The Great White Brotherhood in 2002


by Mark Amaru Pinkham


While it is common to hear the name Great White Brotherhood in metaphysical circles these days, have you ever wondered how much anyone really knows about this mysterious organization or its influence on the world during the current year of 2002? I am sure that even some of you who have done an in-depth study on this organization must have found yourself asking whether it really exists or is simply a vestige of some outdated, esoteric dogma. Well, let me assure you that it does exist. Through initiation into this elite organization, I have discovered that it was originally formed to preserve those spiritual teachings which we would need throughout history to help guide our human evolution, as well as those teachings we as a species require now if we are going to make our pre-destined leap forward in consciousness. It is, therefore, time to demystify the Great White Brotherhood and make it more relatable and pertinent to the modern seeker of wisdom.

The name Great White Brotherhood seems to have been an invention of The Theosophical Society, an organization founded and led by the Russian woman and world traveler Madam Blavatsky in the mid-nineteenth century. But well before Blavatsky's time the Great White Brotherhood was known as the Solar or Serpent Brotherhood; its members were known as "Serpents," and its principal temples were pyramids, homes of the serpent power, as well as sun temples aligned with the solstices and equinoxes. In Egypt, for example, the most important temples were the complex at Heliopolis, the "Place of the Sun," along with the Giza Pyramids and the solar temple at Karnak. Administering to these temples were the Egyptian priests, the Djedhi, "those of the serpent lineage." In Mexico, the members of the Serpent Brotherhood, the Quetzlcoatls or "Plumed Serpents," administered numerous towering pyramids all aligned with the solstices and equinoxes. The same was true in Peru where the adepts were Amarus or "Serpents," as well as in China where they were the Lung Dragons, or in India where the enlightened yogis were known as Nagas, the "Serpents."

During the rise of patriarchal religion, the Serpent Brotherhood was forced to go "underground" in the western countries, but it never completely disappeared. In Europe, for example, it evolved into numerous Secret Societies, the best known of which were the Knights Templar, the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians. And in the East, the Serpents survived within the traditions of the Sufis, the Chinese Taoists, the Tibetan Lamas, and especially within the Tantric sects of India, from which Kundalini Masters have come for countless numbers of years.

The foundational wisdom of all these branches of the Serpent Brotherhood is focused on how to awaken and develop the kundalini, the inner serpent power at the base of the spine, through the practices of yoga, meditation, and alchemy. These are disciplines that originated within the ancient Goddess Tradition. Who first taught these practices on Earth and when did they teach them? According to the Hindu records, or Puranas, they were first taught by the Kumaras, who are referred to in the ancient records as the patriarchs of yoga and the first teachers of the Siddha Marga, the "Path to Perfection."

The Kumaras originally came from Venus, our sister planet, which has been known for ages by various cultures as the Queen of the Universe and the Planet of the Goddess. Some eastern traditions imply that they arrived here millions of years ago. The Kumaras are best known in the West as the "Sons of God." The Sons of God arrived on Earth at a time when humans were ready to make an evolutionary leap. They arrived with the wisdom of how to help humans evolve through the awakening of the kundalini or evolutionary force, and they also transmitted this power into the human species by mating with the "Daughters of Men," thus blessing all future generations of humans with the innate potential of achieving spiritual enlightenment.

According to the Jewish Book of Enoch, the Sons of God first taught their special knowledge of kundalini and alchemy to their earth wives, thus ensuring that this sacred wisdom would pass through the spiritual traditions of the women for years to come. They also taught their mates other aspects of the Goddess Tradition, including healing, divination, herbology, and gemology. Some of the Sons of Gods eventually left the Earth, but many remained as "Watchers," those who keep tabs on humanity from the fourth dimension.

The most important Sons of God or Kumaras were Sanat and Sananda Kumara. Sananda is most famous for his later incarnation as Jesus Christ. Sananda and Sanat Kumara established the first manifestation of the Great White Brotherhood on Earth upon the fabled Pacific continent of Lemuria or Mu. They founded a school of wisdom there called the Kumara School of Wisdom or the Academy of the Sons of God (Kumara means "Son of God). The Kumaras were the first "Serpents" and, like them, many later Serpents incorporated the sacred K sound of the serpent into their name, such as Christ, Krishna, and Kulkucan. When Lemuria eventually sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, Serpent missionaries of the Kumara School of Wisdom established kingdoms around the globe wherein they became the priest kings and high priests known as "Serpents." The colonizing Serpents thus became part of a planetary network that was later known as the Great White Brotherhood.

One Serpent missionary, Aramu Muru, traveled from Lemuria to the Andes where he founded a monastery called the Monastery of the Seven Rays for the safekeeping of sacred artifacts and records from Mu. Muru later became the first priest king of the Incas, Manco Kapac, and one of the power objects from his monastery, the golden solar disc, was eventually hung in the principal temple of the Incas in Cuzco, the Coricancha. In Peru, Aramu Muru established the Brotherhood of the Sun and the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays within which the sacred teachings of the Kumara School were taught for thousands of years. Even after the Spanish invasion, the sacred wisdom survived within these brotherhoods.

In the last fifty years, the Kumara wisdom preserved by Aramu Muru has begun to reemerge into the world. This process began with the late Sister Thedra, whom Jesus Christ appeared physically to while on her deathbed and spontaneously healed her of cancer. Jesus told her "My name is Sananda Kumara" and then sent Thedra down to the Monastery of the Seven Rays to learn the Kumara wisdom. After five years, Thedra was told to return to the United States and found the Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara at Mt. Shasta in California. While heading this organization, Thedra channeled messages from Sananda and taught the Kumara wisdom until her death in 1992.

I met Sister Thedra in 1987. She immediately became one of my teachers. She introduced me to Sananda and I soon had an experience on Shasta Mountain during which a spirit told me to go to Sedona, Arizona. After arriving in Sedona a couple weeks later, I hiked into Boynton Canyon, one of the four main vortexes in the area, and climbed to a ledge attached to the side of the canyon. As I prayed to Sananda and my other guides, a voice within soon emerged, saying, "Look in front of you." When I opened my eyes and looked around the canyon, I saw temples everywhere, including a huge silver pyramid with gold discs on all four sides rising up in the center of them all. I was then told "This is the canyon of Mu." I then realized that I was seeing temples that exist in another dimension, temples that had been placed there by the Kumaras thousands of years earlier. Today it is common knowledge to many living in Sedona that their town was once a seaport city of the Lemurians.

Since my experience in 1987, I have been to Peru many times and studied the Kumara wisdom there. I have been initiated into the ancient Brotherhood of the Sun and even lead an expedition to the Monastery of the Seven Rays. In 2001, I received the inspiration to move to the area of Sedona and revive the ancient Kumara School of Wisdom there. I was guided with the knowledge that we all need to prepare for the return of Sananda by aligning with the inner Christ. I have since constructed a medicine wheel in Boynton Canyon and give the ancient teachings there, as well as initiations into the Kumara School of Wisdom.

Recently, I was given the Seven Rays of Healing to spread to the world. This is a healing approach that has been used within the Great White Brotherhood for many ages and is greatly needed now. I have been told that we are moving into the Age of the Kumara or Age of the Son of God. This age will be the culmination of a cycle of time that began when the Kumaras first landed on Earth millions of years ago and founded the Serpent or Great White Brotherhood on Lemuria. I now know that not only does the Great White Brotherhood exist, but soon all people will have the opportunity to become members of it. The teachings of the Kumara School of Wisdom are our special gift from the Kumaras.

Mark Amaru Pinkham is the Director of the Kumara School of Wisdom in Sedona, Arizona, and the author of three books: The Return of the Serpents of Wisdom, Conversations with the Goddess, and The Truth Behind the Christ Myth.