The Higher Five Rays

“The crown chakra (the 7th chakra) is the foundation for the higher chakras. It is purposefully structured to accept them. It is the point where a finer level of energy is translated into a sensing mechanism that will allow you, while focused on the physical plane, to recognize the presence of this energy. Thus, I am saying that you, as a physically focused being, become aware of this finer energy through an awakening point within the crown chakra and through it you also begin to sense the relationship the higher chakras have to each other.

Eighth Chakra. Luminous green/violet. This energy is the seat of the soul, a doorway to the higher levels, helps release resistance to evolution. It is also a healing center, thus helps balance the aspects of self. It is a cosmic indicator, which begins to allow a practical identification of self’s higher abilities while on the physical plane. Specific abilities, which are stimulated here, are: healing, the speaking and singing voice, physical coordination within the body and the four-body alignment process.

 Ninth Chakra. Luminous black/green. It is an energy “link” to the body of light. A lightening effect is the major contribution, which this energy center makes. Its gradual lightening can be a major point for some. If remnants or difficult points are being clung to, this energy will light up these areas, attempt to lighten them and, depending upon the amount of resistance, will do so. This energy, then, for some, creates an internal struggle as the lightening process is undergone. The third eye is stimulated here, because seeing is the lightening process. This is a clarifying energy, deeply penetrative, and must be consciously accepted in order to be utilized comprehensively.

 Tenth Chakra. Luminous pearl. This energy continues the penetration of the lightening process begun by the ninth, but is more cosmic in its effect. Clairvoyance, teleportation, telepathy are available through the use of this energy, because as it continues to lighten it instructs the energy system of self by filling in what one might call gaps that have not yet been lit up. The light at the cellular level becomes “whole.” This energy is very powerful and often creates a learning in the polarity area, because it seeks to unite the creative process in a very dynamic manner. Any conflicts in the polarity are lit up and thus resolved.

Eleventh Chakra. Luminous pink/orange. A bridge and fine tuner of the creative process on the physical level, this energy is the means to ascend. One fine-tunes or integrates completely all energy within self in order to use the energy structure in the harmonious manner that frees it of the need to be physical. This energy seeks to resolve any resistances within the physical structure. Deep cellular changes are contacted here. Each of you, after awakening this energy, need to listen to your body, to pay attention to what your body is telling you for the next two weeks particularly. Circuitry is changing, the electrical impulses are shifting gears, if you will, the cellular level is being literally reprogrammed to accept a more intense pulsing system than was physically necessary. You fine tune, then, to go beyond the physical level.

Twelfth Chakra. Gold. This is the contact point that integrates and completes the level of learning within physicality. This energy’s main purpose is to put the finishing touches on the formula of energy within your whole system or to smooth out any rough edges, if you will. Thus, awakening this sensitive contact point will invoke completion. ANYTHING that is not complete in the sense of learning how to integrate that area into your life will be stimulated by this energy. Thus, through the use of this energy, you will be able to BE THE CHRISTED ENERGY, AN EMBODIMENT OF LIGHT ENERGY THAT FLOWS WITHIN PHYSICAL EXISTENCE, BUT NOT HELD BY IT. An embodiment, literally a light tool that KNOWS its purpose and joyously allows this natural state to be an integral part of the Whole!”*

* The Tibetan Express-May, 1990: 3 & 5 (Vywamus through Janet McClure. Note: Djwhal Khul has said that “Vywamus is an evolved aspect of Sanat Kumara, our planetary Logos, who ensouls the earth and all upon it and within it. The Earth, in effect, is being held together by His focus of consciousness. At a still higher level of this consciousness is Vywamus. He can be equated to the higher self or the soul of Sanat Kumara.”).