violation of international law’ and ‘imperial looting’

Harvard psychiatrist Lance Dodes: Donald Trump is a “sociopath” and “a very sick individual”

Esper demands resignation of Navy Secretary over SEAL case

Vaccines and Retroviruses: A Whistleblower Reveals What the Government is Hiding

Window is closing’: US Senate makes last-ditch effort to ax Nord Stream 2 pipeline

Trump essentially admitted on live TV to doing the thing he's accused of in the impeachment inquiry

Hundreds of Offshore Fracking Wells Dump Billions of Gallons of Oil Waste Into Gulf

Corruption costs Illinois taxpayers at least $550 million per year

Fights & arrests as 1000+ antifa-like protesters swarm Ann Coulter event at UC Berkeley (VIDEOS)

Public Law 105-85 allows chemtrails and biological weapons testing on civilians without explicit consent

Indigenous Activist Zip-Tied & Locked in Dog Kennel for 6 Hours for Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline

Senate democrats join GOP to back ‘Automatic Austerity’ Bill that would gut social programs, hamstring bold policies

Handing Trump ‘terrifying authoritarian surveillance powers,’ House democrats include Patriot Act reauthorization in funding bill

The US has opened dozens of genetics laboratories on the Russian border: What are they hiding?

U.S. Annually Uses 388 Million Pounds of Potentially Fatal Pesticides Banned in the EU, China and Brazil

CDC Petitioned to Stop Lying About Pharma Funds

Pelosi obliterates entire impeachment defense with one single response

The impeachment hearings are a battle between oligarchy and democracy

March 3, 2019: More than 9,100 stores are closing in 2019 as the retail apocalypse drags on — here's the full list

Why Trump is bad for business

Why aren't people in the US rising up like those elsewhere in the world?

I should not be impeached!’ Trump says Kiev confirmed Ukrainegate is a non-story, and here’s what he’s referring to (video)

September government report shows $206 million paid so far in 2019 for vaccine injuries and deaths

Democrats Back Down From Battle With Defense Department Over PFAS

Code Pink founder raided by DC police on dubious charges of ‘assault’ at anti-Maduro ‘Venezuela freedom’ event (video)

Judge throws out Trump order and restores Obama-era drilling ban in Arctic

Weld calls for Trump to be tried for treason and face the death penalty

Ocasio-Cortez calls for Stephen Miller to resign over leaked emails

Causing ‘profound’ trauma, Trump Administration detained record-breaking 70,000 children in 2019

Arrogance of billionaires’: Bernie Sanders slams Michael Bloomberg’s potential run without campaigning in key states

Trump’s order to defy subpoenas is itself grounds for impeachment

Comment: Actually, from a metaphysical perspective, due to the existence of God and the daughters/sons* (human souls)

of God that are incarnated on earth, there is no “executive privilege” orabsolute immunity” from “congressional subpoena

to testify at an impeachment inquiry”, however, it “will invariably be decided by the Supreme Court.” The godly reality is

that everyone in government is morally responsible & accountable to “we the people” and must report/testify, when called

to appear at Congressional Hearings, any crimes committed by individuals in the government’s institutions, whether the

Executive, Legislative & Judicial Branches, the CIA, the NSA or the DoD, etc., regardless of any secrecy classification and

are obligated due to the human soul’s inherent law of karma (the “moral law of cause & effect”) or whatsoever a man/woman

(& governments) soweth, that shall he/she also reap (good & bad), consequently, are traitorous & ungodly if they do not

report to Congress, and only a spiritually bereft Justice Department would attempt to prevent any witness from doing his/her

godly duty and obligation to testify before Congress.

* “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, Is it not

written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

  In corroboration with this: “Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the loftier realms, has entered body: it is

a god, a later phase of the divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring order to its next lower, it

penetrates to this sphere in a voluntary plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt by acquiring the

knowledge of evil and coming to understand what sin is, by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those activities

and productions which, remaining merely potential in the unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined

 never to come into actuality. . .” (Extract from Section 5 of The Fourth Ennead: Eighth Tractate in The Enneads of Plotinus)

Democrats aim to impeach Trump by Christmas

Donald Trump is all alone

Baldwin: Hail, Caesar!

DNC chairman: Gabbard reaffirmed she will not launch a third-party bid

Spreading Democracy the American Way

Biden has defended US allies’ use of lethal force against civilians

Rosa Koire. UN Agenda 2030 exposed (video)

DoD’s new guidelines call for ‘ethical use’ of military AI but stop short of calling for a ban

CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma

Thank God for Deep State’, ex-CIA boss says. Still think it’s a conspiracy theory

'Blade Runner’ showed us a depersonalized dystopia in 2019 – instead of a warning, we used it as an instruction manual

House Democrats release resolution to take Trump impeachment proceedings public – and legal

Every single US East Coast aircraft carrier is docked for repairs

Sanders Says $3.8B in Annual US Military Aid to Israel Should Be Leveraged to End Horrific Treatment of Palestinians

Colonel testifies he raised concerns about Ukraine, Trump

Bayer expects significant surge in number of U.S. glyphosate cases

Federal judge blocks Alabama's near-total abortion ban

Missouri Senate votes to nullify federal gun laws and regulations, 23-8

Fox News admits government using lasers – directed energy weapons

Military spending’s out of control while slashing it could easily fund Medicare for All

Lecturing the ‘peons’? Pelosi mocked for blaming voter disenchantment on outside forces who ‘poisoned’ social media

World leaders praise al-Baghdadi’s death, warn fight not over, #resistance rages at Trump for talking to Russia

Killing Me Softly With Militarism

Trump’s Syria ‘oil gambit’ is a crime, and what may be worse – a mistake

Gun activist Maria Butina leaves prison in Tallahassee, Fl and heads to Russia

Impeachment just became inevitable

Senate GOP blocks three election security bills for second day

Whoa,’ tweets Snowden, as Bernie Sanders says he would not prosecute govt whistleblowers under Espionage Act

Marianne Williamson explains how she, Tulsi, and Yang have been marginalized

Everyone is a Russian asset

The ignorance of Trump comparing impeachment to “a lynching,” explained

The StingRay is exactly why the 4th Amendment was written

NBC News, to claim Russia supports Tulsi Gabbard, relies on firm just caught fabricating Russia data for the democratic party

FOX News Tucker Carlson interviews Tulsi Gabbard who fires back at Hillary Clinton’s Russian asset claim

Senator paid $400,000 by Pharma pushes mandatory vaccine law

Tulsi Gabbard just called Hillary Clinton The “embodiment of corruption” and much more

Sam Donaldson: Trump core supporters “ignorant”, “don’t care about the facts or know about the facts”

You didn’t really think all Russian assets & Kremlin puppets in the US have already been exposed, did you?

An Ecological Abomination’: Trump Moves to Open Largest Protected Forest in US to Logging Industry

Why Dr. Zach Bush believes herbicides could end life on Earth

Rage against the war machine marches to call out war profiteers

Donald Trump: xenophobe in public, international mobster in private

17 States sue to block Trump’s Endangered Species Act rollback

Climate Feedback “EXPOSED” (video)

Congress quietly passed a budget outline with $1.8 trillion in health care cuts

Pentagon paid PR firm $540m to make fake terrorist videos

Propaganda 101: The New York Times pumps another ‘evil Russia’ plot

Sanctioning Away Free Speech

George Will: No Republican who supports Trump should be re-elected

Stratolaunch Transitions Ownership

Robin Hood in reverse: US billionaires paid lower tax rates than working class in 2018 in latest blow to capitalism

'Shameful': Trump Aiming to Gut Rules That Prevent Corporate Offshore Tax Dodging

Lockheed Martin plans $19 million expansion in Huntsville

Comment: This is as a result of the “new Army contract to serve as the Long Range Hypersonic Weapon prototype

system integrator” and develop & test a Long Range Hypersonic Weapon prototype, which reflects a mindset that

suffers from the Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power syndrome in government that has no problem in contemplating

murdering millions of people.

NASA admits to spraying Lithium on unsuspecting population (video)

'Eye-Popping': Analysis shows top 1% gained $21 trillion in wealth since 1989 while bottom half lost $900 billion

Hundreds of Offshore Fracking Wells Dump Billions of Gallons of Oil Waste Into Gulf

If the Facts Come Out, it Could Spell the End for Joe Biden

FBI: More people killed with knives, hammers, clubs and even feet than rifles in 2018

Trump threatens to ‘totally destroy and obliterate’ Turkey's economy if it takes ‘off-limits’ actions in Syria

9/11 firefighter blows WTC 7 cover up wide open

These Air Force ‘rods from god’ could hit with the force of a nuclear weapon

Fox Legal Analyst: Trump’s Behavior ‘Criminal And Impeachable’

Another 4,200 truck drivers lost their jobs in September as a recession slams America's $800 billion trucking industry

The untold story of how George W. Bush lost China

Visiting foreign journalists call out Trump’s increasingly erratic behavior. Why won’t D.C. Press?

Mitch McConnell calls for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid cuts after passing tax cuts, Massive Defense Spending

North Korea decries breakdown of talks US says were ‘good

'Stunning rebuke to predatory Wall Street megabanks' as California Gov. signs law allowing creation of public banks

Dystopian’ plan by Trump administration to harvest DNA from undocumented immigrants draws outrage from rights advocates

Bob Woodward: “People better wake up to what’s going on” in the Oval Office.

Trump says China and Ukraine should investigate the Bidens' activities in the countries

Most Americans think social media has too much control over news, according to poll mainstream media quietly ignored

US sanctions bite into Cuban healthcare – despite claims they only affect leadership

The US Is Spending $1.25 Trillion Annually on War

Selling drugs that make you feel better about being ill: Big pharma’s push to oversell ADHD med

San Francisco is pulling out all the stops to fight homelessness – except actually making housing affordable

Trump tweets quote warning that impeachment will cause ‘Civil War-like fracture’ in US

Medical doctors and PhD scientists speak out against vaccinations

2 month old baby dies 12 hours after receiving 8 vaccines – Pediatrician denies link

FOX News host: Spinning done by the President’s defenders is astonishing and misleading

Comment: Republicans of the same mental acuity as Trump are keeping him from being impeached.

Doctors & drugs FOR LIFE: Big Pharma’s profit on the transgender craze

US envoy for Ukraine Volker RESIGNS amid Trump-Zelensky impeachment controversy

Day after Trump said ‘inequality is down’, federal data shows US income inequality highest since census began measuring

Joseph Wilson, who challenged Iraq war narrative, dies at 69

99-Year-Old Nuremberg Prosecutor Calls Trump's Detention of Children a ‘Crime Against Humanity’

Read the whistleblower complaint regarding President Trump's communications with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky

Report details extent of water contamination in California

Census: US inequality grew, including in heartland states

The ‘incriminating' call between Trump & Zelensky, explained

Biden probe was condition for Trump-Zelenskiy phone call: Ukrainian official

'The president isn't telling the truth': MSNBC cuts into broadcast of Trump press conference

Trump’s trade war has killed 300,000 jobs

Trump at the UN calls on nations to reject globalism, embrace nationalism

Quoting Trump: “The free world must embrace its national foundations. It must not attempt to erase them or replace them,”

he told the United Nations General Assembly. “The future does not belong to globalists, the future belongs to patriots.”

Comment: Because nationalism is not the same as patriotism, it behooves us to recognize the difference. George Orwell,

in an essay written 66 years ago, offers this perspective: Nationalism is not to be confused with patriotism. Both words are

normally used in so vague a way that any definition is liable to be challenged, but one must draw a distinction between

them, since two different and even opposing ideas are involved. By ‘patriotism’ I mean devotion to a particular place and

a particular way of life, which one believes to be the best in the world but has no wish to force on other people. Patriotism is  

of its nature defensive, both militarily and culturally. Nationalism, on the other hand, is inseparable from the desire for power.

The abiding purpose of every nationalist is to secure more power and more prestige, not for himself but for the nation or

other unit in which he has chosen to sink his own individuality. The Evil Of Patriotism When Opposed To Humanism

Saving the Planet Means Overthrowing the Ruling Elites by Chris Hedges

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announces formal impeachment inquiry of Trump, says his actions were a ‘betrayal of national security’

Throwing stones in a glass house: Trump criticizes the world, but his words are best applied to the US

There are 271 New Vaccines in Big Pharma’s Pipeline

US faces ‘unacceptable risk’ of exploding planes and crumbling buildings if Trump border wall funds not replaced, Pentagon warns

NOT ‘the last thing millennials will see’! US military apologizes for ‘Area 51 raid’ meme with B-2 stealth bomber

Industrialized militaries are a bigger part of the climate emergency than you know

Fascism, White Nationalism, the Nazis, and America

Trump hits Iranian bank with ‘highest’ sanctions ever imposed on a country

Giuliani admits to asking Ukraine about Joe Biden after denying it 30 seconds earlier

Student loan crisis, not Mideast wars, helped Army leaders exceed recruiting goals this year

Hearing on Nuclear War and the Cost of Militarism

Two Amish men escape police after being pulled over for drinking and driving their horse and buggy (CNN news video)

Comment: It shows that they’re human just like everyone else and getting drunk is simply a means to block out the insanity

engaged in by the US government & military. At least they’re not killing other US citizens with AR-15s.

Donald Trump's ‘promise’ to a foreign leader is more than just troubling

Trump to ‘substantially increase’ sanctions on Iran, amid calls for war

Comment: Trump is a hypocritical fool, because the US supplies Saudi Arabia with weapons to kill innocent people in

Yemen, but it’s not right for Iran to supply Houthi rebels in Yemen with weapons to hit the oil industry in Saudi Arabia,

which really isn’t proven. All you have to do is accuse if you suffer from the Alexander the Great Jerk super power syndrome.

Sanctions are an act of war, but that’s the right thing to do too if you’re religiously brainwashed and ignorant of karma, i.e.

you reap what you sow (good & bad).

Keeps out migrants and... cooks breakfast? Trump says border wall is so hot you can ‘fry an egg’ on it

School shooting fear porn? Gruesome imagery used to get people's attention (and sell clothes) inspires backlash

John Bolton's Jewish replacement fine with gambling away 20 million Americans in nuclear war

Ralph Nader : Forget Mueller. Forget impeachment. A million people should surround the White House and demand Trump's resignation

Yes, the market will eventually crash. Here’s how to be ready for the next one

Comment: The Federal Reserve Fraud and the Invisible Government: “In 1913 when the Federal Reserve Act was

fraudulently pushed through Congress, Congressman Charles Lindbergh stated: “This Act establishes the most gigantic

trust on earth....When the President signs this Act, the invisible government by the money power, proven to exist by

he Money Trust Investigation, will be legalized....The new law will create inflation whenever the trust wants inflation.

From now on, depression will be scientifically created.”

Behind The Illusion; George Clooney - Shocking, hard to believe, but evidence that can’t be refuted.

Like Trump & Republicans, the Democrats strictly support corporate welfare, not citizens welfare

Comment: Another example, which illustrates that both parties are simply two wings of the same vulture capitalist cabal

When Trump calls people “Filth,” He’s laying groundwork for genocide

Farmers union vice president says farmers have ‘pretty much lost all our markets since Trump took over’

'Democracy for some, but not for all': Report reveals nearly 1,700 polling places closed since supreme court weakened voting rights act

Bolton resurrects pair of PACs to prop up Congress’ top warmongers

Obama hypocrisy on privacy inspires Snowden to reveal scope of US gov’t spying- Memoir

Companies deny responsibility for toxic ‘forever chemicals’ contamination

Trump administration opens huge reserve in Alaska to drilling

Comment: Trump is fully establishing the oligarchic rule of America and the demonic capitalist cabal, along with the CFR

& Big Pharma is in control

Bill Gates donates $15 million to campaign pushing GMOs on small farmers around the world

Legislation that would surreptitiously steal social security’s $2.9 trillion surplus has been defeated – but 97% of republicans voted for it

U.S. nuclear warhead costs still rising

GOP senator: Bankrupt farmers should be happy to ‘sacrifice’ for Trump

Charles Koch Is Funding a Campaign to Kill Food Stamps and Medicaid

PARADISE DESTROYED: California Firemen Find Signatures of Directed Energy Weapon

Leaked audio shows oil lobbyist bragging about success in criminalizing pipeline protests

CDC exposed as private corporation colluding with Big Pharma

Former Merck scientist explains why he doesn’t vaccinate his children due to lack of vaccine safety studies

5G Tower Next To School Is Removed After 4 Young Elementery Students Develop Cancer

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation

Lawsuit Set to End Water Fluoridation in the US

Who stabbed Sirhan Sirhan, and by the way who killed Bobby Kennedy?

America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Why are Koch-funded activists trying to derail a US city’s public transit?

Two Iraqi immigrant men approached our weekly peace vigil (takes a few seconds for article to download)

More political corruption: The DNC determines who will be the democratic nominee for president in 2020, not the people

Just as they did in 2016: Court concedes DNC had the right to rig primaries against Sanders, and then blame Russian

meddling for losing the election

Arsenal of hypocrisy: The Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex (video)

In conjunction with the above, there is also the “corporatization and politicization of science” with respect to climate change,

as well as the control of the US Congress by the pharmaceutical industry.Peer Reviewed”: Science losing credibility as large

amounts of research shown to be false

FOX news legal analyst says Trump violated constitution’s separation of powers’ three times in past week

Documentary: Who Rules America

Comment: Americans are deceptively being screwed by the unscrupulous military/industrial complex and the deliberate

     dumbing down in public education has successfully prevented many of them from perceiving the reality that America

     is an oligarchy, not a democracy of, by & for the people..

     Joe Biden, who is, obviously, “losing it”, is the military/industrial complex choice for president

     Who is the real Joe Biden: Middle-road "moderate" or corporate tool with a dubious record?

     Joe Biden Is a Disaster Waiting to Happen

     Joe Biden Misrepresents Record on Campaign Trail… AGAIN

Trump Moves to Open 16.7 Million Acre Alaskan Rainforest to Corporate Exploitation

Kendall Jenner slammed for wearing cornrow braids again: ‘She never learns’

Comment: Selena Gomez can be seen wearing a cornrow hairstyle, which shows cultural respect, not “cultural appropriation”

and only a racist and/or spiritually inept person would think it’s inappropriate and that Caucasians, Hispanics & others can’t

wear a black hairstyle. Teen Vogue digital fashion editor Jessica Andrews said: “When you don't value black lives, but rush to

copy black hairstyles, it's a problem.” Okay, provide an example of someone who doesn’t value black lives, but wears black


Mass rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like

Noam Chomsky: Democrats Are Failing the Test of Our Time

U.S. test of previously banned missile raises fears of new nuclear arms race

All Fish from Pacific tested positive for Fukushima

The toxic waste threat that climate change is making worse

Robo-car wars: Ex-Google engineer charged for passing self-driving tech secrets to Uber

Mass rallies, crazy decisions, grandiose posturing: This is what living in a dictatorship feels like

In BP's Final $20 Billion Gulf Settlement, U.S. Taxpayers Subsidize $15.3 Billion

Steve King Is Broke And Has Been Abandoned by His Colleagues as He Runs for Re-Election

Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of ‘Mossad agent’ Robert Maxwell, at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding

Trump Ordered US Companies To Leave China And Come Back “Home.” They Aren't

Comment: There are almost 3,000 US companies operating in Russia and, since Russia is an “enemy”, like China, and

the US Congress hates Russia so much too, why hasn’t it called for the companies to get out of Russia? It’s because

demonic vulture (usury) capitalism and Zionists are running the hell on earth show and the ungodly Big Pharma with its

deadly, unaffortable medicine & hospital healthcare in the US wherein the ungodly US Congress criminalised nature’s

health care remedy, cannabis, which the corrupt, religiously brainwashed, karmically ignorant, corporate serving members

of Congress stupidly think was a wonderful idea.

Border Patrol Chief: 5,800 'Fake Families' Discovered at the Border

Quoting the Border Patrol Chief: “With respect to family units, since March of this year, United States Border Patrol has

been releasing family units directly so in some cases they're being released in under 48 hours into the interior of the United

States,” however, the question is: why aren’t they being taken back where they came from instead of being released into

the US, and it’s very obvious that neither the Customs and Border Protection Agency or Congress has any brains.

Detroit rally protests U.S. role in Yemen civil war

GM’s Plant Closures Confirm the President is a Liar and a Fool

U.S. marshals are arresting people in Texas who have outstanding student loans

Trump signs bill revoking Obama-era gun checks for people with mental illness

Twitter wars over Susan Sarandon’s refusal to vote for Hillary Clinton still raging…in 2019

Cameras installed in airline seats now surreptitiously record you during every flight, then store the video files indefinitely

Leaked Audio Shows Oil Lobbyist Bragging About Success in Criminalizing Pipeline Protests

Comment: This is fascism and illustrates that we live in a tyrannical oligarchy, not a democracy and it’s violating the

freedom of assembly in the Bill of Rights. “The right to protest is a human right arising out of a number of recognized

human rights. While no human rights instrument or national constitution grants the absolute right to protest, such a right

to protest may be a manifestation of the right to freedom of assembly, the right to freedom of association, and the right

 to freedom of speech. Additionally, protest and restrictions on protest have lasted as long as governments have.”

CNN Poll: Joe Biden regains double-digit lead over 2020 Democratic field

Comment: The CIA controlled CNN is pushing the corrupt* pedophile Joe Biden to be the democratic nominee for

president in 2020, just as they promoted Hillary Clinton in 2016.

* The truthful reality is that Obama/Biden/Clinton deceptively planned and watched the bogus capture of Osama bin

Laden, while also continuing with the cover up of the false flag event on 9/11, and also continuing with the cover up

of the ET presence, along with their advanced technology.

Omar: US must reconsider billions of dollars of aid to Israel

How the US media demonizes Iran

US plans to send nuclear reactors to space

Trump Advisors Plan to Privatize Native Lands to Tap Into Oil Rich Reservations

Message to Congress: Big Pharma’s Trail of Greed, Power, and Cruelty Must Be Stopped

Top CDC Health and Climate Scientist Files Whistleblower Complaint

Pentagon tests first land-based cruise missile after pulling out of INF Treaty

How the world learned to stop worrying and ignore Trump

America’s Real Divide Isn’t Left vs. Right. It’s Democracy vs. Oligarchy

Tulsi Gabbard lists political correctness among threats to American values

Tennessee makes community college free for all adults

Welcome to Porchville! American workers laboring under ‘no vacation nation’

VIDEOS show Antifa attacking bus, cornering right-wing protesters as Portland rally turns violent

Noam Chomsky: Trump’s “Economic Boom” Is a Sham

Massachusetts To Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback Of Endangered Species Act

Trump pushed for mining project that could destroy Alaska Salmon ecosystems, despite EPA opposition

Bayer gets help from Donald Trump as US regulators veto warnings its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer

Key Congressional Chairman Sends Marijuana Email To NORML Activists

Trump dangles trade deal for Britain’s tougher line on Iran & China

Comment: PM Boris Johnson will happily go along with this due to being under control of the

Rothschild Zionists & the Queen.

Shocker: US perfectly capable of insanity without any Russian influence!

Comment: Leo Strauss’ philosophy of deception was the reality in the accusation of Russian meddling in the 2016

presidential election and the deception of election meddling is continuing. The deception began on 9/11 wherein

Muslims were utilised as patsy’s to create the bogus war on terror, the unconstitutional NDAA, the unpatriotic

Patriot Act, the surveillance police state, the deception for invading Iraq, as well as the deception of capturing

Osama Bin Laden. The deliberate dumbing down of citizens in public education has resulted in very unperceptive,

propagandised, gullible & naive citizens who believe the deceptive news of the CIA controlled news media, i.e.,

The Washington Post, The New York Times, MSN, CNN for those on the left & FOX news for those on the right,

etc., which utilizes the heinous “divide & conquer” philosophy that keeps citizens foolishing fighting each other

while the shadow government laughs at the duped citizens from behind the scenes.

Massachusetts To Sue Trump Administration Over Rollback Of Endangered Species Act

MSM ignores massive anti-sanctions ‘No More Trump’ protest rallies in Venezuela (VIDEOS)

Deficit hawks are enabling the next US war

Trump's grandfather was a pimp and tax evader; his father a member of the KKK

Up, up and away: Air Force One costs soar despite Trump, who boasted of deal

Trump administration says it won’t approve Round-up cancer warning labels

Trump administration approves use of ‘cyanide bombs’ to kill wild animals

Republican Governor thinks $40,000 Is too much to pay teachers, vetoes minimum salary

Montana boy body-slammed for not removing hat during National Anthem, authorities say

Comment: And the ungodly reality is that “war is a racket” for corporations, and to quote the CFR spokesperson

Henry Kissinger: Military men are dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.

EPA dropped salmon protection after Trump met with Alaska governor

5G is the ultimate directed energy weapon system, says particle physicist

Top intellligence official interrupted meeting to urge his deputy to resign

How US regulators embrace toxic pesticides & the corporations that make them

Revealed: How Monsanto’s ‘intelligence center’ targeted journalists and activists

'The devil we know': How DuPont poisoned the world with teflon

The health risks of 5G & confronting US hegemony (news video)

Trump gives pen to Dow Chemical CEO after signing executive order to eliminate regulations

Trump sold nuclear tech to Saudis in secret after Khashoggi killing

Comment: this is an anti-Christ consciousness deal between two religiously miseducated, karmically ignorant rulers

of the worst kind.

Military eyes 16-year-olds as ranks and candidates dwindle

Comment: That’s an idea only considered by the Alexander the Great Jerk super power mindset, and due to the fact

 that the US is the biggest terrorist in the world. What the US government needs to do is get rid of it’s global hegemony,

regime change plans and bring it’s troops home as well as its military planes & ships from its 800 bases around the world.

The US government is religiously brainwashed, spiritually bereft, ignorant of karma and will reap what it has sown, which

was prophesied by Indigenous Native American Indians, ergo, “we’ll see America come & go”, whatever the latter entails.

We don’t want him here’: Trump to face protests and skepticism as he visits El Paso and Dayton after mass shootings

While you weren’t looking: DHS disbands domestic terror intelligence unit

Comment: This administration is full of incompetents beginning with the president who picks them

Bureau of Land Management illegally sold horses for slaughter – investigation

NYT changes front-page mass shootings headline after backlash from Dem 2020 hopefuls

American farmer: Trump ‘took away all of our markets’

United States” to Imperial America: Our Hidden Empire

Comment: Thank you Abby Martin for providing this video with professor Daniel Immerwahr and his book about

Imperial America and for helping to enlighten Americans but, sadly & unfortunately, not many Americans will see

this video or read his very informative & enlightening book or comprehend what the implications are, which correlate

to the heinous plans for the new world order.

'Unprecedented, Wasteful, and Obscene': House Approves $1.48 Trillion Pentagon Budget

US farmers are slamming Trump – saying ‘trade policy is not a game’ and China tariffs will plague ranchers for decades

Trump's new UN ambassador: No relevant experience, but “Gold” status at Trump hotels

Comment: The Republican controlled Senate confirmed someone with no experience even though she “displayed a lack

of depth on basic foreign policy issues” during her confirmation hearing before the Senate, which is just another example

of corrupt politicians and corporate money influence on them.

500,000 kids could lose free school lunch under Trump administration proposal

You don’t have any rights’: CBP agents interrogate US citizen and seize hs phone after Venezuela solidarity trip

Watch Bernie Sanders deliver speech on why democratic socialism ‘only way to defeat oligarchy and authoritarianism’

Comment: The establishment politicians on the right & the left deceptively argue against Single-Payer Health Care

(socialized medicine) when socialism is prevalent throughout America with the federally operated US Postal Service

and other operations in states, such as, Seattle City Light, police departments, and fire departments, etc., while private

health care requires you to provide insurance company executives with million dollar annual incomes, which is what the

high cost monthly premiums are for, however, they don’t do anything but provide a link to the health service provided

by doctors to patients and is nothing but a capitalist scam fostered by corrupt, corporate paid politicians, which is why

Joe Biden is the establishment’s choice for the democratic nominee for president. Vote for anyone but Biden, because:

Obama/Biden/Clinton deceptively watch the capture of Osama bin Laden, however,Osama Bin Laden's Second Death

and Bin Ladin’s obituary notice

Mitch McConnell is destroying the Senate, and American government – Robert Reich

Russian assets in America: A field guide

US to develop new missiles as INF treaty expires – Pentagon

Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard Sues Google For Extreme Censorship

Dark cloud has been lifted’: RT America investigates Epstein’s ‘pedophile island’ (VIDEO)

US Navy’s most expensive ship ever can’t get ammo to deck, can’t launch new F-35 fighters

'I Wrote the Damn Bill': Bernie Sanders Shuts Down Tim Ryan on Debate Stage

Top CBP Officer Testifies He’s Unsure if 3-Year-Old Is “a Criminal or a National Security Threat”

Moscow Mitch’ sells out to the Kremlin: Same old voter access debate with Russian dressing

Jared Kushner is ‘complicit’ in Baltimore’s rat infestation problem

2020 Democrat Marianne Williamson: U.S. backing "genocidal war" in Yemen

Trump will order boost to flu vaccine production: report

Under Trump arms deal, high-tech U.S. bombs to be built in Saudi Arabia

Former DEA “chief propagandist” says agency knows cannabis is safe, keeps it illegal for profit

Journalist Who Exposed CIA Cocaine Trafficking, Would Be 63 Today, But He ‘Shot Himself’ TWICE

Declassified CIA Documents Show Agency’s Control Over Mainstream Media & Academia

Supreme Court rules against exposing Israel's role in Bosnian genocide

US Congresswoman proposes cutting Israel aid

Comment: It’s definitely the right thing to do, because Israel’s economic freedom enables it to survive without any

further financial assistance and, among other needs, many America’s citizens are in dire need of financial assistance.

Mitch McConnell Received Donations from Voting Machine Lobbyists Before Blocking Election Security Bills

Epstein Stories You Won't Find in the News (video)

WATCH: Devin Nunes Says Russia "Hoax" Has Gone On Too Long - Mueller Hearing

Intelligence act will protect CIA agents who ‘commit war crimes,’ whistleblower Kiriakou tells RT

USA ranked 27th in the world in education and healthcare – down from 6th in 1990

U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

Facebook agrees to pay record $5bn fine over privacy violations, critics call it a ‘parking ticket'

Glyphosate woes prompt calls to split up Bayer

Trump Administration Circumvents Congress For Food Benefit Cuts (Again)


What happened in Hillary Clinton's 1975 rape case?

183 Republicans vote against making prescription drugs cheaper

15,000 Americans Died So Republican Governors Could Stick It to Obama

America's Secret Government: Unaffected by Elections, Beyond the Reach of the Law

Video interview with William Binney: Western media 100% infiltrated by CIA

Top Congressman: Media Are 'POSSESSED, Poisoning Americans With Russia hoax' (FOX News interviews Rep. Nunes)

RT interviews Jesse Ventura: “The US and Russia are competing to sell weapons to Turkey” and “War is a racket.”

Israel is trying to ‘suck America into’ Iranian war that could lead to world war — Lawrence Wilkerson

No such request made’: India DENIES Trump was asked to mediate Kashmir crisis

Missed you guys’: John McAfee reemerges after ‘going dark’ following ‘CIA encounter’

The Disturbing truth about Clinton, Trump & Epstein

The Blob fought the Squad, and the Squad won

The List of Clinton Associates Who Allegedly Died Mysteriously

New Defense Secretary Poised For Confirmation Despite Vast Conflicts Of Interest

Comment: This illustrates very well that Trump is enforcing the oligarchy & deep state control of the defense department

and military operations.

AOC to DHS chief: Border agents shared 'Photoshopped images of my violent rape' in secret Facebook group

The Depopulation Agenda - Bill Gates Plan to Kill You

NSA FOIA Response reveals Seth Rich & Assange/Wikileaks communications are Classified

Quoting from the article: “The NSA’s decision of neither confirming nor denying the existence of direct communications

between Rich and Assange/Wikileaks affirms that the NSA is unwilling to directly admit such correspondence exists and

makes it difficult for researchers to reach a definitive answer. Nevertheless, what the NSA’s response does reveal is that

the alleged communications between Rich and Assange/Wikileaks are a matter of national security.”

Private prison bosses beg taxpayers to pay human-trafficking bills

Merger Mania: The military-industrial complex on steroids

Filmmaker was documenting abuses in CPS and children murdered under state custody before he died

Tlaib blasts Foreign Affairs Committee's anti-BDS bill as 'unconstitutional'

The Pentagon’s new nuclear doctrine is scary as hell

Fake passport, ‘piles of cash’ & diamonds: Should we know you better, Mr. Epstein?

Trump admin. invokes privilege again, blocks intel committees from Mueller docs

Comment: Secrecy is necessary, of course, if you’ve engaged in any shady deals or criminal activity.

Anderson Cooper interviews Marianne Williamson about Trump telling congresswomen to leave America.

Indigenous leader: ‘Authentic resistance’ needed to close concentration camps

Senator Who Passed $1 Trillion Tax Cut Says 9/11 Responders’ Healthcare Is Too Expensive

Over and over again, the military has conducted dangerous biowarfare experiments on Americans

NYPD cop who used chokehold on Eric Garner ‘won’t be charged’ as case times out

JP Morgan cargo ship released, minus the $1.3 billion worth of cocaine found onboard

How Assange & RT meddled in 2016, according to CNN’s ‘possibilities,’ innuendo & lies

DNC Chair Tom Perez: Ocasio-Cortez Is ‘The Future of Our Party’

George Bush pedophile sex ring and blackmail of Congress

Some Bottled Water Brands Have Concerning PFAS Levels, Massachusetts Regulator Warns

Lee Camp: ‘How dare Iran break the nuclear deal we tore up a year ago?’

Russian trolls are coming! Obama staffer issues warning amid dispute within Democratic party

Go back to your crime infested countries and Pelosi will pay for it – Trump to progressive Dems

Amal Clooney issues stark warning about Donald Trump's attacks on the press

Psychiatrists use Mueller Report to track Donald Trump’s mental health, warn: ‘There is very little time now’

Measles Madness: Dr. Brian Hooker’s statement to Washington State Legislators

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Roger Waters brands Twitter ‘thought police’ for suspending Assange support account (VIDEO)

Navaho water supply is more horrific than Flint, but no one cares because they’re Native American

There is no GOP Obamacare replacement and there never has been

5G will use the same frequencies as pain-inflicting military weapon

NBC: Migrant kids report disturbing conditions, misconduct by agents at Arizona border station

Hiring the swamp: Meet new RFE/RL boss, a Russiagate-pushing neocon

Pfizer vice president blows the whistle & tells the truth about the pharmaceutical industry

Senator Tina Smith: Mitch McConnell's leadership has been a big, fat waste

Amy McGrath has officially announced her Senate race against Mitch McConnell

Marianne Williamson’s vibe in New Castle: gracious, kind, intelligent, kind

Harvard Business School: The U.S. political system has been ‘hijacked’

Rage against the war machine to protest at the White House Monday

Dr. Theresa Deisher’s Open Letter on Dangers of MMR Vaccine

Trump accuses Iran of doing ‘a lot of bad things’

Comment: His misperception of Iran is due to his religious brainwashing & psychological imbalance

Convert War $$ to Green New Deal

Justin Amash on what his GOP colleagues say behind closed doors

Donald Trump stopping US government scientists from speaking out publicly is ‘chilling’

Why the Trump White House Is Caught Up in the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Nicolle Wallace: Possibility that Trump, Trump organization being investigated as criminal enterprise (MSNBC video)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Exposes Bill Gates & His Relationship With Big Pharma

Free speech rally with Proud Boys and Milo in Washington DC draws antifa protesters (VIDEO)

White House promoting loose regulation of genetically engineered food

How Trump’s big Fourth was a fizzle

It’s now a felony, on par with murder, to protest oil pipelines in Texas

Comment: It’s a government of, by & for corporations that is making America worse.

Pete Buttigieg shuts down racist suggestion to reduce racial tensions in South Bend

A day of sorrow for American democracy

House passes election security measure requiring cybersecurity safeguards, paper ballots

Do Americans know how close they are to dictatorship?

Donald Trump Jr. blasts Nike with 'Communist' sneaker after 'offensive' Fourth of July shoe scrapped

How house democrats have made the most of their majority

From 'freedom gas' to violating deals 'before they exist': Five baffling statements from Washington

Border patrol agents posted sexist AOC memes & joked about migrant deaths

The ‘greatest country in the world’ can’t afford soap for kids – and it’s not Sarah Fabian’s fault

Today’s Refugee Crisis Is Blowback From US Dirty Wars in Central America

I’m not willing to do that”: Trump says he won't take climate action because it would threaten corporate profits

Tulsi Gabbard: US needs to 'stop pretending' Saudi Arabia is an ally

George Will: GOP has become a 'cult' of Trump

Trump dismisses need for climate change action: ‘We have the cleanest water we’ve ever had, we have the cleanest air’

Comment: One of many examples of Trump lying for corporate welfare at the expense of the environment & citizens health.

Monsanto’s toxic herbicide, Roundup, has been found in these feminine hygiene products

US sanctions against Iran are illegal: Analyst

A top-secret US government research program allegedly investigated the health effects of close encounters with UFOs

Police: Missing University of Utah student Mackenzie Lueck is dead; man charged with murder

Joe Biden throws own campaign into turmoil after Harris attacks his record on race

Mass arrests, power grabs and the politics of fear

Countdown to “full spectrum dominance”

Nuclear weapons: experts alarmed by new Pentagon 'war-fighting' doctrine

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. nails the vaccine argument

Comment: The politicians responsible for forced vaccinations & corporate executives responsible for what’s in

vaccines, including the CDC, should justifiably be publicly vaccinated with fifty vaccines each at the National Mall

before locking them up.

Over 40 Prosecutors Refuse To Enforce New Anti-Abortion Laws

Trump Administration Proposes Easing Rules on Genetically Engineered Crops

Comment: Trump is making America heinous in numerous ways.

Trump administration is responsible for the largest reduction in protected land in US history, study finds

Comment: Trump proves that the good old USA isn't a democracy of, by and for the people, but an oligarchy of,

by and for corporate profiteering as the leading purveyor of arms sales, while paying $91 billion less in taxes under

Trump's new tax law.

US energy department rebrands fossil fuels as ‘molecules of freedom’

Manufacturing war with Russia

American cops now steal more property than all US burglars combined

DOW Chemical donates $1 million to Trump, asks administration to ignore pesticide study

Americans are war-weary, while Iran was never a threat to us’ – Virginia State senator to RT

Trump pushes up to 20 years in prison for pipeline protesters

Comment: Trump is making America more tyrannical and is deep in the swamp himself.

Trump declares trade war on India, imposes new tariffs

Homeschooling skyrockets as more parents get fed up with Left-wing social engineering and violence in public schools

Toxic weed killer found in almost all beer and wine brands...including organic

Comment: Congress is disgustingly corrupt and in the pocket of (under the direct contriol of) Monsanto/Bayer/Big Pharma

U.S. sees largest reduction of protected land in history under Trump

The Pentagon’s spoiling for another war, But with China, not Iran

Comment: The US government’s plans for global hegemony and regime change are due to its Alexander the Great Jerk

Super Power mindset, which results from the deliberate dumbing down in public education, religious brainwashing and

ignorance of karma. It’s mindset is easily influenced by the dark force. China is atheistic and ignorant of karma as well.

It needs to get out of Tibet and, like the US, needs to stop interfering in citizen’s individual sovereignty and the right to

live their own lives as they choose to live them. The world turmoil is also the result of the control by the Cabal/Money

Mafia and the fraudulent Federal Reserve Bank in the USA which, along with the oligarchy/corporate control, including

Big Pharma, of politicians, has resulted in economic inequality, sickness & death, and the bogus war on terror that bleeds

trillions of dollars from the treasury while millions live in poverty & disease.

Government says no to self-reliant citizens: Rainwater collection criminalized

Comment: It is extremely asinine and tyrannical for the government to criminalize the collection of rainwater.

2019 DOJ report on vaccine court reveals vaccines continue to injure and kill people: $110 million in damages paid out first quarter

The UN torture report on Assange is an indictment of our entire society

Comment: It reflects a lack of genuine spirituality, as well as an ignorance of karma that is very evident in government and the

 religiously miseducated.

'It Feels Like We Are Prisoners': Migrant Children Describe Trauma At Florida Detention Center

Conspiracy theory now conspiracy fact, as Congress holds Hearings on weather manipulation

Russiagate, like Count Dracula, will never end

Unlimited reach, no safeguards’: Snowden warns of greatest social control scheme in human history

Trump’s threat to impose tariffs on Mexican imports will cripple U.S. automakers and cost people their jobs

Trump fires and arrests his twitter administrator

Don’t prosecute Julian Assange, thank him

Comment: Quoting from the article: “The values underlying the First Amendment,” explains Napolitano, “are that

the press should be free to expose all the government does, and whatever the press has in its hands - no matter how

it acquired it - it is free to publish those materials as long as they are newsworthy, and no one can harm a hair on the

head of anyone who does so.”

Washington’s Huawei hypocrisy… US government is instrument of American corporations

Highly likely’ is the new evidence: Five times Western officials had no proof but media fell for it

Mike Pence declares war on the world at West Point

California medical doctor sues medical board over intimidating doctors who write vaccine medical exemptions

Trump’s sneak attack on social security

N.Y. Law professor addresses U.N. on government vaccine policies violating the Nuremberg Code

US Army tweet inadvertently triggers responses revealing ‘real, painful, and horrifying human costs of war’

My Pentagon regret: As the U.S. rattles its sabers at Tehran, echoes of Sabers past

Another GOP Representative blocks Disaster Aid Bill, delaying emergency relief

Federal Court: First Amendment Protects Sharing Food With Homeless People

Arms manufacturers tell investors that Iran tension fuels business

Impeachment Should Be on the Table If Trump Bombs Iran

Scientists Said Air Pollution Would Kill Thousands, So Trump’s EPA Just Changed The Math

No, China is not paying for Trump's bailout for US farmers

Weapons worth $8B headed to Middle East over Congress' objections

Senator Tammy Baldwin rips Trump for $62 million in farm aid to ‘corrupt’ Brazilian company

US has killed more than 20 million people in 37 “victim nations” since World War II

John Bolton: The man driving the US towards war...any war

Trump administration authorized nuclear energy companies to share technological information with Saudi Arabia

Very, very, very strange.’ How Nancy Pelosi's Meeting with Trump went down

Quoting from the article: “Trump’s all-out fight against congressional oversight and other actions seemed to her to

amount to a cover-up.”

Trump’s ‘pro-life’ administration just killed a program on children’s health

The Tweeter-in-Chief Risks Nuclear Catastrophe

Comment: Trump is psychotic and “has twice now threatened nuclear war against unstable and despotic regimes that lack a solid

understanding of U.S. intentions. So far, cooler heads have prevailed. But the fact that Trump has done it twice makes

it more likely that he will do it again—perhaps with worse results. We need to begin impeachment hearings before it’s

too late.”

Trump – from China to Iran to Venezuela – threats and sanctions everywhere – A chronicle of disorganized chaos foretold

Genocidal’: Trump threatens ‘official end of Iran’ - despite claiming he doesn’t want war

Comment: Dangerously psychologically imbalanced Trump & the brainwashed Christian Zionists support for Israel will

bring about the end of the US as well as prophesied.

For corporate media, space belongs to Washington

Unprecedented lawsuit could end water fluoridation in US based on neurotoxicity studies

Trump takes on Biden, vows not to let Iran get nuclear weapons during Fox News interview

Comment: Trump says: “I will not let Iran have nuclear weapons,” and is ignorant of the fact that he doesn’t have any

 moral or divine right to determine whether or not any country can have nuclear weapons, but does so because of his

religious brainwashing, ignorance of karma, and psychologically imbalanced mindset. The moral religious reality is that

Ayatollah Khomeini issued a “fatwa” against the development of nuclear weapons.

Are the U.S. and Russia “Making Preparations for World War III”? The Role of Israel

Comment: It was a very big mistake for Trump to make John Bolton his National Security Adviser, however, it indisputably

reflects “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.”

Deutsche Bank staff saw suspicious activity in Trump and Kushner accounts

An Academic Arrested for Protecting the Venezuela Embassy

Two Years and 10 Million Pounds Since Trump EPA Blocked Ban of Brain-Damaging Pesticide

Fox news legal analyst slams Trump’s actions as ‘dangerous’ - and says he has exceeded his powers 3 times in the last week

After Standing Rock, protesting pipelines can get you a decade in prison and $100K in fines

Comment: The ungodly disgusting reality of oligarchy takeover of government for corporate profiteering at the evidentiary

past expense of destroying the environment - land, rivers, oceans & wildlife with oil & atomic waste. This is just one of

many examples that illustrates how phony political rhetoric to "make America great again" is used, just like "core values"

was used while torturing prisoners at Guantamamo military base in Cuba where the US government is illegally on the

island to begin with and now continues with sanctions again, because of Cuba's support of Venezuela's Maduro.

Trump’s pick for ICE director: I can tell which migrant children will become gang members by looking into their eyes

Comment: Trump’s selection of individuals for his administration reflect his own psychologically imbalanced perspective.

Trump orders aides to avoid open conflict with Iran: Report

Ocasio-Cortez confronts CEO for nearly $2K price tag on HIV drug that cost $8 dollars in Australia

Tulsi Gabbard says she would drop Julian Assange charges and pardon Edward Snowden

Comment: Thank you very much Tulsi Gabbard.

U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on possible deployment of troops to the Middle East (news video)

Trump’s NASA sees Space Force as a means to bring free market capitalism to the final frontier

Congress Receives 10,000,000+ Signatures for Impeachment!

NXIVM Whistleblower tells all: Hillary, Gillibrand involved in sex slavery, trafficking, and satanism

Monsanto and Bayer are maneuvering to take over the cannabis industry

Jury returns $2 billion verdict against Monsanto for couple with cancer - the biggest so far

Benefits of cannabis legalisation to patients and oncology professionals

U.S. finally admits Agent Orange residue poisoned its own soldiers

Three veterans shot themselves to death at Veterans Affairs facilities within five days

National lawyers guild condemns secret service complicity in violence against US peace activists

Oregon Senate passes Student Success Act -- a tax on some businesses to fund education

The US Is Spending $1.25 Trillion Annually on War

Trump said he wouldn’t cut Medicaid, Social Security, and Medicare. His 2020 budget cuts all 3

Comment: The Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power syndrome is prevalent and Trump has no problem in making

citizens tighten their belts and suffer a little more.

Trump’s tariff war with China will hit TVs, dishwashers, toys, lithium batteries, iPhones — even Silly Putty

Sitrep : If you want to wage a trade war, don’t march on Beijing

Psychopath Capitalism”: US economic terrorism and genocide against the people of Venezuela

Trump’s plan for a 4th of July celebration starring himself is reportedly in the works

There are many reasons not to impeach Trump. The House should do it anyway

Trump administration plans to end protections for endangered species after UN report warns of ‘mass extinction event’

Trump signs resolution to permit dumping mining waste into waterways

How GMO seeds and Monsanto/Bayer’s “Roundup” are driving US policy in Venezuela

The StingRay is exactly why the 4th Amendment was written

White House has “Monsanto’s back on pesticides,” newly revealed document says

John Bolton has wanted war with Iran for 20 years. Now could be his best chance

Comment: US military commits war crimes in Iraq Atrocities and criminal homicides in Iraq And the US government

is the world’s greatest terrorist organization

Trump: 2 years of my term were ‘stollen’

Comment: Trump believes he should have 2 years added to his term of office, which shows he’s a wannabe dictator,

as well as a moron, and a lier. Nancy Pelosi said she was concerned that Trump would refuse to give up power in

2020 if he lost reelection by a narrow margin, which disregards the fact that the secret service, or FBI, would take

Trump out of the White House if he refused to leave after losing the election in 2020.

Itching for a war,’ Bolton threatens Iran with ‘unrelenting force’ as US bombers deployed to Middle East

Comment: Bolton & Pompeo, like a few others in government, including Trump, are metaphysically illiterate, ignorant

of karma, and exhibit the Alexander the Great Jerk Super Power syndrome.

Kamala Harris says getting Trump out of office ‘is critical to our security’

Mnuchin rejects democrats’ demand to hand over Trumps tax returns, all but ensuring legal battle