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 Culture continued                                                                         America’s Arcane Origins By Frank Joseph

 George Washington Laying the Cornerstone of the United States Capital Mural and Commemorative Medallion


This photo reminds me of when I lived in Medford & Gold Hill, Oregon. "Bill Haley & the Comets," and "Rock

Around the Clock" stick out in my mind when I was in Crater High School where I graduated summa cum ignorant

in 1956.


Monsanto’s GMO corn linked to organ failure, study reveals 

Monsanto: The world’s most evil corporation  6-22-14

Single-payer health care - its time has come



Informed Choice?  11-22-07

Walt Whitman (May 31, 1819 – March 26, 1892)

“This day before dawn I ascended a hill and look’d at the crowded


And I said to my spirit When we become the enfolders of those

Orbs, and the pleasure and knowledge of everything in them,

Shall we be fill’d and satisfied then?

And my spirit said No, we but level that lift to pass and continue

Beyond.” Leaves of Grass: Extract from Stanza 46 in Song of Myself.
Walt Whitman quotes

USMC General Smedley D. Butler

“There is one great voice that does not turn up in our sanitized and cleansed textbooks and

his message was a condemnation of the callousness of the blood barters and his voice was

one that spoke from experience. He is the highly decorated (two medals of honor) former

USMC General Smedley Darlington Butler. General Butler was one of the earliest critics of

American intervention and the plundering of foreign countries for the benefit of Wall Street

looters who were all too glad to trade lives for profit. Butler wrote the scathing War Is A

Racket that was a no-holds barred indictment of the early military-industrial complex. Butler

told it like it was, not a convenient thing for the revisionist historians who write the textbooks

to indoctrinate the good little Americans in the religion of the always great, always righteous

and blessed land of plenty.” More  7-10-07


Albert Einstein: (March 14, 1879 - April 18, 1955)

He who joyfully marches to music rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given

a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would surely suffice. This disgrace to civilization

should be done away with at once. Heroism at command, how violently I hate all this, how despicable

and ignoble war is; I would rather be torn to shreds than be a part of so base an action. It is my conviction

that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder.”

Dwight D. Eisenhower (October 4, 1890 - April 16, 1953)

“Every gun that is made, every warship launched, every rocket fired is, in a sense, a theft

from those who hunger and are not fed, those who are cold and are not clothed.”  


John Fitzgerald Kennedy (May 29, 1917 - November 22, 1963)

“The basic problems facing the world today are not susceptible to a military solution.”

“Mankind must put an end to war, or war will put an end to mankind...War will exist

until that distant day when the conscientious objector enjoys the same reputation and

prestige that the warrior does today.”


Culture continued:

From Governor To Ganjapreneur: Jesse Ventura becomes 1st elected US Official to put name on a weed product

with launch of cannabis edibles product on 4/20


Shooter in Colorado LGBTQ+ club massacre intends to plead guilty to federal hate crimes

16 Historical Events Only Made Possible By Drugs And Alcohol

Damning video evidence emerges in Trump Trial, shocking Santos report released

Editorial: Biden's marijuana pardons are welcome, but federal drug laws must catch up with reality

Lauren Boebert's 'improper behavior' causing her challenger to gain endorsements: report

An Ohio ballot measure seeks to protect abortion access. Opponents' messaging is on parental rights

Possible easing of marijuana restrictions could have major implications

Takeaways from AP's investigation into sexual harassment and assault at Antarctica's McMurdo Station

Number of US children killed by guns hit record high in 2021 - study

1 dead, 8 wounded, in Philadelphia block party shooting

US suicides hit an all-time high last year

Comment: It’s a result of the “deliberate dumbing down” in public education, along with religious miseducation and

cultural conditioning/programming with propaganda and fake news established by the “shadowy government”.

What is Tom Cruise's position in Church of Scientology? 'Misson Impossible' star may testify in Leah Remini's lawsuit

How Leah Remini plans to wage war on Church of Scientology: ‘She will call Tom Cruise as a witness’

Former U.S. Attorney Receives "Die" Threat After "Heinous" Trump Attack

Six months. 28 mass killings in the US. That's the worst yet, and all but one case involved guns

Judge orders Kansas to stop gender changes on driver's licenses

DeSantis signs off on bill criminalising trans people using public bathroom

Shooter who killed 23 at Texas Walmart sentenced to 90 life terms

4 people killed, dozens injured in chaotic night of mass shootings across the country

Group of migrants bused to downtown Los Angeles from Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott says

Joe Biden’s Next Crisis: Impeachment?

Women state senators cross party lines to block proposed South Carolina abortion ban

Something Is Seriously Wrong with Hunter Biden

Fox News Ousts Tucker Carlson

All 4 young victims killed at an Alabama Sweet 16 party are identified as investigators scramble to find the assailant

"He is visualizing burning things and blowing them up": How Trump may be coping with being caught

Cache Of Secret Videos, Photos Found By Jeffrey Epstein’s Estate Could Spark FBI Investigation

Police standoff with armed woman continues on busy Virginia road over 24 hours after it started

New Hampshire high court rejects Pamela Smart's latest chance at freedom

Kanye West sides with controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, calls for Elon Musk to reinstate him on Twitter

Elon Musk reinstates Trump's Twitter account

A new documentary exposes the truth about the religious right

Woman arrested for feeding homeless sues city

Top Twitter executives fired as Elon Musk takeover begins

9 killed and over 70 wounded in Memorial Day weekend mass shootings

Black owners of Texas restaurant accused of racism after introducing extensive dress code

At least 13 injured in mass-shooting incident in Austin, Texas (VIDEO)

Kansas City-area shootings: 4 killed, including two juveniles, in 4 incidents over a three-hour span

Colorado Sold More Than $2 Billion In Legal Marijuana Last Year

Getting Stoned with Senior Citizens in Seattle

Why Actor Jim Belushi Traded Hollywood for a Pot Farm in Southern Oregon

Watch a priest, rabbi and atheist smoke weed and talk religion 

For decades they hid Jefferson’s relationship with her. Now Monticello is making room for Sally Hemings 

Bharati Mukherjee calls America “a stage for transformation” – not only for herself, but also for her fellow immigrants 

Clever guy carries his Husky in a giant tote, because NYC subway only allows dogs in carriers  

Willie Nelson rolls out new line of marijuana, Willie’s Reserve, in Washington State 

Rare Willy Nelson video in 1962  (He looks like a totally different person)

Marijuana smoking grandparents (video) 

The cult of ignorance in the USA: Anti-intellectualism and the “dumbing down” of America 

The Super Bowl Promotes War By David Swanson 

J. Krishnamurti: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society”, and the

political-philosophical society of the US government, being directed by the Neocons & the "Cabal"

is “profoundly sick.”

Entire Florida police dept busted laundering tens of millions for international drug cartels 

Emma Watson was told not to use the word “feminism” in a gender equality speech 

Amber Lyon – Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray 

“I created Peace, Love, and Pepper Spray to remind the American people that protest is beautiful,

effective, and absolutely necessary for change. Corporations and the U.S. Government, who both

have a vested interest in eliminating dissent, have been doing everything in their power to make you

think protest is a waste of time. They're wrong and this book will show you why. Throughout history –

the American Revolution, slavery, labor movement, women’s suffrage, civil rights, Vietnam war, gay

rights – protest has been the common denominator for change.”

Personal story: I’m a scientist who was an atheist until DMT opened my heart 

Women Are Leading The Charge To End Cannabis Prohibition 

John Whitehead on Punishment In The Public Schools [with commentary by Paul Craig Roberts]

Racial discrimination ‘big problem’ in US: Poll 

How to lose friends on social media: Question authority

Weed 101: Colorado tries ‘neighborly’ pot education  

Jon Stewart Explores “Scariest F*cking Place on Earth” -- Dick Cheney’s Mind 

The new spending bill just ended the federal war on legalized weed 

Profiles in Madness

Aljazeera: US protesters decry chokehold death verdict 

Vice-President Biden’s son, Hunter, discharged from Navy after testing positive for cocaine 

Police killed 77 people in September

Sexual assault reports jump 61% at top colleges in two years 

NYPD officer hits teen in face with gun 

Beautiful rendition of the National Anthem at Super Bowl XXV by Whitney Houston

Silicon Valley is great if you’re a dude, not so much if you’re a woman  

Time capsule from 1901 (Boston) is confirmed to be inside a Lion statue atop Old State House  

LA police handcuff Django Unchained actress kissing her white partner 

Jon Stewart tears apart Fox News’ Ferguson coverage 

Animal experimenters jeer and threaten protestors near UCLA Campus

8 reasons young Americans don’t fight back: How the US crushed youth resistance 

US city in California offers free marijuana to poor residents 

Abby Martin: 45,000 SWAT raids are terrorizing families every year in the US 

Denver murder rate cut in half after marijuana legalization. Coincidence? 

New Captain America film takes on Obama’s kill list and the New World Order   

Drugging America: 19 Statistics-Almost-too Crazy to Believe 

How to avoid mind-numbing weapons of mass destruction

US states take jump as legal marijuana markets open   

Donald Sutherland: I want Hunger Games to stir up a revolution 

Cops ‘high-fiving’ after tasing Florida teen to death: Eyewitnesses 

Garry Davis, man of no nation who saw one world of no war, dies at 91 

19 surveys show US population is made up of totally clueless sheeple 

60 million people in the US are negatively affected by someone else’s pathology  

A Brief for Animals

Colorado governor signs bill to establish a legal, regulated pot market for adults 

12-year-old food grower donates 2 tonnes of vegetables to homeless 

McGrath: Armed revolution in America coming soon? (video) 

Man of Steel: Superman in the age of disclosure

Disney says new Star Wars movie every year between 2015 and 2019 

Teacher’s resignation letter: “My profession…no longer exists” 

Pot tourism begins to bud in Colorado 

Locked out of jobs, formerly incarcerated struggle to reintegrate

US is a Third world Hellhole…According to Police By Wendy McElroy 

A militaristic culture By Laura L. Finley 

On Fox: Guns don’t kill people, video games kill people 

Like Amsterdam: Washington State bar owner lets patrons get stoned 

Aldous Huxley: The Ultimate Revolution 

Obama administration considering ways to overturn marijuana legalization in 2 states 

Dr. Edgar Mitchell Day in Petaluma, California (video) 

Infidelity, intrigue, and politics: a timeline of the General David Petraeus case 

Let’s make Election Day a national holiday 

There is a brutal civil war in the GOP, and Carl Rove may be the first casualty 

Real Time with Bill Maher: Overtime – Episode #260 

Zach Galifianakis smokes weed on National television Bill Maher’s show 

Bill Maher: New rule for Todd Akin and the republican party 

“The Kiss” smoochers reunited for 67th anniversary of VJ day 

Can the caravan of peace end the war on drugs? By Tom Hayden 

Let Chicago’s anti-torture resolution inspire your own city By Margaret Flowers 

Marijuana legalization could set up state-federal showdown   

Why we Fight By Chris Hedges 

Lisa Brown, Michigan lawmaker, to help perform “Vigina Monologues” 

Marijuana decriminalization won’t kill discrimination

America: Where it’s easier to get a gun than good mental health care 

Weiber wins womens US gymnastic title (video of her performance) 

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to decriminalize marijuana 

Bill Maher mocks birthers with Mitt romney “wifer” controversy (video) 

Bill Maher asks Joe Biden to make more “gaffes” after gay marriage comments (video) 

Connecticut close to legalizing medical marijuana 

Real Time with Bill Maher 30 March 2012 New Rules 

US citizens aren’t you sick of the mainstream media corporate puppets picking your presidents? 

The TSA’s Mission Creep is Making the US a Police State by Jennifer Abel 

Five ways NOT to raise bullies and mean girls by Dr. Peggy Drexler 

Initiative 502 backers say marijuana prohibition “causes violence, causes deaths” 

Ashley Judd slaps media in the face for speculation over her “puffy” appearance 

Comment: Without a doubt, Ashley’s a bright and lovely soul. One of my favorite movies was

“Someone Like You” that she starred in with Hugh Jackman

The Koch brothers are spending a fortune in support of a conservative political agenda 

12 states working towards smart, sane, marijuana laws 

New Viking, Christian Ponder, takes up “hot yoga” 

Bill Maher nails it 

Fox news vs Amsterdam 

Why we all need to experience occupy Wall Street by Preston Elrod 

Would you blow the whistle? Many say yes, but perils abound by Dina Rasor 

Jon Stewart’s Newt Gingrich message for GOP: “Don’t do this!” (video) 

George Carlin: The truth about Republicans 

Condoleezza Rice’s misguided “values” by Lawrence Davidson 

The People versus the Police by Naomi wolf 

Bill Maher explains why Occupy Wall Street is going to win 

Comment: JFK said: “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution \


Bigger than life, John Wayne honored in Hollywood in 1978 – His last speech. 

It’s time to declare peace in the war against drugs by Doug Bandow 

California prison hunger strike ends, conditions of “immense torture” continue 

What awful reality TV and suburban living have to do with the Tea Party’s lack of empathy   

Between race and reason: Anti-intellectualism in American life by Susan Searls Giroux 

Republican party’s base: A gallery of ghouls by Cliff Schecter 

The religious right sugar-daddy who brought us Rick Perry by Bill Berkowitz 

A Woman’s Greatest Strength by Donna Karan 

Read the never-before-published letter from LSD-inventor albert Hofmann to Steve Jobs 

America’s serious crime rate is plunging, but why? 

Jon Stewart and the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform & Consumer Protection Act 

Seattle mayor, Mike McGinn, signs off on medical pot regulations   

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Recap-week of 7-18-2011   

The revolution against greed: An idea whose time has come 

Gov. Christie says New Jersey medical marijuana law can go forward 

Jon Stewart on The Manchurian Lunatic 

Bill Maher compares Casey Anthony verdict to republican thinking ( video) 

15 year-old girl faces life in prison for a miscarraige? 

Independence Day Blues? Americans sense decline 

Jon Stewart slams Fox news for editing interview with Chris Wallace (video) 

Gabrielle Giffords released from hospital 

War on drugs not working, says global commission   
Could legal pot give Big Pharma a much-needed high? 

My sex life with the TSA by Naomi Wolf 

Arizona filing lawsuit to clarify medical marijuana act 

FOX “news” obsessively incites racism. It’s not even debatable by Mark Karlin 

Jon Stewart mocks Trump & Palin’s latest political gaffes (video) 

The failed drug war has created a human rights nightmare 

Charged with growing pot, man claims medical marijuana defense and wins 

5 teens strike plea deal in Phoebe Prince bullying case 

Report exposes the religious right’s effort to stop anti-bullying programs in schools 

Gabrielle Giffords supporters donate $358,000 to her re-election campaign 

10 most violent states in the U.S. 

Why should a person wrongly convicted be required to sue for compensation?  

Bill Maher’s new rule for pro-lifers (video) 

Jon Stewart says goodbye to Glenn Beck (4 short videos) 

Daniel Ellsberg and “saving Private Manning” by Greg Mitchell  

Raising our daughters to be sexually authentic adults by Joyce McFadden 

Jon Stewart mocks Bachmann, Gingrich and Cain’s 2012 base-reaching strategies (video) 

Helen Thomas: Playboy interview by David Hochman 

Marijuana and the democracy disconnect by Norm Stamper 

Coming to America? By Jim Kirwan 

Colorado medical marijuana doctors face new rules 

Illinois governor abolishes death penalty 

The Restorative Revolution by Elaine Shpungin, Ph.D. 

How the US Radicalized Conservatism 

Protestors across the US decry Wisconsin anti-union efforts 

Americans are prisoners of war by Jim Kirwan 

Civil unrest in America (video) 

Jon Stewart takes on Republicans vs. Planned Parenthood (video) 

Demonizing human rights: the invisible war on people by Jim Kirwan 

Ed Schultz rages at Rush Limbaugh 

States to become referees of feds’ constitutionality 

Grubby comment by TSA agent: “I was going to do her” 

First openly drunk senator elected, ONN on IFC sneak preview (news video) 

Americans are oppressed too by Paul Craig Roberts 

Renewing The Patriot Act While America Sleeps (video) 

9th Annual Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles, Feb. 11-14  

An adoption story more dramatic than “The Blind side” (video) 

Jon Stewart calls out Fox News' Nazi Hypocricy (video) 

Everything changes, but only when you say it out loud by Jim Kirwan 

Artist could face 15 years in prison for recording his own arrest 

We do this for young people: In tribute to Sargent Shriver by Russell Simmons 

DHS and the Rebels by Jim Kirwan 

Yes, Sarah, context does matter 

Jon Stewart mocks Fox News for criticising Arizona shooting memorial service (video) 

Arizona’s culture of extremism by Elise Foley 

Workaholism in America: A European’s perspective by Tijana Milosevic 

Over two million children are now homeschooled 

TSA busts Montel Williams for marijuana pipe ($484 citation) 

Jon Stewart takes on the RNC chairman debate (video) 

WikiLeaks, ideological legitimacey and the crisis of empire 

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control   

2011: A Brave New Dystopia by Chris Hedges 

The Year in Shamelessness by Paul Slansky 

Where everything begins by Jim Kirwan 

Slouching towards tyranny by Bruce Fein 

$4.15 billion, 65-mile high speed rail “train to nowhere” in California 

Brother Nathanael & Food Bill’s Mark of the Beast (video) 

Bill Mayer on PNAC & Iraq 
Bill Mayer – New Rules - Greed 
Bill Mayer: most Americans are dumb and uneducated 

Imperial America’s End Time by Stephen Lendman 

Tom Delay guilty: Jury convicts republican in money laundering trial 

Very important message from Kiesha Crowther (watch both parts) 

Hunger is a real story: Celebrities team up for feeding America campaign (videos) 

House passes ban on animal cruelty videos 
Comment: I wonder if the Supreme Court will strike this modified version of the law down too.

The left right paradigm is over: It’s you vs. corporations by Barry Ritholtz 

How you can help fight the stigma of “mentally ill” by Glenn Close 

40 year, trillion dollar “war on drugs” worst failure yet by Jim Kirwan

Footprints in the sands of time by Jim Kirwan 

Congressman says God will save us from climate change 
Comment: Another example of why we need to change the requirement/qualifications for public office

Arnold Schwarzenegger speaks out over marijuana law 

5th Circuit rules that high school cheerleader is required to cheer for her alleged rapist 

Psychologically sick TSA and opting out of body scans: everyone is treated as a terrorist 

California law to ban sale of violent video games to children to be ruled on by Supreme Court 

Comment: The Supreme Court, being metaphysically illiterate and corrupt, will probably uphold the decision

by the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, which had previously declared the law unconstitutional.

Just say no to GMO (video) 

Comment: American citizens need to run the corrupt politicians out of office quickly, and

imprison the psychological sick executives at Monsanto, along with the FDA leadership.

Politico has concerns about Rally to Restore Sanity for some reason by Jason Linkins 

George Soros backs marijuana legalization, donates $1 million to Prop 19 

New feminist coalition slams sexed-up images of girls 

President Obama films “It Gets Better” video to combat gay bullying 

California Tea Party Frontrunner: Abolish Public Schools   

The next glass ceiling by Krystal Ball 

Conspiracy theorists find validation from Glenn Beck by Dana Millbank 

Glenn Beck mocks fire victims, reaches new depths of awfulness by Bob Cesca 

Rush Limbaugh [being karmically ignorant] refers to Barney Frank as the “banking queen” 

Bill Maher has fun with customer satisfaction surveys 

The force that fights deep-pocketed polluters and wins by Robert Redford 

Howard Arenstein arrested: Marijuana charges for CBS reporter & wife 

Midnight shopping on the brink of poverty 

California: maximum punishment of $100 fine for possession of an ounce of marijuana 

Former USAF academy professor slams Christian bigotry 

America’s Arcane Origins 

Washington Post wants your social security to pay for the war 

Multitasking and the modern woman 

How education reformers push the wrong theory of learning by Marion Brady 

Teresa Lewis, mentally disabled woman, executed in Virginia amid outcry 

The rapture of it all 

Scaremongering report about Islam reveals political posturing 

Prediction: Washington State will end marijuana prohibition in 26 months 

Hollywood and the media industry in UFO disclosure 

The Event (video) 

AFL-CIO sends out 2 million mailers; blast Palin, Angle and Paul 

NY Times: Number of families in shelters rises 

White House insider with inside scoop on deep politics 

Michelle Obama moves with Taylor Swift, NFL players in Louisiana 

John Stewert uses Jan Brewer fiasco to show Democrats’ midterm challenges (video) 

Church to go ahead with September 11 burning of the Quran 

Jennifer Aniston shoots back at Bill O’Reilly 

Reading the pictures: Michelle Antionette 

Will layoffs hamper cops hunting a serial killer 

Nuke U: How the University of California is helping to blow up the world 

Rationalizing the bombing of Hiroshima: Confronting a mindset by Susan Galleymore 

Jeff Greene, Senate Florida Candidate, is the Latest & Greatest Entry in 2010’s Yacht Follies 

Colorado Senate candidate, Ken Buck, insists rape, incest are no excuse for an abortion 

Senate candidate, Sharron Angle, says Democrats' agenda violates “the First Commandment” 

Blanket of Stars: Homeless Women in Santa Monica by Debra Ollivier 

“Let Them Eat Cake” by Paul Craig Roberts 

“Our Military’s Disturbing Transition to Warriors” by William Astore 

She’s fired for blowing whistle on teachers eating kids lunches 

Collecting rainwater now illegal in many states  (government criminalizing citizens more)

“It’s the Opportunity, Stupid!” by Robert Redford 

General Petraeus’s leaked emails about Israel 

“A New Movement to Abolish Nuclear Weapons” by Jim Wallis 

America’s Defense Associations by John Stanton 

The Enduring Truth-Telling of Noam Chomski by Johann Hari

The Brutality of Factory Farms: An Inside Look (Video) 

Cailfornia Dems endorse pot legalization 

 Comment: Marijuana and the Bible
No one is bound to obey an unconstitutional law and no courts are bound to enforce it: In the Bill of Rights

  you’ll find that self-determination (“free choice of one's own acts without external compulsion”) is

  paramount: follow natural and legal rights that are self-evident and grounded in philosophy. This means, as

  indicated in the introduction (#5), that everyone is free to live their own life as they choose to live it, so long

  as they don’t interfere in anyone else’s life (including animals), consequently, the insane war on drugs is

  unconstitutional, as well as ungodly, and the government is criminal itself in legislating laws that make its

  citizens criminals for what they eat, drink, smoke, or otherwise ingest.

BP Gulf oil spill threatens whales, dolphins: ET ambassadors” vital to Earth’s light-energy grid  

Indigenous Native American Prophecy – Part 1 

2012 Conspiracy Theory with former Governor Jesse Ventura (video) 
 Comment: Part 1 of 6 - Very informative & enlightening with regards to the government's secret preparation

 for catastrophic events.


 On the 4th of July over $600 million will be spent on fireworks   


States cutting back on 4th of July expenses (msnbc video)   

6 year-old Ohio girl on “no fly” list (News video) 

Arizona cops threatened by Mexican drug cartel (news video) 

Stewart calls Joe Barton a Disdainful A--hole” (video) 

Stephen Colbert for Secretary of State by Robert Greenwald 

Coming to Terms With Equality and Diversity: America’s Ongoing Culture Wars 

The Peace Movement Needs New, Immature Friends by Lisa Barr 

Labor Under Democrats - An Interview with Robert Reich 

Revenge of the Zombies: Palin, Beck, Limbaugh and the Return of Dark Times 

A 26-foot-tall Anubis statue installed at Denver International Airport 

Christian anti-porn ministries battle women’s “porn addiction” 

Election-year politics derail bid to save teachers jobs  

Soldier in Iraq loses home over $800 debt 

FBI found Kenneth Starr hiding in his closet. 

Letter to Gary Conklin & the workers of Conklin Dairy Farm 

VA Docs prohibited from recommending medical marijuana to returning vets 

New rule: the GOP leadership in America must produce their birth certificates 
Growing Homelessness in America by Stephen Lendman 

Sara Palin’s New Low: Funeral Crasher by Shannyn Moore 

Child Prostitution in Portland, Oregon & Elsewhere by Dan Rather 

Stewart hammers conservatives for hypocritical Obama-Bush comparisons (video) 

Glenn Beck, Immigration, and Social Justice by Jim Wallis 

Shadow Elite: Neocons, the Holocaust & Emergency Powers by Janine Wedel 

A Mother’s Day Pro-Marijuana Tea Party by Attorney Jessica Corry 

On laissez-faire government, the oil spill, and conservative hypocrisy 

Eight states consider starting their own state-run banks 

A plea to the US military and its enforcers 

Jon Stewart fires back at Fox news with "Gospel Extravaganza" (video) 

Eulogy for John McCain’s lost integrity 

It’s impossible to “get by” in the U.S. by Graham Summers 

U.S. in a world of trouble-immigration of all kinds by Frosty Wooldridge 

What the Terri Schiavo affair can teach us about today’s right-wing zealots 

Republicans on the wrong side of history by Barbra Streisand 

Christian militia group members arrested by FBI 

John Stewart’s parody of Glenn Beck 

Gas prices at highest level since 2008 
Comment: The phony manipulation of the cost of a barrel of crude oil for "obscene" profiteering and

  executive salaries is about to come to an end.

Idaho to sue if health care bill passes 

Violence in video games leads to school massacres 
 Comment: The Company’s that produce and/or sell violent video games are doing a tremendous disservice

 to their fellow man/woman, but this is due to the atheist (metaphysically & karmically ignorant), vulture

 capitalist philosophy prevalent in the world today, and this particular type of freedom of expression, along

 with several others, will disappear in the near future, because of the new age we are about to enter.

The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander 

Wyoming governor signs sovereignty resolution 

Utah governor signs law charging women & girls with murder for miscarriages 
Breaking the Fever of Militarism by Chris Floyd 

Bus in fatal Arizona crash operating illegally 

“Governor Moonbeam” is most likely to return to power in California 

Show me the women in Hollywood 

5 ways hypocritical Obama & corporate media are fighting marijuana reform 

Pressing the peace reset button 

Americans stock up to be ready for end of world 

Kearney collects woman’s moguls, first U.S. gold 

DC and Wall Street are wall-to-wall liars by Karl Schwarz 

High-speed rail: Skipping your town 

Growing hunger in America 

NM House votes 65-0 to move State’s money to credit unions, community banks 

Profound disconnect of Congress from its Constituents by Frosty Wooldridge 

California Senate approves single-payer health care bill 

American politics & industries today are led by disciples of Leo Strauss  
The re-education of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski 

Call for immediate arrest of 5 Supreme Court Justices for treason 

Danger ahead – the nullification of the Congress 

Congress cuts Americans’ financial throats 

Psychologists in an age of torture 

How Big Pharma profits from fear by WC Douglas, MD 

American air security is a farce by Karl Schwarz 

Treason and the double standard by Jim Kirwan 

Jesse Ventura on Aspartame, Flouride, and Vaccines 

First Circle: Liberty has been lost by Paul Craig Roberts 

Americans are blind to the true horrors of war 

Ever Expanding Wars: An Appalling New Year Certainty   

Film Review: Avatar, a humanist call from Mt. Hollywood by Gilad Atzmon 

Jesus hated war – Why do Christians love it so much? 

Americans are hell-bent on tyranny by Paul Craig Roberts 
Former Police Chief Norm Stamper: “Let’s not stop at marijuana legalization” 

Hightower: Congress ethics rules undermined by Weasels 

Why women have signed onto marijuana reform  

Khalid Shaikh Mohammad’s trial will convict us all 

Yes, America, the Caca Grows Deeper Every Day by Karl Schwarz 

U.S. Army suicides set another yearly record 

Record numbers go hungry in the U.S. 

Myths of Our Time by Paul Craig Roberts 

Jon Stewart catches Sean Hannity falsifying footage of GOP protest (video) 

The great Hiroshima film cover-up 

The Conspiracy Show with Richard Syrett 

Personal responsibility: Personal accountability by Frosty Wooldridge 

Jon Stewart takes on media, Lieberman over public option (includes video) 

US News & World Report: 9 signs of America in decline   

Hemp: The premier renewable resource 

Justice Department tells DEA to leave medical marijuana users alone 

“Our Cheap Politicians” by Andrew Cockburn 

Ralph Nader: “Only the rich can save us” 
The price of peace 

The treason of the Senate: Bill Moyers explains who really owns America 

"Why propaganda trumps truth" by Paul Craig Roberts 

The Powel memo and the teaching machines of right-wing extremists 

Jon Stewart defends NEA, school children from Republicans, Fox news (video) 

Arianna discusses her book “Pigs at the Trough” on “The View” 

One drug arrest made every 18 seconds 

Is America hooked on war? 

American justice is not blind, but it is truly sick by Dave Lindorff 

Republicans, Religion and the Triumph of Unreason by Johann Hari 

The Right Wing’s Prince of Gonzo by Alexander Cockburn 

Economic common sense 2009 

My response to the article “Closing in on Rove” 

American justice is at risk 

MSNBC’s Maddow and new aspects of scandal on Washington’s “Christian Mafia” 

Scalia says there’s nothing unconstitutional about executing the innocent 

 Comment: but there is something ungodly about it, you arrogant, metaphysically illiterate barbarian.

First Lady’s shorts draw some long, hard looks  

Abolish the Senate, starting with some whittling  

When the dead have no say 

I hate to bother you 

Thousands line up for free health care in Inglewood, Ca. 

The Real Grand Chessboard and the Profiteers of War 

Militarizing the Homeland 

Eunice Kennedy Shriver in critical condition 

Reflections on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in our world 

Rural medical camp tackles health care gaps 

The Washington Post endorses Abu Ghraib scapegoating for torture 

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This guy’s gymnastic skills are unreal 

Some choice words for “the select few” 

GOP sex scandal exposes secretive conservative religious group – “the family” 

Bill Maher defends Sanford (video) 

UFO/ET Non-Disclosure National Security Threats 

America closing her door to freedom 

11 ways to prepare for civil unrest by Claire Wolfe 

How many more lies? 

How computers can harm your children’s future…by damaging their brains 

Court to defendant: Stop blasting that man’s mind! 

4th of July: It ain’t about hot dogs & fireworks 

Jon Stewart blasts former CIA analyst for rooting for bin laden attack on US 

Kill the Indian. Save the Man   

Trapped inside a bad health care system 

Ron Paul: International bailout brings us closer to economic collapse  

Rhode Island will license medical marijuana shops 
NY Times: Drugs won the war 
10 reasons conservatives should shut up about Letterman’s Sarah Palin gaffe 

Obama: “I have been an imperfect father” 

Destroying Indigenous Cultures   

Help save the earth: time to substitute hemp for oil 

New film exposes unsavoury side of US food industry 

Journalist calls for rounding up “hate promoters” 

Radioactive revival in New Mexico 

The Marijuana Conspiracy: The real reason Hemp is illegal 

“End the war on drugs” by Ron Paul 

Judge denounces marijuana laws 

“Fear Rules” by Paul Craig Roberts 

Akiane: child prodigy, artist, poet, “Indigo child” (video) 

Big Pharma, Big Insurance, and Big Congress at your service 

Health insurers investing heavily in tobacco companies 

OK Mr. Gates. What now? 

“Sotomayer Derangement Syndrome” by William Rivers Pitt   

“Torturing the rule of law” by Ron Paul 

“Audit the Fed, then end it” by Ron Paul 

“Cheney’s Secure Location” by Jim Kirwan 

Mr. Cheney, please, tell us about it 

San Diego county official says home no place for Bible study without permit 

“Daily Show” duel: Dick Cheney Vs. Barack Obama (scroll down for video) 

“And He Shall Be Judged” by Robert Draper 

Republican disaster – The Evangelical/Zionist Anatomy of Meltdown 

Countdown’s “worst persons in the world” (video) 

How many kicks to the head does it take? 

Ventura & Hasselbeck rumble over waterboarding on the View   

“Who Rules America” by Paul Craig Roberts 

Norman Solomon: A Progressive Challenge to Jane Harmon 

“The corrupting notion that torture works” by Terrell E. Arnold 

Two Seattle Police Chiefs on opposite side of the drug war? 

DHS report causes outrage among combat veterans 

“America’s Shame” by Paul Craig Roberts 

We need a Green New Deal 

Economic casualties pile into tent cities 

Movie: The Living Matrix 

“The Other 100 Days” by William Rivers Pitt 

Air Force One, flaps up! 

The lying about Iraq is the original sin 

Waterboarding the Rule of Law 

“Prosecuting Torture or Growing Gardens” by Carolyn Baker  

Tenured professor fired for opposing Zionism 

Drowning in plastic: The great pacific garbage patch is twice the size of France 
Keith Olbermann: “US future depends on torture accountability” 

Elizabeth de la Vega: Torture, Special Prosecutor, Black Holes & Radio Silence 

Major scandal erupts involving Rep. Jane Harman, Alberto Gonzales and AIPAC 

Obama and habeas corpus – then and now 

Justice Ginsburg shares views on influence of foreign law on her court 

Oliver North compares expansion of AmeriCorps Program to Nazism & Stalinism 

Glenn Beck faces down General Tso’s sleeper cells 

Support Industrial Hemp 

A perspective on what the drug war costs (video) 

Mrs. Obama meets Mrs. Windsor 

All this current rhetoric about socialism in Washington is partisan poppycock 

Jimmy Carter promised to end prohibition in 1976 

Chuck Norris advocating armed revolution and terrorist “cell” tactics 

Angler: The rise and fall (finally!) of Dick Cheney 
Its time for the madness to stop 

Solitary confinement in U.S. prisons making thousands psychotic  

Sf Examiner Editorial: Expanded Americorps has stench of authoritarianism 

Commentary: Legalize drugs to stop violence 

Reagan: The Great American Socialist 
“Tax Time Covert Ops” by Catherine Austin Fitts 

Police shoot university student for smoking marijuana 

“Idiot Wind” by William Rivers Pitt 

Sonny Bono “assassinated” by hitmen, says former FBI agent 

Updating the militarization and annexation of North America 

For sale signs hanging on the doors of prominent newspapers across America 

US plans for Mexico border violence 

Texas straight talk & Ron Paul: Imagine 

One in 50 children in America is homeless 

The newly released secret laws of the Bush administration 

Climate “denial” is now a mental disorder 

Tent cities have returned to America 

Senator Patrick Leahy: Support a Truth & Reconciliation Commission 

Sacked for photo Americans weren’t meant to see 

Pink Dolphin appears in US lake   

“Richard Perle is a liar” by Stephan M. Walt 

New energy in the “free market” age 

DEA to halt medical marijuana raids 

FBI makes first arrest in $8 billion Stanford fraud investigation 

U.S. to yield marijuana jurisdiction to states 

Americans in Appalachia are living in a state of terror 

Jindal doesn’t levitate to the occasion 

George W. Bush’s suicidal statecraft 

Strange Days, Strange Skies 

Government plans to use microwave “ray gun” to protect itself from angry citizens 

Jailing kids for cash 

“Bill of Rights Under Fire” by Paul Craig Roberts 

High Road for Human Rights: A Constitutional Recommitment 

The DEA Chief’s $123,000 flight, and other continued disgusting activity 

Prosecute war criminals and their lawyers 

“Driving over the cliff” by Paul Craig Roberts 

Judges got millions in kickbacks to send juveniles to private prisons 

The one-dimensional Congress 

A nation of junkies hooked on media-fabricated outrage 

“Justice Delayed is Justice Denied” by Jim Kirwan 

“Dump the GOP” by William Rivers Pitt 

Quit crying double-standard over Phelps 

Cash-strapped states mull seat belt law changes 

Robert Fisk: When did we stop caring about civilian deaths during wartime? 

Massive oil deposit in North Dakota could increase US reserves by 10 times 

Texas Governor approves taking private land for economic development 

Risen victim of the NSA’s (unlawful?) spying on journalists 

My future as an arms manufacturer 

To Support and Defend: A message to US Senators and Representatives 

Oil company trying to manipulate California’s gasoline market 

Foreclosure Fightback 
End torture, end domestic violence 

Bush and the collaboration of Washington’s political and media establishments  

A Great Gettin’ Up Morning by William Rivers Pitt 

New A&E FBI show portrays 9/11 truthers as dope smoking terrorists 

On historic steps, Obama’s rise celebrated 

Who’s in charge – Obama, the Pentagon or Israel? 

Why no charges for Schlozman?

America complicit in Israel’s military assault on Palestinians 

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: You don’t know Dick Cheney (video) 

Protest of The Washington Post’s support of the Gaza massacre 

Michigan Department of Corrections sued for sexual assault on female prisoners 

“Why do they hate the West so much, we will ask?” by Robert Fisk 

Monsanto investigator in Illinois laughs they are doing “rural cleansing” 

 Comment: Another example of a very corrupt U.S. Congress

Perhaps the most talented dog on earth (video) 

“Difficulty of being an informed American” by Paul Craig Roberts 

“Government to the people - drop dead!” by Jim Kirwan 

We arm the world 

Chemtrail Fallout in Northern California Newspaper Ad 

Appointing Martial Law 

“Whatever Happened to Western Morality?” by Paul Craig Roberts 

This is a human flying adrenaline rush to the max (video) 

CNN news video: Ingesting magic mushrooms has long lasting positive effects 

CNBC news video: Marijuana = largest cash crop in California 

The Peace Alliance Campaign to Establish a U.S. Department of Peace 

“Full Spectrum Dominance” by Jim Kirwin 

More ID required to drive across borders since January 31, 2008 

Kids learn that killing is fun at the Army’s lethal new theme park 

U.S. teens portrayed as violent, unethical 

“The Darkness and the Power” by Jim Kirwin 

Seat for sale scandal causes wider worries over American corruption 

Katrina’s hidden race war 

The Seattle Times: It’s time to end the war on drugs 

One person made a difference 

Gun Control: Protecting Terrorists and Despots 

Wall-Mart workers in Minnesota win $54 million settlement 

CIA drug trafficking and remembering Gary Webb 

Sacrifice we can believe in 

Capitalist terrorism 

Obama - How to deal with other people’s enemies 

Democrats to White House: Preserve your records (Why? Nothing will be done) 

“Bait & Switch” by Jim Kirwan 

Criminal justice reform battle in California: Powerful interests versus the people 

Quote of the week: Thomas Jefferson in 1802 

“Hey – It’s Just Business!” by Jim Kirwan 

“A Futile Bailout – Darkness Falls on America” by Paul Craig Roberts 

Fear & Loathing in La Jolla 

Who’s watching the Fox at Treasury 

“Capitalism at the expense of all life” by Juan Santos 

USA 2008: The Great Depression 

The “Art of Politics” by Jim Kirwan 

Bailout means full faith & credit 

“Iran is not the problem” by Karl Schwarz 

“Tent Cities” of homeless on the rise across the U.S. 

The upside-down world of denial & conquest 

Leading journalists expose major media manipulations 

The unspeakable truth of 9/11 

And then we will die 

Deadly Legacy of US Sanctuary Cities   

Those who are tasked to police this democracy are blinded by confetti 

Ventura voices 9/11 truth at rally for the Republic 

Renewing America’s “Contract with the Middle Class” 

Countdown to Looking Glass by Karl Schwarz 

Should Uncle Sam be helping CEOs get richer? 

Don’t let the Neocon agenda get the US into a wider Middle East war 

The Zionist West Has Met its Match" by Karl Schwarz 

Impeachment is Not Enough by Gregory F. Fegel 

Schwarz versus Brezezinski 

"American Lies & American Delusions" by Karl Schwarz 

The sublime rise of a standing army in America 

Sexual assault in Military “jaw dropping,” lawmaker says 

U.S. government: We know parenting better than you 

America – No strategic vision, no strategic plan 

American citizens ponder their fate 

Americans embracing their own destruction 

Larry Silverstein:  9-11’s Inside Man! 

Drilling without oil, tax cuts without growth 

Is the Fourth Estate a Fifth Column? 

The Arrogance of Power 

Supreme Court, Inc – Supremely pro-business   

LA Times: This is the U.S. on drugs  

Open Letter to Military General Officers (video) 

The Ugly Truth: Independence Day 

America seized with fear  

Limitations, Liabilities & Lies 

Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception

In the grip of a permanent war economy by Seymour Melman

California Mother/Activist Assaulted by Authorities
The Bill of No Rights

Former DEA agent names U.S. government officials responsible for drug smuggling

There would have been no 9/11 catastrophe if this man had been elected President in 1996 & 2000
Defeat is victory, death is life
American Origins of Private Property
Where is the outrage?

The U.S. has become a rogue nation
Check your conscious at the door. We’re building an empire
Restoring Constitutional Government
Dictating Reality
Military Dictatorship U.S.A.

While people create beautiful things, politicians create WMD & fear.
Completing the American Revolution
American Herods & The Fallacy Of A Free Press
FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and Executive Orders
Mass Media Cover-up
Paranoid/Paranoia – Media Buzzwords to Silence the Politically Incorrect
Brothers of the Shadows – A Perspective on Conspiracies

They Spoke The Truth About The Lapdog Media

Dead Scientists And Microbiologists - Master List

 2004 Elections - Noam Chomsky

The Overthrow Of The American Republic

The Undoing Of America



Seamount twice the size of world's tallest building discovered 'hidden under the waves'

Bill Gates [due to metaphysical ignorance] challenges AI moratorium

Everyone on Earth will die,’ top AI researcher warns

Professor Guy McPherson - Science Snippets: On the Verge of Starvation

Scientists point to ozone hole anomaly

SpaceX Unveils Military Satellite Called Starshield

Forgotten Civilization: New Discoveries on the Solar-Induced Dark Age by Robert M. Schoch Ph.D (author), Catherine Ulissey

Unmanned, solar-powered US space plane back after 908 days

Over 35,819 Lightning Strikes in Australia within the past 24hrs and that number is rising!

Scientists Decry Human Indifference to 'Probable Sixth Mass Extinction'

Capt. Kirk’s space voyage with Blue Origin lands successfully

US Air Force's ultra-secretive X-37B plane has spent 500 days in orbit

Jeff Bezos launches into space  View from capsule during trip

U.S. Space Force Chief Operating Officer confirms work with space-based directed-energy weapons

SkyDrive one person aerial vehicle

This particle physicist believes that 5G is a directed energy weapon designed for control

SDI: A basis for a multi-layered defense against ballistic missiles

DragonFire Laser Directed Energy Weapon

Comment: Isn’t it great to have created such a marvellous new weapon to murder people with? God, no doubt, lowers

his head in sadness as the US government ignores his commandment to “love one another”, as well as “thou shalt not kill”,

but the US is, unknowingly, under the influence of the dark forces, and under the control of the CFR & the military/industrial

complex, along with the cabal/money mafia, all of which have global hegemony plans, including a new world order.

Climate change hoax COLLAPSES as new science finds human activity has virtually zero impact on global temperatures

5G Is The Ultimate Directed Energy Weapon System, Says Particle Physicist

Scientists Explain How Intuition May Be The Highest Form of Intelligence

Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist

"Star Trek-Style teleportation is possible and we could be beaming to other planets within decades" says Michio Kaku

Comment: It’s easy to speculate on the possibility of anything, however, Kaku has proven his limitations, just like Stephen

Hawking, by their inability to acknowledge the ET presence. When a scientific paper is written as a result of a series of

verified tests of teleporting animals or humans, as in Star Trek from one location on earth to another or to somewhere else

in the solar system, as experienced by Sixto Paz Wells¹, then we can say that’s how it’s done.

¹ “Once the seven selected individuals were walking in the desert, I moved ahead of them in a strange fashion and,

all of a sudden, found myself behind a hill confronting a glowing half dome that measured about 10 meters (33 feet) in

diameter. From this dome’s interior stepped out a human silhouette that invited me (to approach) up to three times. Then,

I became a victim of fear of the unknown and resisted to take the necessary step until I saw this being going inside the light,

thus forcing me to follow. Once inside, I felt different sensations, as if my body was burning, dizziness and nausea until I

could distinguish a human looking person before me. He was about six feet tall, with a wide, oriental looking face, scant hair

and dressed with a shiny, loose garment that resembled sport attire. He gestured with the hands and the communication was

telepathic. Then, I perceived that this being called this phenomenon a “Xendra”, and that it was a dimensional door or

threshold in Space-Time. As he said, they have been capable to concentrate energy in such a way as to be able to

dematerialize an individual, canceling both his molecular cohesion and his atomic weight to project him to another place.

According to this being, I would travel to Morlen, one of the moons of Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System,

some 600 million kilometers (373 million miles) from Earth. He also said that the time that would pass over there would

not correspond to the time on Earth.”

Virgin Galactic’s Unity spaceplane successfully completes first 2018 test flight 

Paul Allen's Stratolaunch, world's largest plane, taxis down the runway for the first time 

37 million Bees found dead after planting large GMO Corn field

Comment: The Secretary of the US Dept of Agriculture is shamefully negligent in his duties. Bayer

CropScience Inc. is interested in profit only, and could care less about the correlation between the

disappearance of Bees and insecticide use. The corrupt Congress ignores it, because of lobbyists. 

Physicist’s are slowly getting to the quantum equation formulation that there was no “big bang” 

The one number that shows why climate change is making hurricane season worse 

Neuropsychopharmacologist David Nutt on alcohol, LSD, and getting sacked for his findings 

Artificial intelligence ‘vastly more risk’ than N. Korea – Elon Musk 

Paul Allen’s colossal Stratolaunch plane emerges from its lair 

US military’s XS-1 space plane will be built by Boeing (video) 

Scientist’s reveal what cannabis does to your bones 

Underwater volcanoes heating the Arctic Ocean 

Unmanned U.S. Air Force space plane lands after secret, two-year mission  

Mind over matter: Princeton & Russian scientist reveal the secrets of human aura & intentions  

“Peer reviewed”: Science losing credibility as large amounts of research shown to be false 

New shape-shifting robot is amazingly agile, and super-creepy 

Honest, truthful scientist fired by DOE for not defending Obama’s climate action plan 

World energy hits a turning point: Solar that’s cheaper than wind 

Science proves meridians exist 

Defense secretary: Killer robots have no place in US military   

State of the art “waste-to-energy” plant ARC, Copenhill / Amager Bakke, Copenhagen, Denmark 

Hyperloop sci-fi dream will cost Russian investors $1.5 billion 

5th force of nature possibly discovered, physicists say 

Russian balloonist lands safely in Australia after new round the world record of 11 days 

Hemp can make better supercapacitor electrodes  

'Death of winter': Jet streams cross equator, 'chaos' predicted 

DARPA Sets Sights on Robotic Space Plane for Next Generation Warfare 
Pentagon Delays F-35 Tests as Software Glitch Shuts Down Jets Mid-Flight 
Buddhists and leading neuroscientists agree: “Consciousness is everywhere” 

NASA: Japan quake may have shortened earth days, moved axis 

“Earth has shifted” – Inuit elders issue warning to NASA and the world (video) 

RT: Russia’s brand new cosmodrome launches first-ever rocket 

'Invisible' Russian jets evade enemy thanks to electronic countermeasures 
Nuclear chemist publishes paper detailing: “Aluminum Poisoning of Humanity via Geoengineering” 

Water drone: Boeing launches incredible unmanned super-submarine (VIDEO)  

Inside Lockheed's Long-range LMH-1 airship to carry cargo and people to remote locations 
Harvard goes to the Himalayas - monks with 'superhuman' abilities show scientists what we can all do 

This is how your ‘aura’ affects your health & those around you 

US spy satellite begins secret mission with dazzling predawn launch 

Neuroscientist shows what fasting does to your brain & why Big Pharma won’t study it 

Tesla unveils a battery to power your home, completely off grid 

PressTV: Rare footage of Russian Tor-M2U surface-to-air missile 

What Science Is Telling Us About The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence 

Netherlands-based architect designs giant floating sea wall that harvests wave power 

Neuroscientist Shows What Fasting Does To Your Brain & Why Big Pharma Won’t Study It 

Quoting from the article: There have been countless examples of the manipulation of published research at

the hands of pharmaceutical companies in recent years. This is why Harvard Professor of Medicine Arnold

Symour Relman told the world that the medical profession has been bought by the pharmaceutical industry.

It’s why Dr. Richard Horton, Editor in Chief of The Lancet, recently stated that much of the sceintific

literature published today is simply untrue. It’s why Dr. Marcia Angell, former Editor in Chief of The New

England Journal of Medicine, said that the “pharmaceutical industry likes to depict itself as a research-

based industry, as the source of innovative drugs. Nothing could be further from the truth.” And it’s why

John Ioannidis, an epidemiologist at the Stanford University School of Medicine, published an article titled

“Why Most Published Research Findings Are False which subsequently became the most widely accessed

article in the history of the Public Library of Science (PLoS).

Scientist who exposed GMO-related tumor growth vindicated in court after being smeared with libel by Monsanto propagandists 

China successfully tests first near-space solar powered blimp  

India Permits Free Energy Technology Despite Threats From UK, US, Saudi Arabia 

British airport welcomes world’s largest jumbo jet 

A triple sunrise has been spotted in northern Russia on November 6, 2015 (video) 

  The three suns phenomenon – known as a ‘sundog’ or ‘phantom sun’ – is created by the presence of tiny

  ice crystals in the air. Magical.

11/08/15 Major seismic unrest taking place across the Pacific plate 

The longest – and probably largest – proof of our current climate catastrophe caught on camera 

New study finds marijuana 100X less toxic than alcohol, safer than tobacco 

India permits free energy technology despite threats from UK, US, Saudi Arabia  

Canadian inventor tests new prototype of record-setting hoverboard (video) 

The point of no return: Climate change nightmares are already here

Real-life ‘Jurassic Park’? Siberian lab set to clone extinct mammals 

Anti-satellite missiles and international tensions see US, China and Russia preparing for war in space 

RT: US receives two RD-181 rocket engines under latest $1bn contract with Russia   

Winter is coming: Earth awaits ‘mini ice age’ in 15 years, solar cycle study suggests 

Paradoxical Crystal Baffles Physicists 

He holds the patent that could destroy Monsanto and change the world 

5 Ways Skynet Is More Real Than You Think 

Mysterious Warm Blob in Pacific Wreaking Havoc 

An Australian scientist has discovered giant, invisible, moving plasma tubes fill the skies above Earth  

DARPA’s  plan to overwhelm enemies with swarming drones 

  Comment: Squandering millions more of our tax dollars on weapons instead of creating needed infrastructure

  projects/jobs at home.

Here Comes the Sun: America’s Solar Boom, in Charts 

Stealth Ability Neutralized! Russia’s T-50 Jetfighter to Rule the Skies 

Editor in chief of world’s best known medical journal: Half of all the literature is false 

US Air Force Approves Software Upgrade of B-2 Strategic Bombers 

US Air Force launches X-37B Space Plane on 4th mystery mission 

Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet fly in their jetpacks over Dubai 

US Navy conducts first ever drone refuel mid-air 

Solar solution: MIT creates way to make salt water drinkable 

Paul Stamets Holds the Patent That Could Put Monsanto Out of Business 

Abby Martin interviews scientist who predicts Human Extinction by 2030 

Leading Scientists Tell the Nation's Museums to Sever Ties with the Koch Brothers 

Boeing patents ‘Star Wars’ Style Force Fields (video) 

Renewable energy poised to overtake nuclear in the UK 

Are Siberia's mysterious craters caused by climate change? 
Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam” 

Science Died On 9/11

Scientists link underwater volcanic eruptions to climate change 

Scientists develop prototype quantum data storage system 

Computer glitch prevents US’ most advanced F-35 fighter jet from firing until 2019 – report 

Elon Musk: The new Tesla Roadster can travel some 400 miles on a single charge 

Newest U.S. Stealth Fighter ‘10 Years Behind’ Older Jets

Documents show Navy's electromagnetic warfare training would harm humans and wildlife 

Sky’s not the limit: World's first ‘Jetman’ flies over Dubai desert (VIDEO) 

Russia Can Outshoot US’ Stealth Jets (F-22 & F-35) 

Universe has a 'golden ratio' that keeps everything in order, researchers claim 

  Quoting from the article: ‘A convincing case for assuming a cosmic character of the golden ratio can be

  made based on the ubiquity of logarithmic spirals,’ the researchers write. ‘Spectacular examples include the

  Whirlpool Galaxy (M51), ammonites, the shape of Nautilus shells, Hurricane Katrina and the distribution of

  planets, moons, asteroids and rings in the solar system.’ The researchers suggest that the reason that this

  ratio is so ubiquitous is that it is actually a property of space-time. ‘The argument that this amazing

  consilience (self-similarity) arises from a common environmental constraint, which can only be an intrinsic

  feature of curved space-time, is compelling,’ they write. The time has come to recognise that relativity and

  quantum theories can be integrated, and linked numerically to the value of a mathematical constant - whether

  in the context of space-time or biology.’ Quite why the universe follows this rule, however, is not known.”

  It, apparently, is the “property of space-time” and results from source energy (the OM*) impacting the

  ethers, as Plato said: “God geometrises.” The question is: Would the linking together of relativity and

  quantum theories” produce theorems that equate to the source vibration, the OM?* Note: Dr. Edgar

  Mitchell’s “Dyadic Model of Consciousness” doesn't acknowledge the existence of the OM.

  * “OM is the primordial sound, the first breath of creation, the vibration of existence.


  Om by itself has no potency if it is chanted by someone who has not been initiated on the spiritual path by a

  guru…The Chandogya Upanishad narrates how the syllable Aum issued forth from Brahma as he brooded

  upon the worlds he created in the initial stages of creation. From his brooding first emerged the threefold

  knowledge (trayi vidya) and then the syllables bhur, bhuvah and suvah. When he brooded upon them (bhur,

  bhuvah and suvah), the syllable Aum issued forth from them. Thus, symbolically Aum represents the entire

  creation manifested in the three planes, namely the earth, the mid region and the heaven…

  The Amritabindu Upanishad distinguishes between the audible Om (svara) and the inaudible Om (asvara),

  which is imperceptible in the conscious world, but perceptible in the subtle planes in deeper states of

  meditation. The audible Om is perishable (kshara) whereas the subtle one is imperishable (akshara). Only by

  meditating on the latter, it is possible to reach the state of equanimity and experience oneness with God.”

   The evolution of consciousness and the golden ratio

Are Humans Going Extinct?  

Russia successfully test-fires intercontinental ballistic missile 

US Analyst: Russia's Next-Gen Fighter Jet Better Than US's (Sukhoi T-50) 

Earth is being protected by a ‘Star Trek-style invisible shield’ 

First passengers on Japanese maglev train travel at speeds of 311 mph 

World’s first solar cycle lane opening in the Netherlands 

Boeing’s High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (video) 

Secret US space plane lands after spending two years in orbit 

Scientific research into ‘near-death’ experience shows that consciousness survives death 

Angry, rolling cloud is first new type in 60 years 

Pentagon: Missile defense ‘kill vehicle’ still plagued with problems after years of failure 

Army’s new laser cannon blasts drones out of the sky, even in fog. 

  Comment: The High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) is a Boeing product, and there’s a

  video at the link.

The UN’s new report on global warming is the most terrifying yet 

 Quoting from the article: “But one of the central points of the IPCC report is that some of what we’ve

 wrought is already irreversible, and more of it soon will be. The world’s existing power plants are already

 slated to pump over 300 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere – a figure that’s growing by

 billions of tons each year, speeding up the changes that are already underway. Governments’ efforts to do

 something are a drop in the bucket compared to what’s needed.

 Comment: One has to realise that the reasons for the continued use of coal & oil over the past 60 years is

  due to the cabal capitalists, who are ultimately responsible for the hell on earth show and destroying the

  environment. They’re the prime reason for the “truth embargo” on the ET presence. The ETs advanced

  technology enabling “zero-point” or  “free energy” would have done away with the dependency on oil &

  coal, and also eliminated the archaic electrical grid system that’s vulnerable to coronal mass ejections.

  Disclosure would have brought about many good things on earth, such as real peace and a new global,

  equitable economic system, but the Cabal had other priorities, ergo, the war on drugs/consciousness, and

  the war on terror; a never ending war with loss of freedoms, along with lots of unemployed & homeless.

  Evidently, members of the US Congress don’t have enough intelligence to realize, or accept the evidence

  presented at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure last year that there’s an “extraterrestrial presence monitoring

  the human race” consequently, “see through a glass darkly”, as a wise sage once said, and aren’t mentally

  qualified to hold public office.

Hypersonic advanced weapon test fails four seconds after launch 

Guy McPherson on RT News – Human extinction in our lifetime, Part 1 

  Other things to consider:

    Geoengineering Watch

    Underwater volcanic activity in the Arctic

    Millions of volcanoes are stirring beneath the world’s oceans

    Underwater volcanic activity in the Antarctic

    Earth’s ocean abyss has not warmed, NASA study finds

    Other scientists think an ice age could be coming.

    1. Is a mini ice age on the way? Scientists warn the Sun has ‘gone to sleep’

    2. Sun scientists debate whether Solar lull could trigger another ‘little ice age’

    3. Global cooling: Is and ice age coming?

Voyager makes an interstellar discovery

The latest Planetophysical State of the Earth and Life concludes that the “interstellar cloud” is responsible for

  climate change (evolution) on earth, as well as all of the planets & the Sun.

PressTV: Iranian woman wins Nobel Prize of mathematics 

Drones could grow $11 billion industry by 2024 

 Comment: Exciting & lovely news for the barbarians running the hell on earth show.

Russia unveils hybrid amphibious drone vehicle that can take off & land anywhere (photos) 

4 new tech solutions that preserve freedom 

10 biggest pot myths debunked by science 

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock reveals what chemtrails are doing to our brains  

DOD is stuck with a flawed $1.5 trillion fighter jet 

US Air forces unveils strange looking hybrid aircraft 

Gerald R. Ford Carrier gets 30-ton propellers 

All Systems Go: Navy’s Laser Weapon Ready For Summer Deployment 

Brutish and short? DNA ‘switch’ sheds light on Neanderthals 

Cold Fusion and Beyond – Dr. Eugene Mallove (video) 

The brain does not create consciousness 

NASA-funded study: industrial civilization headed for ‘irreversible collapse’? 
  Quoting from the article: “The NASA-funded HANDY model offers a highly credible wake-up call to

  governments, corporations and business - and consumers - to recognize that ‘business as usual’ cannot

  be sustained, and that policy and structural changes are required IMMEDIATELY” [my emphasis].

3 years since Fukushima: nuclear power ‘road to our extinction’ - expert 

US Navy’s next-generation aircraft carrier, USS Gerald R. Ford, begins testing phase 

Japanese scientists prove that auras actually exist 

GMO human embryos have already been created 

Navy readies to deploy first warfare laser on board USS Ponce this spring 

Outside-the Box Technologies, Their Critical Role Concerning Environmental Trends, and the

Unnecessary Energy Crisis 

Air Force plans to arm sixth-generation fighters with laser weapons 

Killer robot flight: Video of UK’s autonomous drone released 

Scientific proof thoughts & intentions can alter the physical world around us 

Asteroid menace right on time 

Pentagon debuts driverless vehicles, continues push into autonomous warfare 

 Risk of supervolcano eruption ‘big enough to affect the world’ far greater than thought 

Researchers develop way to levitate objects in 3D space using sound (video) 

Billion dollar race: Soviet Union vied with US in ‘mind control research’ 

Record number of volcano eruptions in 2013 – Is catastrophic global cooling dead ahead? 

CO2 causing oceans to acidify at ‘unprecedented rate’ scientists warn 

Boeing, Lockheed Martin to team up on new US bomber program 

  Quoting from the article: “…deliveries are due to begin in the mid 2020s “before the current aging fleet goes

  out of service. The new bomber should be designed using ‘proven technologies’ to create a long-range,

  nuclear-capable and optionally remotely piloted aircraft, the Pentagon said.” Comment: The mindset behind

  the long-range war planning of the current US politicians is agnostically, or religiously barbaric, corrupt, self-

  serving, and may or may not be aware that we are in the “end times,” however, have created a violent and

  tumultuous transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Hopi Indian prophecy states that

  American Indians living today would “see America come and go,” and I get the feeling that we’re very

  close to that “go” time. Fukushima could be the proverbial “straw that broke the Camel’s [Earth’s] back,”

  and result in big-time cleansing with world-wide earthquakes in the 8-9 magnitude range, along with a lot of

  volcanic activity, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados, etc., but no worries, our faithful, trusted ones in DC

  have survival plans, ergo, the DUMBs.

In addition to tourists, Virgin Galactic to add science flights with SpaceShipTwo 

Scientist Konstantin Korotkov photographed the soul leaving the body (video) 

Top climate scientists admit global warming forecasts were wrong 

Japanese Maglev train begins full speed testing at 310 mph 

Radioactive water from Fukushima is systematically poisoning the entire Pacific ocean 

Ice-free Arctic in two years heralds methane catastrophe - scientist 

Improved designs and technologies welcome a ‘new era of airships’ 

NRL scientists produce densest artificial ionospheric plasma clouds using HAARP 

Climate change isn’t world’s biggest problem

China overtakes US with world’s fastest supercomputer 

Dogfight in Paris: Airbus and Boeing battle for supremacy 

Scientists Warn Geo-Engineering Can Kill Billions of People 

Baffled German gov't concedes! Global warming has stopped. Warming pause is remarkable 

Turning soda cans into solar heating panels 

Ethiopian Airlines flight 801 was the first 787 to return to commercial service 

X-51A WaveRider soars to new height and speed (Mach 5) 

Virgin Galactic breaks speed of sound in first rocket-powered flight of SpaceShipTwo 

Much ado about - say WHAT?! 

19 year-old’s invention could clean up all the plastics in the ocean 

China successfully sends first Gaofen satellite into space   

The meaning of sacred geometry  

SpaceShipTwo advances towards powered flight with spectacular “cold-flow” test 

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo completed its 24th test flight above Mojave desert  (website) 

Quantum Hydrogen Generator (Fuel from water) Neil Gould and Detlef Beier 

Why drones should make you afraid, very afraid

China opens world’s longest high-speed railway   

Modern science’s formerly secretive study of “remote-viewing” has shown the existence of the  

  “ethers” and our immortal, evolutionary selves, and it’s only a matter of time before mainstream science

  acknowledges it and recognises hylozoism, i.e., “all matter has life”, as Dr. Edgar Mitchell has done with

  quantum theory and the “Dyadic Model of Consciousness.” Public and academic recognition of the

  foregoing will result in fundamental changes in our education (secular and religious) and great changes in

  society/culture throughout the world. The on-going political revolutions and occupy movement reflects

  humanity’s awakening and the reality of the Age of Enlightenment we’re transitioning to. We’re experiencing

  “purification (physical & psychological) and renewal.” The current crop of public servant’s plan and act from

  the Kali Yuga energy perspective, consequently, are fighting and hindering the transition to the Age of

  Aquarius, the new age of peace & harmony on earth. We need to occupy the National Mall in Washington,

  DC until all the corrupt, miss-called public servants go home, and then hold new elections based on new

  qualifications (scientific & metaphysical) for public office.

New designs in commercial aircraft to make them faster, greener and more efficient 

USA moves ahead with next-generation “space fence” tracking 

Military drones zero in on $400 billion civilian market 

2013 Motor Trend Car of the Year: Tesla Model S (Video) 

Supersonic (832 MPH) sky diver breaks record with leap from 128,000 feet. 

Diviations from Randomness Associated with Collective Attention: Burning Man 2012 

The Ground of All That Is

Scientific dishonesty and nuclear power

Northrop Grumman – Long Endurance Multi-Intelligence Vehicle takes first flight 

IONS prepares for the EONS: Discovers powerful formula for organizational longevity 

After 15 months in orbit, secret space plane (X-37B) finally returning to earth 

Giant tidal turbine “performing well” in tests off Orkney 

Ancient builders created monumental structures that altered sound and mind, say researchers 

Brain Wars: the Scientific Battle Over the Existence of the Mind 

Dr. Edgar Mitchell: The unexpected benefit of Apollo 14 

How to find alien starships” 

  Quote in part from paper abstract: “Spaceships moving at high speeds would leave a particular signature

  which could be detected from Earth. We propose a search based on the properties of light reflecting from

  objects travelling at relativistic speeds.”

  Comment: Mainstream scientists aren’t aware that inter-dimensional starships are visiting us right now, such

  as demonstrated in this video, and de-materialise/transfer to the 5th dimension for interstellar travel.

Evidence builds that meditation strengthens the brain 

The Himalayas and nearby peaks have lost no ice in past ten years, study shows 

Earth summit is doomed to fail, say leading ecologists 

Strange sounds in sky explained by scientists 

Quantum physics enables perfectly secure cloud computing 

Human Energy Bodies as Bio-Energy System 

Virgin Galactic’s private spaceship makes safe landing after tense test flight 

NASA charters three suborbital flights on Virgin Galactic for space science 

“The Invisible Machine” – Electromagnetic Warfare 

Science & Spirituality: Living Light: Biophotons and the Human Body (video 

Scientists still mystified by Antarctica’s hidden mountains 

China sub makes first dive to below 4,000m   

Dolphins “remarkable” recovery from injury offers important insights for human healing 

Underwater Antarctic volcanoes discovered in the southern ocean   

Terrafugia's flying car cleared for the road 

State of the ocean: “Shocking” report warns of mass extinction from current rate of marine distress   

Japanese unveil plans to construct mirrors on the moon to transmit solar energy to earth 

Marshall Hydrothermal Recovery system (video) 

Ground-effect “plane-train” flies inches above the ground (includes video) 

Amit Goswami, Quantum Physics & Consciousness, Part 1 of 3   

Dutch “superbus,” eco-friendly transit vehicle capable of 155 MPH (video) (innovative design)

18 incredible small “green” homes 

Richard Branson takes on deep-ocean submarine dives 

Virgin Galactic: Inside SpaceShip Two (video) 

China “to overtake US on science” in two years 

Hyabusa high-speed train debuts in Japan 

Secret space plane (X-37B) launched from Cape Canaveral 

Foldable electric bicycle weighs 20 lbs, and travels 14 mph for 6 miles (video)  

Scientists under attack – Genetic engineering in the magnetic field of money (video) 

Boeing Unveils 747-8 Intercontinental Jumbo Jet 

Billions of entangled particles advance quantum computing  New glass tops steel in strength & toughness 

Testing validates hydrino theory 

The Independent Scientific Committeee on Drugs changed the law on drugs 

Jetman, Yves Rossy, pulls off another daredevil stunt 

NASA to develop “hypersonic” passenger jets that travel at 5 times the speed of sound 

Parasail Flying car 

Runway opens at world’s first spaceport in New Mexico (video) 

US physics professor: Global warming the most successful pseudoscientific fraud 

Video interview on NBC Today show with Dr. Edgar Mitchell 

U.S. Navy’s new assault ship taken out to sea for final test trials 

Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion 

Boeing 787 Dreamliner first delivery in early 2011 
Artificial “skin” materials can sense pressure 

Magnetic field and electric grid collapse – the New Energy imperative 

Robonaut 2, the next generation dexterous robot 

Virgin Galactic Spacecraft makes 1st crewed flight (video of rollout

Islamic science: The revival begins here 

World’s first flying car can fly 115 MPH (includes news video)   

Solar plane set for night flight 

US experiment hints at “multiple God particles 

The amazing story behind Branson’s Virgin Galactic project 

GPS getting an $8 billion upgrade 

U.S. military launches X-37B space plane on maiden voyage 

Large Hadron Collider to start high energy “God Particle” hunt 

FDA approves first totally implanted hearing system 

Biggest solar-powered boat unveiled 

US “Star Wars” lasers brings down ballistic missile   

Electromagnetic Pulse Cannon will save lives (and that’s incredible) 

HULC: Super-Soldier Exoskeleton will give strength to foot soldier 

Scientists “tie light in knots” 

Irish new energy device offers solutions for UN Climate talks 

“Hidden Portal” concept described: First Tunable Electromagnetic Gateway 

New battery could change world, one house at a time 

GM says new electric car will get 230 MPG in city 

Gravity/Antigravity Control 

Rival designs race to harness ocean energy 

Electrogravity and T. T. Brown (video) 

Underwater flying machine launched 

Stealth Bomber builds up steam as it approaches sound barrier 

Astounding new marine lightwheel sighting by US Navy ship in the Arabian Gulf 

World’s largest amateur rocket launched (includes video) 

Hypersonic “WaveRider” poised for test flight 

GM & Segway unveil new two-wheeled urban vehicle 

Robbert van den Broeke photographs: “Light” Phenomena 

Solar powered spy plane breaks flight record 

New European Space Agency Satellite (GOCE) set to launch this year 

Huge airships on the drawing boards 

First commercial spaceport planned for completion in 2010 

Criminal justice reform battle in California with a GOP Governor & powerful interests 

New Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter to search for water on the Moon in April 2009 

Portugal opens pioneer commercial wave power plant 

SpaceX Successfully Launches Falcon 1 Rocket Into Orbit 

Earth’s Magnetic Field Begins to Change (Slowly)  

HAARP Technology (video) 

Scientists probe meditation secrets 

How the US military-industrial complex seeks to contain & control the earth & its eco-system 

Lynn McTaggert on Quantum Physics – 1 of 2 (video)  

Free Energy: A reality - not a conspiracy (video) 

Dr. Vladislav Lugovenko: The Breathing of the Earth 
Weather Warfare and the U.S. Military 

The incredible mystery of Coral Castle 



HAARP Project 
Water powered car’s designer murdered by secret government covert ops. 
The lost journals of Nikola Tesla 
How the U.S. Government Suppressed the World’s First Civilian Spacecraft Industry 
Global 3-D Wifi SpySat Project Provokes NRO Crisis 
Rare interview with Tom Bearden on the forgotten work of Nikola Tesla (video) 
The Truth About Zero Point Technology 
Nicola Tesla: The genius who lit the world 
Historical Background of Scaler EM Weapons 

The Black Box Patent
The Bent Pyramid of Seneferu
Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark
The Scientific Proof of Survival After Death
The Chemist Sir William Crookes Proved Survival after death
Albert Einstein on the ether and the theory of relativity

On Materialism as Science Dogma

Planetophysical State Of The Earth And Life

World On Brink Of Disaster

Astronomy/Space Exploration

Contact restored with NASA’s Voyager 1 space probe

Voyager Spacecraft’s New Discovery In Space

NASA’s Artemis IV: Building First Lunar Space Station  4-7-24

NASA Selects First Lunar Instruments for Artemis Astronaut Deployment

Soyuz MS-24 successfully lands in Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

NASA picks 3 companies to design lunar rover for Artemis astronauts to drive on the moon

Russian cosmonaut sets new space record

Four astronauts, including Turkey's first, arrive at space station

Water ice buried at Mars' equator is over 2 miles thick  1-20-24

Highlights From Inside Virgin Galactic's 5th Commercial Crew Flight  12-24-23

Lunar Rover’s Rare Discovery Leaves Scientists With Urgent Questions

Mars Atmosphere Explodes in Size in Rare Space Phenomenon That Could Happen to Earth, Again

Scientists capture First-ever views of Mars from space station perspective

NASA’s Curiosity Rover Clocks 4,000 Days on Mars

NASA has just discovered the strongest proof of alien existence so far (10-26-23), i.e., "an exoplanet identified as K2-18 b and

revealed the presence of Dimethyl sulfide (DMS) in its atmosphere. If this finding is confirmed, it will be the strongest proof of life

outside Earth. This is especially [true] as an investigation carried out by JWST has proven the presence of carbon dioxide, methane,

and other carbon-bearing molecules in the exoplanet. With these findings, one can reasonably conclude that K2-18 b is a ‘Hycean’

exoplanet with liquid oceans on its surface and hydrogen in its atmosphere.” The author of the article, Olawale Ogunjimi, begins by

discounting the existence of the extraterrestrial presence: “Do aliens exist, or are they a figment of our imaginations? This question

has been the subject of debate for many years. While several conspiracy theorists have stated that these extraterrestrials are real,

others such as SpaceX's CEO, Elon Musk, find this assertion ridiculous.”

Apparently, Ogunjimi & Musk didn’t listen to the recent Congressional Hearing on UAP in July this year in which a government

intelligence agent whistleblower, David Grusch, revealed the existence of “crash retrievals” and their “non-human” occupants

that related to the existence of compartmented top secret units in military intelligence & corporations, as well as NASA, which

was established by former President Harry Truman and identified as Majestic Twelve.

Confirmation of UFO crash recovery - Sgt. Clifford Stone

The covered up reality is that NASA had confirmation of the benevolent ET presence in July 1969 when Apollo 11 landed on the

moon and Neil Armstrong told NASA on another channel that the spacecraft were huge, parked on the crater and watching them.

NASA & the NSA are also aware of extraterrestrial structures on the moon - Sgt Karl Wolfe

Evidence of a great number of friendly ETs is scientifically evident in the large number of them that were seen with an ultra-violet

camera aboard Space Shuttle Columbia Mission STS-75 in Feb/Mar 1996, which demonstrated many of their very large spacecraft

(“2 to 3 nautical miles in diameter”). Some of them de-materialise & materialise, which shows their inter-dimensional capability and

ETs told contactees that, along with advanced propulsion systems, is the technological key to faster-than-light interstellar travel via

stargates & the 5th dimension wherein time doesn’t exist, consequently, can travel great distances while only a short time has passed

by in the physical world, which varies considerably depending on the distance traveled whether galactic or intergalactic

Top Chinese scientist questions India’s historic moon landing 10-2-23

NASA’s Curiosity rover reaches Mars ridge where water left debris pileup

Scientific Work on the Space Station by NASA’s Space-X Crew-6

Cracks in Ancient Martian Mud Surprise NASA’s Curiosity Rover Team

NASA Selects Geology Team for the First Crewed Artemis Lunar Landing

Russian probe crashes into Moon – Roscosmos

The Ring Nebula from the Webb telescope

Shells and Arcs around Star CW Leonis

Rings and Bar of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398

ESA’s Euclid Mission Launches to Explore ‘Dark Universe’

Hubble Checks in on a Galactic Neighbor

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Giant Galaxies in Pavo

Webb Looks for Fomalhaut’s Asteroid Belt and Finds Much More

James Webb space telescope sees Jupiter’s rings, moons and auroras

NASA’s Webb Scores Another Ringed World With New Image of Uranus

Former NASA Chiefs Are Planning to Build a Hotel in Space by 2024

The Sun Has Not 1, But 2 Giant Holes In It: What That Means For Planet Earth

Hubble Sees a ‘Molten Ring’

Comment: There’s something very different in the above image and unlike any object or galaxy that I’ve ever seen before.

Click on the image close to the center and then click on it again and look on the lower right side of the molten ring image.

The object has a white round center surrounded by a yellow circle, which is surrounded by a blue circle of globes, which

is surrounded by an orange circle of globes and has 4 rays of energy emanating from it. There are 5 of these objects in the

photo. One down and to the left of the above and one on the left side and 2 on the right side, but they are dimmer and the

blue circle isn’t as obvious. You can see them better if you right click on the image and save it in JPEG format and, after

exiting and opening up again, you can zoom in closer on the objects.

NASA’s Curiosity Finds Surprise Clues to Mars’ Watery Past

Why NASA’s Space Launch System isn’t sustainable

Astronomers Spot a Ghostly Light Glowing Throughout the Solar System

Earth and moon photographed by the Orion spacecraft as it reached its maximum distance from earth – 430,000 kilometers

Liftoff! NASA’s Artemis I Mega Rocket Launches Orion to Moon (video of launch)

Thumbs Up from NASA Astronaut Nicole A. Mann

Scientists discover ‘planet-killer’ asteroid threatening Earth

NASA’s Curiosity Mars Rover Reaches Long-Awaited Salty Region

NASA to Provide Update on Artemis I Moon Mission

NASA’s InSight Lander Detects Stunning Meteoroid Impact on Mars

NASA’s Spacecraft Lucy spots Earth and Moon from 890,000 miles (1.4 million km) away

Auroras blasted a 250-mile-wide hole in Earth's ozone layer

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Spiral galaxy at the center is NGC 7497

Starship set for full stack fueling test ahead of static fire campaign

Never before seen Dust Shells around WR 140 from the Webb telescope

The SpaceX Crew-5 Members Enter the Space Station

James Webb telescope image of Ringed Ice Giant Neptune

NASA Sets TV Coverage for Crewed Soyuz Mission to Space Station

NASA Pursues Astronaut Lunar Landers for Future Artemis Moon Missions

NASA’s Perseverance Rover Investigates Geologically Rich Mars Terrain

Russian scientists issue warning about US satellite

NASA’s Webb Takes Its First-Ever Direct Image of Distant World

The asteroid NASA will slam into in September is right where scientists expected

NASA Identifies Candidate Regions for Landing Next Americans on Moon

Tour of the ISS by Expedition 33 commander Suni Williams.

First Images from the James Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s Next Mission Launches the Commercial Era of the Moon

Meet the ‘Dream Chaser,’ the Supersonic Space Craft Taking on Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic

NASA Invites Public to Share Excitement of SpaceX’s 25th Cargo Resupply Mission

US military wants to demonstrate new nuclear power systems in space by 2027

NASA’s Artemis Moon Landing Program: Launches, Timeline, and More

Titan: Moon over Saturn

NASA to send astronauts to Mars on 30-day ventures

Boeing docks crew capsule to space station in test do-over

Russians won’t ‘risk lives’ on US spacecraft – Roscosmos

Space hotel with artificial gravity will be in orbit by 2025

Crew-4 Now Aboard the Space Station

NASA’s Mega Moon Rocket, Spacecraft Complete First Roll to Launch Pad

Peculiar Galaxies of Arp 273

NASA's Curiosity rover captures stunning footage of clouds over Mars

Mars Perseverance rover takes big steps in its most important mission

China and Russia are teaming up against NASA in the race to put a base on the Moon

Virgin Galactic Just Opened Space Flights to the Public. Here's How Much It Will Cost You.

Mars in just 45 days! Scientists develop laser guided system that could dramatically cut the time it takes to reach the Red Planet

Hubble Views a Cosmic Interaction

NASA’s New IXPE Mission Begins Science Operations

Back in time to NASA video of Apollo 14: ‘A Wild Place Up Here’

NASA's Webb Telescope Launches to See First Galaxies, Distant Worlds  James Webb Space Telescope

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft ‘Hears’ Jupiter’s Moon

NASA’s Perseverance Mars Rover Makes Surprising Discoveries

SpaceX makes history with Wednesday’s manned launch to International Space Station

NASA’s Perseverance rover sheds more light on Jezero Crater’s watery past

China launches 2nd manned flight to Tiangong space station

Soyuz Crew Ship Docks to New Science Module Port

Cracks found on the International Space Station are a 'fairly serious issue,' a former NASA astronaut says

SpaceX Inspiration4 mission: All-civilian crew touch down on Earth after historic three days in orbit

NASA Invites Media to View Lucy Spacecraft Before October Launch

Videos from the International Space Station

Abell 3827: Cannibal Cluster Gravitational Lens

First Piece of Artemis II Rocket Hardware Arrives in Florida

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rover Explores a Changing Landscape (The true color of Mars landscape & sky is shown in the video)

Accident in orbit! Cosmonauts scramble to right TILTED space station after new Russian module Nauka takes ISS for a spin

Hubble Views a Faraway Galaxy Through a Cosmic Lens

WATCH: Astronauts at China’s new space station conduct their 1st spacewalk

China prepares to send astronauts to new space station

Elon Musk says SpaceX's 1st Starship trip to Mars could fly in 4 years

NASA Selects 2 Missions to Study ‘Lost Habitable’ World of Venus

NASA’s New Horizons Reaches a Rare Space Milestone

First Aerial Color Image of Mars

NASA & SpaceX Are Building A Moonbase

NASA's Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Flies Faster, Farther on Third Flight

NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter Succeeds in Historic First Flight

As Artemis Moves Forward, NASA Picks SpaceX to Land Next Americans on Moon

NASA astronaut returns safely to Earth after six months in space

NASA's OSIRIS-REx Leaves its Mark on Asteroid Bennu

LIVE: Tour the Perseverance Mars Rover’s New Home with NASA Mission Experts

NASA TV to Air First US Commercial Crew Port Relocation on Space Station

'Something that we’ve never seen before': NASA's Mars rover Perseverance snaps a selfie, other 'stunning' photos

First image from Perseverance rover on Mars

NASA Invites Public to Share Thrill of Mars Perseverance Rover Landing

Successful high-resolution moon imaging test paves way for new planetary radar

FAA denied SpaceX a safety waiver. Its Starship SN8 rocket launched anyway

SpaceX wins contracts for lunar lander, environmental satellite launches

China’s Chang’e 5 Successfully Lands in Mongolia with Moon Rocks

Eye of Moon – Astronomy Picture of the Day

Earth 2,000 light years CLOSER to supermassive black hole & moving FASTER than previously thought – astronomers

Edge-On Galaxy NGC 5866

6 Incredible Technologies NASA is Advancing to Send Humans to Mars

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft Successfully Touches Asteroid

US & 7 friendly nations sign Artemis Accords to carve up moon – but satellite is hard to reach without Russia's help

NASA Publishes Artemis Plan to Land First Woman, Next Man on Moon in 2024

Citizen Scientists Discover Dozens of New Cosmic Neighbors in NASA Data

NASA Invites Media to Launch of Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich Satellite from West Coast

Mars video shows breathtaking 4K photos of mars captured by NASA on a mission to discover life on the red planet

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Jupiter and the moons

Celebrate Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's Views From Above

A Starry Sky Above the Earth's Atmospheric Glow

NASA: Splashdown Recap: Bob & Doug Come Home

‘On our way to Mars’: NASA rover will look for signs of life

NASA’s Next Mars Rover to Test Tech Useful for Human Missions

ESA/NASA's Solar Orbiter Returns First Data, Snaps Closest Pictures of the Sun

Artemis: Humanity’s return to the moon

NASA footage shows what it’s like to drive on the moon first-hand

SpaceX And NASA Just Successfully Launched Historic Crewed First Mission

NASA quietly buys additional Soyuz seat as SpaceX prepares for historic manned space flight

NASA, SpaceX sending astronauts to ISS is a big deal

NASA to launch astronauts to space station from US soil for the first time in a decade

NASA details how it plans to establish a sustained human presence on the Moon

Experts believe Comet Atlas will be as bright as the Moon when it approaches the Sun (May 2020)

NASA's Curiosity Mars Rrover snaps its highest-resolution panorama yet (includes panorama video)

The Slow Dance of Galaxies NGC 5394 and 5395

Moon Corona, Halo, and Arcs over Manitoba, Canada

UGC 12591: The Fastest Rotating Galaxy Known

NASA astronaut Christina Koch returns to Earth, setting new spaceflight record

First NASA Artemis Rocket Core Stage Loaded on Pegasus Barge

Space Station Science Highlights: Week of December 16, 2019

Massive ‘Dust Towers’ on Mars Look Like Supersized Versions of Earth’s Thunderstorms

Blast-off can’t be timed around a period’: MALE cosmonaut in hot water as he explains why fewer Russian FEMALES make it in space

Russia orders extra Soyuz manned spacecraft as NASA replacements wallow in uncertainty

US Air Force X-37B space plane lands after record 780-day mission (video)

Russian scientist explains everything that happened on Phobos… It’s truly bizarre

Look inside the 3D-printed Mars home that NASA awarded $500,000

Astronaut Samantha Christoforetti wear ‘Star Trek’ uniform in space (photo)

What did NASA's Opportunity Rover find on Mars? (Episode 3)

Time to deliver’ Elon Musk? NASA nervous as spaceship delays threaten to cut off astronauts from ISS

Soyuz landing capsule safely brings ISS trio back to Earth (PHOTOS)

Push for nuclear power in space sets off proliferation debate

Astronomy Picture of the Day video of NASA spacecraft passing Jupiter

Inside look at world’s ‘first space hotel’

China’s historic moon landing captured by probe’s camera

Pluto is a Planet’: NASA official risks sparking science civil war with controversial declaration

Curiosity has sent back images of the perfect spot to search for evidence of life on Mars

Comment: They’re talking about microbial organism, while ignoring the already discovered evidence for the existence

 of a previous intelligent civilization on Mars with the Viking spacecraft’s photograph of the face on Mars.

SpaceX cargo ship reaches space station

ISS mission blasts off into space from Baikonur Cosmodrome (WATCH)

Here's why it would have been impossible to fake the moon landing footage

Japan just landed a spacecraft on an asteroid, and the photos are nuts

Earth’s glow, the Moon and a starry night at the International Space Station

Ten things Einstein got right

Forbidden planet’ discovered in nightmarish Neptunian desert destroys scientific expectations

NASA’s plans for moon exploration

Mars methane mystery deepens

Wikileaks documents exposes a ‘secret US base on the moon’

We just got the first evidence of a planet-wide groundwater system on Mars

New Horizons spacecraft returns its sharpest views of Ultima Thule

From horizon to horizon: The European Space Agency celebrates 15 years of Mars Express

Juno spacecraft image of Jupiters north pole in infrared

Juno spacecraft image of Jupiter’s south pole

Cassini spacecraft image of Saturn’s north pole

Cassini spacecraft image of Saturn’s south pole

Large amounts of water ice found close to the surface of Mars, and it's tantalizingly within reach

NASA's New Horizons images Ultima Thule in Kuiper belt

China’s Mission to the Farside of the Moon

Shame on Boeing’: Elon Musk hails Russian-made rocket engine’s design as ‘brilliant’

Billion-dollar view’! See incredible footage from Virgin Galactic's first space flight (video)

High definition earth-viewing system aboard the International Space Station

NASA’s Voyager 2 Probe Enters Interstellar Space

Dragon resupply ship attached to International Space Station will return to earth in January

NASA spacecraft arrives at its destination, asteroid Bennu   Planetary Defense: The Bennu Experiment

NASA Administrator to announce new Moon to Mars partnerships with US companies

NASA's InSight has sent signals to Earth indicating that its solar panels are open and collecting sunlight

An ExoMars Landing Site (Oxia Planum) from the HiRISE camera

Parker Solar Probe Breaks Record, Becomes Closest Spacecraft to Sun

NASA update on Opportunity Rover recovery efforts

Late Springtime Defrosting of Northern Dunes on Mars

NASA: What’s that space rock?

Mars Terraforming Not Possible Using Present-Day Technology

Mysterious gigantic rogue planet spotted lurking outside our solar system

Comment: “lurking” “only 20 light-years away from earth” places it further away than other star systems to earth. There is a total

   of 83 known star systems within this distance containing 109 stars and 8 brown dwarfs

Japan's Hayabusa 2 spacecraft reaches cosmic 'diamond' asteroid

RemoveDebris satellite released from ISS to trial the technologies that could one day be used to clean up orbiting junk.

Pillars of the Eagle Nebula in Infrared

New NASA position to focus on exploration of Moon, Mars and worlds beyond

Culprit in decades-old lunar mystery finally found through lost Apollo tapes

Juno Solves 39-Year Old Mystery of Jupiter Lightning

Images of Iapetus, third largest moon of Saturn

Image from ESAs new Trace Gas Orbiter shows ice on the rim of an “impact crater” located high in the northern hemisphere on Mars

Video tour of the moon from data provided by NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter’s camera finds “strange-looking formations” in crater on Mars

Comment: For a closer look, click on the image after it downloads to enlarge

NASA's James Webb Space Telescope to Reveal Secrets of the Red Planet

NASA Outlines New Lunar Science, Human Exploration Missions

On Second Thought, the Moon's Water May Be Widespread and Immobile

Time-lapse Sequence of Jupiter’s South Pole

North polar stereographic projection of Jupiter seen from Cassini-Huygens

New Horizons Captures Record-Breaking Images in the Kuiper Belt

NASA’s Continued Focus on Returning U.S. Human Spaceflight Launches

Elon Musk's Tesla Roadster is a little late to the space car party

Falcon Heavy: SpaceX successfully launches world's most powerful rocket

2,000 days on Mars with the Curiosity Rover (images)

Vista from Mars Rover Curiosity looks back over journey so far

Dr. John E. Brandenburg, PhD: “We have evidence on Mars of two big nuclear explosions at two sites”

Ribbons and Pearls of Spiral Galaxy NGC 1398

NASA replaces first ISS-bound African American astronaut with a white one

Mars - MRO MARCI Weather Report for the week of 8 January 2018 – 14 January 2018

SpaceX’s Falcon heavy rocket sets up at Cape Canaveral ahead of launch

The Spiral North Pole of Mars

The Einstein Cross Gravitational Lens

Sample of strange “dunes” on Mars. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge.  Source

Dunes dubbed Kolhar.  Source 

Comment: The “dunes” obviously have a different substance to the soil than sand dunes on Earth.

NASA sends new research to space station aboard SpaceX resupply mission

The High Definition Earth Viewing (HDEV) experiment aboard the International Space Station

NASA targets May 2018 launch of Mars InSight Mission

Russian satellite’s 121-megapixel image of earth is most detailed yet

No – Gravitational waves have not been observed | Space News

Dirty snowballs falsified – NASA fails to notice (video)

NASA lunar lava study ‘dramatically changes our view of the moon’

ESO discovers earth-sized planet in habitable zone of nearest star

Comment: ESO data indicates that the planet orbits the star closer than Mercury orbits our sun, and orbits

the cool red dwarf Proxima Centauri every 11 days. To claim that the planet lies within the “habitable zone”

of the red dwarf star is strictly wishful theorizing, because of not knowing exactly the full extent of what the

energies (“ultraviolet and X-ray flares”)  are produced by the star, and what the temperature is on the planet,

or if a habitable zone could exist in relation to the stars energies. It certainly is possible that water in some

form could exist on the planet, and microbial life too in some form but, most importantly, there wouldn’t be

any intelligent life forms (ETI) on the planet. You have to realise that these pseudo-educated astronomers

can’t even accept the reality of the ETI presence that’s been engaging the human race for millenia.

Spacewalk 360: RT releases first-ever panoramic video of man in outer space

Strengthening the Mars telecommunicatons network wirh ESA’s Trace Gas Orbiter

Space Race 2.0: SpaceX rival Lockheed Martin reveals plans for Mars (pictures, video)

DIY space exploration: Family launches GoPro into stratosphere, captures amazing footage (video)

MRO MARCI (Mars) weather report for the week of 11 Sep. 2017 to 17 Sep. 2017 (includes video)

The next generation space shuttle, the Dream Chaser, is set to debut

Mars North Pole perspective view of Chasma Boreale as provided by the ESA (scroll down)

Comment: More images

Jupiter’s south pole, as seen by NASA’s Juno spacecraft from an altitude of 32,000 miles (52,000 kilometers).

Two-minute time-lapse video of New Horizons spacecraft flyover of Pluto

Russia, US will continue space co-operation despite earthly tensions – Roscosmos head

Snapshot of spectacular green aurora from the International Space Station on June 25, 2017

Mars & one of its moons, Phobos, photographed by the Hubble space telescope

Comment: Links for several images of Phobos taken by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter are provided here.

Images of Mars taken by India’s Mars Orbiter Spacecraft.

NASA”s Juno mission completed a flyby of Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

Quoting from the article: “The Great Red Spot is a 10,000-mile-wide (16,000-kilometer-wide) storm that has been

monitored since 1830 and has possibly existed for more than 350 years. In modern times, the Great Red Spot has

appeared to be shrinking.” It’s located at 19.5 degrees of lattitude on Jupiter, and the Hawaiian Islands are located

near the same lattitude on earth, consequently, it’s not a storm, but an energy vortex that originates in the etheric body

of planets, albeit one of a slightly different surface structure than the one on earth, because of the completely different

bodily nature of Jupiter, and was noted by Richard Hoagland. 

Markarian's chain of galaxies

NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds Gale crater on Mars was habitable for 700 million years 

Quoting from the article: “We don't know what that timescale might be because we don't have a date on the formation of

the wind-blown rocks in Gale Crater. But the two sets of results indicate that Mars had the potential to host life for over a

billion years. And here on Earth, it took far less than that for life to begin.” The reality is that 3 Ex-NASA scientists claim the

giant face & pyramid found on Mars in 1976 are actually real, consequently, NASA knows that intelligent life once inhabited

Mars, but because of the secrecy regarding the ET presence, they won’t acknowledge the existence of microbial life, as well

as the plant life that exists there today.

Russian Proton-M rocket takes US satellite into orbit (video) 

India enters big league in space technology, launches its heaviest rocket ever 

‘Alien megastructure’ mystery returns as inexplicable flashes begin again 

UGC 1810: Wildly Interacting Galaxy - with its collisional partner is known as Arp 273 

Galaxy cluster Abell 370 and beyond 

The current commander aboard the International Space Station is Peggy A. Whitson 

Ex-NASA scientists share concealed information about the face & pyramid found on Mars

The crash of Cassini and the nuclearization of space 

A split ion tale for comet Lovejoy E4 

New full-hemisphere views of earth at night 

James Web space telescope mirrors will piece together cosmic puzzles in 2018 

Cassini reveals strange shape of Saturn’s moon Pan 

NASA weighs risk of adding crew to Orion spacecraft’s maiden moon flight (video of planned mission) 

NASA Europa flyby mission moves into design phase 

Image of Jupiter’s south pole taken by NASA’s Juno spacecraft on Feb. 2, 2017 

SpaceX Mission launches new era for premier, multi-user Spaceport  CRS-10 Mission 

Boeing says it will beat SpaceX to Mars -- here’s how it plans to do that (video) 

NASA spends $2 million on ‘advanced life support tech’ for deep space travel  

Watch comet 45P HONDA-MRKOS-PAJDUSAKOVA fly past earth this week 

Another massive coronal hole has opened up on our Sun and is facing earth! 

This is the closest-ever photo of a moonlet hiding in Saturn’s rings 

GOES-16: Moon over Planet Earth 

"Launched last November 19 from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, the satellite now known as GOES-16 can

now observe planet Earth from a geostationary orbit 22,300 miles above the equator. Its Advanced Baseline

Imager captured this contrasting view of Earth and a gibbous Moon on January 15. The stark and airless Moon is

not really the focus of GOES-16, though. Capable of providing a high resolution full disk image of Earth every 15

minutes in 16 spectral channels, the new generation satellite's instrumentation is geared to provide sharper, more

detailed views of Earth's dynamic weather systems and enable more accurate weather forecasting. Like previous

GOES weather satellites, GOES-16 will use the moon over our fair planet as a calibration target".Check out the

true color of the moon

5 mind-boggling moon mysteries that science can’t explain 

Comment: This will stretch your mind a little bit, because most everyone isn’t used to thinking in such long-term

cosmic events, but the reality is based on the book of life or akasha and the astral light.

According to The Secret Doctrine, the moon is the planet that humanity lived on in the previous solar system,

and was placed in its enigmatic orbit around the earth by the solar Logos (God of the solar system) or the

“One in whom we live, and move, and have our being”, because of its karmic relation. There was “failure” on the

moon, and is the reason why the rods of power are utilised this time around to speed up our immortal souls

evolution. The first race on earth was ethereal and the bodies were derived from the lunar pitris.  There is

evidence on the moon of this previous civilization, which has been hidden by NASA, and here’s a website that

retained some of those images that were taken by the Clementine moon orbiter.

Here’s some artificial evidence that was left in a few moon images by Arizona State University for some reason.

Notice the triangular shaped land form that was possibly cultivated in these 3 images. You can zoom in by clicking

on the + sign, and after that by right clicking to zoom in. Use the mouse to grab a hold of the image and move around.

The third one isn’t as easily seen, but is located in the upper RH side.

Click on the next 3 links to zoom in and see all the caves that were artificially created, which is evident in the

triangular shaped or pointed peaks.

And, according to the testimony of Sgt Karl Wolfe (Disclosure Project 2001), there’s also an extraterrestrial base

on the far side of the moon, which he was shown images of by a lab technician at a National Security Agency facility,

which is probably one of the reasons we haven’t gone back to the moon.

Edge-On Large Spiral Galaxy NGC 891 

NASA assigns upcoming space station crew members 

3 ex-NASA scientists claim the giant face & pyramid found on Mars in 1976 are actually real 

Where is the ice on Ceres? New NASA Dawn findings 

Fly over Mawrth Vallis on Mars (video) 

Pluto’s Sputnik Planum 

Space 360: RT reveals first-ever 4K panoramic view of earth from aboard ISS (video) 

See the earth revolve on its axis from DSCOVR satellite 1 million miles away (2nd video down) 

NASA’s Opportunity Rover to explore Mars gully 

Image of “clouds” and “white ovals” near Jupiter’s South Pole provided by NASA’s Juno spacecraft  

Is our Sun's mysterious 6-degree tilt linked to a huge 9th planet? 

Comment: A planet is theoretically postulated as responsible, “but no one has yet seen it physically, even after infra red

searches…Prof. Brown’s reported discovery in January 2016 is that a gravity perturbation in the Oort Cloud indicates

something is there that is 10 times the size of the Earth. Prof. Brown speculates that it could be a gaseous planet. But

so far, he has not reported any physical object discovery from his infrared studies.”

New Horizons spacecraft is approaching a mysterious red object 

ExoMars Spacecraft to Make Martian Landing Attempt Next Week 

Planet in star system nearest our Sun ‘may have oceans’ 

HiRISE image of the Earth & Moon seen from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter  MRO 

SA/Roscosmos ExoMars 2016 mission is scheduled to land in Meridiani Planum on 19 October 2016 

NASA’s Hubble Spots Possible Water Plumes Erupting on Jupiter's Moon Europa 

A first. Full moon seen from the International Space Station 

A first. NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory observed both the Earth and the Moon block its view of the Sun  

NASA Television to Air Launch of Next International Space Station Crew live on September 23 

NASA: Evening Launch Catapults OSIRIS-REx Toward Asteroid Encounter 

NASA Juno Mission – Jupiter as you never seen or heard it before: New data received 

Record-breaking galaxy cluster discovered 

Bizarre Bulge Found on Ganymede, Solar System's Largest Moon 

Comment: It will be interesting to see what NASA’s scientifically equipped Juno Mission newly discovers with

regards Ganymede, because, according to Sixto Paz Wells, “they [ETs] have created a micro climate and a micro

atmosphere above their cities that for the most part extend in the satellite’s subsurface”

ECO unveils ‘clear evidence’ of earth-like planet in habitable zone orbiting Proxima Centauri 

Mystery of Mars’ mineral veins is solved: Strange structures were formed by ancient lakes that may have supported life

Quoting from the article: “The most interesting conclusion, though, is that Mars stayed wet for longer than previously

thought, which means it was habitable for longer. Curiosity shows it was wet for 1.5 billion years, already much longer

than the period of time needed for life to develop on Earth.”
US astronauts begin spacewalk to install new docking port (ISS video) 

Earth-like planet around Proxima Centauri discovered (4.25 light-years away) 

Scientists on the unsettling reason why we haven’t found aliens yet 

Comment: It’s frustrating & really strange how naive and close-minded some seemingly intelligent people are. Some

“scientists”, not all, can’t accept the reality of UFOs being ET spacecraft, because of the vast interstellar distances

that must be traveled to get to earth. To discount out of hand, and not watch videos of the Disclosure Project of Dr.

Steven Greer and Steven Bassett’s Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, that were presented at the National Press Club,

only shows that some seemingly intelligent people have difficulty in seeing clearly, and can’t accept evidence that

contradicts they’re partially-educated, fallible, scientific reality. For Seth Shostak & Michio Kaku to ignore General

Benjamin Chidlaw’s statement to investigators: “We have lost many men and planes trying to intercept UFOs”, is to

say they’re simply fools, or corrupt and in on the “truth embargo” regarding the ET presence.

Mystery object in weird orbit beyond Neptune cannot be explained 

Io’s atmosphere just collapsed 

Wind and water on Mars, and Mars strangeness 

NASA has released the largest picture ever taken. It will rock your universe 

Mars 2020 Rover 

Former NASA engineer says 5 structured domes in moon crater photo blacked out 

NASA's Juno Spacecraft in Orbit Around Mighty Jupiter 

This should be very enlightening for NASA and humanity, because of Ganymede. Sixto Paz Wells, born in Lima, Peru,

was contacted by ETs who have a base on Ganymede, which they call “Morlen.” He and 6 other Peruvians have been

to Ganymede, and seen the city as well as many of the ETs living there.

New Horizons receives mission extension to Kuiper Belt, Dawn to remain at Ceres  

A ‘Super Grand Canyon’ on Pluto’s Moon Charon 

New Horizons spacecraft that flew past Pluto observes Kuiper Belt object  

NASA’s Juno Spacecraft to Risk Jupiter’s Fireworks for Science 

Mars Rovers Spirit and Opportunity highlights from a decade of exploration  

The BEST TOUR of the International Space Station 

Astronauts opened hatch to the Expandable Activity Module to inspect (video) 

Secrets revealed from Pluto’s ‘twilight zone’ 

Russian space corp unveils project for reusable ‘shuttle’ between ISS and moon 

Pluto’s interaction with the solar wind is unique, study shows 

NASA’s latest class of astronauts is 50 percent female, and could be heading to Mars  

Mass Extinctions in the Electric Universe | Space News 

Comet Siding Spring: Electrical Chaos on Mars | Space News (video) 

‘Looking from outer space, you don't see any borders on Earth’ - Roscosmos head to RT   

Bright spots and color differences revealed on Ceres (video) 

Blue Origin rocket makes third successful vertical landing 

New Lunar Exhibit Features NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Imagery 

A Phoenix Aurora over Iceland 

Life-sniffing ExoMars Orbiter begins long voyage to Mars  

    Europe’s new Mars mission bringing NASA radios along

Lost Tapes Reveal Apollo Astronauts Heard Unexplained ‘Music’ On Far Side Of The Moon (video) 

Richard Branson unveils Virgin Galactic’s new spaceship named Virgin Spaceship (VSS) Unity 

White rock from Mars Express: Color view

Curiosity update, sols 1218-1249: Digging in the sand at Bagnold Dunes 

Russian Cosmonauts Conduct Spacewalk Outside the International Space Station 

NASA’s James Webb space telescope primary mirror fully assembled 

Astronomy Picture of the Day: Elliptical M60, Spiral NGC 4647 

Rover Curiosity scooping up samples of sand dunes in Gale Crater to analyze (images) 

Moon hoax debunked

Curiosity Rover report (Dec. 15, 2015): First visit to Martian dunes (video) 

NASA’s New VASIMR Plasma Engine Could Reach Mars in 39 days 

Solar Activity Update: Sunspot Erupts, Hurls CME Toward Earth. (Dec. 28th, 2015). 

Christmas from Space – the ISS  

The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket makes history – booster returned to land vertically 

Rover Curiosity’s 'High Dune' true color image of first Martian dune studied up close 

NASA shows off new zoom-in pics of Pluto in color 

New clues to Ceres’ bright spots and origins 

NASA/JPL: Loss of Carbon in Martian Atmosphere Explained - Renyu Hu, PhD 

Rover Curiosity’s right navcam captures image of its tracks across the sand dunes in Gale Crater 

Comment: It seems to me that the “sand” would have to be somewhat damp in order for the rover’s wheels

to leave such a clear imprint. Dry sand on earth doesn’t do that. Image source.

NASA Cargo Launches to Space Station Aboard Orbital ATK Resupply Mission 

New Horizons Returns First of the Best Images of Pluto 

NASA Mars Rover Curiosity: Mission Updates 

Mars from orbit: Transverse aeolian ridges – or TAR – are mysterious, wind-blown features 

Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. “Down in the Paleochannels”  Catalog

One of Rover Curiosity’s up close images of the dark sand dunes¹ on Sol 1174² with the right navcam 

Comment: Click on the grayscale image after it downloads to enlarge. It would be nice to see this in true color.



Image of sandy area in destination taken with the right navcam of Rover Curiosity on Sol 1172  

Comment: Click on the grayscale image after it downloads to enlarge. Unfortunately, JPL doesn’t post

many images in true color, but do post a lot of "false" color images taken with the mast camera, such

as this one also taken on Sol 1172. It’s a disservice to taxpayers not to include true color pictures of

all the areas traveled to by the rovers, but morals & integrity aren’t part of the qualifications for jobs at

JPL & NASA. Destination was shown on November 15, 2015.

Blue Origin has successfully flown its new Shepard ship to space, and returned it for landing at launch site 
NASA's LRO Moves Closer to the Lunar Surface

Apollo 11 Lunar Module photographed in Sea of Tranquility by the LRO, and more  

Rover Curiosity getting close to dark “dunes” at the base of Mt. Sharp in Gale Crater  

Comment: This grayscale image was taken with the right navigation camera on Sol 1168 (4th row down,

2nd image from the left). Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. The dunes can be seen in the

distance in this image taken on Sol 580. Here’s an Orbital View of Dune That Curiosity Will Visit

Mars strangeness: Dunes and Ripples in Nili Patera 

Astronaut Scott Kelly tweets shot of 'UFO' taken from International Space Station 

Curiosity Rover headed to dark sand dunes on Mars 

Upgrade helps NASA study mineral veins on Mars 

NASA’s plans for manned journey to Mars 

Could Sino-U.S. cooperation bring the Martian home? 

NASA images reveal large ancient geoglyphs in Kazakhstan that can only be seen from the air. 

Rosetta spacecraft detects oxygen molecules outgassing at from Comet 67P 

Russia and Europe to launch joint mission to dark side of Moon, then build base there 

Closest northern views of Saturn’s moon Enceladus 

Something Strange Is Happening Inside Saturn 

Earlier this month [Feb. 2014], NASA scientists discovered clues that suggest some form of liquid 

water exists on Mars. But what if Mars was full of flowing oceans and a rich carbon dioxide-filled

atmosphere like Earth? That’s exactly what software engineer Kevin Gill visualized using data from

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and the Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter. Using an open source

geospatial software application, Gill reconstructed the planet using the data extracted plus arbitrary

sea levels to create a more plush mockup of the previously red and barren planet.

The image of Mars on the right was taken by Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter Camera

Recent high-resolution images of Charon. Click on image after it downloads to enlarge.  Source 

Mars: NASA scientists answer questions on liquid water discovery during Reddit AMA 

NASA’s InSight Mars Lander planned to land on Mars in September 2016   

NASA Announces Mars 2020 Rover Payload to Explore the Red Planet as Never Before 

New Pluto Images from NASA’s New Horizons: It’s Complicated  

Dawn spacecraft takes a closer look at the bright spots in Occator crater on Ceres. 

Rover Curiosity & its tracks over the surface of Gale Crater seen with Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter camera  

Astronauts eat vegetables grown on the ISS for the first time in crucial step towards Mars mission 

Well over a thousand galaxies are in the Virgo cluster 

Strange Bright Spots on Ceres Create Mini-Atmosphere on Dwarf Planet 

NASA’s Kepler Mission Discovers Bigger, Older Cousin to Earth 

Famed physicist shuts down moon landing conspiracy theorists in 1 brilliant tweet  

Pluto's escaping atmosphere extends 1,000 miles out into space 

Pluto and Charon Shine in False Color  video 

NASA released new footage of Earth, what it shows is truly breathtaking (use full screen) 

New Image of Pluto: 'Houston, We Have Geology' 

China Moving Forward with Big Space Station Plans 

Astronauts Need Flexible Spacesuits for Mars

SpaceX rocket to ISS disintegrates 2 minutes after launch (VIDEO) 

Ceres Has Lots of Bright Spots 

The mysterious ‘lakes’ on Saturn’s moon Titan 

NASA discovers new planet covered with marijuana 

Rosetta discovery of surprise molecular breakup mechanism in comet coma alters perceptions 

Meridiani Journal: Foothills of Mount Sharp seen by Rover Curiosity in Gale Crater on Mars 

 Comment: In the top right half of the 1st image (May 5, 2015), and along the top of the 2nd image, can be

 seen the mounds running along the ridge, which was speculated to be possible artificial structures in this

 somewhat out-of-focus image that has sunlight reflecting off them.

JPL scientists capture Martian moon on Sol 1002 with Rover Curiosity’s Mast Camera 

 Comment: Several images of the moon can be found here starting at the 5th row down. Stars can be seen in

 the first 4 rows of images. JPL doesn’t provide any information about the images, but based on its size, I’d

 say this is Phobos, and not Deimos. Close up images of both can be seen here.

NASA Looks to Cut Travel Time to Mars in Half with Superfast Propulsion 

This giant telescope has split the astronomy community in two (includes video) 

Panoramic image with zoom controls of diverse terrain types on Mt. Sharp, Mars 

Dust clouds kicked up, obscuring most of the surface of Argyre Planitia on Mars 

  Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. Details about the image can be found here.

Green Crater Dune Monitoring (click on the image after it downloads to enlarge) 

  Comment: The source of the image can be found here. Download the above image into your computer by

  right clicking on the image, then click on “Save Image As” into JPEG format into your computer. After

  exiting and opening up again, you’ll be able to zoom in on this Martian strangeness – the dark sculpted

  objects that NASA/JPL calls “dunes.”

Space X has broken the monopoly on US national security launches 

Names related to the Spirit of St. Louis have been informally assigned to a crater on Mars 

   See the press release on 21-May-2015

India’s Mars Orbiter captures image of Phobos passing between the spacecraft & the planet 

Rock Spire in ‘Spirit of St. Louis Crater’ on Mars (False Color) 

  Quoting NASA/JPL-Caltech: “The component images of this mosaic view were taken on March 29 and 30,

  2015, during Sol 3973 and Sol 3974”- Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. The image is the

  2nd one down that can be found here. Here’s a closer image of it taken on Sol 4004. Closer again on Sol

  4005. Close up image of one of the rocks in the “rock spire” taken on Sol 4011 appears to show evidence

  of splitting, which was probably due to an earthquake occurring sometime in Mars past. Here’s a lighter

  toned image of the same rock. These images, and more, can be found here.

What's happening to Comet 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko? 

Spacecraft carrying nuclear explosives is being planned to save Earth from asteroids 

Nasa's Curiosity rover finds water below surface of Mars 

Dawn spacecraft’s Ceres color map reveals surface diversity 

SpaceX will resupply the ISS and try to land its Falcon 9 rocket at sea today 

Newly Discovered Martian Glaciers Pack Over 150 Billion Cubic-Meters of Ice 

Another Curiosity Rover image showing “mineral veins” in the soil of Gale Crater on Mars 

  Comment: The outline of the rover’s tracks in the soil has all the appearance of dampness to the soil. The

  image was taken with the right navcam on Sol 944 and has this time identifier 2015-04-03 02:35:41 UTC

Why underground moon cities are slightly less implausible now 

Rover Curiosity sees prominent mineral veins on Mount Sharp, Mars  

Curiosity gets night close-up look at mineral veins at 'Garden City,' Mars 

Rover Opportunity has driven 26 miles on Mars in Meridiani Planum, as of March 24, 2015 

‘Northern lights’ observed on Mars 

Are Humans Really Headed To Mars Anytime Soon? 

NASA: Successful Test Flights for Mars Landing Technology 

The Moon's History Is Surprisingly Complex, Chinese Rover Finds 

NASA Spacecraft Becomes First to Orbit a Dwarf Planet 

International Space Station ‘Lost’ Without Russia, Says NASA Chief 

Why Don't Comets Melt in the Sun? | Space News (video) 

NASA probe to land on Ceres to check out mysterious bright spots 

Jupiter’s ‘Great Red Spot’ shows true colors, glows white in new infrared image 

Image of Mawrth Vallis Geodiversity on Mars taken with the HiRISE camera 

  Comment: Geodiversity? Chaotic is an apt description also of this false color image taken by the Mars

  Reconnaissance Orbiter. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge, and wherever you click on the

  image, that particular point will be centered on your screen when it enlarges. You can also download the

  image into your computer by right clicking on the image, and then click on “Save Image As” into your

  computer in JPEG format. After exiting & opening up again, you can zoom in closer on this Martian

  strangeness. The image was found in the catalog here.

Say cheese! Hubble telescope captures extraterrestrial smiley face 

Asteroid that flew past earth today has moon 

NASA finds mysterious bright spot on dwarf planet Ceres: What is it? 

The Complex Ion Tail of Comet Lovejoy 

US to buy 60 Russian space rocket engines worth $1bn 

Scientists pinpoint Saturn with exquisite accuracy 

Rover Opportunity’s view of ‘Endeavour Crater’ from atop ‘Cape Tribulation’ 

  “NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity recorded this view just after reaching the summit of ‘Cape

  Tribulation,’ on the western rim of Endeavour Crater, on Jan. 6, 2015, the 3,894th Martian day, or sol, of

  the rover’s work on Mars.” More at the source.

Rainbow galaxy-waves and new expressions of the universal DNA

Hubble revisits the famous ‘Pillars of Creation’ to celebrate 25th anniversary 

Eleven spacecraft show interstellar wind changed direction over 40 years 

NASA detects enormous ‘coronal hole’ on Sun’s South Pole (photo) 

Green comet Lovejoy lights New Year's skies (VIDEO) 

Indian Space Research Organization blasts India’s biggest rocket into space 

NASA's Kepler Spacecraft Finds 1st Alien Planet of New Mission 

The Path to Mars (Boeing video-also see other Featured Video: 38 Stories of Power) 

Lockheed Martin, Boeing to explore deep space together with Russia 

The Dawn Spacecraft acquired this view of dwarf planet Ceres

Image from Mars Hand Lens Imager on the underside of Rover Curiosity on Sol 830 

  Comment: A natural hole in the soil is seen, as well as mineral veins in the area. Click on the image after it

  downloads to enlarge. Several images taken on Sol 830 can be seen here:

Rover curiosity finds fractures & veins of what might be bassinite or gypsum (2nd image down) 

   Curiosity sees small mineral veins with the Mastcam in 3 images here on Sol 826

   top center in this image. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge.

   Lower right side in this image

   Top right side in this image

Orion test flight ‘milestone’ for NASA 

NASA’s Journey to Mars 

Russia’s no arms in outer space initiative gains support   

‘Weapons free space’: Russia champions internationally regulated space security 

Lockheed Martin keeps fingers crossed for Orion spacecraft’s first test flight

‘Spooky’ Quasars: they are aligned with each other over distances stretching billions of light-years

Mysterious Russian satellite sparks ‘orbital weapon’ speculations 

Next: NASA’s InSight Mars Lander reaches development milestone 

Rover Opportunity sees clues to wet history in texture of a Martian rock 

  Comment: NASA/JPL has known about the “blueberries” for many years. A very large blueberry can be

  seen on the right side of this “Santorini” panoramic image taken by Rover Opportunity. Click on the image

  after it downloads to enlarge. The foregoing image and description can be found at the bottom of this link

Newfound Mega-Storms on Uranus Pose Planetary Puzzle 

Strange comet behaviour puzzles researchers 

Philae’s first photos; update on its troubled landing 

Astronauts send a message of peace & cooperation from space 

Comet first: European spacecraft lands on comet 67P 

Observing comet 67P/C-G with the very large telescope 

  Quoting from the article: “This image of comet 67P/C-G was taken with ESO's Very Large Telescope on

  11 August 2014. It was made by stacking 40 short exposure images (each lasting 50 seconds) and then

  removing the background stars. The comet's coma extends at least 19,000 km from the nucleus.”

  Comment: Most of the posted images taken by Rosetta as it orbits 67P are in false color, which hides the

  coma, and shows the surface more clearly. Apparently NASA is sure that the coma won’t interfere in the

  landing of Philae on the surface. A couple of images posted partially show the coma as can be seen here.

Rover Curiosity’s color view of Martian dune after crossing it 

   Quoting from the article: “The image has been white balanced to show what the Martian surface materials

   would look like if under the light of Earth’s sky.” Comment: This is one of the few images that shows the

   true color of the Martian soil, rocks, and the sky.

NASA’s unmanned Antares rocket with payload for the ISS explodes on launch 

Comet Siding Spring's effect on the Martian atmosphere 

Gargantuan $1.4 billion thirty meter telescope begins construction in Hawaii 

Aerospace’s largest tool unveiled for America’s next great rocket (video) 

Our solar system is moving 100,000 m.p.h. faster than previously thought 

NASA prepares Science Fleet for Oct. 19 Mars encounter with Comet Siding Spring  Briefing 

Total Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday will be rare ‘Selenelion’ 

Virgin Galactic ‘on the verge’ of private space launches, Richard Branson says 

New ISS trio (including Russian female cosmonaut) arrives, expands Expedition 41 to 6 

India makes history with successful maiden voyage to Mars  India Space Research Organisation  

NASA Mars spacecraft ready for Sept. 21 orbit insertion 

Europe unveils Comet landing site for historic Rosetta mission 

Mar’s Curiosity Rover reaches original destination in Gale Crater 

“secureteam10” claims theres an “alien saucer” on the side of a small hill on Mars  

  The small hill is seen on the right side in this panorama taken in sequence by Rover Spirit from Sol 1906 to

 1943 (May-June 2009). Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge, and you’ll see the iron oxide color

  of the soil (“saucer”). You’ll have to right click on the image, and then click on “Save Picture As” into JPEG

  format into your computer, and after exiting & opening up again, you can zoom in on the hill. JPL says that

  the image is in “false color,” but the soil & rocks are probably close to true color. The iron oxide in the soil

  caused us Earthlings to call Mars the “Red Planet.” The light-blue sky is probably close to it’s true color. It’s

  the first image seen here. The panoramic camera also has zooming in capability as is shown in the next

  image. This is a B & W, zoomed in, cropped image of the hill taken with the panoramic camera on Sol

 1869, and it shows that there is basically two kinds of soil there. The soil on the top half of the hill where the

 “saucer” is appears lighter-toned than the bottom-half, because of the particular filters used in this image.

  Download it into your computer to examine it up close. “Spirit’s look ahead on Sol 1869”  shows that

  JPL was apparently headed in the direction of the hill when it became stuck in the soft sand, and has been
  there ever since. See also.

NASA instrument aboard Rosetta, European spacecraft, returns first science results of Comet 67P  

NASA to reformat Rover Opportunity’s flash memory from 125 million miles away 

NASA probe sees Pluto & its moon Charon like never before (video) 

“Pluto and other dwarf planets could have astrobiological potential” 

NASA Pluto-bound spacecraft crosses Neptune’s orbit 

Rosetta Spacecraft: The search narrows for landing site on Comet 67P 

Astronomy Picture of the Day August 23 - The Spectre of Veszprem 

 Explanation: The city of Veszprem, Hungary was only briefly haunted by this mysterious spectre. On the

 morning of August 11, its monstrous form hovered in the mist above municipal buildings near the town

 center. A clue to its true identity is offered by the photographer, though, who reports he took the picture

 from the top of a twenty story building with the rising Sun directly at his back. That special geometry

 suggests this is an example of an atmospheric phenomenon called the Glory or sometimes 'the Spectre of

 the Broken'. Also seen from mountain tops and airplanes when looking opposite the Sun, the dramatic

 apparition is the observer's shadow on clouds or fog, the small droplets of water scattering light back

 towards the Sun through complex internal reflections. Careful night sky watchers can also encounter this

 spectre's analog in astronomy, a brightening of zodiacal light opposite the Sun known as the gegenschein.

Mutant space microbes attack ISS: ‘Munch’ metal, may crack glass  

Dust reveals ancient origin for Saturn’s rings 

Rosetta spacecraft arrives at Comet 67P (photos)  Rosetta spacecraft mission: NASA/JPL 

Is this volcano on Jupiters moon Io the brightest ever seen in the solar system? 

ESA gives in to demands to release pictures of Rosetta spacecraft’s decade-long hunt for comet 

Baffled astronomers nearing electric universe understanding (video) 

Apollo 11 moon landing raised the bar for humanity, astronauts say (video) 

NASA: Cassini will meet fiery death in Saturn’s atmosphere in 2017 

‘Swimming pool for bacteria’: There could be life on Mars today – new study 

Curiosity Rover weighs 2,000 pounds, and is supported by 6 wheels, which show damage 

NASA television coverage set for Oribital-2 re-supply mission to space station on July 11 

Nili Patera is one of the most active dune fields on Mars 

Outer space: Militarization, weaponization and the prevention of an arms race 

China, Russia update draft treaty to prevent arms race in outer space 

Russia and China prepare for joint space missions 

NASA’s intensive & complex pre-planning documented for a manned mission to Mars & return 

  Comment: For a quick look at the 3 mission overview, see pages 29 thru 36.

NASA plans to colonize Mars 

Persistent Saturnian Auroras 

Apollo 10 was moon landing rehearsal, EFT-1 preps for trips beyond 

Morpheus spacecraft uses hazard detection system to land safely on rugged planetary surface in the dark

Exploring a possible mission to Mars 

The European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe closes in on Comet 67P for rendezvous in august 

Strange UFO knocks out Russian Proton rocket 

SpaceX Dragon cargo ship splashed into the Pacific 5 hrs after leaving the ISS 

Proton-M rocket carrying Russia’s most advanced satellite crashes 

Russia aims to exit ISS project in 2020 

Rover Curiosity and its tracks seen with the HiRISE camera onboard Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 

Huge cylindrical UFO captured by Mars Curiosity Rover (video of film sequence)  

Scientists reveal that Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede, may support microbial life 

SpaceX successfully soft-lands on earth for first time. Is Mars next? 

Water was flowing on Mars 200,000 years ago - scientists 

Mars Rover Curiosity: Latest News & Latest Images 

Favorite images from Mars Rover Curiosity 

The telescope big enough to spot signs of alien life on other planets 

Green laser beam shot to retroreflector left on moon by Apollo 15 astronauts 

Astronomers discover Earth-like planet 

No politics in space: ISS example of what Russia, US can achieve working together 

Mars near Opposition 

NASA’s Curiosity rover captures bright light coming out of the surface of Mars in Gale Crater 

  Comment: You can find the image in Curiosity’s raw images: Scroll down to the Right Navigation Cameras

  (Navcams) and click on Sol 589. Note: For some reason this can only be viewed by going to NASA's

  website. It’s the 2nd image from the left in the second row. Its time identifier is 2014-04-03 10:00:03 UTC.

  What’s strange about this too is the fact that the light doesn’t appear in the Left Navigation Camera on Sol

  589 as can be seen here. It’s also the 2nd image from the left in the 2nd row, and has the same identifier as

  above. You can, of course, right click on the image, then click on “Save Picture as” in JPEG format into

  your computer, and after exiting and opening up again, zoom in on the light.

First-ever asteroid with rings knocks astronomers for a loop 

Hexagonal-shaped north pole of Saturn as seen by the Cassini’s wide-angle camera, and here 

Mars northern-most sand dunes are beginning to emerge from their winter cover 

Morpheus prototype planetary landing craft test flight successful 

 Comment: An advanced follow up of this landing craft will enable us to land men/women on Mars, or

  Phobos, one of its moons, and also an ascending craft to return to Mars orbit for linking up with a much

  larger Command Module (like Apollo moon missions) in order to return to earth. If funding for this became

  available now, we could engineer & produce a Mars Command Module next to the ISS, and be ready to

  land on Mars in ten years, however, alas it requires changing the US government’s political mindset &

  foreign policy perspective from one of barbarism, or Alexander The Great Jerk Super-Power Syndrome

  (wasting billions of dollars on weapons manufacturing & unconscionably killing people) to a metaphysical

  and clear view scientific perspective that lives in peace & harmony with all other nations.

Rover Spirit’s sunset view shows fine Martian dust particles suspended in the thin atmosphere” 

Plans being made to launch dream chaser space plane in November 2016 

Water vapor detected around “dwarf planet” Ceres in the asteroid belt 

ESA video of Mars topography created from data acquired from its Mars Express Orbiter  Website 

Image of Rover Curiosity & its tracks on Mars taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter in Dec. 2013 

  Comment: The rover is on the left side about 1/3 of the way up. Click on the image after it downloads to

  enlarge, and wherever you click on the image, that particular point will be centered on your screen when it

  enlarges. Website

NASA announces partnership opportunities for U.S. commercial lunar lander capabilities 

Small rock appears near Rover Opportunity on Mars that wasn’t there 12 days earlier  

 “Where Martian “jelly doughnut” rock came from. JPL’s science team found that ‘Opportunity drove over a

  rock and broke it open. One of the pieces, which they called “Pinnacle Island”, was knocked downhill’, and

  can be seen in the lower left corner at the foregoing link. Full explanation can be found here.

Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo reaches new heights in third supersonic test flight 

Mars orbiter images Rover Curiosity and its tracks in Gale Crater 

Gemini Planet Imager captures direct image of an exoplanet 63 light-years away 

After dramatic spacewalks, astronauts savor Olympic view from orbit 

Images of Saturn from the Cassini mission 

Lunar orbiter snaps photos of Chinese lander and rover from 93 miles up 

Problem with spacesuit delays second spacewalk to fix ISS cooling system 

Expedition 38 aboard the ISS gets ready for U.S. and Russian spacewalks 

Space agencies push for deep space cooperation 

 Comment: Governments also need to push for deep-sixing the bankers, and change from a weapons 

 manufacturing economy to a space exploration manufacturing economy.

China’s Chang’e 3 has landed in Sinus Iridum on the moon  More  

Iran claims 2nd launch of monkey into space and back 

What has a shadowy US government spy agency just put into earth orbit 

China plans to land probe on moon and deploy buggy (rover) next month 

Venus orbits the sun within huge band of dust, say scientists 

NASA launches Maven orbiter to probe mysteries in Mars’ air 

Strange doings on the Sun 

Astronauts and Mice return from space with altered eyes 

NASA’s new moon probe settles into lunar orbit.  More on LADEE 

In November NASA will launch new spacecraft to orbit Mars 80 miles above the surface 

Solar flare slams into earth’s magnetic field causing majestic aurora seen as far south as Kansas  

Zeolites and Opals discovered in central peak of Baldet Crater on Mars 

Get ready! Comet ISON to sweep closely by Mars on October 1 

NASA rover Curiosity finds water in Mars soil - report 

Breaking news: Comet ISON has a smaller object right behind it (video) 

The development, launch, and success of NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity (video)  

View Curiosity working on Mars – 12 months condensed to two minutes 

Eclipse of the Sun by Martian moon Phobos photographed by NASA’s Curiosity Rover 
The Amazing Twisting Galazy NGC 3718 won the David Malin Astrophotography Competition 

  Comment: This photo and description betters our understanding of the near and relatively far away cosmos

  from NGC 3718, 52 million light-years away, to the 5 interracting galaxies 400 million light-years away,

  Hickson Group 56. NGC 3718 is beautiful. Keeping in mind the Hermetic axiom, “as above, so below,”

  and that mind is governed by the “Law of Attraction,” collisions between galaxies result from the mental

  interaction between Galatic Logoi and are a marriage in heaven.

ESA’a Mars Express ten years at Mars: New global views plot the red planet’s history 

Russian scientist says planets’ atmospheres are changing 

M31: The Andromeda Galaxy 

NASA funded fusion engine enables travel to Mars in 30 days 

The Electric Comet - Full Documentary 

International space station to receive inflatable module built by Bigelow Aerospace NASA video  

 Comment: Robert Bigelow favors “confirmation rather than disclosure” of the ET presence.

 More on Robert Bigelow here, and here.  

China launches spacecraft & 3 astronauts into orbit for 15-day mission 

Anticipated STEREO observations of Comet ISON  Hubble image and data as of 4-10  

Rover Opportunity examines rock, and the composition indicates a wet Martian history 

Solar outbursts could destroy civilization (video) 

SNC completes Dream Chaser (replacement for space shuttle) safety review 

ISS expedition 36/37 crew prepares for launch in Russia (video) 

Mystery of moon’s magnetic field deepens 

Cdr. Chris Hadfield's version of David Bowie's Space Oddity, recorded on board the ISS 

Galaxy Collisions: Simulations vs Observations (video) 

3 planets, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter aligning in the sunset sky on May 26 

78,000 apply to live on Mars, and possibly leave Earth Forever 

NASA to pay $70 million a seat to fly astronauts on Russian spacecraft 

Humanity explores the solar system 

First glimpse of “comet of the century”: Hubble telescope captures spectacular ISON 

Orbital Sciences Antares rocket launches into orbit on maiden voyage 

3 new planets could host life 

Used parachute on Mars flaps in the wind 

Soyuz launch sends US-Russian crew on fastest ride to space station  

Amateur solar-photographer Dave Tyler, 71, captures impressive images of the Sun 

Inside the Orion Nebula 

Astronomers gearing up for possible “comet of the century” (Comet ISON) 

Comet PanSTARRS, CME, and the Earth as seen from the STEREO Behind spacecraft 

The first pictures from the £1bn telescope reveal galaxy forming stars at ‘breathtaking rate’  

 Comment: Ignore the estimate as to the age of  the universe being 14 billion years, because ascended

 masters have said that the “Ancient of days” (Daniel 7: 9-10) has told them that all of the galaxies in the

 universe that can be seen with optical telescopes amount to only 1/7 of the total number of galaxies in

 the universe. The other 6/7 of “galactic Logoi” are discarnate (in “pralaya”) waiting for their cyclical turn

 to manifest, consequently, for all intents and purposes, the universe is eternal, i.e., had no beginning and

 will have no end.

Plan announced for manned mission to Mars in 2018 

First Rover Curiosity drilling sample in the scoop (click on the image after it downloads to enlarge)

 “In planned subsequent steps, the sample will be sieved, and portions of it delivered to the Chemistry and

  Mineralogy instrument and the Sample Analysis at Mars instrument.” This image was the first one in the

  image gallery on 2-20-13, however, as more images are posted, it will move to the right, consequently,

  you’ll have to scroll through the images to find it in order to read the complete description.

Image of Saturn’s north polar hexagon taken by the Cassini spacecraft 

 Comment: Richard Hoagland says the hexagon results from “an ongoing, interior hyper-dimensional energy

 flow through Saturn” which is, evidently, too out-of-the-box of a hypothesis for the pseudo-educated

 astronomers at NASA who have difficulty in seeing outside their partially educated box. It appears that

 extraterrestrials have been educating humanity to hyper-dimensional physics via crop circles. Hyper-

 dimensional alludes to the multi-dimensional and etheric nature of the universe as the foundation for all life,

 from an atom, to a mineral, a plant, an animal, a human being, a planet, a star, a galaxy, and the universe.

 See also the “twelvefold chain of causation” as noted in “The Teachings of the Johangpa School” in Tibet.

 See also Sacred Geometry. Geometry is the constant amidst a continual process of change. Our physical

 bodies are in a constant state of change - every atom of every molecule is continually changed and replaced.

 The DNA molecule is generally considered to be the vehicle of continuity. However, the information to

 replicate is not encoded in the physical DNA molecule; or the carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen

 elements that compose DNA—because they too are continually changed and replaced. The vehicle of

 continuity is a geometric spiral (helix) which provides an invisible blueprint upon which DNA is structured.

 The spiral is based upon archetypal geometric proportions that exist prior to the physical state. It is these

 invisible geometric proportions of the spiral that are responsible for the replicating power of the DNA.

 Similarly, the process of photosynthesis in plants occurs because the geometry of the carbon, hydrogen,

 magnesium and nitrogen elements of the chlorophyll molecule is organized into a  harmonic twelve-fold

 arrangement. These same elements in any other arrangement will not transform radiant energy into life

 substance. See also “The Twelve Creative Hierarchies”

Mercury shows off its colourful side

NASA & Roscosmos assign two astronauts to yearlong space station mission in 2015 

Largest structure in the universe discovered, which violates the current “cosmological principle” 

Largest Spiral Galaxy in the universe recently crowned champion 

Enormous new-found outflows of energy (pale blue) pouring out from galactic center 

Comet  Ison – the comet of the century? 

HiRISE image of Rover Curiosity’s path of travel to “YELLOWKNIFE BAY” on sol 130 

  Comment: Click on image after it downloads to enlarge. NASA’s Mars Rover Curiosity drove to an edge of

  the feature during the 130th Martian day, or sol, of the mission (Dec. 17, 2012) and used its Navigation

  Camera to record this view of the ledge at the margin and a view across the "bay."

European Space Agency indicates Mars’ moon Phobos is hollow & artificial! By Diane Tessman 

Men (Apollo 17) were last on the moon 40 years ago today 

HiRISE Image of Rover Curiosity’s landing area and path of travel since arrival 

  Close up image of Curiosity and some of its work from Oct. 2 to Nov. 16 at “Rocknest”  Website

A regional dust storm on Mars, tracked from orbit since Nov. 10, appears to be abating 

  Comment: With regards the next news conference, JPL says: “Rumors and speculation that there are major

  new findings from the mission at this early stage are incorrect.”

Did the US Air Force attempt to nuke the Moon? By Dr. Michael Salla 

Cirrus-like clouds seen on Mars by Rover Opportunity on Sol 950 

  Comment: The above image was taken in September 2006 with the navigation camera, and this image of

  Victoria Crater was taken with the panoramic camera on Sol 952. Click on the image after it downloads to


Image of interesting land forms on Mars taken by Mars Global Surveyor. 

  Comment: Aside from the science data gathered from the image, NASA - JPL scientists would be

  very interested in seeing what the foregoing land forms looked like in true color but, curiously, don't post

  images in "true color."

NASA wants to send astronauts beyond the moon 

Kepler telescope’s planet-hunting mission extended another 4 years 

Huge Mars Colony proposed by SpaceX founder Elon Musk 

Microgravity Research Coming of Age on the International Space Station

The Diary of ISS Expedition 33 Commander Suni williams is very interesting 

Dark Energy Camera captures its first images 

Dark matter filament in galaxy supercluster directly measured 

NASA’s Curiosity Rover finds humans could survive radiation levels on Mars 

Soyuz touchdown; ISS Expedition 33 back home without a hitch 

New human moon missions may be announced soon by NASA, expert says 

“Super-Earth” alien planet 42 light-years away may be habitable for life 

Mars Curiosity Rover’s self-portrait and surrounding terrain (here’s looking at you) 

New trio launches in Soyuz spacecraft from Bailkonur Cosmodrome to join expedition 33 

The unseen universe: “Billions of undetected galaxies” 

Martian “sand dunes covered by carbon dioxide frost as seen in late winter” (in color) 

 Comment: Click on image after it downloads to enlarge. Source.

Astronomy picture of the day: A Spiral Nebula Surrounding Star R Sculptoris 

Astronomy picture of the day: An Extraordinary Spiral from LL Pegasi 

  Comment: The image used for the map is from an observation of the landing site by the High Resolution

  Imaging Science Experiment (HiRISE) instrument on NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

Spectacular photos from the revamped Hubble telescope 

Rover Opportunity’s 360-degree panorama of Endeavor Crater on Sol 3,000 

  Comment: Click on image after it downloads to enlarge. Opportunity has driven over 21 miles in Meridiani

  Planum since arriving in February 2004. Description is here posted 07-Sept-2012.

Sep 13, 2012 - Today’s weather on Mars: Cold, very cold 

Dawn space craft to depart asteroid Vesta for asteroid Ceres 

Curiosity’s Secrets: The Features of NASA’s Mars Rover 

Apollo 11: Neil Armstrong (R.I.P), Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins 

  Comment: Here’s a brief clip of the news conference following the Apollo 11 mission and from the

  suppressed emotions of the crew, which should be elated and smiling after such a marvelous achievement,

  it’s obvious that they’re stressed out, because of not being able to tell the public the truth of what they saw

  on the moon. Neil spoke about uncovering “truths protective layers” many years later in a speech at the

  White House.

Alien planet haul: NASA space telescope spots 41 new exoplanets 

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) image of Rover Curiosity’s location in Gale Crater 

  Comment: Curiosity appears to be about 2,000 meters from the dark strip of dunes (?) running diagonally

  across the image. The dark strip can be seen in this full resolution panorama image taken from where

  Curiosity is located. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. Here’s a closer look at that darker

  strip from the MRO Context Camera and the image alternates between before and after images of

  Curiosity’s landing – the white dot is Curiosity in the darker image, but in order to see it, you need to click

  on the image to enlarge it. There is also a mound that has a pyramid shape to it in Gale Crater, which is at

  the far right side of this image. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge.

Mars weather map Aug. 5 shows Gale Crater location (click on this image to enlarge

False* color panorama from Rover Curiosity’s location in Gale Crater on Mars. 

  * Notice the 2 computer monitors to the left of Professor Steve Squyers on his desk. They show the true

   colors of Mars and its blue sky that JPL & NASA doesn't make available to the public on its websites.

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter captured image of Rover Curiosity & parachute 

Rover Curiosity lands on Mars 

Mars probe records radiation blasts that could affect future astronauts 

Mars: Planet of a thousand mysteries- video By David Talbott 

View the Lunar strangeness in these¹, apparently, unaltered² images of the Moon. You can zoom in

and move around the image by grabbing hold with your mouse. After you zoom in a ways the + symbol

for zooming in no longer works, but you can still right click on the image to zoom in closer. The first image

has a somewhat triangular feature near the top and slightly left of center that I thought at first must be an

“image artifact,” or “effect of image processing;” terminology that NASA frequently uses to deny the reality

of an object, but it turns out to be a very strange geological feature with a very flat surface. There is another

one of the unusual triangular areas in the 2nd & 3rd links.


² Those of us who followed NASA’s Clementine mission many years ago were aware of the air brushing*

done by NASA technicians before the images were released to the public and, in the current lunar map

displayed, NASA or Navy Intelligence has used a better technique to hide the artificial structures on the

moon, but the original air brushed images were captured by others and can be seen here at Mars Anomaly


The other strangeness in the images are the entrances to dark caverns, many of which have pointed tops.

The shape of some of them gives the impression that they are spires of artificial structures, but they don’t

cast any shadows, consequently, must be shadows themselves at the entrances of caves or caverns, and it

stands to reason that because so many of them have the pointed shape, must have been artificially created.

Bring up the 4th, 5th & 6th links for example, zoom in 3 clicks move around and you’ll see what I mean.      

* Karl Wolf & Donna Hare in the Disclosure Project at the National Press Club in Washington, DC in 2001

Note: According to theosophy, the moon was the planet that humanity lived on in the previous solar system,

and there was “failure” on the moon, consequently, the evolution of human souls was set back, and it is why

the “Rods of Power” are utilized by the spiritual hierarchy to speed up our evolution this time around. The

triangular shaped surface features and the other artificial structures that NASA & Navy Intelligence air

brushed out is the evidence for that very ancient civilization that existed billions of years ago. It’s because of

the karmic association with humanity that the moon was placed in orbit around the earth by the solar Logos

in this 2nd solar system that God has ensouled.

First spiral galaxy in early Universe stuns astronomers  

Hubble discovers a fifth moon orbiting Pluto 

Mars North Polar Dune Field. Looks like Martian Igloos 

Mars weirdness landscape. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge 

  The above image originated from this link and was the “IRB color: “map projected” image

  It can be found in the Image Catalog

Mars Rover Opportunity’s “false color” panoramic image of Endeavour Crater 

  Comment: Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. JPL’s description of it posted on 05-July-2012

  can be found here.

Tidal Evidence Suggests Water Sloshes Beneath Titan’s Icy Crust 

Mars Has “Oceans” of Water Inside? 

Chinese space mission returns safely to earth   

Rover Opportunity’s navigation camera image taken on Sol 2987 near Endeavor Crater on Mars 

  Comment: Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. It was one of 14 images taken with the

   navigation camera and shows the same kind of flat surface rocks and blueberries as the image taken on

   Sol 115 near Endurance Crater with the navigation camera, and the one taken near Victoria Crater on

   Sol 1462. The particular filter used in the above image gives the impression of dampness to the soil,

   but JPL, for whatever reason, won’t post an image in true color (just “false” color images), so we can

   see what it really looks like here. In the latter "false" color image there appears to be a golf ball-sized

   blueberrie in front of the Rover on the right hand side of the image.

China poised for space docking mission, which includes the nation’s first woman in space 

Mars Curiosity Rover’s Teflon drill will contaminate samples, but “not a serious problem”   

Up close with Enceladus’ magnificant and strange plumes 

SpaceX mission ends with a splashdown in the Pacific 

 The statement that "SpaceX became the world's first privately built and operated spacecraft to dock with

 the International Space Station" isn't true. SpaceX is simply the first "privately built and operated spacecraft"

 built with "commercial" applications and, technically, it's a step backward from the space shuttle. It has a

 slightly different contract¹ than was given to The Boeing Co. and and North American, but NASA would

 establish quality control aspects in the design and testing.

 ¹ “NASA’s launch services program at Kennedy Space Center is responsible for program management”,

Keep out: NASA asks future moon visitors to respect its stuff 

NASA’s Mars Rover Opportunity panoramic view of Endeavor crater in color 

SpaceX Dragon spacecraft hatches opened by Space Station crew 

Soyuz takes new crew to ISS (video) 

Saturn’s “UFO Moon”--The odd, baffling Pan 

Unusual high altitude cloud formation on Mars captured by amateur astronomer 

ESA launches heaviest ever spacecraft with supplies for International Space Station 

A cloudy day in this HiRISE image from Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 

Mars satellite photo captures towering dust devil 

Saturn’s largest moon (Titan) seen in unprecedented detail 

China reportedly to release Hi Res images soon of structures on the moon 

ALMA telescope in Chile steps up hunt for alien life (video) 

Boeing to build commercial spacecraft at Kennedy, create 550 jobs 

The rotation of Venus on its axis has slowed down and scientists are stumped 

NASA video of the view of the East Coast of the US at night from International Space Station 

New star discoveries found in antique telescope plates 

Mars-bound NASA Rover detects radiation from huge solar storm 

Rosetta spacecraft will land on comet in 2014 (video) 

Last transit of Venus in 21st century will happen in June 2012 

Another look at the interesting level strip of rock outcrop (2/3 of the way up in the center)

   Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. It was one of twelve images taken on Sol 2844 with the

   panoramic camera.

Huge solar eruption sparks strongest radiation storm in 7 years 

“Greeley Haven” is winter workplace for Mars Rover Opportunity 

   Comment: Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. Endeavor Crater is very large as can be seen in

   this image, which was taken on Sol 2,790 (Nov. 29, 2011). The press release was posted on 05-Jan-2012

   and can be found here. Opportunity’s Eight Anniversary View of Endeavour Crater (false color). “This

   mosaic of images taken in mid-January 2012 shows the windswept vista northward (left) to northeastward

   (right) from the location where NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity is spending its fifth Martian

   winter, an outcrop informally named “Greeley Haven.” Press release posted on 24-Jan-2012.

Tons of Tatooines: Planets with two Suns common? 

Color image of the Lunar surface around the landing site of Apollo 14   

  Comment: It shows the light brown soil’s true (?) color. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. I 

  found it posted on the LRO website, and the image was posted in conjunction with the grayscale images of

  the landing site taken be the LRO. According to the Universe Today website “that gray color you see comes

  from the surface of the Moon which is mostly oxygen, silicon, magnesium, iron, calcium and aluminum. The

  lighter color rocks are usually plagioclase feldspar, while the darker rocks are pyroxene. Most of the rocks

  that you can see are volcanic, and were extruded from the inside of the Moon during volcanic eruptions.

  Some rare rocks called olivine are actually green. The dark regions you see on the Moon are called lunar

  maria, and they were formed by ancient volcanic eruptions. They’re less reflective than the lunar highlands,

  and so they appear darker to the eye. The maria cover about 16% of the lunar surface, mostly on the side

  we can see from Earth. Astronomers think the lunar maria were formed about 3-3.5 billion years ago, when

  the Moon was much more volcanically active.”

  The true color of the moon is seen on the Russell Croman Astrophotography website. “The color saturation

  has been enhanced to bring out the differences in the colors of the various areas of the surface. The hues are

  correct, just much more vivid than we usually see them.”

Sand dunes in the North polar region of Mars covered every winter with carbon dioxide ice 

 Comment: The image acquired on October 12, 2011 could be close to true color, and is similar to the one

 acquired on October 24.

WISE telescope captures impressive image of stellar nursery in the constellation Cepheus 

Dawn spacecraft’s latest images of comet Vesta 

Comet Lovejoy survives fiery plunge through Sun, NASA says  2 videos here also  

Global warming is the greatest pseudoscientific fraud I have seen in my long life 

  Comment: See also here and here. Climate change is an accurate description, and is most likely due to an

  “interstellar cloud” that our solar system entered a few years ago. As a result, all of the planets, as well as

  Sol, are undergoing evolutionary changes. Voyager makes an interstellar discovery. The interstellar etheric

  cloud index

Mars yields strong new evidence of ancient water 

Australian scientists: Large parts of Mars “habitable” 

NASA announces launch date for milestones for Spacex flight and rendezvous with ISS 

Kepler 22-b: Earth-like planet confirmed 

Astronomers discover 18 new alien planets, and they’re huge 

Video of NASA’s Curiosity Rover and new landing system 

NASA launches $2.5 billion rover to Red Planet 

Russians see room for moonbase in lunar lava caves 

Russian scientists want to join Europe’s Exobiology on Mars mission 

Subtly shaded map of moon reveals titanium treasure troves 

Comet Elenin – The debate that never happened

Image taken by Rover Spirit on Sol 913   

 There is a very artificial looking object about 1/3 of the way up & slightly right of center. It has a concave,

 half shell like appearance with a more slender part curved over towards the Rover, and what can be

 described as twin curved, pointed, symmetrical ends. There is also a slot in the middle, all of which is very

 substantive evidence for machining. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. It is one of 13 images

 taken on Sol 913, or 913 Martian days after the Rover landed. Right click on the image, and then click on

 “save picture as” in JPEG format into your computer and, after saving & opening back up, will be able to

 zoom in for a better look. It’s hard to say if it would appear more artificial if JPL would post an image in true

 color, which they very probably did take, but didn’t post. It’s very eroded and has probably been laying on

 the surface for millions of years. I really don’t think that it’s just an unusual appearing rock, or that wind

 could carve a rock into that shape. There are at least two other artificial looking objects in the area, and

 also what appears to be iron meteorites scattered around similar to that photographed by the Curiosity

 Rover in Gale Crater.

 JPL also manipulates images as is the case of the mysteriously moving & completely disappearing rock,

 which is apparently artificial, as can be seen in image C when zoomed in on. A sceptic would say that

 it’s merely the result of taking separate images from slightly different angles/locations, but a comparison

 between images B & C below shows otherwise, as well as its absence in image A. Take a look in the first

 image at the three large rocks in the upper left hand corner, and notice the GAP between the one on the

 right that has a dark band running down the center of it and the rock to the left of it. Click on the image

 after it downloads to enlarge.


 The source of the image can be found here. It’s the 3rd image on the right in the 2nd row.

 The next image shows a big rock in that same GAP. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge.


 The source of the image can be found here. It’s the 3rd image in the 2nd row.

 The next image shows the rock that was in the GAP now located to the left of the rock on the left and

 positioned slightly lower. Compare this image with image B above and you’ll see that this difference isn’t a

 result of taking pictures from different angles/locations. There is also the fact that it’s entirely missing from

 image A.


 The source of the image can be found here. It’s the first image in the 2nd row.

 It can be seen in image C. above exactly why this object was moved around which, obviously, was to get

 people's attention to the fact that it's an artefact, the outline of which displays the profile of a Martian face

 on the left side that is dark. The outline shows a forehead, nose, mouth & chin, all of which just isn't a co-

 incidence, because of the very obvious fact that it was moved around, as well as disappeared, by someone

 at JPL who posts the images. To view it up close,  right click on the image, then click on “save picture as”

 in JPG format into your computer; after exiting and opening up again, you can zoom in. The artefact also

 appears to have a headdress, or something like that on it, if it is indeed somethng artifically carved.

 The object can also be seen in this panoramic image taken from further away, and its located on the left

  side of the rock on the left, just like image C above. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge.

Glowing supernova debris captured by Hubble telescope 

NASA sends twin moon probes into space after delays 

New image of the moon’s north pole from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter 

Astronauts’ tracks, trash seen in new moon photos 

Rover Opportunity finds evidence of ancient water hotspot on Mars 
Spirit Rover’s adventure on Mars (BBC video) 

 Comment: Notice the 2 computer or TV monitors to the left of Professor Steve Squyers on his desk. They

 show the true colors of Mars and its blue sky that JPL doesn't make available to the public on its website.

3 spacecraft that refuse to quit 

The Mystery of Comet Elenin (RT news video) 

New evidence for cold ocean on early Mars 

Rover Opportunity’s view of the West Rim of Endeavour Crater in “false color.” 

NASA opens new office for new deep space missions   

NASA shows off new Mars Rover (NBC news video) 

NASA: Salt water may flow during the warmest months on Mars 

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft image of asteroid Vesta 

China readying its first space station module for launch 

First private spacecraft set to dock with ISS this year 

No hoax: Moon landing stands as NASA’s finest hour 

NASA’s next Mars rover to be launched in November aims for deep Gale crater 

 Comment: Image sleuth, Joseph Skipper, shows why NASA avoided going to Hale crater

In Pictures: The space shuttle era 

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captures first image of asteroid Vesta 

Russian space telescope to create radio “eye” larger than the Earth 

Astronaut’s eye view: Time-lapse videos of Earth 

Image of Comet Elenin from Sydney Star Gazers 

HL-20, the “Dream Chaser,” is a smaller space shuttle being developed 

Behind the scenes: the landing of expedition 27 aboard a Soyuz spacecraft 

 Comment: Very interesting video in that, along with getting to see a little bit of Russia, it shows the friendship

 between the Russian and American ground support personnel who are privileged to take part in this.

ESA Mars Express captures image of “unusual alignment of Jupiter” with Phobos 

Ice may cover parts of Mercury   

Brilliant new images of Mercury from first year of orbit 

Clumpiness of distant universe surprises astronomers 

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft captures first image of giant asteroid Vesta 

US astronomers launch search for alien life on 86 planets 

DARPA unveils new telescope to protect satellites from space debris 

Voyager probes set to enter interstellar space 

Venus’ morphing vortex trumps Saturn’s hexagon 

Alien Earths – possibly 2 billion of them in our galaxy 

New view of the center of Milky Way from Spitzer Telescope 

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft successfully enters orbit around Mercury 

Cassini sees seasonal rains transform surface of Saturn’s moon titan 

Apollo lunar modules left on the Moon are photographed by NASA’s spacecraft 

Image of the lunar farside taken with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera 

 Note: click on image after it downloads to enlarge. Description can be found here.

Giant underground chamber found on moon by India’s Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft 

NASA chief looks to commercial crafts for space station 

Last flight for space shuttle discovery scheduled to launch on Feb. 24 

Hubble delivers sparkling view of spiral galaxy NGC 2841 

Simple Solutions to the problems to the Big Bang theory of Cosmology 

 Comment: The article highlights in number 4 (below) the discrepancy as to the age of the universe in the Big

 Bang theory, which is estimated to be 12 to 14 billion years old. 

 4. "Tully has shown that Superclusters are a few hundred million light-years across. given galaxies generally

 move at less than a thousand kilometers per second, thus the universe cannot have begun twenty billion

 years ago. Likewise, recently discovered large-scale voids would require around 70 billion years to form

 or five times as long as the age of the universe in the Big Bang theory."

2012 watch: don’t fret over Planet X 

NASA’s NEOWISE completes scan for asteroids & comets 

Two Suns? Twin stars could be visible from Earth by 2012 

HiRISE camera on Mars Orbiter spies Rover Opportunity at Santa Maria Crater 

View from MRO showing Rover Opportunity’s total path of travel  

Gigantic storm with huge tail erupts on Saturn 

Galaxies Beyond Human Comprehension 

Orbital Sciences Corporation’s new spaceplane proposed for NASA station crew contract 

“Super telescope” in South Africa waiting for technical fix 

Rover Opportunity’s look ahead towards Endeavour Crater on Sol 2427 

 Comment: The above grayscale image is (one of eight) taken with the panoramic camera.

Astronauts to be sent to the far side of the moon in 2016 for pre-Mars mission 

Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has begun anew 

International space station celebrates tenth anniversary 

Scientists unlocking the secrets of coronal mass ejections 

Cassini CIRS reveals Saturn is on a cosmic dimmer switch 

Main stream astronomers postulate that primordial dry ice fuels comet jets 

  Comment: Proponents of the electric universe think minerals are “jetted into space electrically”

China plans space station by 2020 

NASA’s deep impact probe flies by Comet Hartley 2 

New inflatable space habitats venture from Bigelow Aerospace 

Lunar impact uncovered more than just moon water 

Space Station's cooling systems malfunction, forcing massive shutdowns, repairs 

China’s space program launches lunar probe, Chang’e II 

New Horizons spacecraft is about 1.5 billion miles from earth on its way to Pluto 

Jupiter making closest approach to earth in nearly 50 years 

Dunes in Mars’ Polar Erg [below] (ESP_018742_2565)   

 Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Rover Opportunity looks back over its path of travel on Sol 2356 with its Navigation camera 

  Comment: Opportunity has been travelling in this same direction since Sol 2239 below on its way

  to Endeavour Crater. It captured this look ahead on Sol 2358 with its Panoramic camera.

Boeing Plans Capsule to Fly Space Tourists 

Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer makes last stop on earth.  

An Extraordinary Spiral from LL Pegasi 

Halley’s comet was “spotted by the ancient Greeks” 

Star wars meets UPS as Robonaut packed for space 

Space station repairs hampered by snags (msnbc tv video) 

Expedition 24 Russian astronauts complete space walk at ISS 

Galaxy is rich in small, Earth-like planets 

Most massive star discovered (shatters record) in the Large Magellanic Cloud 

Moon find may point to habitable tunnels 

Subterranean living may await moon & mars colonists 

Space telescope spots 25,000 new asteroids 

Rover Opportunity's Super-Resolution View of Endeavour Crater Rim, Sol 2239 

 Comment: The image above, posted 29-Jun-2010, can be found at this link. The image shows the wavy

 appearance of the terrain that's missing from the image below, which shows Opportunity’s location with

 respect to Endeavour Crater on Sol 2239. Click on the image to go to "PHOTOJOURNAL" at JPL and

 link to full-resolution image.


  Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Cornell University

The final space shuttle flight will now take place in 2011 

Oceans on Venus might have been habitable 

What’s wrong with the sun?   

Taxi Service to Space Pads Looking More Feasible 

Australian amateur astronomer captures video of asteroid (?) impact on Jupiter 

NASA’s new Solar Dynamics Observatory observes massive eruption on Sol 

Major breakthrough: First photos of planets around other stars 

CSICOP turns its eye on Hoagland and gets it blackened in the attempt 

Richard Hoagland’s analysis of recent ESA images of Phobos reveals a “tetrahedral spaceship” 

Astronomers find nine new planets and upset the theory of planetary formation 

Mars: Translucent Ice in the North Polar Region (ESP_016830_2555) 

 The main page for the image has some color to it. Other shades of color are seen in

  (ESP_016764_2555), (ESP_016685_2555), and (ESP_106474_2555).
North Polar Dark Sand Dunes (ESP_016468-2565) 

  Comment: These Mars “sand dunes” are interestingly formed and shaped (sculpted) a tad bit differently than

  earth’s sand dunes, but then the climate at the earth's polar regions and/or sand dune regions is somewhat

  different too. Color image shown on its main page, which JPL inverted for poor viewing angle as is done

  elsewhere. See also Joseph P. Skipper’s report #099: Mars “Dunes” Are Something Else

Rover Opportunity’s Navigation Camera somewhere in Meridiani Planum on Sol 2193 
Full-circle “Santorini” panorama by Rover Opportunity in "false color" 

   Comment: There’s a golf ball-sized "blueberrie" in front of Opportunity a little ways above the black

   (missing part of the image) on the right side. The false color enhances visibility of differences among

   the types of rock and soil material in the image.” The main image can be found at the bottom of this link).
Four women in orbit will set a new record

Mars express to make closest ever approach to Phobos 

Hubble detects mysterious spaceship like object traveling at 11,000 MPH 

US retreat leaves China leading way in race to return to moon 

NASA abandons Rover Spirit-unable to get it out of sand trap 

Sand dunes at high northern latitudes on Mars 

   Comment: Click on the RGB color link (you’ll need to click on it again after it downloads) for a close

   up look at the odd looking "dark streaks" in the sand dunes.
Rover Opportunity at “Endurance Crater” on Sol 115 

   Comment: What looks like timber and similar to petrified wood, perhaps 3 feet long, is in this image,

   however, NASA never said anything about it.  It’s not flat/straight on the far side as the near side in

   shadow appears to be, and only about an inch wide at one point, perhaps a third of the way from the

   left end, which could be about 6 inches wide. As noted below (Sol's 013 & 056), the Rover's tracks

   are darker then the undisturbed soil, and it appears to me that JPL intentionally drove Opportunity's

   right wheels over the rock or petrified wood, proceeded a few feet, then stopped, rotated the "PMA"

   around in the direction it had traveled and used the "Navcams" to snap "several frames" for this

   "cylindrical-projection view." Notice that the area is littered with the little "blueberries" also shown here

   embedded in the iron rich soil, which  provides the dark contrast with the flat, sandy-colored rocks

   around the Crater. The white object in the distance is the heat shield and can be seen in the 1st link

  below. Scroll down to 24-May-2004 for main image and many others taken  in 2004.  

           Scroll down to 02-Feb-2005 for close up image of the heat shield

           Keith Laney produced this color image of the heat shield, surrounding terrain & sky

           Opportunity showed evidence of dampness to the soil on Sol 033

           True (?) color image of the rocks, soil & "blueberries" inside Endurance crater taken on Sol 134

In the image below can be seen where Rover Opportunity landed on Mars (Eagle Crater on the left) in

Meridiani Planum. Opportunity traveled to Fram Crater first, and then continued on to Endurance Crater.

After extensively examining Endurance Crater, Opportunity was driven over to the Heat Shield.
 Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems. Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.


Opportunity's image of Fram Crater on Sol 085 with Endurance Crater in the background

Comment: I copied & pasted the "Panorama" image of "Fram Crater" below into Paint on my

computer several years ago, and the image can no longer be found at NASA's website. It was

allegedly taken on Sol 085 also. It has some color to it and the soil appears to be very damp,

which could be the reason JPL has removed the image.      

 Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems. Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech.

      A pipe, tree root, or (?) can be seen in Opportunity's image of Endurance Crater on Sol 116 
Panoramic view of Endurance Crater on Sol 131

"Wheel tracks left by NASA's Mars Exploration Rover Spirit [below], and even the rover itself, are visible

in this image from the Mars Orbiter Camera on NASA's Mars Global Surveyor Orbiter. North is up in this

image. The tracks and rover are in the area south of a crater informally named "Bonneville," which is just

southeast of the center of the image. The orbiter captured this image with use of an enhanced-resolution

technique called compensated pitch and roll targeted observation. It took the picture on March 30, 2004,

85 Martian days, or sols, after Spirit landed on Mars. The rover had driven from its landing site to the rim

of Bonneville and was examining materials around the crater's rim." Click on the image to enlarge.

"In this portion of the plains inside the much larger Gusev Crater, Spirit created wheel tracks darker than

the undisturbed surface, as seen in the rover's own images showing the tracks, which gives the impression

of dampness to the soil.
The contrast allows the tracks to show up in the image obtained from orbit. Also visible are Spirit's lander,

backshell and parachute, and the scar where its heat shield hit the ground.

The full image covers an area 3 kilometers (2 miles) wide, at 14.8 degrees south latitude and 184.6 degrees

west longitude. Pixel size is about 1.5 meters (5 feet) by one-half meter (1.6 feet). Sunlight illuminates the

scene from the upper left."

Photo Credit: NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems

Courtesy NASA/JPL-Caltech. Scroll down to Rover Tracks Seen from Orbit
       Rover Spirit’s view of Gusev Crater on Sol 006

       Comment: It wasn’t until Sol 006 that JPL posted images that could be enlarged, and the surrounding

       terrain looks dry compared to Rover Opportunity’s location in Meridiani Planum.

       Rover Spirit’s panoramic view of Bonneville Crater on Sol 043
      Comment: Richard Hoagland first noticed, I believe, the unusual artifacts & pointed out several of

       them on his website. It’s possible for anyone to download these images at JPL into your computer.

       Just right click on the image, then click on "save picture as" into jpg format into your computer. After

      exiting and opening up again you'll be able to zoom in all over the image.

       Rover Spirit image taken on Sol 087 in Gusev Crater that shows in the upper right corner what some

       people think could be a billion year old carved statue remnant of a former Martian animal (two-toned

       with body darker than the head).
Rover Spirit’s panorama image of “Columbia Hills” and Gusev Crater taken on Sol’s 594, 595 & 597

      Comment: Click on image after it downloads to enlarge. This “false color” image is probably close to

      true color. The main image with description, posted on 22-Dec-2005, can be found here: 2nd image

      from top of page.

       Rover Spirit left "panoramic camera" somewhere in Gusev Crater on  Sol 913

      Comment: There is what appears to be an artificial object that has a concave, half shell like appearance

      with a more slender part curved over towards the Rover, and what can be described as twin curved,

      pointed, symmetrical ends. There is also a slot in the middle, all of which is very substantive evidence for

      machining. Click on the image after it downloads to enlarge. To view it up close, right click on the image,

      then click on “Save Picture As” into JPEG  format into your computer and, after exiting & opening up

      again, you’ll be able to zoom in.

       Color panorama image of Rover Spirit’s surroundings where it became stuck in soft soil

      “This version is a false-color, red-green-blue composite panorama generated from images taken through

      the Pancam's 750-nanometer, 530-nanometer and 430-nanometer filters.”

      Comment: It’s the last panorama image posted at JPL on 26-Aug-2009 and may be close to true color.
      In the distance on the far right side of the panorama image, can be seen a small hill, which JPL zoomed

      in on with its panoramic camera on Sol 2114.

One of many Kreutz comets seen by SOHO travelling into the Sun 

The solar system is passing through an intersteller cloud 
  Comment: Perhaps it has something to do with climate change throughout the solar system

Earth-like, water-rich planet found 

Saturn’s mysterious hexagon opening at North Pole wider than two Earths 

Russia to resume ISS construction 

LCROSS impact data indicates a “significant amount” of water on the moon  

NASA spacecraft sees ice on Mars exposed by meteor impacts 

International Space Station and Expedition 21 latest news 

Russia delays Phobos-Grunt Mars mission until 2011 

   Comment: The Russians and the U.S. have very good reasons for going to Phobos as indicated in the

   five images below.

NASA’s IBEX spacecraft detects unexpected features at solar system’s edge 

NASA puzzles over “invisible” moon impact 

Mars probe watches water-ice fade 

Reconstruct Mars automatically in minutes 

First science data from LRO indicates “Tantalizing” hints of water on moon 

First images released from Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter are impressive 

Solar system moving 100,000 mph faster than previously thought 

Staring at the Sun, just as Galileo did  

New images of Betelgeuse reveal explosive nature of red supergiant 

Mysterious bright spot found on Venus 

Russia’s Fobos-Grunt ("Phobos soil" in Russian) mission to Mars moon Phobos in October  8-2-09

Portion of HiRISE image of Phobos. Credit: NASA/JPL/University of Arizona 


Comment: There are two areas on Phobos (highlighted with arrows above) where artificial objects (buildings)

can easily be seen (especially the large white structure on the right). Click on the image above to download

it into your computer and, after it downloads, click on it again to enlarge, and the building is easily seen. Right

click on the image, then click on "Save picture as" into JPG format into your computer; after exiting & opening

up again you can zoom in all over. Also, wherever you click on the image, that point will be centered in your

web browser when it enlarges). Several other images of Phobos are posted here, and the structures can be 

seen in other images, consequently, they're not image artifacts or effects of image processing.

   Zoomed in and lightened up image below of artificial structure on left side. Possible entrance/exit.

    Zoomed in image of artificial structure on right side. Definitely not a large, right-angled boulder.

    Looks like it could be a large, roofed-over entrance into, as well as exit from, Phobos. Note

    that there are other objects around nearby just like the green appearing object lower and to the

    left, which forms a triangular relationship with 2 other identical objects, which are out of sight to

    the right, and can be seen by everyone who downloads the image into their computer.


 Buzz Aldrin reveals existence of monolith on Mars moon  7-29-09

Palermo’s Phobos Anomalies  7-29-09

Europe’s new Herschel observatory in space demonstrates its capability 

Astronauts finish upgrade of Hubble telescope 

Mars Rover Spirit’s wheels stuck in soft ground 

The design of extremely large telescopes 

New starboard truss segment lifted out of Space Shuttle Discovery’s payload bay 

“Jupiter-sized” comet to streak past Earth tonight  

Astronomy has little to celebrate in 2009! 

Mars robot sets out on an epic trek 

Von Braun’s 50-year-old secret 

Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada  

Mysterious glowing aurora over Saturn confounds scientists 

First direct photos of planet orbiting Fomalhaut (star 25 light-years away) 

Images taken at Phoenix Lander site indicate “11 meters per second” dust devil passing near by 

Enterprise Mission’s analysis of asteroid “2867 Steins” 

India Launches First Moon Mission 

Sun’s protective “bubble” is shrinking 

Mars Lander sees falling snow 

NASA to hold press conference on the state of the sun 

Clusters and Cosmological Constants 

World-class Astrobiologist says “NASA’s hiding current life on Mars!” 

Phoenix Mars Lander confirms water 

The Law of Attraction and the Macrocosm 

Milky Way’s Birkeland Current Falsifies “Black Hole” Assumption 

Absence of sunspot activity may portend another mini Ice Age 

Comets Plasma Cosmology Electric Universe (video) 

Apollo Lunar Cover-up: Pyramids on the Moon! (video) 

NASA-Voyager recording of sounds coming from Jupiter 

Dust devils seen near Phoenix landing site 

Changing frost patterns in Louth Crater on Mars 

Is the Universe Electric? 

Unexpected acceleration in several unmanned spacecraft 

New Chandra image of the nearby galaxy Centaurus A 

New planet found 20.5 light-years away in the constellation Libra 

Cosmic Ray Device no Longer a NASA Priority 
The Craters are Electric 

Image gallery of Comet Holmes 

Configuration of International Space Station (now & future)  11-13-07

Hidden colors of Mars 

 Valles Marineris, The Grand Canyon of Mars

"This mosaic image of Valles Marineris - colored to resemble the martian surface - comes from the

 Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS), a visible-light and infrared-sensing camera on NASA's

 Mars Odyssey orbiter." Continued  9-13-07

Cassini Mission to Saturn
This marvellous panoramic view was created by combining a total of 165 images taken by the Cassini   

 wide-angle camera over nearly three hours on September 15, 2006. Another view November 12, 2013


A hidden mission for Apollo 17? 


"Double vortex at the South Pole of Venus unveiled"

“These two images of Venus’s south pole were taken by NASA’s Mariner 10 (during a

Venus fly-by on its way to mercury) and Pioneer Venus missions during the early 1970s

and 1980s, respectively. The images provided the first glimpses about a stormy

atmospheric behaviour at the south pole of the planet."  More 

A “hurricane over the South Pole of Saturn” 

Main stream astronomer's are on the verge of realizing that the interior of planets aren’t
constructed like they've theorized in the past, and they're tip-toeing towards
"A Higher Dimensional Universe?" 

"Ming the Mechanic: What if I’m not a bag of skin"

Red Square nebula surrounding the hot star NWC 922 (link below)


Near-perfect symmetry revealed in red cosmic square 

Cassini images hexagon at Saturn’s north pole 

Times Square New Years Eve Ball Drenched in Hyperdimensional Symbolism (12-28-99) 

Bronze Age Sky Disc Deciphered  3-15-07

Color image below produced by Keith Laney



  Comment: Color wheels (above) were placed on Mars rovers (Spirit & Opportunity) to assist scientists at

  JPL in obtaining accurate color pictures of Mars, however, very few images are shown in true color. Most

  images are of various shades of "grayscale" or "false color" for the science data.

Rover Spirit navigation camera Sol 1102 
The color of Mars from Keith Laney 
“Impossible” Twin Peaks on Mars 
Mars north polar cap imaged by new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 

Massive mountain range imaged on Saturn’s moon Titan 

The “Spiral Galaxy” at Saturn’s South Pole 
Galactic Cosmic Ray Volleys: A Coming Global Disaster 
What Big Bang? 
Earth-like planets may be more common than once thought 

JPL science team directs Rover Opportunity to grind away Martian “fossil” evidence 
The size of our world  6-23-06
A, B, C, D, Electric Solar System  
Thunderbolts Picture of the Day: The Blue Rings of Saturn & Uranus 
Cosmic “DNA”: Double Helix Discovered in Space 
The Holographic Universe
Our anomalous moon
A Fractal Universe
Thunderbolts Picture of the Day: Just another small faint galaxy
Astronomers say they’ve found the 10th planet

NASA’s Spirit Rover and Panorama greyscale image of Gusev Crater from “Columbia Hills”
European Space Agency’s Mars Orbiter and view of Gusev Crater
Comment: In the above image the green area gives one the impression of the possibility of vegetation of

  some kind, however, ESA officially says it's “an effect of image processing” (scroll down), however

  Richard Hoagland provides a likely possibility here (scroll down): “A more prosaic possibility is the

  presence of the distinctly greenish mineral, ‘olivine.’ The rational for a lot of this ancient, very ‘primitive’

  volcanic compound lying around on the current Martian surface in the ‘Terra Meridiani’ region (where

  Heald’s image was acquired) can be found in our ‘Mars Tidal Paper.” Besides its actual mineral names,

  forsterite and fayalite, olivine is known as "chrysolite", "evening emerald" and peridot. Several greyscale

  images* taken by Rover Spirit on Sol 009 of the surrounding area while it was still sitting on the lander

  don't show any evidence of  vegetation. Here's a grayscale panorama image of the surrounding area.

  Another false color image taken looks back across Bonneville crater to where the Rover landed - Click

  on the image after it downloads to enlarge. The last panorama image taken from where Rover Spirit

  became stuck in soft soil was posted on 26-Aug-2009 and is identified as "false color", however,

  except for the sky, it appears to be closer to true color than the others. Click on the images after they

  download to enlarge.


Images of dust devils on Mars taken by Rover Spirit on Sol 525 (June 25, 2005)
Mars Craters Defy Conventional Logic
Iapetus, Saturn's Extraordinary Moon
Spiral Galaxies & Grand Canyons
The Electric Glow of the Sun


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The return of the “Christ” esoterically refers to the return of Christ-like consciousness among human beings

 on earth in the new age or Age of Aquarius, and not the return of the divine personage known as Jesus of

 Nazareth+, although the soul of Jesus may manifest via a mayavirupa body, along with several other masters,

 and live among us too in the very near future. It’s said that the soul of Jesus reincarnated not long after his

 incarnation in Palestine, and was Apollonius of Tyana. From the esoteric perspective, the “anti-Christ” is

 simply any modern day President or Prime Minister that exhibits the antithesis consciousness, such as

 Benjamin Netanyahu & Donald Trump.

+ The life of Jesus of Nazareth is an allegory* representing the 5 major events in the evolution¹ of every

 human soul as a result of periodically incarnating (voluntarily plunging²) into a fetus at the “appointed time”†,

 from the symbolism of his Birth to his Resurrection, or relative perfection.

* From Bethlehem to Calvary

¹ See “Egoic Lotus”

² Plotinus: “Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller‡ in the loftier realms, has entered body: it is a

 god³, a later phase of the divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency to bring order to its next

 lower, it penetrates to this sphere in a voluntary plunge: if it turns back quickly all is well; it will have taken no

 hurt by acquiring the knowledge of evil and coming to understand what sin is, by bringing its forces into

 manifest play, by exhibiting those activities and productions which, remaining merely potential in the

 unembodied, might as well never have been even there, if destined never to come into actuality. . .

 † “If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come.

 (Job 14:14) Note: “change” is the acquisition of new astral & mental sheaths (with predisposing skandhas)

 of the 4th ether (new “lower self”) that forms around, due to the “law of attraction,” the physical etheric

 mold that’s created by the “Four Devarajas” at the life review, which is based on the age of the soul and

 its karma. The “four Devarajas rule over the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire, with their indwelling

 nature-spirits and essences...” “ is the Devarajas who, having command of the elements of which the etheric

 double must be composed, arrange their proportion [percentage of substance of each sub-plane] so as to

 fulfill accurately the intention of the Lipika [Lords of Karma].” The Lipika “weigh the deeds of each

 personality [during the life review] when the final separation of its principles [lower mental & astral bodies/

 personality] takes place at the end of its astral life, and give as it were the mold of an etheric double exactly  

 suitable to its karma for the man’s next birth” (The Astral Plane: 23, 122 & 123).

Job 14:15 “Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee; thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine hands.”

[to continue from from you had left off in the previous life, and reap the good, as well as the bad, of what

ou had sown].

³ In corroboration with Plotinus: “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High”

 (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34)

 ‡ “The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and

 incorporeal, therefore, it could not have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death. Furthermore,

 being  indivisible, being essentially incorporeal, and having nothing in common with the body, it cannot be

 affected by anything, nor has it any concern with change or condition.”

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How celestials are helping humanity prepare for extraterrestrial contact and world peace 

Below is a photo that, when originally shown on the Internet, was alleged  to have been an akashic image

captured on film (with ethereal ET assistance) by a tourist in Israel, and shows the concern on the faces of

Jesus' uncle, Joseph of Arimathea & brother, James, after Jesus made his decision to return to Palestine.

Peter follows on the right. The woman tourist was telepathically told to face in a particular direction and

take a picture when told to.

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Enuma Elish – The Epic of Creation by L. W. King 

  Comment: This is posted here for those who aren't aware that Zecharia Sitchin’s “Earth Chronicles” are a

  sci-fi fabrication due to the fact that he was a fraud. See The Epic of Gilgamesh for the true meaning and

  understanding of who the “gods” were/are. Esoterically, the “Trinity within the Enuma Elish is as follows:

  Apsu is Spirit/Father, the 1st aspect, Lord Marduk is Soul/Son, the 2nd aspect, and Tiamat is Matter/Mother,

   the 3rd aspect. Lord Marduk symbolically represents every human soul, and, just like Prince Arjuna in the

  Bhagavad Gita, has to battle enemies to achieve their goal, and each of them were victorious. In the 7th Tablet

  (7th day of creation & 7th plane) Marduk is victorious: “Let his name be Nibiru, ‘the Seizer of the Midst’!”

  Nibiru, in the context used here, means Conqueror.

   Who are the Anunnaki? by D.M. Murdock/Acharya S More on the Anunnaki gods & Nibiru here.

  Sitchin took advantage of the fact that the majority of people haven't studied comparative religion. Quoting

  page 164 in the 12th Planet: How would an ancient artist have depicted the pilots of the skyships of the

  gods? Would he have depicted them, by some chance, as eagles? That is exactly what we [we?] have

  found. An Assyrian seal engraving from circa 1500 B.C. shows two eagle-men saluting a shem! (Fig. 80 -

  page 166). Numerous depictions of such Eagles - the scholars call them bird-men - have been found.

  Most depictions show them flanking the Tree of Life, as if to stress that they, in their shem's, provided the

  link with the Heavenly Abode where the Bread of Life and water of Life were to be found.  Indeed, the

   usual depiction of the Eagles showed them holding in one hand the Fruit of Life and in the other hand the

  Water of Life, in full conformity with the tales of Adapa, Etana, and Gilgamesh (Fig. 81- page 166).


   The esoteric reality is that the above is an “Apkallu Griffin: This is a wise man or sage. Babylonian

   tradition says that there were seven Apkallu who lived at the beginning of time before the flood. They were

   sent by the god Ea to teach wisdom to humans. And Standing on the left is king Ashurnasirpal He is

   wearing his royal costume and being protected from evil forces by a guardian spirit. This type of spirit is

   called an ‘Apkallu. Apkallu means sage in Akkadian. Apkallu figures are often shown beside doorways

   and in corners of rooms since these areas were where evil spirits were thought to lurk.”


   “The winged figure² standing behind the king represents the culmination of man's spiritual development, a

   mythical  sage who  thanks  to his  wisdom and piety has won  for  himself  a place  in heaven. The wisdom

   of the figure is of a mystical kind, an ability to understand and master supernatural powers operative in the

   world. In this capacity it functions as the king's guardian against sin, cultic impurity and evil spirits. The

   crown on its head is the crown of heaven; the garments it is dressed in are the white garments of a saint;

   the bucket in its left hand is filled with water of life, and the cone in its right hand has purificatory power. 

   The  figure has  the wings of a guardian angel;   from  its  belt  protrude weapons against  forces of

   darkness; its muscular feet symbolize victorious striving towards heaven. Apart from the bucket and the

   cone, the distinctive marks of an antediluvian sage, the figure in all its details resembles Ninurta, the slayer 

   of Anzu (a monster symbolizing darkness and sin) exalted in heavenly glory after his victory, as depicted in

   a contemporary relief.

   ² Scroll down to pages 2 & 3.

   See also



  Pine cones, throughout history, have symbolized the “pineal gland”, or “Third Eye”, and by association the

    esoteric act of awakening it.” More at the link

  “The genie’s other embellishments and paraphernalia are very similar to the king’s, with some slight differences

    in detail, such as in the rosette wrist bands.” Rosette symbolism 

    The connection between the water bucket & the Tree of Life is explained

    Next and, importantly, there’s this image of Quetzalcoatl (bearded whiteman) carved in stone (La Venta

    monument 19), and he is shown with water bucket in hand also, which esoterically links the two continents.

    He is also depicted riding a serpent, which veils the uprising of the coiled serpent energy in the chakra at the

    base of the spine that ultimately enlightens, consequently, it’s symbolical of a master of wisdom, or a human

    soul that achieved relative perfection.

   Note: Mysterious lost kingdom of Urartu & pictures of “Urartian gods” very much like the “Apkallu griffin”

   of “Babylonian tradition”, a “wise man” or “sage.” Urartu was located in the eastern part of Turkey, and

   bordered Syria, Iraq & Iran. It, obviously, was culturally connected in several ways.

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I participated in Robert Bigelow’s 2021 essay contest with regards the Best Evidence For Life After Death,

which was originally titled: Best Evidence for Afterlife. There were 29 individual essays recognised,

however, my essay wasn’t one of them.


Here is my essay.


Best Evidence For Life After Death


The conclusive evidence for the afterlife is empirical, paranormal/mystical knowing/awareness of the

heaven world, or intellectual realm of being, corroborated throughout history by the wisest souls who

ever lived and Plotinus is a definitive example - “Many times it has happened: Lifted out of the body

into myself; becoming external to all other things; beholding a marvellous beauty; then, more than

ever, assured of community with the loftiest order; enacting the noblest life, acquiring identity with the

divine; poised above whatsoever is less than the Supreme: yet, there comes the moment of descent

from intellection to reasoning, and after that sojourn in the divine, I ask myself how it happens that I

can now be descending, and how did the soul ever enter into my body, the soul which, even within

the body, is the high thing it has shown itself to be...In the Cavern of Plato and the Cave of

Empedocles I discern this universe, where the breaking of the fetters and the ascent from the depths

are figures of the wayfaring of the soul towards the Intellectual Realm [Heaven]. In the Phadrus Plato

makes a failing of the wings the cause of entry to this world; there are judgments, fates, and necessities

driving other souls down to this order. In all these explanations he finds guilt in the arrival of soul at

body. But treating in the Timaeus of our universe he exalts it [the soul] and calls it a blessed god and

holds that Soul was given it [existence/consciousness] by the goodness of the Creator to the end that

the total of things might be possessed of intellect, for thus it cannot be except through Soul. In the

same way the soul of each of us is sent that the universe may be complete. This is how we come to

read in the Phadrus that our soul, entering into association with that complete Soul and itself thus

made perfect, walks the lofty ranges, and that as long as it is neither inbound to body nor held in any

sort of servitude, so long it tranquilly bears its part in the governance of the All, exactly like the

World-Soul itself; for it suffers no hurt whatever by furnishing body with the power to existence,

since not every form of care for the inferior need wrest the providing Soul from its own sure

standing in the Highest. . .” (1).


My personal experience happened on the night of April 13, 1974 when I had the karmic fortune of

experiencing the natural uprising of “kundalini” (2) (Sanskrit word for energy that lies dormant in the

“Muladhara Chakra” at the base of the spine). I was sitting in my living room reading a book, and

suddenly felt a pleasant intensification of energy. The energy quickly increased in magnitude and

rose up my spine in the manner of a divine flood to my head, and at the same time I began hearing

the “OM” being sounded forth by the “Solar Logos”; the enormity of the sound was such that, as

far as I could tell, it filled the whole universe. I consciously experienced the divine nature (within

everyone) of my multi-dimensional higher self in the heaven world (alleged 5th dimension), and

realized that my consciousness* was immersed within the consciousness of the One sounding the

OM. The ensuing mystical experience was extremely divine, enlightening, and wonderfully long.

I experienced clairaudience of the heaven world and the energetic essence of the Biblical statement

“in Him we live and move and have our being.” I was in a state of ecstasy/bliss, but with a sharpness

and clarity of intellect that is impossible to describe. I had partial etheric & astral vision, and saw a

lavender/rose colored haze, the movement of which was barely perceptible. There was instant

recognition and memory of having already experienced this before this lifetime, which was extremely

empowering to say the least. An expansion of consciousness occurred that enabled me to understand

many things that I couldn’t before. The experience lasted for about an hour before it began to subside.

It diminished imperceptibly, and about six hours later I could still hear the OM and feel the divine

energy of the heaven world. I was in a very heightened state of awareness, and didn’t go to bed until

the following evening. I was 35 years-old then and had never heard of kundalini or the Solar Logos

(in this lifetime that is).

* Plotinus describes the powerful consciousness expanding awareness realised in mystical experiences

in the last sentence: “Consider the soul by taking away that which is extraneous. Or rather, let him who

takes this away survey himself, and he will see himself as immortal when he beholds himself in the

intelligible world, and situated in a pure abode. For he will perceive himself as intellect surveying not

anything sensible, but an eternal power contemplating that which is eternal.”


As a result of my mystical experience I have recalled memories of a previous life on earth at the

Tashilhunpo Monastery in Shigatse, Tibet. I have a few pleasant memories of daily life in the monastery,

which entailed being instructed by the wise monks, including the Tibetan, Djwhal Khul, as well as a lot

of study and yoga. I also have an unpleasant memory of an event that happened there that was the result

of being particularly talented with the cultivation of plants. I had developed a park in which all of the

disciples went to meditate in the beautiful surroundings. One of the disciples was somewhat mentally

disturbed and jealous of my talents. He psychologically “lost it” one day, as the saying goes, and went

through the park tearing up all the beautiful shrubs & flowers. Because of the foregoing effect on my

subconscious I had difficulty associating with disciples early on this time around in life, but overcame

it later on in the resolution of psychological issues (3).


Conclusive evidence with regards the afterlife can be found in a synthesis of philosophy & religion,

which reveals that the human soul/godº is immortal¹ (“as above, so below”), therefore, has everlasting

life and incarnates (voluntarily plunges²) periodically into a fetus out of evolutionary (4) and karmic

necessity at the “appointed time”³ until it reaches relative perfection, as those (5) before us have

demonstrated, after which it will go out no more.

º “I have said Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:6). “Jesus answered

them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?” (St. John 10:34).

¹ “The soul, Iamblichus says, is an immortal entity, unbegotten and imperishable, indivisible and

incorporeal, therefore, it could not have come into existence at birth, nor will it perish at death.

Furthermore, being indivisible, being essentially incorporeal, and having nothing in common with

he body, it cannot be affected by anything, nor has it any concern with change or condition” (6).
² Plotinus: “Thus in sum, the Soul, a divine being and a dweller in the loftier realms, has entered

body: it is a godº, a later phase of the divine: but, under stress of its powers and of its tendency

o bring order to its next lower, it penetrates to this sphere in a voluntary plunge: if it turns back

quickly all is well; it will have taken no hurt by acquiring the knowledge of evil and coming to

understand what sin is, by bringing its forces into manifest play, by exhibiting those activities

and productions which, remaining merely potential in the unembodied, might as well never have

been even there, if destined never to come into actuality. . .” (7).
³ Job 14:14 If a man die, shall he live again? All the days of my appointed time will I wait, till

my change come.[“change” is the acquisition of new astral & mental sheaths of the 4th ether†,

along with the skandhas (8), which predispose the new personality – “lower self” that forms

around, due to the law of attraction, the physical etheric mold created by the “four Devarajas”*

at the life review.] The “appointed time” is established at the conclusion of the life review

wherein the “Lipika Lord” “Atropos” (“Myth of Er”) inserts the soul’s “irreversible” karmic

“choice” into the metaphysical “whorl of necessity”. The soul then bows, saluting the “throne

of necessity”, and departs to await the time allocated before its “voluntary plunge” into the

fetus – the physical “whorl of necessity.”

Job 14:15 “Thou shalt call, and I will answer thee; thou wilt have a desire to the work of thine

hands.” [to continue from where you had left off in the previous life, and reap the good, as well

as the bad, of what you had sown].
† See diagram of human energy field within God’s energy field on page 16 of a paper I wrote,

re: “Nature’s Mind: The Quantum Hologram”, in response to a paper written by the late Capt.

Edgar Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon (9).

* The four Devarajas rule over the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire, with their indwelling

nature-spirits and essences..” “ is the Devarajas who, having command of the elements of which

the etheric double must be composed, arrange their proportion [percentage of substance of each

sub-plane] so as to fulfill accurately the intention of the Lipika [Lords of Karma].” The Lipika

“weigh the deeds of each personality [during the life review] when the final separation of its

principles [lower mental & astral bodies/personality] takes place at the end of its astral life, and

give as it were the mold of an etheric double exactly suitable to its karma for the man’s next



Q. Dean Sloan – Theosophical Metaphysicist



(1) These extracts from the Enneads of Plotinus are from Book IV, Eighth Tractate: The Soul’s

Descent into Body
Plotinus: The Enneads, translated by Stephen MacKenna. Published for the Paul Brunton Foundation

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(2) Kundalini

Muladhara Chakra

The Etheric Body
The Soul and its Mechanism © 1965 by Lucis Trust

The meaning of the OM
The sound of OM is beautiful and is as close as you’ll get to the genuine

clairvoyant & physically, as well as consciously, energetically divine, paranormal experience.
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Introductory Postulates: pages 3-4.
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(3) Tashi Lhunpo Monastery in Shigatse, Tibet

The Tibetan, Djwhal Khul

(4) The Egoic Lotus and the unfoldment of the “petals” takes place over a multitude of lifetimes.

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A right understanding of karma

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pages 23, 122 & 123.


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  experiential knowing” and conscious awareness of other dimensions, but now is in a conundrum due to

  astronomical discoveries & realisation that the amount of matter in the universe is very small with respect to

  the amount of  “dark matter”, and that “quantum” physics shows that the “stuff” of dark matter

  “interpenetrates” matter, which shows that current “science” ignores the greater, energetic, conscious aspect

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