The Boys, Their Discs And The Satellite Government

Version 1.10 - February 27, 1995


The Period of the late 1940s through the early 1950s was a most interesting time to have an eye to the sky. Not so much for what one might see in the sky, but rather for what one might see falling out of the sky. For a while it seemed as if discs were dropping from the skies like autumn leaves.

Apparently the first, and the most famous, was the Roswell, New Mexico crash in July of 1947. Although actually closer to Corona then Roswell, it will be forever linked with that name. The outcome of this incident was a damaged craft, a large pile of debris, and our first look at extraterrestrial bodies. (Although there have been some reports of survivors, at least for a short time beyond the initial crash, the reports are inconclusive).

In many ways, this event took the government by surprise, but it reacted quickly. Special study groups were established to exploit the new exotic materials now in our possession. More importantly, a highly secret group was established by President Truman to oversee all aspects of this phenomenon, and to develop procedures for the covert recovery of such craft, should a crash happen again.

There were excellent reasons at the time for keeping such a discovery under wraps. First of all, there was a legitimate question of the impact of a revelation like this upon the American people. It was, after all, only 9 years since the country had been terrorized by Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" broadcast. There was also the strategic military potential of the find. We were nose to nose with the Soviet Union and possession of advanced extraterrestrial technology could provide us with "wonder weapons", weapons many leaders felt we would need.

The secret group organized, and procedures were put in place.  They didn't have long to wait. Only ten months later, in May of 1948, another disc came to rest north of Aztec, New Mexico. This time, the recovery went so smoothly little was publicly known of the event.

As time passed, there were other disc retrievals. But due to the effectiveness of the recovery teams, not to mention the effectiveness of the dis-information agents over the years, just precisely what happened and when is not clear.

But why, at this point in time, had discs begun fluttering down from the skies? Why had this not happened in the early 1900s or even the 1800s" It seems absurd that craft advanced enough to make the trip to Earth, from wherever they originate, should all suddenly develop engine trouble.

Although no one on the outside of the recovery programs really knows for sure, the best speculation revolves around the deployment of new, very high powered tracking radar. It may be that the radar, a very recent development at that time, interfered in some catastrophic way with either the propulsion or guidance of the craft. It also would appear that after a few years the visitors were scooting around in craft that had been modified to correct that vulnerability.

There is also a distinct possibility that the story of the crash that follows was actually a "set up". That is, it was deliberately done to initiate contact with us (in an admittedly odd manner).
The Boys Drop In.

On May 20, 1953 an extraterrestrial craft crashed into the desert near Kingman, Arizona. What little information there is in the public domain on this event puts it about 20 miles northwest of Kingman, but the accuracy of this information is unknown.

The military units arriving upon the site found a craft 10 meters in diameter containing four beings. Two of the beings were seriously enough injured that they were disabled.  The other two were uninjured, but in a state of some confusion.

Unknown to the military at that time, the "countrymen" of the beings in the craft were aware of the incident, and were closely monitoring the proceedings. The reason events turned out as they did was that the military showed up before any rescuers could.

Plans were quickly made to transport the four new arrivals to the Los Alamos National Laboratory for medical test and treatment. Before that occurred the two uninjured beings motioned that they be allowed to re-enter their craft (It was not known until later that the beings use the equivalent of the term "vessel" for their craft). This was permitted, but the hatch remained open to monitor their activity. They remained in their vessel for a while and it was later learned they had been communicating with those monitoring their situation. Upon their exit, they began their journey to Los Alamos.

As the beings were on their way to Los Alamos, work continued at the crash site. A party was prepared to enter the craft, dressed in clean room garb and wearing surgical masks. They were provided with equipment to maintain constant contact with those outside. However, after entry, communications failed. The party emerged after about an hour very nauseous, vomiting, and in a state of confusion. Amazingly, they were unable to remember any details of the interior of the craft, but no one wanted back in for another look!

Apparently, the craft remained energized in some manner, emitting a low frequency humming sound from the lower part of the hull. Given the effects on the entry party, it was decided to seal the craft, camouflage it and ship it via tank carrier to the Nevada Test Site. The entry party was taken to Los Alamos for medical tests.

Before the crash retrieval could be completed, one more surprise awaited. The craft was quite light so it was no problem to hoist it atop the waiting tank carrier. However, the 10 meter diameter of the craft created a considerable overhang on each side of the hauler. This was cause for some concern, given that travel would be on normal width public roads. Since the pneumatic-grips were still in place, it was decided to tilt the craft up at an angle to reduce the overhang. However try as it would, the crane was unable to budge the craft from a horizontal position. Up and down movement of the craft was effortless.  Rotation was impossible. Given this unusual turn of events, their only choice was to move it horizontally, as a house is moved, with roadblocks along the route provided by military vehicles.

At Los Alamos, work began with the visitors, who had come to be nicknamed "The Boys". They were placed in a secure facility manned by doctors, chemists, a bio-astronautic engineer and a linguist. It was decided that the first order of business was to establish better communication with the Boys, which had so far been limited to basic sign language. It was hoped that by establishing a dialog, enough information could be gained to solve the problem of entering the craft.

As things got underway, an odd role reversal occurred. It seemed the Boys began their own analysis of the food, the facilities, and their "captors". The studiers were now the studied.

As the two injured boys recovered, communication progressed. Success was eventually first achieved between the bio-astronautic engineer and the tallest of the Boys, nicknamed "Smiling Eyes". However what was communicated caused quite a stir: The Boys wanted
to go back to their craft.

After much deliberation, it was decided to accommodate their request. The Boys were all taken to the Nevada Test Site where their craft was being stored. They were apparently quite pleased to find that their craft was being stored. The hatch was opened and the four of them filed in. After a short period, the hum that had been coming from the craft suddenly ceased. Smiling Eyes came out and went directly to the bioastronautics engineer and requested he join him in the craft. After an OK from the team leader, the bioastronautics engineer accompanied smiling Eyes back into the craft. After another short period, both emerged, with the engineer happy, healthy and apparently suffering no ill effects.

Following these events, the Boys asked that they be housed at the Test Site with their craft, and began a series of requests for materials, equipment and literature. So began our life with the Boys....

Over time, the Boys began to exercise a considerable amount of control over the operation to the point of almost becoming dictatorial. They themselves directed many of the appointments of personnel within the operation. The Boys created quite a stir when they requested, and were granted, that the bioastronautics engineer be appointed to head the program. Apparently, this individual was a fairly junior person at the time, and those in more senior positions were quite upset over this usurping of authority. Other appointments were requested, with most coming from the science field. It also became apparent that the Boys themselves were taking some of their direction from their own superiors, whom they maintained contact with.

Reportedly, the Boys did not remain exclusively at the Test site facilities, but also spent considerable time at
Los Alamos assisting our scientists with the "translation" of their technology.

Presto: The Satellite Government Or, Nixon Really Was The One!

Immediately after Dwight Eisenhower was sworn in as President in January of 1953, he began revamping the secret structure set up by President Truman for dealing with the extraterrestrial phenomenon. Eisenhower put his Vice President, Richard Nixon, in charge of the operation.

Eisenhower and Nixon were never very close. They were very different personality types. Yet Eisenhower respected Nixon's abilities to get things done and gave his vice-president considerably more responsibilities than had been accorded previous vice-presidents.

Nixon was more than up for the added responsibility, being a savvy and aggressive politician with ranging connections. He was perfect for the task of setting up the new organization. As an added benefit, no one gave the vice-president's office much scrutiny, adding to the security of the operation

Nixon's group studied the problem and by the middle of 1953, perhaps spurred on by the arrival of the Boys, came up with a proposal for the highly secret organization that could maintain its secrecy for a long period of time. It was patterned after the highly successful Manhattan Project, which had utilized thousands of workers to develop the atomic bomb in near total secrecy. However since it was not wartime, as was the case for the Manhattan Project, the lack of urgency allowed the use of even more effective shrouding of its existence.

This "Satellite Government" (SG) that came into being under Nixon's guidance was a unique consortium of existing government agencies, select US military units, certain US companies and banking institutions. The government's involvement was limited and known only to a few individuals who acted as interfaces. The government's primary role was to provide money and other specialized support (i.e., military, security, etc.) as needed. The SG is totally insulated and compartmentalized operation, separate from the normal government chain. It is presumed, but not known for sure, that the authority for the establishment and continued operation of the SG lies in a highly classified national security executive order.

Admittedly, the term "Satellite Government" is an odd one. Yet according to the best reports, the organization is somewhat like a sovereign state within the
US, much like an Indian reservation. They have their own laws and authority to enforce them. Interaction with and submission to the normal US government is minimal. Whether or not the "citizens" (employees) of the SG have forfeited any of their rights by joining is unknown.

The bulk of the research on the discs was (and still is) performed by the private companies involved in the SG. In addition to being reimbursed by the government, in some as yet unknown manner, the companies were also allowed to reap the benefits of their research into the disc's operation.  As new technological discoveries were made, the companies were allowed to claim some of them as their own, under tight oversight.

The use of the private sector allowed a new freedom of operations. New security requirements and classifications were created. Personnel who had been involved in previous disc retrievals and operations were reassigned into portions of the SG.

A 40-year agreement between the SG and the Boys was entered into in the early 1950s. It's not exactly a contract, but it is an agreement that the Boys expect to be kept. It's scheduled to expire on August 1, 1995. What this expiration means or if it may be renewed is not known.

In general terms, it is believed the agreement covers several issues. The Boys are allowed to operated unmolested on this planet, or at least in the US, studying whatever they want, probably us. This may include operating out of certain US government facilities or other locations belonging strictly to them. We also agreed to provide them with quantities of selected raw materials, one of the more significant quantities being the element Boron. In exchange, we have been given access to their technology, their assistance in interpreting it and several of their operating discs. However, the discs given us are older, less advanced models but still far beyond anything else we have.

The agreement between the Boys and our government is strictly a US affair. Other countries are not a part of it. It is not known, however, if other countries have assisted in the research program, but only the US has working craft. It is almost a certainty that crash recovery efforts have been undertaken in other countries.

A few words about Boron, one of the trade materials. The majority of the world's supply of Boron comes form the US, specifically from Trona and Boron in California. It's apparently purchased by several companies of the SG, as a cover, then forwarded to the Boys. Boron turns out to be a very interesting material. It's one of the lightest of the elements and is extremely strong. Unfortunately, its extremely high melting point has prevented its use by us as a structural material. We simply don't have the technology as yet to work with it. We've been limited to utilizing it as thin fibers embedded in a metallic binder (metal matrix composite) such as aluminium. Boron has one other eyebrow raising attribute. It is used in nuclear processes because it absorbs neutrons exceedingly well, slowing down nuclear reactions.

Working For The SG, An Invisible Job For Life There isn't a central personnel office that advertises for employment with the SG. New recruits or employees are typically brought in from the companies comprising the SG. Prospective employees are monitored by their superiors for several years as they go about their normal tasks. During this time they also earn increasing levels of security clearances, and trust and confidence in the employees build. Usually a minimum of 2 to 3 years is required to bring a new employee into the SG and 4 years is more likely. Requirements for the specialized clearances of the SG are
apparently quite stringent and there is a high rate of rejection. If the employee looks promising and has needed skills or knowledge, an offer is made to join a new challenging, highly classified project, with few details given.

Once in, most people would consider employment with the SG a "dream job", with the exception of the security constraints. The nature and type of work is exciting in the extreme, far beyond what is encountered in normal aerospace firms. Whatever supplies or equipment that's needed are provided without hesitation or delay. The equipment is all state-of-the-art or better. Paperwork and other bureaucratic trappings are kept to a minimum. While the workers are encouraged to work efficiently, there do not appear to be many deadlines or races against the clock.  In many ways, the arrangement seems to incorporate all the best attributes of a "Skunk Works" type operation.

The work is compartmentalized for security reasons, as would be expected, but not oppressively so. The various groups (i.e., propulsion, electrical, navigation, etc.) interface knowing only the minimum necessary of what the others are doing. Still, there are overall briefings of a general nature to keep most aware of what is happening.

Reportedly, there are a few fringe benefits peculiar to employment with the SG. The wages are as good or better than comparable positions on the outside, and payment is in cash. Better yet, all payment of taxes seems to be handled by the SG with only a few unique forms to be filled out by the employees. Once in the program, the employees are pretty much guaranteed a job for life if they maintain reasonable production and conduct.

The SG even sets up a retirement plan of sorts for its employees. As might be expected, there are some twists to it. The plan is somewhat like a joint account. It contains a considerable cash value that may be drawn out at intervals by the retired employee.

However, the SG still has access to the funds and has the power to remove them should the employee violate any of the numerous non-disclosure agreements signed. This helps maintain secrecy well after employees leave the SG.

What about individuals who simply wash out of the program? Those employees who, for some reason or another, can no longer perform or start disclosing sensitive information. Due to the intensive screening process, this shouldn't happen often, but occasionally it does. Reportedly, these people are "transferred" or simply not seen again. This could be exactly what it seems, or it could be something of a more sinister nature. It's simply not known at this time.

Overall, employment with the SG has been decried as a pleasure, insulated from the concerns of normal society. This, combined with the unusual security arrangements, may explain why so little of this information has leaked into the public arena over these many years. What person in their right mind would jeopardize their lifestyle, friendships and exclusive knowledge just to bring forth a story to the public that it probably not only wouldn't believe, but is better off not knowing?

The only down side to employment with the SG are the stringent and unique security requirements. Regular visits to psychologists are part of the arrangement. Should an employee relocate, security personnel go through all of the employee's belongings prior to the move to ensure nothing of a sensitive nature is in the employee's possession.  Taken as a whole, the security arrangements have been described as "humiliating". For this reason, and because of the tremendously strict clearance requirements for employment with the SG, there is a shortage of qualified workers. As older workers retire from the program, the SG is finding it difficult to recruit or clear younger replacements.

Security, Religion Of The SG Every employee of the SG is assigned a permanent security officer. That officer remains with the employee until the employee dies. If the employee retires or quits, the security officer still maintains contact with the employee, though on a much reduced basis (Every 3 months or so is typical). Should a security officer retire or die, a new one is assigned to the pool of employees the original officer serviced.

The dealings with the security officers have been described in pleasant terms. The vast majority of visits are quite friendly. This really shouldn't be too surprising, as the security officer/employee relationship is a very long term one, and at least some semblance of a friendship may develop. However, no matter how cordial the relationship is, there is always a subtle, implied message that the SG is monitoring the employee and improper conduct will be discovered and dealt with.

This long term relationship also serves the security needs of the SG. Because the security officers get to know the employees so well, any changes in behavior or conduct are quickly noticed. Again, due to the personal relationships, it's possible for the security officers to effect changes in conduct of the employees without being overtly threatening.

The security apparatus has been quite effective in preventing outside investigations from getting too close to the real facts of the UFO phenomenon. There is a widespread network monitoring the activities of the many groups and individuals pursuing the subject. It is likely, but at this point unproved, that some of the more prestigious and high ranking UFO researchers are actually in the employ, or at least under the direction, of the SG.

Occasionally, a group or an individual may stray dangerously close to certain elements of the phenomenon. When this happens, the group or individual will get a visit from "a source". The source will provide amazing new information intended to divert the direction of the probes. The source will be very convincing and have all the answers. Of course it will be difficult to verify certain aspects of the new information, but much will be verifiable, or at least seem plausible.

Unfortunately, the source is in reality a information-agent of the SG. The information provided will be a conglomeration of truth and fiction, combined in such a way as to make separation impossible. This will not be found out until much later, if at all, and well after the original investigation has been diverted and any group structure in disarray.

Looking back into the past, the pattern becomes obvious. The MJ-12 papers and the Aquarius papers are fine examples. The security personnel of the SG have done an outstanding job of keeping the secret. They are very, very good.

Should a situation arise whereby extraterrestrial debris or artifacts come into individual possession, if the SG cannot acquire it by either overt or covert means, the security operatives of the SG will attempt to destroy it. This seems to be in accord with their charter to maintain the secrecy.

Part of the SG is a high ranking committee with the somewhat ominous name of the "Thunder Board". While its precise function is uncertain, it's believed to deal mainly with security issues.

Bits About The Boys

The Boys may be best described by paraphrasing Robert Lazar: "They are your typical grays, if there is such a thing as a typical gray." They are similar to the bodies recovered from the Roswell crash, the descriptions of which are probably the most reliable in the public domain. Short, big eyes, no ears to speak of, flat nose, and a slit for a mouth. Four long slender fingers on each hand. The Boys usually are clothed in somewhat conventional garments, such as shirts and pants. Their shoes are slightly different from ours.

They do have emotions, but on a much more reserved scale then humans. This includes a sense of humor. They have been known to "tweak" the military, creating a ruckus, by piloting their craft over restricted, sensitive military areas where they are sure to be seen by the public.

They also engage in activities like this when they are displeased with their dealings with the SG. Reportedly, the Boys are frustrated with the SG and its cloak of secrecy. This cloak prevents the use of our "best and brightest" scientist and engineers. We can only use the best of those that can survive the exhaustive clearance process. And while these people are no doubt very good, they are probably not our very best. Worse than this are some reports that the Boys feel the SG hasn't kept their parts of the bargain (Whatever the bargain may be). In any case, the Boys are no longer happy campers.

The Boys have significant psi abilities, much better than most humans. They have developed their mental processes to the point where they are capable of telepathy, psycho kinesis (PK) and what we would call "remote viewing".  While a few humans, with training, have accomplished some of what the Boys can do, we still have a way to go.

Communication between the Boys and humans is primarily telepathic. If you had one of the Boys "talk" to you, you would actually "hear" his voice in your mind, and it would usually sound like yours. Also, two observers might describe one of the Boys slightly differently, each observer "seeing" something slightly different, depending upon their own preconceptions. This may explain the reported sightings of a wide array of different beings, up to and including reptoid type beings.

Some of the controls on their craft are operated via their psychokinetic abilities. In order for our pilots to reliably operate our own versions of the craft, these PK controls had to be replaced with more conventional interfaces.

There are several different species or races of the Boys, each with very minor differences. Some are taller, some shorter. They tend to not intermingle much and remain on their receptive home worlds, located in the Zeta Reticule system. Each race has been described as having its own "mission" or purpose.

Generally, the Boys have little interest in human affairs and appear somewhat indifferent to us. However they are very busy with their various studies. There are probably no more than 6 to 8 of the Boys on the planet at present.

Discs and Simulators: Saucers R Us

The craft recovered from crashes or gained in material exchanges apparently all have similar control systems. As mentioned, these seem to operate utilizing some sort of PK method. Unfortunately, while we have some pilots capable of handling the craft, and we have some "psychics" talented enough to operate the controls, we have a distinct lack of psychic pilots! The result of this has been the necessity to replace the original control systems with systems and avionics that are similar to those our pilots are used to dealing with. This includes instrumentation such as altitude, airspeed (velocity is probably the proper term in this case), and pitch and roll indicators.

Since this effort has been underway since the end of the 1950s and early 1960s, the first replacement interfaces were tremendously bulky arrangements. However over the years, the major advances in electronic miniaturization and computer processing and control have made things much more simple and safe for our pilots.

The actual principle of operation of the craft is still the subject of speculation in the public sector. A few things are known however. The energy for the craft, at least those in our possession, is presently provided by a bank of extremely high efficiency, high capacity capacitors. They act, in essence, as a giant rechargeable battery for the craft. Unfortunately, this limits the flight time of the craft, and the craft operate quite a bit below what they are capable of.

Our earliest replicas operated with a live nuclear reactor on board. This proved to be somewhat hazardous and "dirty" and the reactor was eventually replaced by the cleaner capacitor arrangement.

There are some reports that the craft originally operated on an energy source that utilized some other type of advanced nuclear process that provided a much longer and higher energy output than our reactors or capacitors. It is not known why we do not, or cannot, use the same processes in our craft. In any event, the capacitor arrangement is our breakthrough, which is a source of some pride.

Based upon the crashed craft, and those received in trade, we have been able to construct replicas entirely on our own, although with great difficulty. The craft are assembled from individual, interlocking segments, some pie shaped, some hexagonal, etc. They are joined in a unique manner without any sort of fasteners or adhesives utilizing a "molecular adhesion" effect (somewhat like a capillary action) between optically smooth surfaces. This type of fabrication is at the very far edge of our capabilities.

As to what the craft actually look like, apparently the best public representation has been the craft described by Robert Lazar as the "Sport Model". A poster has been released showing this representation in detail, and a plastic model has been produced by the Testers Corporation.

The craft are quite unlike anything our top pilots have flown, and while perhaps not difficult to operate, they are very different and require a lot of training. Accordingly simulators have been built to train pilots prior to actual flight. There have been a total of 3 simulators constructed, each for slightly different type of disc. Two of the simulators, at least until recent years were located at Area 51.

These simulators duplicate exactly the environment encountered while operating the discs, down to even duplicating the outward appearance. Curiously, they contain capacitor banks for the generation of an ionized plasma field around the simulator. Reportedly, the actual discs generate a plasma field, about 6" thick around the hull, which acts as some sort of "atmospheric shield", allowing hypersonic operation within the atmosphere. The reason for such a plasma field around a simulator seems to be to create the proper instrumentation response within the simulator and to train pilots to ensure the plasma field is operating prior to moving the craft. There are not any seatbelts in the simulators or the craft themselves.  How the inertial effects are dealt with is not yet known.

The discs are not capable of inverted flight but may pitch or roll up to 65 degrees in any direction. When the craft come up to higher power levels, they essentially vanish, leaving only a shimmer visible.


Most importantly, there is no agreement between the Boys and a sinister faction of our government allowing the abduction of our citizens in exchange for high tech alien booty. However the SG is concerned that the abduction is a real and disturbing phenomenon and has had it under study for a while. Apparently, the SG is not quite sure exactly what is happening and are trying to ascertain that the Boys. or their cohorts, are not responsible. Beyond that, no reliable information is available.

Cattle Mutilations

No reliable information on this subject has yet to make it into the public arena. It is not known if the SG or the Boys have any involvement in this activity. "Where's the Beef" remains an unanswered question.

Classified Data

The following is a list of what type of information is considered classified by the SG and may not be discussed or released: Technical data, drawings, photos, illustrations and sketches. Code names and types of classifications. Documents containing names of companies, personnel and associated military groups. Procedures, equipment designs and standards used.

People, Places and Companies

The primary disc research location appears to be the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in New Mexico.  This facility is ideal due to its remoteness, high security and extremely educated and talented workforce. LANL has been involved in the phenomenon since the late 1940s when some of the first of the crashed discs (Aztec, New Mexico, for example) were brought in for analysis.

Most flight testing, until at least recently, has been performed at the Nellis Range complex in Nevada. Presumably, most of this testing was done at Area 51 Dreamland) but may have been moved to some other remote facility (perhaps White Sands, New Mexico) due to the widespread publicity Area 51 has received in the last few years.  There are some indications of disc research activity in highly secret facilities located in the far forward areas of the Nevada Test Site, not far from Area 51, but little detail is known.

There has been much public interest in Papoose Lake as a site of flight test activity after Robert Lazar's public statements in 1989, where he claimed to have witnessed a number of discs and an actual flight test during a limited period of employment there. While some elements of Lazar's story have been verified, other portions have proven to be false and it remains controversial. The best information at present indicates that while there may have been some disc activity at Papoose Lake in the past, the operation has been shut down and relocated elsewhere.

There are most certainly locations of operations other than those mentioned above. However, other locations remain shrouded in secrecy.

The actual size of the SG is very difficult to estimate, at least by the people on the outside. Obviously, there are a number of compartments to it, whose existence may not even be known amongst themselves. In order to keep secrecy and efficiency, the overall program is likely not very large. A good estimate of the Los Alamos/Nellis Complex group would be less than 200 individuals.

While few names of the ranking SG personnel are known, Dr. thought to hold a position of considerable power within the organization.

The following corporations (a very incomplete listing) are thought to play key roles in the program's operation:

Aerojet General Corporation
Bechtel Corporation EG&G
Lockheed Corporation
Martin Marietta Corporation
So Where Do We Stand Today? Is The Lid Loosening?

Initially, the desire for secrecy was probably a mutual one between our government and the Boys. Over the years, this has changed so now while SG still wants to keep things under wraps, the Boys are a bit tired of it. They are tired of the bureaucracy involved in dealing with the SC, and the fact our very best scientists are not a part of the program.

So the big question is: Does this all still need to be kept secret? Have things truly changed enough in our society for the covers to be removed?

Well, the strategic military concerns of disclosure have certainly lessened in recent years. The Soviet Union, and its accompanying military threat, has essentially faded from the scene. It is still possible that if the technology is simple enough, disclosure might put it within the reach of small, terrorist nations. This would remain a valid concern. However, given the reported difficulties in fabrication, it doesn't appear likely.

Another big change is in our perception of our place in the universe. The citizens of the US (and to some extent, the world) are much more sophisticated than they were in 1947.  Travel in space, both manned and unmanned, has become so commonplace that it has lost much of its novelty.  The idea of someday encountering extraterrestrial life is not only accepted, it is expected (just not this week). So it would seem, society is about as ready as it ever will be.

So what's keeping the lid on? Actually, more than a few reasons, and while perhaps not "good" reasons, they are powerful ones.

Certainly there's still the potential for some substantial impacts to segments of our society. The religious community would have their hands full for a while. Some areas of business, such as transportation, might be strongly shaken with the announcement of new modes of flight. And we are, after all, still very strongly petroleum based, and this may play with that in some way.

Secret programs, such as this, have a kind of inertia. They tend to take on their own life. The thought is, "It's worked for all these years, why mess with success? Why open it up to meddling congressional committees and federal bureaucrats?"

The personnel who comprise the SG have a lot to lose from disclosure. Their wages and retirement may go down once the program has to compete for funding with others.  Certainly the red tape and bureaucracy will increase, just like in other government programs. The insulation from the outside world and its difficulties will vanish.

Then there's the fact that the American people have been deceived for all these years. Now it can certainly be argued that it was for their own good (and it actually was), but who really wants to hear that? There will be an unprecedented eruption of indignation and outrage when this is disclosed. With trust in government at an all time low today, who wants to drive it lower?

A more recent, oddly ominous consideration is the abduction phenomenon. Whether it is actually occurring or not, a significant portion of the population thinks it is. And when this portion of the populace has a look at the Boys, they will view them as a validation of their beliefs and lash out at the Boys as "sperm and embryo nappers." This abduction concept is now well planted in our culture and may prove very difficult to deal with.

Disclosure of the program is the right thing to do. It will also be a terrible thing to do, especially for those bringing the news forth. Is the leadership of the SG courageous enough to do such a thing? Is anyone in the US government courageous enough? Well, not right now, but maybe check back with us again next week.

Anonymous Author


Aloha all, I was just sent this information. Though the author is anonymous, it was posted on a well-respected remote viewing website suggesting that it is based on intelligence gathered through remote viewing. It is very consistent with my own research findings. My view is that it is a very accurate assessment of what has been happening within the secret government in terms of projects involving the retrieval of ETVs and working with EBEs. Well worth considering.

In peace,
Michael Salla, PhD

Note: I received this article in an email from Dr. Salla on 3-29-05 (Q. Dean Sloan)